Similar Name Ch. 02

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Terri had left at four thirty and about seven thirty, just after John had cleared away his dinner dishes and was relaxing with a brandy, the buzzer rang again.

“Yes?” said John.

“Hi, is that John about the movies from Quality Films?” This time the accent was more straight American but still female.


“I’m Laura Love. I’m sorry I’m so late. I got delayed but I’m here to see you.”

“Oh … er you’d better come up then. It’s elevator four and the eighth floor.”

“See you soon.”

Laura turned out to be a long haired and was shorter than the others – about five-four, but much bustier. The stunning blonde entered the apartment dressed in a long white coat.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m Laura. It’s about the movie.”

“Oh, yes,” said John. “Please come in and sit down. Would you like a drink?”

“Oh … yes, thank you. Do you have a white wine?”

“I’ll see.” John turned to go to the fridge in the kitchen. He was amazed how confident he now felt with a beautiful woman in his apartment. His experiences with Sylvia and Terri made him feel almost blasé about the situation.

When he returned with the wine, he was surprised to see that Laura had taken off Yozgat Escort her coat to reveal a very revealing bright red dress. Her boobs were massive and her waist, tiny in comparison.

“Wow!” he said. “You have a fantastic body!”

“I’m glad you like it,” she said taking the proffered wine. “I’m not wearing one right now, but my bra size is 40F, my waist is 24 and my hips measure 36. Do you like big boobs?”

“Oh … er … yes,” said John, sounding nervous. He was very aware of them.

“There’s no need to be scared of them,” she said, putting her wine on the table.

She moved closer to him and taking his hands, she placed them against her breasts. He could feel them firm, yet soft through the satin prison of her dress.

“Wow!” she gasped, “I like your touch. And you’re so cute.”

At that, she put her hands to his face and kissed him full on the mouth. Her tongue flashed snakelike into his mouth and caressed his own. He was very aware of her breasts, crushed against his chest as she embraced him. His cock was rampant and Laura soon noticed.

She said nothing at first, but pulled away from the kiss.

She bent for her bag and said to him. “Please Yozgat Escort Bayan sit down, John and loosen your clothing. I want to show you something I did in an earlier movie.”

She pulled a small tape machine from her bag and started the music. Then, she took out a long, pink vibrator. She played with it seductively to the music, and looking straight at him all the time, she began to rub it across her boobs. She used it somehow to unhook her dress and did a sexy striptease – showing first one boob, then the other and eventually dropping the dress and standing there in a red G-string and high heel shoes. She continued to dance with the vibrator, sitting back on the other couch now, writhing around as she rubbed it over her breasts. Then, she brought it to her open red mouth, her long tongue awaiting it. She took a breath then kissed the tip of the dildo. She licked up along the underside and licked all over its head, her tongue swiping and fluttering. John couldn’t help but rub himself. As her eyes barely left him all this time, she put down the vibrator.

“Now, that is for me to do,” she husked and, sliding to the carpeted floor, she crawled over like a cat on all Escort Yozgat fours. She reached him and slid up his legs, her huge boobs rested on his lap and she raised herself higher to kiss his mouth.

As she tongued him, he held those massive mammaries in his hands and pushed his cock against them. Now, John was now wearing tracksuit bottoms as well as his boxers. There was no zip, so Laura just put her hands to his waist and pulled both down together. Her mouth dropped from his to encircle the head of his cock. As John moaned and gasped, she proceeded to lick, suck and deep-throat him. Then, she pulled up and wrapped his erection between her massive tits. She squeezed them around it and wanked him with her boobs.

“Do you like me to fuck you with my titties? Do you, John, honey? It excites me to put your cock there.” She pumped him up and down with her hands pushing her tits against his erection.

“I love that, John, honey. But I’m getting so horny for you. In fact, I’d like this big cock in my pussy right now!” She lay down on the carpet and opened her arms and legs and begged him to fuck her. John could not resist and didn’t want to. He was between her legs and putting his cock in heaven. He lasted about thirty seconds before he came as she wrapped her legs around him, screaming as her orgasm joined his.

Some twenty minutes later, she had left like the others reminding him to remember her in his film.

The next day was completely normal.

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