Single Again Ch. 09

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Big Tits

Beep, Beep, Beep…

I roll over to shut off my alarm. “Must have forgotten to shut it off last night,” I think to myself. I roll back and bump into a warm body. “Oh yeah, that’s why I forgot. What a crazy night.”

Tina is still out cold so I snuggle against her trying not to wake her up and fall back to sleep.

A few hours later I have to squint due to the bright sunlight blaring through the windows. I must have forgotten to close those last night too. As I sit up to stretch I realize the Tina’s not in bed with me. I look around the room and see that her clothes are missing so I assume that she’s already gone home. A quick glance at the clock shows tells me that it’s just after nine. I finish stretching, pull on some pants and head to the bathroom.

After some breakfast and my exercises I call Tina.


“Hey, it’s John. Is your mom there?”

“Yeah, hold on a sec.”

I hear some muffled voices and then Tina.

“Hey, sorry I left but you were sleeping pretty hard and I really wanted to get home before too many people were out. I thought about waking you up but I think you’ve worn me out.”

“Just as long as you’re not upset about last night everything’s fine.”

“Upset, why would I be upset? I initiated it and I’m a big enough girl to tell you when to stop. Besides, it was the best night I’ve ever had. Once I recover I’m coming back for another try.”

“Well I hope so because last night was amazing.”

“Glad you had a good time. Listen, I’m heading out with Brandy to do some shopping. Do you have plans for tonight?”

“No, not at the moment.”

“Good, I’ll call you when I get home.”

It’s an easy day of work and I’m done just after lunch. The phone rings while I’m enjoying a cold beer. “Hey sexy, you home already?”

“Hey sexy to you too” I hear Mandy say

Oops. “How’s it going Mandy? I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

“I know and I feel bad about that. I was gone all summer and I started helping out at my son’s school so I haven’t really had much time to be social. Of course, I haven’t heard my phone ring in a long time.”

“I believe I left you a few messages over the summer. When I didn’t hear back I just assumed you were done with me.”

“I really do feel bad John. Can I make it up to you? Maybe dinner on Friday? I already have a sitter lined up.”

“Sorry Mandy, but I have plans already. Maybe we can meet next week. In the mean time, how have you been?”

“Busy. I was in New York all summer with family. I tried to call you but the trip was so sudden and I just didn’t want to leave a message. Then it had been so long that we spoke I felt bad and just didn’t call. I almost called you when I got back but it just felt weird. Plus I knew you were seeing that other woman and I figured it was probably a bad time.”

“Judy and I broke up when she had to move home to take care of her sick mom.”

“I’m sorry. Are you dating anyone now?”

“Nothing exclusive but I’m trying to keep things simple right now. I would like to get together to see how you’re doing. Are you seeing anyone?”

“No, I haven’t even had time to date. I met a guy after I got back but he was a total dud and then there was this other guy who asked me out but never called to set anything up.”

“How weird.”

“Yeah. I have no idea what happened. It was totally bizarre. He seemed like such a nice guy.”

“Well, how was your trip. Did you have a good time in New York?”

“It was nice. We spent a lot of time visiting different places and sight seeing. It was really nice being around family. I almost didn’t come back here but then my family all went back home and I knew I couldn’t stay there.”

“And how about your job? Tell me about it.”

“Oh, it’s nothing special. I’m a teaching assistant for fifth graders. It’s not a lot of money but it’s nice to be around kids. I’ve been really enjoying and if it goes well I can start taking classes to get my teaching certificate. Since I don’t really need to money right now, I can concentrate on teaching.”

“That’s great. And how is Levi?”

“Oh, he’s awesome. He’s doing really well in school and has a huge group of friends. That’s actually how I got Friday night free. He’s going to a sleep-over birthday party. But I understand it’s short notice. Levi is going to spend some time with his father over the holiday break, so maybe we can get together sometime then.”

“That sounds good. If anything changes for Friday, I’ll give you a call. As of now, I’m supposed to be playing poker, but there are only three of us and we’re waiting on two more guys to confirm.”

“I’ll be here, so even if it’s last minute call me.”

“I will. If not, definitely next week.”

“I look forward to it.”

I flip through the channels later that night and for probably the millionth time I begin to wonder why I pay for cable TV. There’s nothing on so I shut it down and look through my books. “Man, I really need to go to the library,” I say to no escort ataşehir one in particular. Pup just looks at me with a turn of his head and lays back down. After getting my work done we went for a long walk where he found some other dogs to play with. Once we got back to the house he swallowed his bowl of food in one gulp and then lazily lay down. “Pretty nice life, Pup.” This time he doesn’t even look up.

It’s still only about 7:30 and I haven’t heard from Tina yet. “Maybe I’ll go out for a drink,” I think to myself. But I really want to see if Tina calls and wants to continue what we started last night. I pour myself a glass of whiskey and open the door to the deck. It’s a mild night, especially for this time of year so I decide to sit outside. I look next door but don’t see any lights on in Tina’s house. “Guess the girls are still out. Probably causing trouble.”

I start to think about my relationship with Tina. The sex is great and it’s nice to have her next door. Most nights she comes over to my place but there have been a few times that I knocked on her door. She is always happy to see me. I know that it won’t last forever and I have to wonder what she thinks about things. Anytime I ask she says she’s happy, but I can tell that she would like something more. Not necessarily from me, but someone probably closer to her age.

And if I can stop lying to myself, I’d have to say I would like the same thing. Summer is only about seven or eight years younger than me, but the last time we got together there was a huge maturity gap. Maybe she has changed. I’ll find out on Saturday.

Mandy is a different story. She is closer to my age, maybe only a year or two younger. There is something about her that makes keeps me from being interested in a relationship. Of course, things were different last summer so maybe it was just me. If poker doesn’t pan out, I’ll give her a call.

I start to think back to my time with Judy. Things were going so well between us and I really thought she would be the one that I would settle down with. It just wasn’t meant to be though. Once again I look at the phone and think about calling her, but it’s just too much. I don’t really want to relive the pain of her leaving. Especially so soon after my divorce.

I jump when the phone rings. “Hello.”

“Hey John, it’s Tina. Are you busy?”

“No, just sitting on the back deck.” I glance over to her house and see some lights on.

“Good, come on over. I’ll unlock the back door for you.”

“Be right over.” I put the phone inside, grab my drink and walk over to Tina’s. I knock on the door and hear her tell me to come in.

“We’re in here,” she says from the front of the house. I walk through the kitchen and stop dead in my tracks. Tina and Brandy are standing in the center of the room in model poses. Tina is wearing a slinky black dress that hugs her curves. She has plenty of cleavage on display. The dress comes down to just above mid thigh and her toned legs are on display with three inch heels enhancing them.

I slide my eyes off of Tina and look at Brandy. She is wearing a similar dress to what Tina is wearing, but only a bit more revealing. I’m pretty sure if she coughs the dress will expose her nipples and I doubt she will be able to bend over without showing everyone the color of her undies, if she’s even wearing any. Her long legs are on display and the heels she has on put her almost at eye level with me.

Both girls have had their hair done and obviously were at the spa because their skin is glowing. Their makeup looks to have been done professionally and their natural beauty is on display. The only thing missing ia a bunch of lights and cameras.

“Holy shit, you two are sexy as hell.”

“Told you he’d use the word sexy,” Tina say to Brandy.

“Men,” Brandy rolls her eyes at me. Then they both begin to laugh.

“So, I guess you approve?”

“Approve? I’m not sure I’ll be able to move from this spot for a while.”

“Well, grab a tissue and wipe the drool from your mouth, then take a seat. We have a few more things to show you,” Tina tells me. “We’ll be right back.”

Giggling the two beauties run upstairs. I take a quick glance behind them and Brandy looks over her shoulder winks at me. I’m almost certain that she’s not wearing underwear. She was definitely not wearing a bra as I saw no lines and the dress was so tight I should have seen something. Of course, I wasn’t sure that Tina was wearing one either.

I adjust my dick and have a seat on the couch. After about fifteen minutes of waiting Brandy shouts down, “Are you ready for round two?”

“I’m not sure I’m recovered from round one yet.” The girls laugh and I hear them come down the steps. Brandy is the first one down and I gawk at her. She is wearing a long evening gown. The gown is red and has a deep cut that comes down just below her chest. As she turns I can see that she is definitely not wearing a bra. The dress hugs her hips and again I see no sign kadıköy escort of a panty line. The slit up her side comes just below her hip and as she walks the gown teasingly opens and closes. If she is wearing panties, they are very high cut. She struts across the room, turns and walks back the other way. I can’t take my eyes off of her and have to adjust myself to get comfortable. I also notice that her nipples are poking out slightly.

When she gets to the bottom of the steps she holds her hands up and points towards her mom. Tina’s dress is similar to Brandy’s although the cuts aren’t as severe. She is still showing a large amount of cleavage and the slit up her legs is just a bit lower. But this dress is much more form fitting than Brandy’s is. I also don’t notice any panty line on Tina’s dress and I picture us out on the town with every guy riveted to her. Although there is almost twenty years between Brandy and Tina, there is almost no way to know that Tina is the mom. The maturity in the eyes is about the only thing that shows who is older.

“He’s speechless,” Brandy giggles to her mom.

“I see that. Wait till he sees us in the next round. Think you can handle it?”

“No, not really, but I’ll give it a try. Have 911 ready just in case.”

Brandy heads upstairs but Tina walks over to me. She leans in close and whispers, “There’s a round four, but that’s just for you and me later.” The moan that escapes my lips is one of desperation. Tina kisses me lightly on the lips and heads upstairs. I catch Brandy ducking behind the wall but not before I see a strange look on her face.

I stand up and readjust myself so that I am ready for the next round. I quickly swallow the last of my whiskey and head to the kitchen for a refill. That’s when I notice the bottle of wine on the counter. Obviously some liquid courage was needed for this show. I take the two glasses and refill them, then pour a glass for myself.

“Are you ready?” Tina calls from upstairs.

“Just a sec. I was just getting a refill.” I bring the three glasses back into the living room and take my seat. “Ready.”

This time it is Tina that is first down the steps and I am pretty sure I heard something rip around my crotch. Tina is wearing possibly the smallest bikini anyone has worn in the history of bikinis. As she descends the steps her large breasts bounce. My cock is straining against my pants as she turns and faces me. There is barely enough material to cover her tits. The bottoms are no more than a few pieces of string holding a piece of cloth over her pussy. She’s obviously had a waxing because the material is tight against her skin.

My mouth is hanging open and I’ve lost the ability to speak. I’ve seen her naked lots of times, but there is something about her wearing this outfit that makes me wonder how I’ve been so lucky. After a few minutes she walks over to me and kisses me full on the mouth. She leans close to my ear and whispers, “If you think what you just saw was amazing, wait till you see Brandy.”

“Oh fuck,” I moan. “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”

Tina just smiles and walks away. My eyes are glued to her ass. The thin string of her thong is hidden in the crack of her ass. Tina knows I’m staring and gives some extra wiggle. I don’t even realize Tina has said anything but my eyes are suddenly drawn to the staircase. Brandy has just descended and I can feel my pants ripping as my cock tries to force it’s way through the material of my jeans. As gorgeous as Tina is, she is no match for her daughter at twenty three.

Brandy is pure sex in human form. Her tits are huge and firm and the bikini top does absolutely nothing to hide them from prying eyes. As sexy as Tina is, Brandy is just a notch above her. I’d seen Brandy in bikinis before but this is completely different. The few extra pounds she carried over the summer is gone and now I can see the trace of a six pack. Her ass is round and firm and I want to walk over to her and grab her. I look at her face and she is staring intently at me, a little nervous even though she’s paraded in front of me many times before.

Speech is impossible at this point. Both girls stand in front of me in very sexy poses and watch. Tina has a big smile and seems to be amused by my silence. Brandy looks nervous and licks her lips a few times. I stand up and hand each girl a glass of wine.

“To the sexiest woman on the planet,” I toast and hold my glass up in salute to the two beauties. Tina laughs and clinks glasses but Brandy looks almost sad. She smiles quickly when she see me look at her and clinks glasses with me. While Tina and I sip our wine, Brandy chugs about half her glass.

“Well, that’s the show for tonight. I’m a bit chilly and think I’m going to change into something more comfortable. Are you coming Brandy?”

“Don’t change because of me,” I say with a smile and take a seat.

“Nice try buddy. It’s a bit too cold for this outfit. Be right back.”

Tina starts to walk away maltepe escort bayan but Brandy doesn’t move till Tina touches her arm. With a start Brandy turns and walks away, but without the usual swagger she normally has. I stare at her ass and am mesmerized by the two perfect globes. Her bikini is also a thong and I can’t help but feel bad for not being that piece of string.

As they start up the stairs, Tina catches me staring and smiles. Brandy looks at me but doesn’t look her usual joyful self. After they disappear upstairs I chug the rest of my wine and pour myself a refill. “Hoy crap that was intense,” I think to myself. “And Tina said there is a round four just for us.” I shake my head and take a seat on the couch. About twenty minutes later the girls come back downstairs.

“Thanks for coming over for the show,” Brandy says. She seems a lot more relaxed now. Tina goes into the kitchen and comes out with another bottle of wine.

“Believe me, it was my pleasure.”

“We could tell,” Tina says with a laugh. “I hope you had as much fun as we did.”

“Oh, was that supposed to be fun? It felt more like torture to me. The only thing missing was being tied and gagged.”

They both laugh at me. “Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad,” Brandy laughs. “By the bulge in your pants I can tell you had a good time.”

I clear my throat and shift myself. “I was hoping you hadn’t noticed.”

“Well, you two have fun. I’m meeting some of my friends for some drinks. I won’t be too late mom.”

“Ok honey. You’re not driving I hope..”

“Nope. Brenda is supposed to be here to pick me up. I’m going to wait outside.” She stands, gives her mom a kiss and me a strange look. “See you tomorrow?”

“Probably.” It is almost a disappointment to see her ass covered by the jeans, even though they look as if they are painted on. Brandy grabs her jacket and quickly leaves. I stare after her a moment and turn to Tina.

“It’s ok,” is all she says.

I take her chin in my hand and pull her close for a kiss. She melts into me and the kissing quickly escalates. Before it gets much further Tina pulls back. “Let’s go back to you place. I’ll meet you there, I just need to pack a couple of things first. Give me about thirty minutes.”

“I’ll see you in thirty.” She walks me to the front door and I head out. I start to walk over to my house when I catch sight of Brandy standing at the end of the driveway. “Hey,” I shout to her as I walk over.


“I guess you guys had some fun today.”

“Yeah. We really did. It’s been a long time since we’ve spent the day like that. Did you have a good time with our show.”

“What do you think? How did you get your mom to put on a bikini like that.”

“She talked me into a few things that I wouldn’t normally wear so she felt she owed me. Did you really like the bikini?”

I’m not sure if she meant hers or Tina’s so I gave a general response. “They were possibly the sexiest things I’ve ever seen worn.” I can feel myself inching closer to something I should avoid and say goodnight. “I’ll see you tomorrow I’m sure. Or at least over the weekend.”

“I look forward to it.”

I wave and head over to my house. I’m halfway to my front door when I remember that it’s locked and walk around back. I hear a car pull up and see Brandy open the door. Brandy waves to me and gets into the car. Before it pulls away I see her friend look at me and then say something to Brandy. Brandy looks at me and then they drive away. “Fuck, I’m going to get myself into trouble.”

I make my way back into the house and decide to set a mood. I find some candles and set them up in the bedroom then put on some romantic music. I make sure the room and bathroom are clean. While in the bathroom I put on something that smells nice. Just as I finish I hear someone enter the house. Pup barks and comes running into the bathroom to get me. As I leave the bathroom I catch site of Tina. She is wearing a heavy terrycloth robe.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I just followed Pup.”

“I don’t mind at all. I told you there is a round four but you’ll have to wait a few minutes before you can see it.”


“Yup, and proud of it. Let’s go sit for a little. I’m a bit tired and just want to relax for a few minutes.”

“Sure.” I take her hand and lead her into the den. “Would you like some wine?”

“Yes, please.”

I pour two glasses and hand one to Tina. “So, you and Brandy had a good day?”

“Oh, it was wonderful. Whatever you said to her, thank you. I haven’t felt this close to her in a long time.”

“What did you guys do?”

“We had a nice little lunch and than shopped our asses off. It was so much fun trying on different outfits. The three you saw and the one you will be seeing are ones she talked me into. I talked her into a few things that were more my style. It makes me sick how sexy that girl is though. When we were trying on the bathing suits, there was a crowd of men trying not to be obvious. It was so funny. They couldn’t take their eyes off of her.”

“I’m sure it wasn’t just her they were looking at.”

“Well, maybe I had a few admirers.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it was just a few. How many dates did you get asked out on?”


“And Brandy?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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