Sins of the Father

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Up until junior year of high school my life was relatively privileged. I was raised in an upper middle class home, went to private schools, vacations were spent in Barcelona and France. The only real hardship I had was when my mother died of cancer when I was eight. My father and I were devastated so when Linda came into our lives it was a blessing for both of us.

Linda was a college student who had interviewed to be my nanny. We got along well and soon it felt like she was part of our family. After a year my father began courting her and four months after she graduated college they were married. The wedding took place in France, I was the best man. We were a happy family that lived a normal life. All that changed my junior year of highschool.

The day my life fell apart started like any other day. I had tennis practice after school but it was cancelled due to a thunderstorm. So I went over to my friend’s house to hang out until the rain cleared up a little. I texted my parents and told them I would probably have dinner there and come home before curfew. We sat around playing video games and listening to music.

Mike and I were an unlikely pair of friends. He was the star quarterback of our high school, half white, half hawaiian and a total heartthrob. Girls practically threw themselves at him. He held a lot of sway among our peers. Many would use that power to bully and humiliate others but Mike was respectful and nice to everyone. I would not be considered a stud but I had no problem getting or keeping a girl, my girlfriend Michelle was evidence of that. Only 5’8 I was slim but toned from tennis. I inherited my black hair and fair complexion from my mother who was Italian mixed with Japanese. Outside of tennis I was really bookish and only hung out with a few people. Many girls thought I looked exotic and found my quiet demeanour alluring.

After dinner Mike and I decided to study for an upcoming french test on Monday. During a study break our conversation turned sexual.

“Damn John! How do you not have a constant boner with Linda walking around?”

Linda was very attractive. A dark skinned black woman with a voluptuous body. She had a bit of a belly but was very beautiful and had a big butt with d-cup breast. It was becoming harder to deny my attraction to her but she was still my mom and I hated when Mike talked about her like that.

“Come on, I said, ‘you know I hate it when you talk about my mom like that.”

“Yeah but she’s not your real mom.” he replied still hounding the subject.

A look from me let him know how I felt about the conversation. He changed the subject and began talking about plans for the summer. At some point we both drifted off to sleep. I woke up to Mike shaking me and saying I was going to be late for my curfew. My curfew was set at 11:30 and it was already 11:45. I got home as fast as I could without getting ticketed or running someone over.

Before I even made it all the way up to my cul- de-sac I could see flashing red and white lights. I got out of my car and ran towards my house concerned that something had happened to my parents. A man in an FBI jacket stopped me and asked what I was doing. I told him who I was and asked him what happened. His expression changed and he told me that I could talk to mom inside.

Mom was sitting on the couch holding our pitbull, Roxy. Her head buried in her black fur. FBI agents were everywhere. I saw them walking in and out of my father’s office carrying boxes of paperwork.

“Mom, what happened?”

She looked up at me with a tear stained face and stood up.

“Johnny, they’re saying your dad frauded a bunch of people and stole money from his company. He won’t pick up his phone and no one has heard from him.”

She hugged me then. I didn’t reciprocate, I felt like my body was frozen. My father a thief?! That just wasn’t possible. He gave to charities, volunteered, went to church on Sundays. They either had the wrong guy or he had been set up.

“Do you think you can stay at Mike’s tonight?”

Her questioned broke me out of my daze. “No, I want to wait for dad to come back.” He never did.

Over the weekend the agents seized our cars and most of our assets, the bank gave us a few weeks to move out. I called my dad forty times but only got his voicemail. I also called Mike and my girlfriend Michelle several times but neither picked up. Mom wanted me to stay home from school on Monday fearing that I might be in danger. I insisted that she had nothing to fear since my father was innocent.

She didn’t say anything but her expression said that she was having doubts about my father’s innocence. Feeling my anger rising I turned and walked to the garage to wait for her in her car. Mom had bought her Ford with the money she earned as a social worker so that was not seized. After a few minutes she got into the car and we drove towards school. Before I got out the car she took my hand and told me to call her if I needed to come home gaziantep zenci escort bayan I got out without replying.

I underestimated how bad things would be. Many of my peer’s parents had trusted my dad to invest their money not steal it. While I was convinced of his innocence they weren’t. As I walked across the lawn towards the building all conversation ceased as everyone turned towards me. The only word I could use to describe it was eerie.

I was met with more stares inside. Michelle was waiting for me at my locker. I was relieved to see her. When she spotted me she charged towards me. Her blond hair streaming behind her, green eyes ablaze. I went to hug her. Instead of a hug I got a slap.

“Did you know?!”

Everyone in the hallway turned to look as she started screaming.

“My dad lost all his money, all of my college fund!” Another slap, that one stung.

“He didn’t do it Michelle.” I tried taking her hands but she pulled away and stormed off.

The day kept getting worse. Two people stormed out of first period when the teacher refused to kick me out. I saw Mike shortly before second period and he wouldn’t even look at me. His father was planning on retiring soon and had invested some money with my dad. During class one of my teammates shoved me as he was walking down the aisle. I called him out on it. A fight ensued and I walked away with a black eye and bruised knuckles.

Security guards separated us and hauled me to the office. As I was exiting my classmates were cheering and I heard someone shout “Yea, get that piece of shit out of here!” That was followed by even louder cheers. When I got to the office Linda was waiting. Apparently the school had foreseen something like this.

As we were driving back home Linda told me that she had worked out a deal with the school that would allow me to finish off the next few weeks of classes from home. She also told me she had been fired from her job due to some local newscasters showing up and making accusations of her being involved. When we arrived home they were waiting outside for us.

“Linda, is it true that you were involved in helping your husband escape the country?”

“Did you ever expect your father of being capable of something like this?”

We could hear Roxy barking as we pulled into the garage. When we got inside she ran towards us and began whining. As Linda was petting her I ran up the stairs and slammed my door. In the span of one weekend I lost my father, girlfriend, best friend, childhood home, and my car. My life was over.

The last few weeks spent in that house were the worst of my life. It was vandalized twice. Once a brick was thrown through the window as we were eating dinner and the second time we woke to the word “THIEF” painted on our lawn in bold, red letters. I had to delete all of my social media accounts due to the constant stream of death threats. The newscasters were always hounding us. This was their biggest story since the former principal of my high school had been caught having an affair with a student two years before.

The relationship between my step mom and I became strained as I was committed to proving my father was innocent-I no longer called her mom. Even Roxy had changed. She had never shown any sign of aggression but now she barked and growled whenever she heard an outside noise. As they were hauling away our furniture I finally realized that my dad was not coming back and that he was not innocent. The only things we were allowed to keep was the money in our bank accounts that was earned by us working and Linda’s car. Linda used some of her savings to rent us a two bedroom house across the state with a landlord that would allow us to keep Roxy.

We made the drive from St. Louis to Jefferson City in one afternoon. The only things we had in our U-Haul were clothes, dishes, and Roxy’s stuff. Even after I realized what my father had done the relationship between my stepmom and I remained strained. We argued a lot and tried to spend as little time together as possible. She got a job as a waitress at Applebee’s and I got a job at a mom and pop burger restaurant. We ate most meals together and on my eighteenth birthday we went to see a movie but other than that I mostly ignored her attempts to reconcile. My anger was not for her but for my father who had disappeared and ruined my life in the process. But I was depressed and angry and she was the only one near.

I only had a few weeks before senior year started and my summer was spent working and hanging around the couch at home. On one of the days when both mom and I were off work I was sitting on the couch with Roxy watching something on MTV. Mom walked out of the kitchen holding my tennis racket.

“Why was this in the trash?” she asked.

“Because I put it there.” I replied before turning back to the television.

“Johnny you can’t give up on life because of what your father gaziantep escort bayan did.”

I turned back to the television and gave her the cold shoulder. Whenever my father was brought up I shut down.

“Look at you! The only thing you do is go to work and sit on the couch. You don’t even workout anymore.”

I turned to her and I said something I would regret until the day I die. “At least I didn’t gain thirty pounds.”

She flinched and her eyes began to water. In the few months since my dad had absconded with half of my neighbors money mom had turned to food for solace. She ran to her room and Roxy followed barking until she was finally let in. What she said was right though, I had given up. I hadn’t gotten a haircut since before my father left, I stopped shaving, and I had only touched my racket twice since we left our mini mansion back home. Once when we were packing to move and the other time that morning to throw it away. I just wanted to forget my last seventeen years.

I could hear mom crying and Roxy trying to console her. My conscious finally kicked in and I started to feel guilty. For the last four months I had treated her as my personal punching bag. She didn’t have to keep me since she had never actually adopted me and she could have easily kicked me out when I turned eighteen. She didn’t even accept rent money from me, just picked up extra shifts to make do. She had done everything a good mother would have done and I ignored or insulted her every chance I got.

I turned off the television and knocked on her door. When she didn’t answer I walked in. She was sitting on her bed in shorts and a tee shirt crying into a pillow. Roxy was licking her face and making whining noises. I knelt down in front of her and tried to remove the pillow. I heard a muffled “Go away!”

“Linda please talk to me. I’m sorry I said that.” She kept crying. I put my hand on her knee.

“You’ve been a perfect mother and I’ve been a shit excuse for a son. I been treating you the way I couldn’t treat dad. Im sorry please don’t give up on me mom.” She finally looked up at me.

“Johnny, I have been trying my best. You weren’t the only one who lost everything. We only have each other now.”

I wrapped my arms around her waist and leaned my forehead against hers. Before I knew it our lips were touching. It was a slight brushing at first then we pressed harder against each other. Soon we were frenching, our tongues brushing against each other. Her mouth tasted of the strawberries she had with lunch.

Our hands began to roam. Mom had plumped up in the last few months but she was still sexy and my dick began to tent my jogging pants. I hadn’t had sex since I was with Michelle. Every time I tried to masturbate I would picture her face then see her crying and screaming as she questioned me about my father and I would lose my erection.

My hands moved under her shirt and landed on her breast massaging her nipples. When I felt her finger rub my tip I almost came. I stood up and quickly stripped, mom did the same. I had never really seen her body before. Even when mom weighed less she always dressed modestly. But now I had full view of every curve and love handle. I dropped back down to my knees and began kissing her again.

My hand went down to her clit. She was warm and wet, something I hadn’t felt in a while. All the while she was moaning and rubbing my dick. Goddamn her hands were soft. I could feel my body temperature rising and I knew I was close.

“You’re going to have to stop rubbing me that way if you don’t want me to cum yet.”

She looked at me with lust in her eyes.

I kissed her again. “Are you sure you want this?”

She responded by kissing me again but more aggressively this time. We moaned in unison as we sucked, kissed, and nibbled. As mom became more vocal I pushed her on her back and started kissing her. I started from her feet and traveled up her body before I took her left nipple in my mouth. I bit down lightly and heard a sharp intake of breath I did the same with the left. I knew I was getting close so I decided to focus my attention on getting her to orgasm first.

I put her legs over my shoulders. I had only done this a couple of times to Michelle before she told me she didn’t like it. From the sounds mom was making she enjoyed it very much. I started by licking her clit, flicking it back and forth with my tongue. Then I slipped my tongue into her while I massaged her with my fingers. I reached my other hand up and cupped her breast. They were soft and heavy, I was sure she went up to DD since the weight gain. I replaced my tongue with two of my fingers and started scraping her clit with my teeth.

“Ahhh” She let out a gut wrenching scream as she spasmed around my fingers. I was scared that I had hurt her. Roxy who had been sitting in a corner ignoring us ran over and started barking.

“Mom, look at me! Are you okay?”

She was laying there with her eyes closed. She opened them and grinned at me.

“Jesus, Johnny. Where did you learn to do that?”

I kissed her and said “I’ve had a little practice”

Wasting no time I pushed Roxy off the bed and took my dick and started rubbing mom’s clit before entering her. We started off slow looking each other in the eyes her hands resting on my cheek. She was so soft and warm, wet and tight. I closed my eyes and got lost in the sensation. It didn’t take long and as I neared my climax I speed up. I pulled out at the last second remembering that mom was only thirty-two and could potentially get pregnant.

We lay spent in each other’s arms, our foreheads resting together. Minutes later Roxy came in again and hopped on the bed licking our faces excitedly. It was 4:30 about the time she would get a walk before getting dinner and a dentistick.

“Can you walk her? I have to get ready for work.” she mumbled in between kisses.

“I thought you were off work today”

She sighed “Don asked me to come in tonight”

I was disappointed, now that we had reconciled I wanted this to keep going. She saw how disappointed I was.

“It’s only six to twelve” she said.

Roxy whined again. I begrudgingly got off the bed and went to the bathroom to wash my face. I put my clothes back on and took Roxy for a walk.

When we returned mom was just stepping out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her body. My dick instantly got hard. Now that my lust had been awakened I couldn’t tame it. Roxy came up to her and started lapping up water droplets. She saw me staring and looked embarrassed.

“You look amazing.”

She smiled and looked down as I devoured with my eyes. Roxy tore me away by jumping up on me demanding to be fed. Mom walked to the bedroom before I had the chance to take that towel off her and go for another round.

We had a heavy make out session before she left for work. Mom had her keys out and was stepping back towards the door while I was tugging on her bottom lip and cupping her ample ass.

“You’re going to make me late.” she said reaching towards the door.

“Then stay home.” I said kissing my way down her neck.

She started giggling “Your beard is scratching me. You should shave it, I miss seeing your baby face.”

I tried going back in for a kiss but she put her palm on my chest and stopped me.

“By the way there is lasagna in the fridge from lunch. See you at twelve.” She blew me a kiss as she left out the door.

I leaned against the door and listened to her drive away. These last four months had been an emotional roller coaster. I had thought I lost everything and had tried to push away the one remaining person who cared about me. I had let myself fall into a hole of self loathing but now that was over. I wanted my life to start again. I no longer had the mansion, BMW, or even my own father but I had someone who loved me and wouldn’t turn on me no matter what.

After dinner I sat around for a bit flicking through channels then I went on a jog with Roxy. I still had about three hours to go before mom got off work. I decided to clean the kitchen then headed to the bathroom for a shower. I stepped out of the shower and looked into the mirror.

My hair was now almost reaching my shoulders and I had lost a little muscle from not exercising. The beard made me look like a hippie or vagabond. I took one of mom’s detangling brushes and started to comb out the knots in my hair. Then I shaved afterwards I looked about ten years younger. I felt a little like myself again. I could never go back to the guy I was before all of this but that didn’t mean I couldn’t still be happy.

I woke up when I heard the keys turning in the door. I decided to stay in bed as Roxy greeted mom. I wanted my new look to be a surprise. I turned on my side and pretended to be asleep as mom entered the bedroom.

“John are you awake, baby?” I heard her whisper.

She turned on the light and I turned around on my back. She looked down at me and smiled.

“You like?” I cocked an eyebrow when I asked.

“I do like.” she said leaning down to give me a kiss. Her lips were so soft. “What brought this on?” she asked breaking the kiss and undressing.

“I decided the hobo look wasn’t for me.”

“Good, I missed you.”

Her head was resting on my chest. She looked tired but sexy. Her long black hair was pulled up in a bun showing off her oval face. I brushed my fingers across her full lips which still had a little lipstick on them. She started kissing my chest and made her way down to my abdomen then went even lower. Stopping at my erect penis she began to kiss and fondle me. When she took me in her mouth I let out a soft sigh.

Even though I had sexual experiences with a few girls I had never been given a blow job. She bobbed her head up and down a few times then swirled her tongue around my head and deep throated me. After a few minutes of her rotating between sucking and deep throating me, I arched my back and felt my toes curl as I came in her mouth. I was breathless and gasping as I stopped cumming. I looked down at her and saw her swallowing the last of it. I collapsed back on the bed. She came up to kiss me and I tasted myself on her

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