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Anal Solo

This is my first story, I hope you enjoy, please forgive any errors I have over looked.


Its early in the evening, I drove to work today so decided to sit by the river and enjoy the view from this particular spot before my drive home. Sitting by the river gives me a chance to relax and let the traffic disappear before I head home.

In the distance I could make out the city and the far side of Melville Water where the freeway ran. To my left was the University boat house which was quiet this evening. Normally its quiet busy but this evening was quiet and no one around. As I sat looking out over the water a woman came out from the river, obviously she had been enjoying swim. I could not help but notice how beautiful she was. She was about 5’3, slender yet strong body, long black hair and she looked Eurasian. She had on a modest black 2 piece swimsuit. As she walked past me she gave a smile that almost made me faint. Her eyes were so beautiful, like 2 pools of water and I felt hypnotized by them. I could not help but turn around after she had walked past, she had a wonderful firm bottom and shapely legs. Looking at her walk away I must admit I felt stirrings within me and thought about how nice it would be to look into her eyes and kiss her deeply.

I turned back around and then it slowly dawned on me that she had come out of the water right before my eyes but that I had not seen her swimming up to the water’s edge. That was strange as I had a long view out over the water and surely she must have come for air at one point. I decided to head for home and went to my car. As I was getting in, I looked out over the water and saw what looked like a dolphin leap out of the water, at least it must have been a dolphin, but, it kind of looked like a woman. I know that’s pretty crazy but it just did not look like a dolphin, I have never seen a dolphin that had long black hair or arms even if it did have a fish’s tail. Deciding that maybe I was a bit tired I got into my car and drove home.

I thought nothing more of it until several days later I sat at the same spot. A late night the evening before had influenced my decision to drive to work and thus go and sit by the river for a while after work.

I sat in the same spot and kind of zoned out for a few minutes, my trance was broken by the same woman emerging from the water, again, no trace of her on the water’s surface, just her emerging from the water. She walked past and I quickly said hello. She stopped and said hello back. Again I was mesmerised by her eyes, I could not help but look her up and down. Her legs were indeed toned; she was in the 2 piece black outfit again. Her midriff was firm and her breasts were full but not too big. I looked back at her face and she smiled and asked if I liked what I saw. I felt a little embarrassed but answered yes. She answered back so do I, let’s go to my place.

Surely this was some kind of dream, this can’t be real. She giggled, took my hand and led me over to an apartment building across the road. I asked her name and she told me it was Sirenia. We went into the building and she went past the doors and into the stairwell. I was right behind her, as we climbed the stairs she looked back at me and asked if I was enjoying the view. I most certainly was.

We came out on the third floor and she used a keypad to open her door and we went into her apartment. She closed the door and before I had chance to look around she had my back against the door, our arms wrapped around each other and we kissed. Our lips pressed together, her arms holding me tight, my hands running up and down her bare back. I slowly moved my hands down to her bottom and softly ran them over it. If felt so firm but still soft enough to squeeze lightly. As I squeezed her bottom, she pulled her lips from mine and moaned and immediately pressed her open mouth to mine, she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I took her tongue into my mouth, and sucked on it, mashed my tongue with hers. I ran one of my hands up her back and through her wet hair. I held the back of her head and we kissed deeply and passionately, our tongues intertwining as the passion took over.

We broke apart, both catching our breath, our lips and surrounds wet with our combined saliva. I squeezed her bottom again and she told me how much she loved that feeling.

She showed me where the guest shower was and that she would shower in the one in her bedroom, she added we should meet in her bedroom naked in 5 minutes.

I took a hot shower, dried off and went into the bedroom; she was on the bed, naked and looked even more beautiful. I lay down beside, we lay facing each other and kissed softly and gently, this felt amazing, I felt something beyond lust for her.

I placed a hand on her side as our kissing grew more urgent, soon were back to sucking each other’s tongues, we would pull our lips apart and I would lick her lips, it felt so passionate and so right. I was looking into her eyes, I felt like I would do anything Yalova Escort for this woman. I moved my hand up and placed it over her breast, touching, lightly squeezing and running my fingers over her nipple. I moved my head down and kissed her throat, running my tongue over her soft skin.

She rolled onto her back and guided my head down to her chest; I kiss my way down to her breasts. I lay over her now, supported by my elbows, her legs around me, she sighs as I kiss between her breasts. I lick her nipple, tracing my tongue lightly around it, teasing it. Her hand runs through my hair, I do the same to her other nipple, licking and kissing it. I look up at her and smile, I slide up and we kiss deeply again. I move back to her breasts and place my mouth over her nipple and areola, I enclose them with my lips and suck them softly into my mouth, it feels so wonderful. She takes my hand and sucks on my fingers, licking them and taking them in her mouth. I move over to her other breast and suck it into my mouth, I then lick, kiss, nibble and suck on her breasts, pausing occasionally to kiss her deeply and suck her fingers too.

After a while she tells me to lay back and she gets onto all fours over me and we kiss again. She slowly makes her way down my body, kissing and licking me. She takes my nipples into her mouth and sucks them, teasing them with her fingers. She moves down over my stomach. She goes to my side and her hand takes hold of my hardness. She gently rubs me as she kisses and licks my stomach, nibbling at me. Her hand works brings me to full hardness, she squeezes me softly. She quickly moves back up and kisses me deeply and hard, pushing my head into the bed as she attacks my mouth with her tongue, her hand speeds up on me, she suddenly moves her head down and takes my hardness into her mouth, it feels so good, her wet lips sliding over me. I reach out and grab her bottom and squeeze it harder than before and she moans whilst she has me in mouth. She sucks me into her mouth and it feels so good. She moves up and down on me, and then she takes her mouth away and licks my hardness up and down. I groan with pleasure. This feels so good. She carries this on for a few minutes and I feel close. I stop her and we kiss some more. I love deep passionate kissing. She lays back and I kiss my way up her body. Lying in between her legs, lifting her legs and kissing them all over, sucking lightly on her skin, licking behind her knees. I slowly make my way up her thighs, she parts them and I start to kiss her between her legs. I run my tongue over her, softly kissing and licking her. She is wet and I can taste her on my tongue and lips. I softly rub her there, my finger wet with her, I put the finger to her lips and rub her lips, her tongue comes out and licks the finger, she sucks it into her mouth.

I press my lips against her and run my tongue up and down her entrance, she tastes so good, I gently explore her, pushing my tongue into her, her hands push my head onto her and I snake my tongue into her as far as I can go. She squirms and moans, her thighs encasing my head as I work my tongue into her and swirl it round inside her. She bucks wildly, I grab her hips and hold her tight as I push in deeper and hold her as she orgasms, I do not let up until she has finished and is still.

We lay together for several minutes, arms around each other, looking into each other’s eyes, kissing occasionally. She has her hand wrapped around me and is pulling at me, slowly at first but slowly speeding up. I put my hand in her hair and kiss her more urgently as she goes faster on me. She slides down on me and take me into her mouth as I approach orgasm. It comes onto me quickly and I cum into her mouth, she takes it all into her mouth and swallows.

We rest for a while and talk, I mention something about seeing her only come out of the water and not leaving any trace on the surface. She tells me to not be silly that’s impossible for her to swim underwater for so long. She tells me that she is an orphan, her parents were lost at sea when their yacht sank in a storm and that by some miracle she survived and the rescue helicopter found her floating. She does not remember it as she was so young. She tells me that she loves the water and that it feels like home to her. She looks a little sad; I hug her tightly and softly kiss her forehead. I am beginning to feel something very special for this lovely woman.

We hug for a while longer and decide to take a shower together. We get up from the bed and go into the bathroom. She turns the shower on and runs it hot. I notice that she has mermaid and fish patterns on her tiles. Then I remember there were a few mermaid ornaments in the living area. She must really like mermaids.

In the shower we kiss tenderly. The hot water running over our bodies. It feels so wonderful being here with her, I don’t even know her, I have never done this before but it feels so right. I take the shower gel and pour Yalova Escort Bayan it into my hands. I stand behind her and massage her under the hot water, my soapy hands washing her beautiful body all over. I pull her into me and wash her stomach and breasts. I drop to my knees and run my hands over her legs, hot water cascading over us. Her bum is right in front of my face, I run my hands over it and make it all soapy, she stretches her arms out and puts her palms on the wall and her bum back. I run my hand between her cheeks, she sighs. I move forward and place my lips on her bum cheek and kiss her, she sighs deeply…………

I kiss her beautiful bum all over, my lips touching her smooth firm cheeks. This feels beautiful, I cannot believe that I am kissing this beautiful Eurasians girls bum. I softly kiss her all over it, my lips teasing her. The hot water cascades between us, running down her graceful back, her long black hair stuck to her back, this is heaven. She moans how good it feels. I put my arms around her thighs and gently pull her back a little; I press my lips against her bum and run my lips all over the cheeks. She moves her hips from side to side and rubs her bum over my face. Mmmmmm I am lost in her beauty and the passion that we are sharing.

She tells me that we should dry off and go back to bed. I stand up, turn her around, wrap my arms around her, pulling her tightly against me and we share an earth shattering deep kiss. Our lips mash together, she pushes her tongue between my lips and I eagerly suck it into my mouth, my lips closing over her tongue. Her hands run up my back and she takes my face in her hands, breaks the kiss and looks deep into my eyes. I feel like I am lost in a whirlpool when I look into those eyes, they sweep me up and spin me around, feel like I am spinning, dizzy, heart beating, she moves forward again closes her eyes and our lips make contact again. Our tongues intertwine, fighting sensually into each other’s mouth, her hands gripping my head tight. I run my hands down her back and over her bum. I gently squeeze her cheeks, she moans into my mouth, My hands softly rubbing her cheeks, massaging them, squeezing them. She presses her body against mine and we can both feel my hardness between us.

She rubs her body against mine and now it’s my turn to moan. I run my hand up and stroke her head, running my hands through her gorgeous long wet black hair. I feel so much passion for this amazingly beautiful woman. I break away from the kiss and breathe deeply, out of breath; she seems to be able to hold her breath for ages.

She lifts a finger to my lips, I run my tongue up her finger, sucking it between my lips into my mouth, she looks at me as I move my lips back and forth and smiles at me. This goddess makes my knees go weak.

She turns off the shower and we step out, I take a towel off the rack and slowly tenderly dry her body. I dry every part of her body from her toes to the top of her head. I run my hands between her thighs and she sighs, I turn her around and gently dry her bum, She bends over and I dry her thoroughly. She goes into the bedroom as I dry myself off.

I finish drying off and head into the bedroom. Sirenia is lying on her side of the bed, she has on a small pair of black lacy underwear. She looks so stunning lying there, every man’s dream, I feel like pinching myself because I must be dreaming.

I lay down beside her and we look into each other’s eyes, we lay there, squeezing each other’s hands. I move over and we kiss softly and tenderly. She rolls onto her back and I kiss her neck, I kiss and nibble on her ear, I place a hand on her breast and gently squeeze it. We kiss slowly and deeply, tongues softly intertwining.

I slowly kiss my way down her neck, gently trailing my tongue over her smooth skin. I kiss her chest, my fingers teasing her nipple, My mouth moves down to her breast, I lick her nipple and run my lips over it. Her nipples hardens, I open my mouth and gently take her nipple in, sucking it into my mouth, my hand squeezing her other breast. I place my open mouth fully over her nipple and suck it into my mouth, keeping the suction on as I lick her nipple in my mouth. I swap to her other nipple. Sirenia breathes deeply and tells me not to stop doing this. But I do stop, I blow softly onto her wet nipple teasing her with my breath.

I slowly kiss my way down to her stomach, running my lips and tongue over her, kissing and licking her. Her stomach rises and drops rapidly as her breathing quickens. I swirl my tongue on her beautiful stomach, teasing and tickling her. My hand moves down to her thigh and I rub her inner thigh softly. I can feel the heat emanating from between her legs. I softly run my fingers over her, I feel how wet and hot she is, I look up at her and our eyes meet, she lifts her head and smiles at me, those eyes hypnotising me.

I lock eyes with her and place some pressure on her with my fingers, rubbing her through Escort Yalova her wet panties. I lick my finger and taste her on my lips, I rub her again and run my finger over her lips, she licks it and sucks it into my mouth, maintaining the eye contact with me. I move up and kiss her, sharing her taste with each other.

At this point I am rock hard, she reaches down and takes me in her hand. She softly grips me and slowly moves her hand up and down. Softly masturbating me, She pushes me over onto my back and kisses me, her hand still working away on me. She slides down and I feel her tongue on me, She slowly licks me up and down, Her hot wet tongue teasing me, She kisses my shaft up and down, running her lips up and down me, teasing me so well. She takes me into her mouth and slowly slides her lips down me, sucking me into her mouth, looking up at me, those beautiful eyes penetrating me as she sucks me into her sexy mouth.

She moves her lips up and down on me, sucking me deep, occasionally she takes me out of her mouth and kisses and licks me all over. I feel close to cumming but I don’t want to stop yet. I tell her to stop and she slides up my body and we kiss, I can taste myself on her lips and in her mouth.

She lays on her back and I kiss her thighs and lick my way up to her wetness. I start to lick her through her panties, pushing my tongue into the material, teasing her, tasting her juice’s through her soaked panties. I go to pull her panties down, she stops me and tells she wants me to kiss and lick her bum again. I love the idea of doing that to her beautiful sweet bum.

She rolls onto her stomach, I pull down her panties and inhale her smell and taste her on them. She spreads her legs open and I lay down between them. I move up her body and softly kiss her back, kissing and licking my way down her spine, my hardness is resting between her bum cheeks and its feels great. She moves her bum around and I groan deeply. I kiss the small of her back, slowly moving down.

I slide down so my face is slightly lower than her ass, I hold the back of her thighs firmly and start to kiss them, running my lips over them, kissing my way up the crease where her thighs meet her ass, I run my tongue over the crease, my nose brushing her ass cheek, my hand rubbing her ass. I kiss along it, it feels so firm and so very very sexy.

I can’t hold back, I start to kiss her all over her cheeks, my lips pushing into her firm flesh. I poke my tongue out and she shivers when it touches her skin, I lick her and blow my cool breath onto the wetness I have left behind. I go crazy, kissing and licking her ass, every part of it wet and hot from my touch. I slide a finger between her legs and she is soaking wet, I move my face mouth down and lick at her wetness, tasting het sweet juice, feeling so much part of her. I push my tongue into her and she shivers again, moaning with pleasure.

This is driving me crazy, this beautiful sexy woman has totally blown me away, I wonder if I am dreaming or imagining all this.

I move back up to her ass, I open my mouth and suck on her wonderful ass. I slide my finger into her and slowly work it in and out, she squirms with pleasure. She looks back at me and blows me a kiss, She reaches down and pulls her cheeks apart, she asks me to lick and her between her cheeks. I move my face down and kiss along the wonderful valley of that beautiful ass, slowly making my way down, my mouth is watering at this. I am surprised that I am doing this but it feels so sexy and Sirenia is really enjoying it.

I move my head back and look at her spread ass, her fingers holding it apart and every part of it looks phenomenally sexy. I don’t think I have ever been this turned on. My finger works at her wetness faster and faster. I start to lick between her cheeks as I slide a second finger into her hot wetness. My tongue licks and probes at every part, my nose rubbing against her. I pull back and look at her sphincter, Dare I do it? It seems so naughty but it seems so sexy and I know she is clean.

My 2 fingers are still working away in her, my hand damp with her juices. I pull them out and gently rub her sphincter with them, wetting it with her juices. I move back down and lightly rib my tongue over her. This feels so sexy. I am so hard. I start to lick around her sphincter, licking around the edge of it, my saliva wetting it. I push my fingers back into her and continue sliding them in and out of her.

Her sphincter is wet from my licking, I pull my fingers out and hold her cheeks myself, she immediately slides her hand underneath her body and starts to rub herself pushing her finger in. I pull her cheeks wide apart and directly push my tongue onto her sphincter; I lap slowly at her, licking around the edge and pushing my tongue just a little into the tight hole. She groans loudly, uttering something incomprehensible, her fingers slowly moving in and out of herself.

I push my face down into her and put more pressure on with my tongue, slowly she opens up as my tongue works its way in. After a few mins she is loose enough that my tongue goes a little way in and I work my tongue around inside her. She is squirming around on the bed I have to push my face into her ass so that I can keep inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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