Sis and I at College

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Sis is pretty independent and a serious student so I didn’t think anything of it when I didn’t hear from her during the week. When Friday came I was surprised to find on my answering machine a call from Amy saying she was wanting to study a little chemistry later that evening and for me to wait for her to call unless I already had plans. I knew she was taking Organic Chemistry so I was not exactly sure what she was actually up to but suspected it wasn’t that sort of chemistry.

I did not have a date but did have a woman grad student named Karen who was a regular I had talked to earlier in the day about maybe getting together. She was a single mother and had a young child at home and was not one of those to leave her child in just anyone’s care so she often was stranded at home on weekends. She and I enjoyed each other’s company and she was a very hot sex partner so we had developed that today would be a friends with benefits relationship. I called her and explained my situation and that I would be over as soon as I talked to my sister.

When Amy called she made it clear she wasn’t struggling with her class and wanted to make sure I was available for later that night. She told me that she was going out with some other girls from the dorm and planned to be on her best behavior while she found out what these girls were into. I told her what I was planning on but I would be available after the bars closed. Amy asked me about Karen and her situation and I gave her the Cliff Note’s version.

She giggled in her best little flirty cheerleader voice, “I know for a fact you talk and moan too loud to have sex in an apartment without her daughter hearing you!”

“It does take some of the fun out of especially since when Karen and I are alone she is louder than you,” I replied.

“Sometime I will babysit and you two can go to your house and really enjoy yourselves like you and I did,” she said.

I noticed a certain sultriness was coming into her voice but even after last weekend I was surprised with what followed.

“I have been masturbating all week thinking about the sex last week with you. It felt so good and it was so intense. I could let myself completely go with you without worrying about anything. Just hearing you tell me I was going to be your slut almost made me cum,” she panted.

“I don’t know exactly how to describe it but I feel so protected with my big brother’s arms around me and it just makes me want to do whatever you want so I can keep enjoying that feeling.”

“I’ve been thinking about this and I want you to know I want you and I to keep our personal time no matter what. I don’t want to be exclusive to you or you to me. Nothing changes in our lives except we have a special relationship that we can always enjoy.”

“But I won’t ever break my promise that I would be your little slut after you marked me,” she said.

Her voice was almost a soft moan when she said, “After all who would break a promise to family?”

I was aroused by the sexiness in her voice and I said, “I have things planned for you that are going to make you think the last time was just foreplay. Now go and enjoy the night but remember at the end of the night where you are going to be.”

I actually was not sure how I was going to top last time but Amy’s voice and the memory of her body were stimulating at least my cock which was still a bit hard by the time I had made the short drive to Karen’s apartment. Karen met me at the door with only her nightgown on and hurried me inside before kissing me passionately.

“Kristen played hard all day with a friend and is sound asleep. If you want a beer I can get you one but I would rather we go directly to my bed room.”

When we got to her bed room she dropped off her gown and was literally tearing off my clothes as we fell to the bed. I hardly did anything but provide a hard cock and some soft verbal encouragement. Karen sucked my cock until it was throbbing, then straddled me and rode it until she had to collapse on top of me and grab the big pillows she kept bedside to smother the sounds of her orgasm.

She slid off me and to my side and said, “I just needed to get off with a real cock so forgive me for acting like a teenager. I have been putting in long hours on my thesis and needed that relief.”

I could tell by the sound of her voice that physically she was done for the night but I chuckled to myself thinking that I was going to be with a real teenager later. She had cum so quickly that I still had a throbbing hard on that needed relieved which she offered to do. But I told her to lay back and I ran my hands over her entire body gently. I could tell by how quickly her eyes closed and how she moaned just enough to let me know she was awake that she was getting what she needed.

As I ran my hands I talked to her about Amy babysitting and she thought it might work but would have to meet Amy first. When Amy called me taboo heat porno telling me her new friends were getting ready to head back to the dorm I asked Karen if they could drop Amy off at her place and then Amy could ride back with me. That way she could meet Amy and see what she thought about her as a babysitter. When Amy arrived she was in the very articulate and refined young woman mode I had seen in public for years and showing no signs of the hot little slut I saw the week before. Karen was impressed and they seemed to take a liking to each other immediately. Karen told her she would have to see how her daughter Kristen reacted to her but she thought it was going to work just fine for Amy to babysit in the future.

As we left Amy turned to Karen and said, “I see why my brother likes you so much. You are very beautiful and I so enjoyed your company.”

It was interesting as I watched my college freshman sister charm a late 20’s graduate student so easily. I remarked about that when we got in the car.

Amy replied, “I know you said you liked the sex and her company so wanted to make sure I helped you out like a good sister should.”

Then she turned to me and said, “You did save some thing for your little slut sister?”

I was still turned on by my earlier sex play and between my throbbing hard on and my knowledge of how much she liked to be told what to do I had some ideas where we were going to do.

“I saved my cum for you my little slut sister but you are going to have to earn it,” I told her. “When we get back to my house you will do exactly what I tell you to do until after you have earned my cum!”

She blurted, “Hurry and get me to your house!”

Amy moved closer to me in the car and ran her hand up to the bulge in my pants.

She leaned to me and said softly in my ear, “I want this in me again and cum running out of my pussy.”

I said with no real enthusiasm, “We need to keep a certain appearance in public but when we close the doors we can let our inhibitions go.”

Amy moved hesitatingly away although her hand lingered and she replied, “I totally agree we should be careful but no one can see where my hand is outside the car.”

I looked at her and said, “The problem was that you are getting me so turned on I was about to grab you by the hair and pull your face to me and kiss you.”

She blushed and feigned fanning her face like she was overheated but she did not remove her hand which was even more aggressive in stroking my cock. Amy leaned towards me and turned her head so her hair was close to me and convenient for me to grab. I pulled over to the curb and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back in the seat and leaned over to her.

“I like a little slut who wants it so bad she can’t control herself,” I whispered in her ear. “I want you always to completely let go when you are with me. You can tell me when something hurts or you don’t like it but otherwise you have do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it. Do you understand?”

Her hand had left my cock when I leaned over to her but as I moved from her ear to her lips with my mouth she found my cock with one hand and was trying to undo my zipper with her other. I caught myself just in time and pulled away from the passionate kiss we were exchanging.

“We need to get you to where we can get your clothes off as quick as possible,” I said as I pulled away from the curb. “I want you to sit their quietly so I can concentrate driving but I want you thinking about how good of cocksucker and fuck you are going to be for me.”

I could tell as I drove that she was following orders. Her body was squirming a little and one hand was rubbing the outside of her pants between her legs. We reached my house and started to get out of my car when I noticed one of my next door neighbors and his wife standing on his porch. The small houses in the neighborhood were on small lots and it was hard to walk by anyone in their yard or on their porch even when you are really turned on. Bill owned a small construction company and Michelle was an elementary school teacher. They were super friendly and invariably we would end up in a conversation of some length whenever I encountered one of them. They were in their 40’s and both were reasonably attractive for their age and always pleasant. Not to mention they had been very tolerant of my small parties and late comings and goings. I told sis to go on in and that I would stop and say hi even though it was now past midnight.

Bill smiled when I approached and I asked him them how they were.

“Very well and I can see you are too,” he said as he cast a glance at my sister going into the house.

Before we could become involved in one of our lengthy conversations Michelle said, “You have a beautiful young woman waiting on you and you had better get to attending to her.”

As I started to walk away teach that bitch porno she said with a smile, “Please tell her that Bill and I really enjoyed her outfit last time you brought her home.”

She quickly added, “Forgive us but we heard you come home and you two were so all over each other that we just couldn’t stop watching especially when we realized how little she had on.”

I turned to her and said, “I will pass that on and I am sure she will be very flattered.”

She was not sure if she had offended me and was starting to apologize when I told her that I was flattered too. That seemed to satisfy her and I headed back to the house.

It was a little unsettling now knowing that at least two people were to some degree on to Amy and I having sex.

However, when I told Amy she said, “I have to admit I like the idea of being an exhibitionist. And being seen with my big brother who I fantasized so much about just makes it even hotter.”

“I talked to mom about my desires and she counseled me to be very careful and I have never done an exhibitionist thing like that before.”

“I felt safe with you doing the strip in the car and walking almost naked to the door and it made me really hot. But I know not to do that in public so don’t worry Steve I am not out of my mind.”

I banked that in my hot things to remember about Amy file that was growing all the time.

I said, “Now let’s get on with what I have planned for you.”

She replied, “You have a plan for your little slut sister?”

Little did she know the plan I did have was changing as we stood there.

“Get your clothes off and stand there in the center of the room,” I told her when we entered the bedroom.

She obeyed immediately and I once again marveled at what a beautiful body she had as she shed her clothes. I had already decided we would do a little bondage play tonight and events had reinforced it. I had a limited amount of bondage gear but I did have a blindfold and some handcuffs. She was standing expectantly in the bedroom when I returned. She saw the cuffs and her eyes got big and she seemed to stand just a little more rigid.

I first put the blindfold on her and told her, “You are to concentrate on just the physical sensations tonight and not worry about what is going on around you.”

I then ran the tips of my fingers down her back to the small of her ass and outlined her ass with them and then I moved directly to her ankles running the tips up the inside of her legs. I ran them to the back of her knees and very gently let them move across the nerve endings there when I heard her moan.

“Oh Steve how do you know about these places on my body?” she blurted out between heavy breaths.

I said, “My little slut I want you to tell me whenever I find an area where it makes your pussy wet. I want my little slut sister to be go and ready for the fucking she is going to get.”

She could barely talk her breathes were coming so quickly when she said, “It really turns me on when you are talking dirty to me when you call me your sister. She was starting to weave from her arousal level so I took her by the hand and told her to follow me slowly. I led her to the bed and had her stand facing it with her thighs just rubbing the mattress facing the bed. I told her to put her arms down to her side and I reached for her hands and put them behind her and snapped the cuffs on them. I ran my lips gently over the ridge of one shoulder and up her neck until I could whisper in her ear.

I softly but firmly told her, “Now my little slut you have no choice but to give into the physical sensations of the things I am about to do to you. I like having a little sister I can drain my cock in whenever I want to.”

She moaned and started to beg, “Please fuck me, I need to feel your cock in me.”

I told her to bend over and I pulled some pillows to the edge of the bed so she could lay with her body bearing some of the weight but still able to keep her feet on the ground when I got behind her and gently pushed her ankles apart until I could see the lips of her pussy clearly separate. I took a bit of lubricant and ran it gently over the lips of her pussy and then took my cock and moved the head of it up and down her slit.

She was going wild while as I did. She was moaning loudly and pushing back against me trying to get my cock in her pussy. I stepped to the side of her and took the flat of my hand and spanked both cheeks several times. Each slap seemed to send a wave through Amy.

I told her that I had something to do and for her to stay right where she was. I walked over to the bedroom window and made some noises with the shades. I then walked over behind her and took my cock and put it against the opening to her pussy.

“Big brother stick that big cock in me and fuck my little sister pussy until your cum runs out of team skeet porno my pussy,” she said with a tone of voice that left little doubt she meant it.

I leaned forward and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and told her, “I opened the shades and the neighbors can see you leaned over the bed and me about to fuck you.”

“Do you want to put on a show for the neighbors my little slut?” I said as I pushed my cock slowly into her pussy.

“Fuck me. Make me your slut. I want your cum dripping from my pussy!” She shouted at a volume that was obviously meant to include any one watching.

She didn’t know that I had not opened the blinds and there wasn’t anyone watching but the mental eroticism of thinking she was being watched was driving her wild.

She came quickly and repeatedly. But it was easy to work her back up to a fever pitch of ass pumping, moaning and begging for my cock. I would pull my cock out to the opening to her pussy and use it like a little paddle on her pussy.

When I could feel she was starting to respond to my cock I would tell her, “They are still watching and you need to show them just how much more you can do.”

It seemed to spur her each time to try to outdo the last time with the volume of her moans and begging and her hips thrusting back against me in attempt to pump my cock.

I was able to work her pussy with my cock for a long enough time without cumming only with a tremendous amount of self control. I was enjoying the feeling of her hot body and the total control I had of her both physically and mentally. I had no idea what a turn on it turned out to be and it kept me hard for longer than I would have thought possible.

When I could feel that I was getting close to cumming so I leaned forward grabbed her hair and began pumping her faster while I told her, “Come on you little slut show me you are hot enough to deserve a pussy full of cum.”

Amy could sense that I was close and she started yelling, “I am your little slut, cum in me, fill me with your cum!”

I had a mind blowing orgasm of the sort of intensity I could not recall ever having before. I pumped her slowly as she continued to put on the show for the non-existent viewers. When I finally pulled out she almost fell to the floor but I caught her.

I positioned her with her ass against the bed so she was facing the other direction and told her, “I want you to stand her blindfolded, cuffed, naked with cum dripping out of your slut pussy while the neighbors watch so they know just how much of a little slut you are.”

I then went over and made some noises with the blinds again like they I was closing them and came back to her and whispered in her ear, “They look like they are going to be fucking for a while after the show you put on for them.”

She moaned and pushed her body against me and I leaned down and kissed her.

“Are you getting what you need my little slutty sister?” I asked her.

“Oh Steve I am getting exactly what I needed. I masturbated all week thinking about last weekend and then you get me even hotter today.”

I removed the cuffs but she still had the blindfold on and I told her to crawl up on the bed and lay on her back with her legs spread. I went to my bathroom and got a wet wash rag and returned to find her with her legs spread as wide as she could.

She said, “I am so weak I don’t know if I can do anything but lay here.”

I told her just to lay there as I ran the wash cloth over her body that was covered in a light sweat. She was relaxing and when I ran it over her pussy to clean up the pussy juice and cum she turned, pulled off the blindfold and wrapped her arms around me and rubbed her body the length of mine while she sought my mouth with hers.

“You are the best big brother,” she gasped between passionate kisses. “I have always liked sex but I have never had anything like this!”

We wound down the night laying against each other running our hands over each other and mixing in an occasional kiss until we both fell asleep with our naked bodies intertwined on top of the covers.

I woke the next morning to find Amy had wiggled her ass around so that her pussy was starting to rub against my cock. She was already wet from whatever fantasizing and playing with herself she had done before waking me. She slipped down to my cock and got on all fours to suck as I started to harden. I could see her head moving up and down and her nice little ass shaking in the air as she sucked.

Before I could give her an order she was straddling me and driving her pussy up and down on my cock. I came before I had been in her two minutes but instead of letting me totally finish in her pussy Amy dropped down with her mouth and licked off her pussy juice and my cum until I was done pumping out any cum.

“I thought about doing that with you all week,” she said as she used her fingers to guide some of my cum off her lips and into her mouth. “It was so hot and I hope you liked it too?”

“Oh you are so meeting the requirements for being my little slut sister,” I whispered to her as I pulled her up to my lips and kissed her.

The rest of the day was just as interesting but that is a sequel to come.

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