Sisters Camp Adventure Ch. 01

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The twin sisters looked into each other’s eyes, their faces inches apart, and cried out their moans. They were both on all fours on the floor of their shared bedroom, naked and sweaty, calling out their pleasure as their boyfriends fucked them from behind.

The twins Chrystie and Jess had been experimenting for years. Fascinated by each others’ bodies and drawn to each other purely from the taboo of their relationship. Not that they ever did anything directly to each other. They wanted to, they desperately wanted to feel their naked forms pressed together, rocking and licking and rubbing each other to ecstatic orgasm. They had often said as much when masturbating together.

But they had their rule, their one rule. No touching in an intimate manner or kissing or fucking. They were determined never to cross that line.

So naturally, this is the story of how they finally crossed that line.

Each girl moaned as the fucking continued, their boyfriends’ hands gripping their hips tight as they thrust faster and faster, their cocks buried deep within the two women. Both Chrystie and Jess called out their pleasure, rocking their own bodies back and forward against the hips of the men, clenching their thighs over the meaty tools of pleasure and demanded more.

“I want you so bad!” Jess cried out, “please give it to me!” her voice barely audible through her own desperate pleasure.

“I need it, I need it from you. You could fuck me so hard!” Chrystie said, seemingly to the man whose cock was buried so deep inside of her.

But neither of the men realized that the twins were speaking directly to each other, eyes locked and faces so close they could have kissed as they told each other just how desperately they wanted it. How much they wanted that incestuous relationship that was so close within their reach. And it was the taboo of secretly admitting that directly in front of their boyfriends that finally brought the twins to orgasm, bodies shivering and shaking as they came, their moans turning to hollers and yells.

The two men, assured that their women had cum, were finally able to stop holding back their own relief, exploding into the condoms they wore before collapsing on top of their girlfriends.


Twenty gaziantep ucuz escort bayan minutes later the two men were clothed and leaving the house, high fiving the good start to their morning as the door closed behind them. Inside the house were Chrystie and Jess, still naked, still desperate for the relief they knew only each other could bring. The moment the door slammed shut the twins stepped into each other’s bodies, arms wrapping around each other, breasts pressed together and lips about to touch.

But as before, as always, they stopped themselves from kissing, stopped their hips from pressing together, moved their chests away from each other just a little. But their hands remained in place, sliding down each other’s backs and sides, Jess sliding her hands over Chrystie’s ass and squeezing gently, threatening to slide between the cheeks but never quite doing it. Their breathing was hot on each other’s faces and their eyes never unlocked. Chrystie leaned in, their lips close, closer than they ever had been.

“I want this” Chrystie whispered. She could feel the warmth of her twin in her hands, she could feel the increased elevation of her chest as the thought of finally giving in heavied her breathing.

“It would be…” Jess began, leaning in, their lips were brushing together but not yet kissing, not yet across the line. “What I would do to your body…” she said, her hand sliding downward, between her own legs. Jess found her clit, free from the red hair her twin had elected to keep on herself. Both women were red-heads, like their father. Their breasts were Cs. Chrystie was a little bit thicker than Jess, a result of less exercise and a love of junk food, but both women were still relatively slim.

Chrystie ran one hand between her own legs and another over Jess’s hair, cut short in contrast to Chrystie’s which ran the length of her shoulders. With each twin having a hand over her own pussy, they felt free to press their hips together. The point of contact was each other’s hands, and the hands did the pleasure work.

Technically it was masturbation.

But technically they were helping each other.

It was as close as the two were willing to get.

“We’re not gonna gaziantep ukraynalı escort bayan get a moment of privacy like this when we go to camp” Jess said, pressing Chrystie’s back against a wall, lips still dangerously close, breasts and nipples occasionally brushing against each other and their hands in full contact as they rubbed their clits. They were soon to go to summer camp and they knew they would lose ten weeks of privacy as a result. Perhaps they would find willing partners at the camp, they almost always did, but their own little affair would need to be abandoned for a short time.

“No, we’re not. Which is why” Chrystie began, smacking her bottom and lower lips together, aping a kissing sound, trying to lure her twin in, “we should do it, you and me, right now. Fuck me here in the living room.”

“Fine” Jess said, her voice shaking as she slipped a finger inside of herself, they had played this game before. “Then you first, kiss me.”

Chrystie hesitated, letting out a long hot breath as she squeezed her own clit gently before sliding a finger inside her pussy, following her twin’s lead on that front. But she didn’t kiss her twin. It was always this point where their lust seemed to falter. As much as the twins wanted each other, when it came time, neither wanted to be the first to take the leap over that social taboo. And so, just like each other time, Chrystie moved her head away and instead leaned it on Jess’s shoulder. Jess smiled, frustrated but not surprised and leaned her own head on Chrystie’s shoulder as their bodies pressed together. They allowed their breasts to touch and rub against each other, the pleasure tingling through their nipples each time they brushed against each other but not enough for what they wanted, not enough to be over the line.

They were finger fucking themselves in earnest now as they rubbed their bodies together and moaned into each other’s shoulders.

“I want to fuck you so bad” Jess whined through the moaning.

“I’m gonna do it one day” Chrystie promised, “I’m gonna lie you down on the bed and I’m gonna lick your pussy over and over, I’m gonna lick your asshole and squeeze your tits and fuck you senseless.”

“Do it” Jess retorted, stopping gaziantep üniversiteli escort bayan to moan loud and clear, adding another finger inside of herself and bucking her body hard against Chrystie’s, earning a buck in return. “I want you to get the dildo from Mom’s drawer and fuck me with it, put it inside me and fuck me for hours!” she screamed, the wave of her second orgasm of the day flooding her body until finally, she let go of herself, her knees buckling as she slid down the wall and onto the floor, her tired, pleasured twin sister next to her. They rested their heads on each other as they regained control of their breathing.


The bus was mostly packed with figures already as the twins climbed aboard the front. Their parents had just dropped them off and said their goodbyes as Jess and Chrystie stowed their bags in the bus’s lower compartment before entering. Now they walked slowly down the aisle, eyes scanning the various figures sitting in chairs and gauging the faces of their companions for the next ten weeks. Finally they found two empty seats near the back. Sitting on the third seat by the window was a grumpy seeming woman with curly purple-dyed hair, dressed in black pants and shirt with a leather jacket folded over her knees.

The twins gauged the girl for a moment before Jess motioned for Chrystie to take the middle seat. Bad girls were more her flavour and they both knew it. Chrystie flumped herself heavily down on the chair in the middle, purposefully bumping and jostling the punk, earning herself a hard glare in response. Chrystie flashed a half smile at her and winked.

Jess rolled her eyes and sat down next to her sister, staring down the aisle for a pick of her own. It was a seven-hour drive for the bus to reach the camp and if the twins couldn’t entertain each other in public then they’d find partners willing to help them out. Naturally, they’d dressed for that purpose. Chrystie’s tank top was low cut and gave the punk a clear view not only at her breasts but at the tattoos that ran across her chest. And Jess’s skirt was scandalously short, something she used to her advantage as worked to catch the eye of a blonde, bespectacled girl two rows ahead of them. Each time the blonde looked their way, Jess allowed her legs to spread and let the eye contact linger.

There was a shudder and a jerk as the old bus shifted into motion, sliding with little grace onto the road. As it did the twins smiled, their hands clasping over each other for a moment before separating.

If they were to spend ten weeks away from their boyfriends and away from the touch of each other then they’d have to diversify their attention.

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