Sisters Ch. 04

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


I ran my last morning in my old neighborhood. I thought I’d have some feelings of going to miss things. But I didn’t. I didn’t because I knew that it was my future that was important. A future that included Natalie.

After my run, I came in the back door and into my room. On the pillow was a single red rose. Natalie continued to surprise me. I felt my face flushing, my entire body warming, and every inch of my skin tingled. I was full of love. Unadulterated love. I brushed some hair out of my face and ran into the kitchen, wanting to leap into Natalie’s arms for the gift.

As I rounded the corner to the kitchen, I caught the eyes of my mom, setting the table for breakfast. To her right, seated, Natalie sat, an enormous, and mischievous, smile on her lips.

“Hi honey,” my mom started, “breakfast is about ready, so sit down and. . .” she paused as she saw the rose in my hand.

I absently lifted my hand up and looked at the rose.

“Where did you get that?” My mom looked almost concerned.

I opened my mouth and felt the rush of trying to think of a convincing lie to tell her. It was like those times I came home from a high school party drunk and had to pretend everything was ok. Just then, Natalie saved me.

“Oh you know Ali, mom,” Natalie chimed loudly, “she runs around the streets and just takes what she wants.” Natalie stared at me with her silly smile. My mom’s eyes flitted from her to me.

“I was running,” I managed to say, “and thought a flower would look nice in a vase for the table here.”

I turned and looked for a vase, trying not to let my mom see how red my cheeks were. I was a terrible liar. I never learned to be as good as Natalie was.

When I turned back, mom was looking at me strangely. She probably not only noticed my flushed cheeks, but I looked down and noticed my nipples urgently pressing against my running top.

“Maybe I should take a quick shower before food.” I managed to stammer, turning and moving off down the hallway, feeling embarrassed.

Behind me I heard my mom saying “but it’ll get cold.” I also heard Natalie laughing. Damn her! She just loved seeing me struggle like that! If it were her, she’d have sailed right through without a care in the world. Yet another reason to love her.

I was able to calm myself and went to the table in what I considered to be an outfit that looked good on me. A nice white cotton skirt. It really accentuated my legs, making them look longer. I also put on a black sleeveless top, the front supported by a crossback pattern, giving my back a lot of breathing room. It was tight enough to support me without a bra, but just loose enough to show the shape of my breasts. I knew Natalie would love it. Of course, I threw on my old high school sweatshirt over it. No need to show mom THAT top.

Over breakfast mom kept mentioning old boyfriends. Sort of “Well Mitchell called the other day…” and “I saw Derrick at the store the other day…” conversations. Me and Natalie shared “what the hell?” looks as mom brought up ghosts of boyfriends past.

“And you know,” mom said as she was clearing away the plates, “you could just stay here and go to the junior college. It’s a good school.”

Why was she trying to talk me out of going to school with Natalie? I wondered if. . .

Packing my stuff for school took almost no time and before we knew it, we were off down the road. Off to freedom.

Just outside of town Natalie pulled over and looked at me. “We’re free now” she smiled. We kissed an exuberant kiss. A kiss that had a connection to it that had so many levels, I felt I was in a bubble. I also felt tired. I also took off that old sweatshirt. Natalie gave me a leer and I smiled back.

I leaned my seat back as Natalie got back on the road, holding her hand and quickly drifting off to sleep.

I woke to the sound of the car door slamming shut. I looked up through tired eyes and saw Natalie walking around the front of the car.

“What’s going on?” I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, looking around. We were off the side of a lonely two lane highway, fields on both sides.

Natalie opened my door. Knelt down and smiled a mischievous smile at me. I turned in my seat, putting my feet on the ground.

“I just wanted to take a small break on the way.” She said as her hands slid slowly up my shins, to my knee and tauntingly up my thighs.

“Mmmm” I reacted, her touch making me tingle all over. “I like your ideas Nat.”

Her hands slid up and lifted my skirt, exposing me completely.

“No panties,” Natalie said, shaking her head, “I knew it.”

I spread my legs as her lips kissed my inner thighs. Her hair a bit of a mess, but gorgeous nonetheless. As her tongue slowly drew a line toward my aching, and wetter-by-the-moment pussy, her fingertips slid through the hair on my mound, pulling it lightly. Just enough to tease me.

I took a look around. Nothing around anywhere. No farm animals. No barns. Nobody bursa escort on the road at all. I had no idea where we were, but we were alone.

I looked back down at Natalie just as her fingers slid between my lips, spreading me open for her tongue.

“Oh yes Nat,” I managed to sigh as her tongue slowly licked with perfect flatness over my clit. I was shuddering under her and ran my fingernails along her cheek, wanting to connect with her at this moment of intense feeling.

She was really taking her time, licking up and down. I was soaking wet and was trembling with sexual energy. She was making me crazy with her teasing. I urged her on by guiding, ok, pulling, her head to me.

She responded with an enthusiastic fury that my body really responded to.

Her tongue plunged deep into my pussy while her finger rubbed my clit in circles. I threw my head back instinctively, moaning aloud. If there had been anyone within a mile, they’d have been sure to have heard me. Natalie’s free hand reached up and was caressing my breast through my top. I was on the edge and pushed my hips up to her mouth.

“Oh fuck Nat, keep going, fuck fuck. . .” I was shouting now. I wasn’t in any kind of control. Her tongue moved in and out and around inside me. My pussy was spasming, pulsing and trying to grab her eager tongue.

I looked down at her face. She was staring up at me, her mouth pressed to my pussy, her eyes big and alluring, staring right into mine.

“Fuckkkkkkk!” I came. And hard. I was flopping around the car seat like a trout, trying to close my legs without thinking, but Natalie kept my legs wide. She lapped and licked and kissed and when the waves of orgasm subsided, I could see her face glistening with my wetness. She smiled a cockeyed smile at me, her head tilted to the side.

“Sorry,” Natalie said with a smile, “It just had to be done. Ready to keep going?”

I was breathing heavily. I was sweating. My head was swimming. I gave her a weak post-orgasm smile.

“How did you know I wasn’t wearing panties?” I asked after a few minutes.

Natalie looked at me quickly while driving, “You know how the sun streams into the dining room in the morning. When you were walking around, that sun shone right through that skirt of yours.” She laughed.

“Uh oh.”

“Yeah,” she continued, “it was like having x-ray vision.” She laughed again, “Another reason to give you a good trim down there.” Her smile might have been bigger at some time in her life, but I’d be hard pressed to know when that was.

“Do you think mom saw?” I asked as I used an old shirt to clean up my wetness on the leather seat.

“Only if she went blind this morning.”

I stared out the window. Embarrassing, but I don’t live there anymore. It doesn’t matter. We’re on the way to school and, hey. . .

“Where the hell are we going?”

Natalie gave me a mock serious look. “To solve a mystery.” I looked back at her, trying not to show her that this answer wasn’t acceptable. “Ok ok,” she continued, “we’re going to Aunt Stacy’s. We’re going to find out who this mysterious K is that mom lost her virginity to.”

“I reclined back in the seat again. “You need help. Serious help. Don’t worry Natalie, I’ll be here with you every step of the way to your recovery.”

We both laughed. It was only 45 more minutes to our Aunt’s house.


We pulled up at Aunt Stacy’s. A nice cottage like house set off by itself down a dirt road surrounded by many different trees.

“The answer,” Natalie said as she parked, “to our mystery is in that house, I’m sure of it!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the tenacity she had over such a minor thing.

She turned to me, eyes gleaming and her patented infectious smile. Then she pulled me to her, kissing me deeply. Everything floated away in that moment. The car, the trees, the dirt road, Aunt Stacy’s. I don’t think anything could compare to the feeling of Natalie’s lips and her tongue playing with mine. After a few days, she broke the kiss.

“Ok, let’s figure this out.” she said as we knocked on the door.

Aunt Stacy greeted us warmly. It had been quite a while since we had seen her and she looked. . . .really really good. She had just taken a break from being in her studio doing some sculpting work.

Her blonde hair was pulled up into a bun, so as not to get in her way while she did her sculpting. She was barefoot, with her toenails painted a cool pink. I hadn’t ever thought of Aunt Stacy as a ‘woman’ in the sense that I now thought of Natalie. But here, and now. I couldn’t help but do so. She was wearing black slacks with a wide waistband that accentuated every luscious curve and drew my eye to her chest. She was wearing a plain white button up top, the top few buttons undone, with, as I was quick to notice, no bra. She and Natalie shared the same body type and her small but shapely breasts made it difficult for me to not stare. . .too much.

We sat around the table talking and bursa escort bayan catching up and answering questions about school.

But Natalie was on a mission. I could see the zeal in her face.

“Aunt Stacy, we have a question that I think you can answer about mom.” Natalie’s natural enthusiasm was coming to the fore.

“Ask away,” Aunt Stacy said as she took a sip of wine.

Natalie looked at me quickly, then back to Aunt Stacy.

“Cutting to the chase, I happened to see mom’s diary and it turned out that she lost her virginity to some guy named ‘K’. I figured you’d know who it was.” Natalie’s eyes were shining again.

Aunt Stacy gave a slow half smile and stood up, filled up her wine glass, turned around, and leaned against the counter. Her smile never changed as she looked from me to Natalie and back again.

“Well. . .I could tell you the answer, but first you have to answer something for me.”

Natalie was not going to be denied, “Anything you want. Whatever you need.”

Aunt Stacy took a slow sip of wine, her eyes looking up quickly.

“Tell me. . .how long have you two been having sex together?”

My and Natalie’s reactions to this question exactly mirror our personalities.

I let my head drop slightly, broke eye contact, and felt a hot flash of blood rushing to my face and neck. My head was spinning. I felt dizzy.

Natalie reacted as she reacts all the time. She went on the offensive. She straightened up, leaned forward, putting her elbows on the table. Challenging.

“What makes you think we’re having sex?” Natalie tilted her head slightly. As if to give the impression that the question itself was absurd.

Aunt Stacy set her wine glass down, crossed her arms, unintentionally – I think – propping up her small but impressive breasts, and smiled.

“Well,” she began, “first off, I saw you when you drove up. You two kissed. And that was no polite kiss. It was a ‘I want you and will have you’ kiss.”

Natalie’s face didn’t change a bit. “Go on,” Natalie said, evenly.

“Secondly, several times just while sitting there at the table, each one of you has reached out to the other for just a touch on the hand. It’s a small, but deep felt action. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Natalie didn’t want to give in, but I could see, out of the corner of my eye, her resolve beginning to go.

“Thirdly and fourthly, since you’ve come in today you, Natalie, have been staring at my ass and you, Alison have been looking at my chest…trying to make out the lines of my nipples. Am I right?”

Natalie barely moved, but I could see her take a swallow.

“And, lastly, your mother called about 20 minutes before you got here. Seems she looked in on Alison in the middle of the night last night and, lo and behold, the two of you were naked, intertwined, and the room, as she said, ‘smelled like sweat and exhausted pussy.’ “

Aunt Stacy paused, for effect.

Both Natalie and I were defeated.

We told her everything. When it started, how it started and just how damn good it all was. It should have seemed wrong to tell her, but it felt natural and telling someone was really like a great weight being lifted from us. At least a little bit.

Then Aunt Stacy asked a question that I think she thought would cause us trouble.

“Are you two in love?”

She sat at the table and looked at us hard as she asked.

“Yes.” I said, as confidently as I’d ever said anything in my life.

I was beaming and turned to Natalie. Her smile was wide, her eyes shining and every fiber of her being cried out for me to love her. And I did.

“Without a doubt,” Natalie chimed in, “we love each other and frankly I can’t imagine not being with Alison…for the rest of my life.” She held out her hand to me. I took it. It was warm. I could feel it in my heart.

“So,” Natalie began, “you got your answer. How about the answer to our question?”

Aunt Stacy didn’t move for a moment. She looked impassively at us, a trace of a smile at the corners of her lips.

Then she gave a quick nod and began to walk around the room. Again, she was the professor giving a lesson to the class.

Natalie spoke up again, “Who is this mysterious ‘K’ that mom gave it up to?” Aunt Stacy laughed quietly and quickly.

“The mysterious ‘K’,” she said matter of factly, “is me.”

There was a look of shock on Natalie’s face and I’m sure the look on my face matched hers. I mean, what?

Aunt Stacy took a long drink from her wine glass, looking over the rim to see our reactions, such as they were.

“Not what you were expecting huh?” Aunt Stacy asked, not really expecting an answer. She let out a sigh.

“Let me tell you what happened.. . “

For the sake of brevity, I’ll recap what she said.

She had graduated high school and was a very serious young lady. She was deeply into literature and art and fashioned herself as “a woman to be reckoned with.”

Mom, a year younger, was quite the opposite. bursa merkez escort She went with the flow.

Aunt Stacy, wanting to be taken seriously, jettisoned her first name, Stacy, and began going by her middle name, Katherine.

“Katherine’s could change the world,” she said, “nobody ever heard of a world-changing ‘Stacy.'”

Mom looked up to her older, more mature and independent sister. Aunt Stacy was a font of information to mom. Mom had more attention from boys than Aunt Stacy, but she was so timid, she was unsure what to do and when and. . .everything else. It began with mom asking Aunt Stacy for advice on kissing. They would “practice” and as time went on both Aunt Stacy and mom began to enjoy it more and more.

Eventually Aunt Stacy found mom coming to her room at night, wearing makeup, for ‘lessons’. Aunt Stacy had already realized that men were not for her. She surprised herself by finding her sister, mom, alluring and sexy and someone that she enjoyed playing with.

Night after night the sisters would kiss and touch and explore each other in Aunt Stacy’s room.

Aunt Stacy kept pushing mom more and more, but gently.

After a while Aunt Stacy was spreading mom’s toned legs and licking her to orgasm.

Eventually mom would bring Aunt Stacy to orgasm, Aunt Stacy would pleasure mom, and they’d lay together in post-orgasmic bliss.

“One night,” Aunt Stacy continued, “I thought I’d introduce your mother to my favorite dildo. A nice, not too thick, toy that always gave me pleasure. Sure I knew your mother was still a virgin. I talked to her about it and far from being afraid, she was quite eager.”

Aunt Stacy refilled her wine glass.

“That night we were having fun as usual. And your mother was burning up. Her body was so warm. Her kisses as aggressive as they’d ever been. I rubbed her smooth moist lips with the tip of the dildo. She cooed and sighed and as I looked into her eyes I saw that she was well beyond the point of turning back. Your mom gets,” Aunt Stacy paused, “very very wet. Like a flood really.” She laughed and looked at us.

Natalie then looked at me, “Just like you Alison!” I blushed a little, but was still very hot from listening to Aunt Stacy talk.

Aunt Stacy stared at me for a moment, “Well, I should have guessed you’d get as wet as her. You’ve got a similar build. And I’m sure that Natalie is enjoying those breasts of yours the way I did with your mother.”

Natalie nodded enthusiastically.

Aunt Stacy continued, “So anyway, I slowly pressed the dildo into your mom. I could feel her body tense up, ever so slightly. I kissed her lightly and felt her warm breath on my skin. I looked into her eyes, looking for signs of pain or reluctance. There were none. I looked down and saw her lips stretched almost perversely around the dildo. It was only in a few inches and her muscles were already contracting and tightening and her breathing was deep and quite exciting.”

I watched Aunt Stacy tell the story and noticed her fingertips just lightly caressing her neck, her arm, her face. Without thinking, her body was wanting external stimuli. I also couldn’t help notice that her nipples, under that thin white blouse, were rock hard. As hard as mine? Perhaps. Because not only were my nipples hard and aching, I was also so wet that for an instant I wondered how much it would cost to replace the chair from all the wetness I was pressing to it.

“I kissed her deeply and very very slowly moved the dildo in and out. Not too deep, as I didn’t want to hurt her. She was, and still is in some ways, very trusting. In and out. Her moans filled the room and I thought that there was a fantastic chance that our mom and dad could have heard her. Our parents,” Aunt Stacy looked at us, “your grandparents, were very old fashioned. No talking about, thinking about, and especially no doing of sex was allowed. So this would have gotten us sent to some monastery in Borneo or someplace. After about 5 minutes of guiding your mother, her body took matters into its own hands and delivered her a massive orgasm. Her body shook. Her pussy tried to shoot the dildo across the room, but I held it firmly in place, watching her hips gyrate. I’d never seen anyone cum as hard and as much as her in my life. In fact, I still haven’t. She exploded, coating my sheets and nearly flopping off my bed. We kissed and kissed and kissed some more after that. But we both knew she had to go back to her room. She did, wrote in her diary, which you saw.” Aunt Stacy’s face went from a look of delight in memory to one of regret quickly.

With a sigh, she went on, “After school the next day our mom confronted both of us, individually, about the noises she heard and how we were acting too close and how we were disappointments and so on. I, being in my ‘important woman Katherine’ guise, argued and fought with her. Your mother, well. . . .she is a people pleaser. She didn’t want to disappoint mom. She apologized and our night visits stopped. It was hard on me, but much harder on your mom. Turns out your grandmother was hammering your mom about how she should meet a man, get married, have kids. Guilting her, more like it. Within the next two months she met your father, began dating. And a year after high school they married. A few years later a lovely daughter, and a year after that another one.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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