Sisters Surprise Ch. 02

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Warning: This fiction story contains the discovery of sisters continuing to explore their feelings towards each other in a new light after witnessing each other masturbate for the first time.


As the girls sat there naked in the living room stuffing their face with pizza; Emma under the fur throw on the sofa and Amy sat on the floor in front of her with her silk dressing gown sat either side of her slender bare skin figure, her rounded breasts peeking out from beneath the cloth. They began to talk about the events which led to their current situation.

“Sooooo…” Amy asked with a curious tone. “What made you wanna flick your bean over your own sister? I’m not mad, more…let’s say, curious.”

“Ummm…” Emma stammered. Struggling to find an explanation which would make sense… quickly coming the conclusion that there wasn’t one.

“I’ve always been curious about girls I guess, I occasionally saw you naked in glimpses as we grew up but I never really thought about it because we were sisters and I felt it would be wrong to talk to you about it… Ever since doing sports at school and showering after, seeing the other girls naked, boobs and fanny all over the show the urges came back even more so and I would find myself touching myself at night at the thought of it.”

“I mean, I do like guys and I even lost my virginity last year to a guy I fell for… but it turns out I was just something of another notch on his bed post after a few months and that pissed me right off and put me off guys and cock for a while.

“I’ve been single since and while I do want to experience another guy thrusting deep inside me at some point, my sexual attraction to girls kinda got kicked into life again a few weeks back.”

“Guys are dicks eh? You could have always talked to me,” said Amy “But what made it all come back a few weeks ago?” she said, wanting to probe further.

“Well, you remember Cassie; my best friend? said Emma.

“Of course! She is lovely!” commented Amy.

“Yeah, she and I have the same size boobs and she wanted to borrow a bra to match a dress she was going out in as the straps on her one had snapped, so of course I obliged. Then.. as we were about to begin getting ready, she just got unchanged in front of me… right there and then!

“I couldn’t believe it, she stood there naked without fear… I couldn’t outdoor sex porno help but look at her amazing body and be attracted to her, ever since I had been wanting to see what it was like to be with a girl. I’m too scared to ask her as I feel she would be up for it… but seeing you play with your pussy upstairs sis, I became so wet myself and needed to release it!”

Amy sat there astounded at what she had heard, needing a minute to take it all in, but no matter what she had heard, there was no ill-feeling towards her sister about it.

The girls continued to chat about other things for the rest of the night while stuffing their faces with the pizza Emma had order and eventually went to bed in the early hours fairly topped up with wine.

Early the following morning as the sun began to shine through the scruffily shut curtains through their half-cut state the night before, Amy opened her eyes, only to quickly realise she desperately needed to vacate her bladder after all of the wine drinking the night before. She slipped into the en-suite bathroom and sat on her toilet to relieve herself.

Amy closed her eyes, overcome with the tingling sensation from the feeling of the golden stream ejecting itself from her smooth shaven snatch, splashing into the water below.

Unbeknownst to the eldest sister, Emma had stumbled in the bathroom cross-legged, dancing in the doorway; butt naked just her sister was, sat there peeing on the toilet. It looked her own bladder was about ready to burst

“Ohhhhh, why would you have to be sat on it too!” cried Emma. “Fuck it, I can’t wait… I’m going in the shower.” she said as she turned on the water, nearly peeing on the floor.

The water thundering down in the cubicle in front of her had made Amy open her eyes as her urine stream had come to a stop. Amy could see her sister also relieving herself in the shower, she stood there watching, unable to take her eyes off of her sister’s shaven snatch ejecting a clearer colour stream than the one she just did amongst the clear drops from the showerhead.

She leaned against the wall and looked over at her sister with a stirring sense of love, Amy felt that she knew she had to help her sister through what it was she was going through and would do anything in her power to do it.

Emma said: “You alright sis!?” as her stream began public agent porno to slow flow from her pussy.

“Yeah!” Amy replied exiting her daydream. “Would you mind if I joined you? It’s chilly in here and I need to go out into town for some stuff and I don’t wanna stink of pizza and wine!” she asked in a soothing tone.

“Sure thing!” Emma happily replied, almost sounding very eager she wanted to share a shower with her sister.

Amy prepared towels for them both, opened the door to the shower and stepped into the cubicle as her sister’s morning nectar washing its way down the plughole, there was just enough room for the two of them to shower, but nowhere near enough for two people to relax in.

The sisters let the water wash over them, admiring each other’s naked bodies, they hadn’t seen each other in such a manner since they were young girls and their parents would bath them together. Of course, as sisters they would occasionally see each other in their underwear or in a towel after a shower.

But now, both Amy and her younger sibling were fully naked under the soft warm water, both felt slightly vulnerable at the situation they found themselves in. However, after their long chat the other night and seeing each other masturbate… it didn’t show.

Remember the overwhelming sense of needing to care for her sister, Amy asked tenderly: “Can I scrub you down?”

“I don’t see why not, but I’ve never been touched by another girl before.” Emma replied.

“I have to small degree,” added Amy. “A friend from school wanted me to shave her pussy for a night out as she couldn’t quite see it anymore, being a good friend and not a prude, I helped out, I mean, we girls all have vaginas that need tending too, right?”

“That’s true, but wow, really, you shaved another girl’s pussy?” said a surprised Emma.

“Yeah, interesting night that, story for another time though sis,” Amy retorted with a small giggle.

Amy pulled off the body puff which was hanging from the wall, poured in some apple and strawberry fragranced shower gel and squeezed some of the green gel into the pink puff.

As she placed the bottle back on the shelf Amy began to squish the rough surface of the puff to muster some bubbles and started to place it on her sister’s tender body.

Emma embraced the touch of Amy’s graceful hands reality kings porno as she cleaned her, smiling and felt secure she was in the loving arms of her kin glide over her wet body.

“Can I wash you now?” Emma asked softly.

“Absolutely!” Amy said with a glint of excitement.

Emma obtained more gel for the puff and glided it over her sisters soft skin. “Is this okay?,” she asked as her hands touched Amy’s bosom.

“Yeah, that’s actually very soothing,” Amy added.

As Emma finished scrubbing her sister down, she hung the puff back on the wall and hugged her sister as the suds from their bodies fell into the base below them. They cuddled beneath the water, their hands gliding over each other, even cupping each other’s breasts and tight buttocks as they began to explore each other’s bodies.

Then, unexpectedly Amy’s hands fell towards her sister’s lower extremities, brushing her inner thigh, skimming the slit of her labia, giving Emma a sensual sensation so sharp through her clit she could not ignore it.

Was her older sister signalling something? Did she want to touch her even more? What was happening? Was it all just a misunderstanding?

A few minutes had passed and Amy said “I guess we should go and get dry, we’ve got things to do.”

“You’re right!” said Emma with a soft regrettable mumble.

Amy turned off the water and opened the door, the pair got out and reached for the towels to dry themselves off. They got dressed with Emma slipping into a lacy pink thong with a matching bra that gave her breasts a lift which caught everyone’s interest, adding it with a jeans t-shirt combo given the colder weather.

Amy put on a blue pair of frenchies with again a matching sexy bra, but went for a different look with just a thick jumper and jeggings instead of a t-shirt, opting for more of a comfortable route as she didn’t plan on being out too long.

The sisters always had a eye for style and nothing in their wardrobes was out of sync with their the rest of their collection.

“Not a word of this to anyone, not even Cassie” said Amy.

“I know sis, she is my best friend, but this is our special bond now and I don’t want to jeopardise at all.”

The sisters hugged and left the house to go their separate ways for the day. As Emma walked towards Cassie’s house for their day together, she was still left wondering if the touch from Amy in the shower meant anything, but did feel her pussy moisten just thinking about that moment… ‘What did it all mean!?’ she thought.

Emma decided she was determined to find out when she got home later that evening…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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