Sleepy Time Gal

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Big Dick

I had an interesting first-time experience with anal sex. I am a 26-year-old woman, and I have a live-in boyfriend. We sleep together, and we usually cuddle up in the spoon position when we drift off to sleep.

We have a good sex life, and I believe we are both satisfied. We had never tried anal sex, although I wanted to. I know he is interested, because he has his finger up my ass quite often. He always does it when he is licking my pussy, and sometimes even when he is fucking me.

One night in bed when I was almost asleep, he tried to shove his cock up my ass. I pushed him away, and just to tease him I said, “You will never be able to get that big thing up my ass!”

We have watched some porn videos where the woman acts as if she is sleeping. The man fucks her every way he can think of, and she magically stays asleep. In one video, the guy fucks her up the ass, and she doesn’t even flinch.

My guy was really turned on during that scene. I said, “That’s ridiculous. No one could sleep through that!” I suppose this is a male fantasy, and I wanted him to enjoy it, so I added, “unless she is drugged!”

I found out quite by accident that I had planted an idea in his head. I was putting away some clothes that I had just washed, and in his underwear drawer I discovered a small paper bag.

I looked inside, and I was concerned, because there was a bottle with some capsules in it. There was a hand written label on it that said Rohypnol, which is the date rape drug known as “roofies.”

I thought, “What the hell does he want this stuff for? He does not go out cruising the bars for pick-ups. I am a very willing partner, he doesn’t need it for me.” Then it hit me.

He was planning to knock me out with it, and fulfill his fantasy of sleep-fucking me! I carefully put the bag back where he had hidden it.

That night as we were watching TV, he went to the kitchen to get something to drink. He called out to me “Do you want anything?” I said sure, a small glass of diet Coke, please. I said make sure it is the caffeine free kind, I want to sleep well tonight. (Ha Ha)

He brought it out, and set it on the coffee table. I just left it there, as if I was not too interested in it. When he got up to go to the bathroom, I quietly and quickly went into the kitchen and dumped it. I refilled it with more Coke from the liter bottle in the fridge.

I set that down on the coffee table just in time, as he returned from the bathroom. As the program we were watching came to a close, I chugged the Coke down. We went into the bedroom together, got undressed and into bed.

As soon as he thought I was in a deep sleep, and he started playing with my pussy and stroking my clit. I played my part, I pretended to be soundly asleep. He was reaching around under my butt as I lay erotik film izle curled up facing away from him.

He touched my asshole, and gently rubbed it. His finger was wet from my pussy, and he slowly pushed it up my ass. I think he had wanted to fuck me up the ass for some time, but he was too shy or whatever to say anything. I wanted it too, but I didn’t want to seem like a pervert or a slut, so I didn’t say anything.

He very carefully got out of bed, and I heard him walk to the bathroom. He fumbled around in the medicine cabinet, and I realized he was looking for something to lubricate my asshole.

He didn’t turn on the light, and I was hoping he found the Vaseline and not the Vaporub! He walked back to the bed quietly, like a man does when he comes home late from a night of carousing with his buddies.

The bed squeaked when he got in, and he held his breath. I managed to not laugh. I heard him fumble with the jar to lube up his finger. I was on my side, facing away from him, with my legs pulled up so my knees were almost touching my chest.

I felt him put his finger against my asshole, and it was Vaseline, thankfully. He pushed his finger in me, and slid it in and out to test it. I was glad that he was considerate enough to think of lubrication. It actually felt good.

Now I couldn’t wait for his cock to touch my very slippery asshole. His cock is exactly seven and one-half inches long. I know because I won a bet one night. I said it was over seven inches, and he didn’t think so. I got out the tape measure, and I won!

I don’t like to play games, but this was fun, and it was exciting. We had both been too shy or embarrassed to ask for anal sex. We both wanted it, but we were afraid the other one would think we were disgusting.

This seemed perfect, we could both pretend that I was asleep and that I would never know it happened. Of course, no one could actually sleep through getting a cock up your ass. But like I said about the video, unless you were drugged.

It was difficult for me to keep up my act, because I was excited and aroused. He pulled his finger out, and then I felt the tip of his cock touch my asshole.

Somewhere I had heard a quote that said anticipation was better than the real thing. He kept the tip of his cock lightly touching my asshole for a long time. He had a stiff hard-on, but the head of his cock was soft and smooth, and it was very exciting to feel it.

He took several minutes to push the head in, because he didn’t want to wake me. I made a little grunting sound when it went in, but I kept up my drugged-out act.

I murmured some words, not full sentences, like I was talking in my sleep. I made sure he could hear some of the words, and in between I mumbled incoherently. I wanted it to sound like I was dreaming. film izle

He heard me say “big”, “in me”, “cum”, and “fill me.”

He eased more of his cock in, literally a fraction of an inch at a time. He showed great restraint, because I know when a man gets his cock in you, he wants to shove it all the way in.

After what seemed like an hour, but was probably five minutes, it was in about halfway. I pretended to talk in my sleep again, mumbling softly. I made sure he heard “help”, and “rape” and “my ass”, and just for fun I threw in “don’t cum in me”.

He thought my dream had become a nightmare, and he stopped for a while.

I moaned and sighed, and moved away from him as if I was uncomfortable. He stayed right next to me, and he kept his cock in me. I kept up the sound-asleep act, but now I adjusted my position slightly so his cock went in a little further. I made it seem accidental, but I really wanted it all in my asshole.

He took advantage of my move, and pushed the rest of his cock into me. Now I was very aroused. I always knew I wanted to be fucked this way, but until now I didn’t really know how it would feel.

He kept very still, with his cock all the way up me. He still bought my act, and he didn’t want to wake me and ruin it. I kept my eyes closed, and breathed deeply as if I was in a drug-induced sleep.

He began to fuck me, but very carefully. He pulled out a little, and pushed back in. I was so turned on, feeling his cock slide in and out of my asshole, that I almost gave up the act, and said, “surprise!”

He kept up a nice, steady in and out rhythm. The only sound was the steady squeaking of the bedsprings, and our breathing. He was very aroused because he was finally living out his fantasy, and just feeling his cock go all the way up my ass aroused me.

I wanted him to stop being so careful, and fuck me harder and faster. I used the talking-in-my-sleep gambit again. I wanted him to know the rape nightmare had turned back into a hot fuck dream.

I murmured and mumbled things like “fuck me!” and “Oh my God!” and “feels so good!” and “squirt your cum in me!” like I was delirious.

He slid it in and out of me faster until he shot a large amount of cum into me. He had to struggle to not make a sound when he pumped his load into me. He pulled it out, turned over, and went to sleep. Not so much as a good night kiss.

I had a hard time getting to sleep because I was still aroused. I guess he didn’t think he needed to satisfy me, because he thought I was almost in a coma.

The next morning I told him that I had a very sexy dream. “Really”, he said. “Tell me about it.” He never wants to hear about my dreams, so I knew this was bullshit.

I told him that I had dreamed that I had been fucked in the ass. I said it seks filmi izle was some stranger with a really big cock. I said it was really erotic, and I could almost feel it when he pumped his cum in me. He just smiled.

I said it had really turned me on, and I was still aroused now. I said I would like to really try it sometime, and he said “How about right now?”

He had his usual morning hard-on, and I started playing with it. He started to stroke my clit, and finger-fuck me. This seemed too much like our usual routine, so I said “I thought you were going to fuck me up the ass!” I know that is a crude way to say anal sex, but I was hoping it would excite him.

I didn’t want it on my side again; I rolled over face-down instead. I wanted him on top of me, so I could feel dominated. My asshole was still very slippery from the Vaseline and his earlier cum injection.

I didn’t ask him why my asshole was so stretched and lubricated. I don’t know how he would have bullshitted his way past that.

Instead, I acted like I was still an anal virgin. His cock would have slid right into me, but I acted like I could barely stand it. He pushed the head in, and I said, “Ouch, wait.”

He was mystified, because he had just had his cock all the way up my ass a few hours ago. He pushed again, and I said, “Go slowly, it is too big.”

I made him ever so slowly push his cock up my very receptive asshole. While I was acting like a 12-year old girl scout being butt-fucked by her uncle, I was actually enjoying every inch of it.

I am not one to squeal and squirm and thrash around. I like to lay still, and just surrender to being fucked. It puts me into a dreamy state, almost trance-like. My thoughts are “Take your time, enjoy yourself, fuck me for an hour if you want to, just don’t pull it out until you come.”

He didn’t last for an hour, but he did a good job. I played with my pussy while he fucked me, and when he came I did too.

I don’t know where my desire to be fucked in the ass came from. When I see my man naked, with his cock standing up nice and hard, I have this intense desire to take it up my asshole.

We still do have other kinds of sex, oral and vaginal. However, if he starts in my pussy, it is just foreplay. We both get the idea at the same time, and he pulls it out of my pussy, and shoves it up my ass.

As far as oral sex is concerned, I do like it, but cum has kind of an unpleasant taste. I swallow it anyway, because it is not the taste that turns me on. I realize that it is alive when it squirts out of his cock, with billions of sperm swimming around. It is a living part of him that becomes a part of me. I am literally eating him.

I guess we have become anal fanatics. We do it every night now, and I have never admitted that I was awake the first time. I think he suspects that I was, but we keep the fantasy alive.

By the way, he is really a good guy. He would never use drugs to date rape some unwilling woman. He just thought it would be OK with me, and it was!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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