Snow Elves

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Looking back, I should have fucking known. Liz was always a bit loud, a little forceful, and we mostly stayed away from her; she drew attention, and my crowd and I don’t really like attention. We were the Mouse Club on campus. We huddled together in the cafeteria and in the library, each of us an impenetrable wall of geek no man might penetrate. Liz was different; she was too loud and outgoing to be in the Mouse Club but we knew her and liked her, and she and I worked at the same mall. I spent enough time with her to call her a friend, and an honorary member of the Club. But we would never have guessed that she was gay had she not told us herself.

Her revelation dumbfounded us all and made us all see her in a different way, not least me; I had eaten lunch with her at the mall more times than could be remembered. When she had told us, my mind had immediately pictured that which could not be avoided: myself engaged in sex with Liz. And to my surprise, there was no revulsion, just a creeping warmth between my thighs. I knew I could never tell anyone of this, but that night, with my fingers in my pussy, I thought of her, and I moaned her name when I came. I whimpered it as I licked my wet fingers, pretending that it was her taste on my fingers, that she was watching me lick my own fingers that I had just pulled out of her.

So, yes, her outing did affect me. It made me aware of her in an entirely new way. And it made me realize I was–gasp–infatuated with her. I knew her to be someone brash and daring enough to amuse me without all the insecurities men bring with them, and as a touchstone for new appetites I’d never had before, or just never admitted to even to myself.

“Hey, Liz?” I asked her on December 19th. Aren’t you going to Chris’s party with everyone else?”

She eyed me for a moment. “Why aren’t you?” she asked.

I was embarrassed. “I asked you first,” I told her lamely.

Liz came and sat next to me, a bit close but I didn’t mind. “It’s gonna suck anyway,” she told me, smiling. “Don’t feel bad, no-one got invited, they just…” She broke off; she couldn’t lie.

I laughed. “I don’t feel bad at all,” I told her. “It’s a bunch of frat boys doing a bunch of drugs again. Next week they’ll have an after-Christmas party, and what’ll it be, frat boys and coke aGAIN?”

Liz laughed; she put her hand on mine and leaned close. I was waiting for the kiss, for her lips on mine–maybe her tongue mecidiyeköy escort bayan in my mouth. Maybe she’d let me lick her pussy–

But she pulled her hand back suddenly, with a sheepish look.

I caught my breath and pulled my heart up out of my shoe. “What’s your big plan tonight?”

“Job interview,” she told me with a quick grin. “Wanna be an elf? C’mon.”

Being an elf sucks.

I signed on for a little extra money and found myself a full-time elf, working noon to nine all week. Elves were expected to keep the brats amused while Mom and Dad go forth and squander their wealth on gifts. We had to clean up after them if they dropped something or vomited–it happened; I had to clean it–and we had to clean up the whole North Pole at night. My elation in knowing I was going to be working with Liz soon faded; most of the time we couldn’t even see each other and our lunches and breaks were never the same. I went home tired every night, went to class tired the next day and did it again until I was a ball of exhaustion. I rode there and back with Liz, and she kept telling me to lighten up because I was so quiet. But I was trying to get up the nerve to tell her I was attracted to her.

The 24th is not the busiest night of the year for an elf. The 24th is mostly men trying to get everything bought before the zero hour. So the line was not too large when the power failed.

Kids started screaming. I couldn’t see them but I could hear them. Santa saved the day, bellowing “Ho ho ho! Here we go!” to the kids. They followed, sheeplike.

I was already moving toward the exit when a hand caught mine. “Melanie?”

“Liz,” I said, and I knew I sounded relieved; she was the best person to have caught my hand just then. She let go of my hand but I held hers; I couldn’t bring myself to let it go and she didn’t try to get free.

I held her hand for a long moment, then I heard her speak low. ” I don’t know if you’re just afraid of dark, but please don’t hate me for this.” And then her lips were on mine.

I kissed her with passion, and I leaned into her and felt a woman’s body against mine, all the softness where men were hard, and smooth where they were hairy, and then she kissed my chin and along my jaw and neck and I moaned “Liz…” and put my tongue into her mouth.

“Over here,” she said a moment later. The mall sounded empty, people streaming out the exits, istanbul bayan escort and we lay down in the artificial snow stuff. Immediately I found her hand inside the elf suit, fiddling with the button on the front of my jeans. I undid it for her, and her hand was inside, feeling the top of my cleft with one finger, almost touching my button but not quite and I pulled my elf-pants, jeans and panties down around my ankles. I crossed my ankles and spread my legs as wide as I could for her and she slipped a finger inside me.

I bucked in surprised pleasure with an involuntary yelp, and Liz’s low chuckle made me squeeze on her finger. “Hey, you’ve got some muscle control there,” she said, chuckling, and then she slipped in another finger, and tried for a third but she stopped when I begged her. Instead, she began thrusting her fingers inside me, against my cervix with short pumping motions. I was dripping wet, and could do nothing but grasp handfuls of fake snow and gasp with each thrust. She kept this up, driving me insane with need and I felt the orgasm building inside of me, and I remembered who was doing this to me and I went right to the edge–

Her thumb found my clit then, and I grasped her arm. “Oh God, Liz,” I cried and came on her fingers, all the pent-up frustration of wanting her and being afraid to say anything purged with the second-best orgasm I have had to date. She pulled her fingers from me, and I could just barely see her raise her fingers to her mouth.

She lay down next to me. “I wanted to do that to you,” she told me. “It’ll never happen again, I promise…unless you want it to.”

“Liz…” I broke off. I rolled over on top of her and kissed her and kissed her, and felt her breathing quicken and her nipples hard against mine; I rubbed my body against hers and grasped her breast, running my thumb over her nipple. She pulled up the elf-shirt and her own t-shirt and bra, exposing her breast, and I sucked the nipple and ran my tongue around it. I scraped her nipple with my teeth and felt her writhe beneath me; I put my leg between her thighs and she squeezed against me. Encouraged, I pressed my thigh up against her pussy and rubbed.

She grabbed my leg and began rubbing herself on me; I pushed her off. “You get better than that, Liz,” I told her, and my mouth found her nipple again.

She whimpered with pleasure and I started kissing her on her lower chest and güngören escort bayan her stomach, and down. I encountered a trail of fine hair and ran my tongue around in it and downward until I reached her belt buckle, and the awful felt of the elf-pants.

I undid her belt buckle and her jeans and pulled her horrible elf-pants and jeans down; her panties were soaking wet and her pussy was shaved. I slipped my fingers down inside and then up inside.

“Hey, whoa–oh, Mel, God, that’s–” she fell silent, apparently at a loss for words due to my pussy-diddling prowess I had acquired from all those years of masturbation. I slipped two fingers into her and she moaned; I pulled them out and raised them to my lips.

She tasted like the sea, and like honey, and I licked and licked. Then I pulled off one shoe and slipped her foot out of her pants; crouching between her trembling thighs, I took my first long slow lick of woman. The taste was the same, but stronger; I moved my tongue over her labia, up and down her slit, and then deep inside and between her inner lips and up to her magic spot. She bucked against my face and I held her down and licked. Rather than fight me, she reached down and spread her lips, and my tongue roamed all around from her entrance to her clit.

I lingered there, licking along its sides and underside, and up and down on its shaft and Liz was thrusting her pussy into my face and rocking her hips around in circles while I tasted her.

Then I slipped a finger inside her and found her G-spot and she yelled, “Oh God Mel, fuck yes!” and she came all over. I licked it up, frantic, its musky taste making me hotter than ever and her thighs clasping my head. I let her ride my face until her orgasm subsided to the occasional spasm of her body and then I put her foot into her pants and pulled them up. She finished fastening them herself and lay back on the snow stuff, spent. I lay next to her and put my head on her shoulder and she cuddled me.

“What was this about, Mel?” she asked softly. “I never knew you were interested in girls…”

“I’m not interested in girls,” I told her. “I’m interested in you. I want to be your girlfriend.” The words rushed out of me before I could stop them and I held my breath in dismay.

“What?!” Liz asked loudly. “You want to…Yes!!” She pumped a fist in the air in a victory salute. “I guess I could take you on, seeing as how I’ve wanted to fuck you since forever–”

At that moment the lights came on. We groaned and lifted ourselves out of the snow; it didn’t look quite as fluffy anymore. Liz looked at me and gasped. “”

“What?” I asked, thinking she was commenting on my deep blush.

“You have come all…over…your face.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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