Soccer Screw

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It was a few years ago now, when you could still stand up in the terraces at football matches and I was about 18 or 19. One day, we were packed into the terraces as usual, watching United in an FA Cup third round tie – United were a small club even then, not First Division, so this was a bit of excitement. I was there with a group of mates and as it was a big match, there was quite a crowd – big enough that you were all crammed in together. And it was cold, too – December weather.

Anyway, we were about fifteen minutes into the second half and the score was nil-nil when I started to feel a hand rubbing the front of my jeans. First thing I thought was that it might have been some queer bloke trying his luck in the crowd, but when I had a look down, the hand that was doing the rubbing was definitely female and attached to the woman who was standing in front of me. She was right up against the concrete barriers and I was on the same wide step as she was. I’d noticed her when we came in because she was a bit of all right – about thirty, which gave her the air of mystery of a ‘mature’ woman, with streaky blonde wavy hair going past her shoulders and a long leather coat on with a split up the back. So I was pleased it wasn’t a queer, but a bit surprised, especially when the hand started to apply a bit more pressure.

Without even looking round, she was rubbing her hand up and down the front of my jeans, her fingers sliding up and down either side of my cock until she eventually slipped her whole hand down further and cupped my balls, squeezing slightly and moving her hand in a circular movement that was pretty much guaranteed to have me hot under the collar. I could feel my cock getting hard as the blood rushed into it, and it started to fill my pants. She stopped playing with my balls then, and moved up to my cock again. By this time it was thick and getting fuller and harder every second – any minute it would be pushing out the front of my jeans but for the moment it was lying across my front, pointing up towards my jeans pocket. She held my cock through my jeans, running her fingers up and down the length of it, every so often squeezing until I could feel the material of my jeans starting to rub against the sensitive end of my knob. Then she pushed my cock back against my belly and started fondling my balls again, beating a rhythm on them with her fingers and cupping them with her hand and then running her hand up my cock, squeezing all the time.

I started to feel incredibly excited and horny, but also a bit angry, because either I was going to have to dash to the loo with my match programme over the huge bulge in my jeans, and wank myself off, or I was going to cream my jeans right there on the terraces, and have a dark patch to explain to my mates! I decided that if I was going to cum for her, then I could at least pendik escort give her a taste of her own medicine, so I moved forward until I was touching her back, and then slipped my hand up between the slit in her long black leather coat and onto her arse. I started rubbing her arse through what felt like a stretchy skirt, and then slipped my hand down to see how long the skirt was. It was a mini skirt and almost immediately I felt the top of one of her stockings, and a suspender. By this time, because she was still rubbing my cock, I was so horny I felt I would burst, so I reached up under the skirt, slipped my hand between her slightly-parted legs and slid it up the soft, downy skin of her inner thigh before cupping her hot pussy in my palm, using my middle finger to probe for the magic button through the lacy material of her skimpy panties. The panties were already hot and wet, so I figured she was getting as horny as I was, perhaps more! I still couldn’t believe this was happening to me! I slid my fingers under the material and then I could feel how wet and slippery her pussy was – my fingers slipped between her cunt-lips and her clit was hard and pulsating as I slowly circled it with my middle finger.

Suddenly, I felt her go tense and then her pussy started throbbing under my hand and I knew she was cumming right there on the terraces! I dipped three fingers into her wet, eager pussy and she gripped my cock so hard I thought she might break it off! I could hear her gasping and the thought that I had just made her cum made me harder still, so that I could feel my cock pushing against the top of the zipper on my jeans. We were so close that no one else could see what was going on – which was just as well because the next thing I knew, she was unzipping my jeans and my cock was standing proud – almost pointing straight up and certainly the hardest and biggest it had ever been. I’m not huge but I suppose my cock is bigger than usual – about eight inches long and quite thick, especially at the base. I knew what she wanted even as she grabbed for my now exposed erect cock. I parted her leather coat, slipped my knee between her thighs to move her legs farther apart and, using one hand to hold her hips and the other to push aside her lacy panties, I slid my throbbing cock into her wet, warm pussy. At first, the angle wasn’t quite right and I could only get halfway inside her, but as soon as the head of my dick started rubbing against the g-spot on the front wall of her pussy, she started gasping and shivering and I knew she was going to cum again. I couldn’t believe it – normally with the girls I screwed I had to at least eat them out for a few minutes, licking on their wet, slippery clits and dipping my fingers and tongue into their hot cracks, before I could make them cum, but here was this amazingly sexy older woman cumming maltepe escort all over my cock as soon as I started screwing her!

When her climax was over, I gripped her hips with both hands and tilted her arse up so that her back was deeply curved and her arse and tits were sticking out. She was quite tall, but as I’m over six foot it was a good job she was wearing high stiletto heels – in that position we fitted together perfectly. Slowly, I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her cunt, feeling her muscles tighten around my throbbing tool. Still no one seemed to notice what was going on. My mates were behind me and engrossed in the match, but I’d lost interest in football for some strange reason! I felt her cunt lips stretch to accommodate my cock, felt my knob pushing against the entrance to her womb. I was not quite completely inside her, but I was used to that. Pushing one hand around her hips and inside her panties to finger her hard little clit, I slowly withdrew, almost to the end, and then just as slowly pushed inside her again, this time forcing myself in a little more. The feelings on my cock were fantastic. She was hot and tight and wet, and she was tightening her muscles to grip my shaft with her pussy just as she had done with her hand when she was giving me a hard-on.

For a couple more minutes we continued like this, me sliding slowly in and out of her pussy, her juices making my cock and balls slippery. All the time I was fingering her clit, slowly circling round and round underneath her panties. I was pressed right up behind her and she was holding herself upright by pushing on the concrete barrier – without that, the people in front would have been able to see my hard cock sliding in and out of her! Looking down over her shoulder I could see her nipples standing out like acorns through her tight jumper. She had great tits, round and firm, and I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Touch your tits” I whispered into her ear. “Someone will see,” she replied, shaking her head. Thrusting into her hard but slowly so that she took my cock right up to the balls, I slid my hand out from holding her hips steady. “Don’t move,” I whispered, and slipped it up the inside of her jumper, cupping her breast and rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned and started to buck on my cock, holding herself as still as possible in case she drew attention to us. .I moved the other hand, the fingers still wet with her cunt juice, up to squeeze the other breast. Her nipples were hard and the skin around them felt puckered as I gently pinched and played with them. She bucked again, gasping, “I’m going to cum!” and then went very still. I continued to squeeze her tits, harder and harder, as I felt the rhythmic contraction of her muscles on my cock.

I knew I couldn’t stand it much longer. kartal escort Moving my hands back to where they were, I continued to slide my by now throbbing cock in and out of her hot pussy. But in order to do the experience justice I didn’t want to carry on like this to orgasm. It would be an anti-climax to cum without being able to ram my cock hard into her pussy. But if I did that, the people around might notice what we were up to! What a dilemma!

Just as I thought I was going to have to give in to the slow, sexy sensation of my knob slipping up and down her tight pussy, United came to my rescue! With a great run from midfield, our leading striker gave the ball one hell of a belt and it hit the back of the net! We had scored! The crowd in the terraces went mad, shouting, cheering and jumping up and down. It was an opportunity from heaven! Thanking my lucky, lucky stars I gripped her hips tightly and started to pound my cock in and out of her cunt. My balls were smacking the sides of her wet, hot pussy and I was ramming my cock in as deep as I could go, faster and faster. She was leaning on the barrier, her back as curved as it could be so that her arse was at the right angle, and I was pumping my eight inch, throbbing tool into her pussy. I could feel her cunt juices lubricating my dick as I thrust and then she was cumming again, this time screaming “Yes!”, which was okay because that’s what most of the fans were doing. We were through to the next round and I was fucking the brains out of the sexiest woman alive! I could feel the cum building up in the base of my cock and balls and with another couple of hard, pounding thrusts I was cumming, shooting my load into her waiting, throbbing cunt. I could feel the cum shooting out of my cock, filling her pussy with sticky, salty jism. That day I shot more cum than ever before or since – I felt like I was going to cum forever. Finally, as her spasms died away and my cock started to go soft, I slipped my hand inside her panties and ground my fingers onto her hard clit, rubbing it fast and hard. Once again, she bucked on my softening dick and climaxed, the pulsating of her cunt muscles holding my cock in place until she had finished.

When I withdrew, my cock was covered in cum and cunt juice, and without tissues to wipe it I just buttoned my jeans up again on the whole sticky, tender lot of it. As I pulled her panties back to cover her crack I could feel my cum trickling out of her cunt and down the soft skin on the inside of her thigh, before soaking into her stocking tops. She looked over her shoulder and smiled up into my eyes. “You’re a fantastic fuck,” she whispered before edging along the terraces towards the stairs to the exit.

I’ve never had an experience like it since and I never met her again, but I did see her from a distance because it turned out that she was the daughter of United’s manager, and I still get horny when I think about her, meeting the players and her father and the sponsors after that cup match, with my cum soaking into her panties and dribbling down her thighs to her sexy black stockings!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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