Sons Dream

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I share a close relationship with Graham, not only as my son but we are friends, we often share a lot with each other and some of my fondest memories was spending hours talking with after he got home from work, when he still lived at home. Now that he’s moved out and even married I look back at those times and smile. It also means that the times that he does come over or I visit him he talk and talk for hours. We live far enough apart now that visits are in frequent but are overnight at a minimum and sometimes a weekend long trip, every 4 or so months.

My bond with him boarders on sexual at times, despite knowing he is my son, I can’t help the feelings that I have at times, I have even woken up after having naughty dreams involving him, and given in to my urges and masturbated thinking of him. I know its wrong but I can’t help it. I will never act on these impulses but won’t stop having fun with the thoughts none the less.

Graham in my eyes in a handsome young man, at 22 he is 168 center meters and has a solid frame, short brown hair and sky blue eyes, he looks a lot like his father when I fell in love with him, I think that makes it that much harder to not think about him sexually. While I am describing him I may as well describe myself, I am much shorter then Graham at 152 center meters with a physical appearance not too dissimilar to Patricia Heaton from ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ with dark shoulder length hair, and blue eyes.

Graham and his wife Ellen came over for a visit, it had been close to 6 months since I had seen them and I was looking forward to the visit, I pottered about the house cleaning and setting a room up for them and the likes. I even prepared his favorite dinner, and made sure we had plenty of drinks in the fridge.

I couldn’t control myself when they finally arrived I ran out side and greeted them in the driveway giving them a big hug and a kiss each, they reciprocated with a hug and a kiss. I walked with them into the house and reminded them of the room, to which Graham rolled his eyes. I put a pot of coffee on and waited in the kitchen for them. Not a minute later they joined me in the kitchen. We drank cup after cup of coffee and chatted for a while, I was enjoying seeing the two of them again.

After a while we noticed the time, seeing it was close to dinner both Graham and Ellen had showers while I finished up cooking dinner, we sat down and enjoyed the meal, Graham cleaned up the dishes, I only wished he would have done that as a kid.

After dinner we sat around and started to drink beer while playing hands of cards, this was becoming a family tradition when we caught up, nothing silly just blackjack. After hours of playing Ellen decided it was time for bed, saying her good nights she left Graham and I, this was nothing unusual for us.

“Mum, I think I remember having a shower with you as a kid, did that ever happen?” Graham asked out of the blue.

“Well yeah, to save money we often shared a shower, but we were only little, I am surprised that you remember that,” I responded

“Why do you ask?” I continued

“No reason,” Graham responded rather sheepishly

“No come on son, what’s the matter?” I asked

Graham wasn’t budging and I teen porno dropped the subject, we sat around chatting and drinking some more, I think the beer had loosened him up a bit because it wasn’t long and he brought up the subject again.

“I had a dream the other night, it was us in the shower, only time I was older and we helped to wash each other,” Graham recalled his dream.

“What do you mean by older and helped wash each other?” I asked with reluctance.

“Well in the dream, it was now as in me being 22 and you being 40,” Graham spoke

“What about the washing bit?” I asked again.

“Well just that we washed each others back you know,” Graham shoot back his response in his typical defensive mode.

Knowing that he wasn’t going to shed any more information I didn’t push the subject, deep inside though I wanted to know, I wanted to know if he had dirty dreams as I had. My pussy was beginning to tingle as I thought of the possibility that Graham shares the same thoughts for me as I did for him. I resisted the urge to reach out and grab his crotch to feel his cock, I also resisted the urge to reach inside my knickers and play with myself.

I excused myself from the table and got two more beers from the fridge, while there I took a moment to compose myself and relax, thankfully Graham left for the bathroom at the same time, the cool air from the fridge helped to relax me. By the time Graham returned I was at the table again and felt better composed. However it was not long until the heat was turned up again as Graham continued to reveal the dream that he had.

“Your skin was so soft I remember mum,” Graham spoke, as a smile grew across his face.

“I lathered your back, but I dropped the soap in the shower, as you bent over to pick it up I brushed against you, I woke up after that though,” Graham finished.

My heart was pounding as he spoke; I grew excited as he spoke. I felt my juices flowing, and I had a feeling of light headiness and a trembling in my hands as I got more and more excited. Graham too looked as if he was getting rather flustered, his face a light red colour, and perspiration appearing on his forehead. We both sat in silence as I figured out what to say or do next, this silence only made the situation tenser.

“Well son, I think it is normal to remember child hood experiences and sometimes they could be expressed in these ways,” I tried in vain to calm the situation

“How did it make you feel,” I asked, now concerned with his emotional state.

“Honestly?” Graham asked

“Well it’s not the first dream that I’ve had, like that,” Graham continued.

“I’ve had some dreams were we go all the way,” he was shaking as he spoke.

My heart rate spiked again as Graham told me that he had sexual dreams involving the two of us, I was torn on my feelings, part of me wanted to tell me that I too had those dreams or better yet that I had actively fantasized about it, yet the other part in me wanted to hug him and protect him, like the mother that I am. I reached out and rested my hands on his, I felt him tremor and the clamminess in his hands.

“It’s okay, son, it is perfectly natural to have those types of dreams,” tricky masseur porno I assured him.

“Did you like the dreams; did they make you feel good?” I asked “Well yes, I liked them, and yes they made me feel really good,” Graham’s voice picked up as he realized that he wasn’t in any trouble.

“I’m glad I was able to make you feel good,” I laughed

“If you want maybe I can help you with those fantasizes?” I asked, my hands began to tingle as my heart pounded.

I reached down with my free hand and rested it on his crotch, I felt the bulge in his pants, I wanted to rip it out and jump on it, I wanted to sit on his face while he licked me out, I wanted to grab his cock and suck it dry feeling his cum run down my throat or filling my pussy. I wanted and needed to be fucked at that very moment.

With my hand resting on his crotch I rubbed gently across the bulge and felt it grow and stretch under my touch, it didn’t matter what Graham would say next, I already had his attention. I continued to stroke through his pants, feeling the heat rising from his bulge.

“What did you fantasies about doing to your mummy?” I asked in a sultry tone.

“Well I always got a head job,” Graham instructed.

I reached inside his pants and grabbed his cock and helped release it from his pants, Graham stood up to allow his pants to be removed, once they were lowered I climbed under the table and started to lick at the glowing head of his cock, I was consumed with lust as I licked and kissed the tip of his cock, drops of pre-cum began to form and I licked each of the drops up. Graham moaned as I continued to tease him with my tongue. I felt my own knickers growing damp as I slowly started to suck his cock, sliding the shaft between my plump lips slowly and deliberately.

It was not long until I was bobbing up and down on his cock at full steam, as his cock slid in to fully I managed to look up at him, Graham was staring back down at me, with a huge grin on his face, this only further excited me and I picked up the pace. I wanted to feel his cum in my mouth but I wanted to prolong it as long as possible, so as I felt him growing nearer an orgasm I slowed down then gradually picked up the pace again, this lasted for a good half hour before I could not hold back his orgasm, Graham grunted then I felt his cock swell moments before he shot ropes of salty cum, I was shocked by the amount of cum he released into my mouth, yet I managed to swallow most of it and kept a little in my mouth to show him.

I crawled from under the table and opened my mouth to show him the seamen that remained, I stared up at him as I shut my mouth and swallowed the remaining cum, savoring the taste, as soon as it was gone I opened my mouth again, Graham let out a low deep grown of approval.

“What was next on your fantasy?” I asked him.

“Well next was I fucked your tits, but I think I need a minute to regain some strength, maybe I return the favor,” Graham spoke.

I stood up and sat on the table, lowering my pants to reveal a pair of tan knickers not very flattering I know but I didn’t expect to show them, I slowly lowered them and sat with my pussy exposed, I had türkçe alt yazı porno wished at that moment that I had trimmed it up, it was not wild but it was a full bush with only the bikini line maintained and a uniform length. I felt a little embarrassed by it all.

“Wow mum, it looks just like my fantasy!” Graham exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Show me what you did to mummy then!” I ordered

Graham began to kiss my stomach and move down past my navel until he reached the top of my pelvic, he continued to kiss and I could feel that he was taking deep breaths though his nose, I felt his tongue push towards my lips and as it touched I felt tingles all over my body. Graham slowly licked my lips and flicked his tongue against my bud causing more tingles to erupt across my body then I felt his tongue slip between the lips into my pussy, I gasped as he pushed his tongue deep inside me, I’ve not felt a tongue down there in a long time. Graham knew what we was doing as he sucked my pussy and pushed his warm tongue as deep as he could inside, his hands rubbing my thighs and lower ass.

“Oh god,” I managed to moan

Graham continued to tongue fuck me until I felt lie I was going to explode, I pushed his head against me and grinded myself as I felt my body float as what I can only describe as a ‘cloud’ rushed over my body. Graham sucked away at my pussy further and I moaned as the pressure was released with the biggest orgasm I had ever experienced washed over my body. Graham slowed up and I was able to regain my composure.

“I hope I didn’t wake Ellen?” I asked.

“I’d love it if she joined us mum, but no you didn’t wake her, she is a heavy sleeper, and sadly no she wouldn’t join in I imagine,” Graham responded.

“That’s a pity, but it means I don’t have to share you,” I said

“I know you want to fuck my tits, but I need to have you cock deep inside me now,” I continued

The kitchen table was too high to allow us to fuck normal there, and the chairs had a high back so the only option was that I bend over and Graham fucked me doggy style, I turned over and stuck my ass out towards him, Graham stood up and pushed his cock head against my swollen pussy lips, before he could back out I pushed myself against him and felt his cock slip inside me with no problems, my wet pussy providing more than enough lubricant, his cock hit my g spot almost instantly and I felt an orgasm building quicker then usual. I wanted to feel his cum inside me so I tightened my pussy lips and rocked back and forth in time with his rocking motion.

“That’s it, fuck mummy with your hard cock,” I moaned

“Oh god mum, I’m going to cum, oh god,” Graham moaned

“MMMM, yes that’s it cum inside me, I want to feel your cum inside me,” I begged

Graham needed no further encouragement as he unleaded deep inside me, I felt the warm ropes of cum hitting my insides, Graham squeezed my ass at the same time, this sent me over the edge, with all my strength I clamped my pussy tight around his shaft and pushed deep as my body erupted into another massive orgasm, I held back from screaming but I moaned deep. As the tingling subsided, Graham removed his limping cock from me, the light caught the beads of cum and my juices causing it to sparkle, it could not have been more of a surreal moment.

“I think you need to get to bed, maybe dream up was more fantasies for us,” I said as I pulled my knickers back up.

“Don’t worry mum, I have plenty,” Graham responded as he dressed and left for his bed.

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