Sorority MILFs Day 02

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Summary: Pledges go to a gloryhole, partake in a bukkake, and take a cum walk.

Note 1: This is dedicated to Afsar for this twisted story idea.

Note 2: This is part two…

In part one, a sorority of longstanding great prestige (if only secretly, since its many wildly successful alumni tend not to reveal their affiliation), continues its annual tradition of inviting four MILFs to accept full ride scholarships, and to undergo Pledge Week (which lasts five days). The story focuses on two mothers of current sorority members who happen to be longstanding best friends, and on their sorely needed sexual awakenings. Day One of their pledging includes their first time eating pussy, first time getting ass fucked, first time worshipping nylon-clad feet, and their first time riding Sybians. The two previously straitlaced friends finally share a 69 (each lightheartedly pretending the other is talking them into it) in their shared bedroom in the sorority house. (Yes it’s a wild story, and if you haven’t read it, you really owe it yourself to do so!)

Now it’s Day 2….

Sorority MILFs Day 2: A Dream Cum True

It was the morning following the two women’s first wild night of pledging debauchery.

Mary woke up and stretched, following an amazingly deep sleep… the insanity of last night’s festivities flooding back to her. She smiled as she recalled everything that had transpired that night, and she felt a reminiscent tingle down below.

Zarima, on the other hand, hadn’t slept at all well. She’d replayed the previous night over and over. She couldn’t believe what she’d done… what she’d in front of strangers… what she’d done with strangers… and especially what she’d done that was witnessed by her very own daughter! She had sinned so many times… in so many ways… her only redemption was she was currently cuddling in Mary’s arms… who she’d also done everything in front of, except Mary had done all the same things, albeit in a different order… and somehow that part of it felt very much as it should be.

“Morning, sexy,” Mary said, looking upon the sexy black Muslim woman resting in her arms… the contrasting colours of their skin so stark and erotic.

“I have to leave,” Zarima said, sitting up.

“Leave for where?” Mary asked.

“I’m going back home,” Zarima said decisively, standing up.

“Oh no, you don’t,” Mary said, sitting up, recognising the guilt and shame in her dear friend’s eyes.

“I sinned,” the much more religious of the two said. “I sinned greatly!”

“Yes, you certainly did. And it was so liberating,” Mary added, standing up and embracing her trembling friend.

“I had sex with strangers,” Zarima wailed.

“And you had sex with me,” Mary added, not wailing at all about any of it.

“This is all just too much,” Zarima said, although she didn’t extract herself from their warm, comforting embrace.

“I understand; change can be scary,” Mary consoled, and then asked, still feeling her rush of adrenaline from the night before, “but have you ever felt more alive in your entire life than you did last night?”

“No, but that’s not the point,” Zarima said.

“It’s not?” Mary asked. “I disagree wholeheartedly, my dear friend. I think that’s exactly the point.”

“The point is that I sinned,” Zarima insisted.

“We’ve all sinned, we’re all sinners, but if your God is anything like my God, I think they probably chat very amicably up there about what is and isn’t sinning,” Mary said, releasing Zarima, but then taking her hands in hers and looking deeply into her friend’s eyes, “and I’m certain they wouldn’t make last night’s version of sinning so pleasurable, if we weren’t supposed to do it and to enjoy it.”

“I don’t know,” Zarima said, Mary’s logic making some sense, and last night’s utter euphoria still lingering in her consciousness.

“But I do know,” Mary asserted. “And have I ever steered you wrong?”

“Can’t say… I’ve never been in a car with you,” Zarima replied, finally getting comfortable enough to make a joke.

“You’re so fucking cute,” Mary smiled, leaning forward and kissing her friend.

Zarima impulsively kissed her back, and for a couple minutes everything felt okay… Mary’s unconventional words and her soft lips calming her down.

The kiss lasted until the door was opened (without a warning knock of course, since they were pledges) and Cassie said, “Well, the two hottest MILFs from last night seem to be revving up for Day Two.”

Mary looked around to see Cassie dressed in a cute sundress, and of course mocha nylons, to indicate her sophomore status. “Good morning, Mistress Cassie.”

“You two were so fucking hot last night,” Cassie said.

“Thanks,” Mary said, enjoying the compliment, while Zarima’s cheeks burned red underneath her dark skin.

“I’ve wanted to sit on your faces since I first met you,” Cassie said.

“Well,” Mary said, glancing at Zarima and then the clock, “we have some time.”

“Tempting,” eryaman genç escort Cassie said, “but what I’m supposed to do is make sure you two know today’s plans.”

“Okay, if you must” Mary said, “but anytime you’d like to sit on my face I’m very, very available.”

“Mary!” Zarima gasped.

“Sorry, you make an excellent point,” Mary said. “My dear friend Zarima’s face is also available for face sitting pretty much twenty-four seven.”

“Mary!” Zarima repeated, even as the idea of licking this cute college coed made her pussy tingle.

“Well, not during class time, obviously,” Mary smiled.

“That goes without saying,” Cassie smiled, in awe of this pretty and amazingly adventurous MILF.

“So what are the plans for today?” Mary asked, even as she admired the cute girl and wondered what she tasted like.

“You’re both to go down to the basement to collect your outfits for today’s classes, and then after your classes, you’re to meet at The Haven at 6:30. Don’t be late,” Cassie said.

“We’ll be early,” Mary said, always hating to be late, so she always arrived at least fifteen minutes early for any appointments.

“Mmmmmm, be there by six, and maybe we can go into the ladies room, and you can have a snack before beginning Task Two,” Cassie offered.

“I’ll be there,” Mary said, as she realized she was literally making a date to eat this girl’s pussy… which until last night she’d never done in her life! Crazy where a single day can take you.

“Great,” Cassie said, “see you then.”

“You certainly will,” Mary assured her.

Cassie left and Zarima said, “Did you just agree to meet Cassie in a bathroom stall to eat her out?”

“I believe I just did,” Mary agreed, it sounding even more surreal when Zarima said it.

“Gross,” Zarima said.

“It didn’t seem gross to you last night,” Mary teased.

“No, that really wasn’t gross, although it should have been,” Zarima said, oddly craving the sweet nectar of another young woman, “but having sex in a public bathroom?”

“Good point,” Mary nodded, having not thought about that. “The stall won’t have a carpet, so I should probably bring along a small towel to cushion my delicate knees.”

“You’re so bad,” Zarima said, shaking her head.

“Oh, I think I’m just beginning to discover how bad I can be,” Mary said, willing to do almost anything to pledge this exciting sorority Sigma Epsilon Chi, and to continue exploring her sexuality.

[Editor’s note: Sadly, we’ve previously neglected to mention the name of this prestigious sorority. Sigma Epsilon Chi spells out the English word SEX using the Greek alphabet. The final letter is pronounced ‘Kai’, which rhymes with ‘you and I’. And now back to our story.]

“You’re definitely a bad influence on me,” Zarima accused, but with a smile.

“Oh, I’m happy to be a very bad influence on you, but also to support you in your sexual explorations and to eat your sweet chocolate pussy whenever possible,” Mary said, wrestling Zarima down onto her bed. “Like now!”

Mary!” Zarima gasped, as her increasingly intimate friend spread her legs and buried her face in her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm, breakfast in bed,” Mary said wickedly, as she devoured her best friend’s already wet pussy. Mary knew Zarima would struggle because of her religion and the way she was brought up; Mary also knew it was up to her to make sure Zarima would continue her pledging and her journey of sexual self-discovery. One way to do that was to be supportive like she was being this morning; a second way was to push her along, which she did in part by offering Zarima’s face to Cassie; and yet another way was to remind her how good sex could be… which she was doing right now.

“But Mary, the doooooooooor is opennnnnnnn,” Zarima pointed out, as the pressure of her friend’s tongue sent waves of pleasure through her.

Who cares?” Mary asked, even though she hadn’t realized that. “Did you see anyone last night who appeared disapproving of anything we did right in front of them? In fact you came all over my daughter’s foot for a finale, and I was so proud of you both!” Although at the moment her primary focus was getting her friend off.

“Feels so good,” Zarima moaned, in awe of how good sex could feel… almost fifty years of no orgasms, no real pleasure ever from her egocentric husband, and now she was being given the chance to become addicted to the intensity sex could actually bring.

“I’ll eat this cunt every fucking day,” Mary promised wickedly, sucking on Zarima’s swollen clit.

“You’re so bad,” Zarima said, her orgasm rising quickly.

“And yet I’m so good,” Mary said, knowing her friend was close to coming, and grateful for her own natural ability to eat pussy.

“So gooooood,” Zarima agreed mindlessly, as she closed her eyes and allowed Mary’s tongue to give her the kind of pleasure her husband had never bothered to bestow on her.

A minute later, and Zarima let out a primal scream, which no doubt alerted the entire sorority to their activities, ankara escort bayan as Mary made her come.

Mary was lapping up the cum leaking from Zarima’s pussy when she heard her daughter Amy say, “Well, I see you’re fitting right in at our sorority, Mom.”

“You too, Mom,” Afaf added, as both daughters stood in the open doorway appreciatively watching their mothers in action.

Zarima’s eyes went wide as she sat up and saw the two girls looking at her.

Mary heard both voices, but she kept licking, thinking that after last night, there was no shame in being caught between the legs of a sorority sister, not even by their daughters.

Zarima stammered, even as her orgasm continued pouring through her, “A-A-Afaf!”

“Morning Mom,” Afaf smiled, so happy to see her mother enjoying an orgasm… not thinking it at all strange to see her recent next door neighbor between her mother’s legs.

“Morniiiiiing,” Zarima moaned, as Mary just kept licking her, even while their daughters were watching.

“When you’ve finished your breakfast, Mom,” Amy said, loving the sight of these two in such a hot, natural, lesbian act, “come and see me in my room.”

“Okay, Honey,” Mary said, not at all fazed by being caught with her head between her best friend’s legs by their two daughters.

“See you at lunch, Mom,” Afaf said.

“Yes, Afaf, see you then,” Zarima said, feeling completely embarrassed to be caught in such a compromising act, yet unable to stop Mary from eating her out, because… well… it felt so good.

The girls left, and Mary licked for a few more seconds before saying, “God, that was the best homemade breakfast ever!”

“You’re so bad,” Zarima said, her orgasm beginning to fade, but a second one had started building.

“And you taste so good,” Mary said as she stood up. “I could eat your cunt all day, but I should see what Amy wants, then go downstairs and get dressed.”

“I’m scared of what they’ll have us wearing today,” Zarima said, most of her reservations and guilt still lingering, but at least they were pushed to the back of her subconscious for the time being.

“Probably something slutty and completely inappropriate for women of our…” Mary began, and then smiled, “…seasoned age.”

“I imagine so,” Zarima said, her legs still spread open she realized, so she closed them.

“See you tonight,” Mary said, pulling Zarima up off the bed and kissing her again.

“I just hope I can make it through the day,” Zarima said.

“Promise me you will,” Mary said. “I can’t do this alone.” Truth was, she definitely could, this sorority had her feeling more alive than she had since she was a teenager, but she wanted Zarima to feel she was needed, to have a reason to stay when doubts festered inside her… which Mary was certain would continue to happen, at least in the short haul.

“I promise,” Zarima said, that word being one she felt very strongly about. She always kept her promises… at least she had before last night’s sinful debauchery. And somehow the promises she’d been forced to make to her uncaring husband all those years ago no longer seemed all that important. The promise her mother had made that she’d eventually come to love the overbearing man certainly hadn’t ever come to fruition.

“Good, because I’m hoping to have a nightcap after today’s events between those sexy black legs of yours,” Mary smiled.

“You’re insatiable,” Zarima smiled, the idea that Mary would get her off before sleep time again tonight already sending tingles of excitement through her.

“Oh, twenty plus years of sexual repression will do that to a girl,” Mary said, giving her one more kiss before walking out in her Babydoll nightie and last night’s nylons to meet with her daughter.

Amy just wanted to check how her Mom was doing, and they had a great talk about how neither of them would ever judge the other for whatever sexual shenanigans either of them indulged in, and how they’d always support each other unconditionally. And the delightful thing was how they both meant every word.

Amy and Zarima discovered that today’s attire was a very, very short cheerleader’s outfit, with no bra or panties, and blue thigh high stockings.

Both women and all the other pledges discovered it was very difficult to wear the outfit without flashing their pussies while they were walking, or while they sat down in class.

At lunch with her daughter, Zarima opened with, “I’m so very sorry for what you saw your mother doing last night and this morning. It won’t ever happen again!”

Afaf had known this would happen. That her mother would torment herself with second guessing… excessive guilt… contemplation of leaving Sigma Epsilon Chi… she too had experienced all those feelings when she’d pledged three years ago. She understood that years of being indoctrinated to believe women were inferior to men, a woman’s place was in the home, sex was a taboo sin except in the bedroom with your husband while doing exactly as you’re told, were sincan escort hard to overcome… it had been hard for Afaf, and she’d only been indoctrinated in those man-made beliefs for eighteen years… but her Mom had been plagued with them for almost half a century. “Mom, it’s okay. You needn’t make any such terrible promises.”

“What do you mean terrible?”

“I mean it’s more than okay you’re doing those things,” Afaf said. “I’m happy for you.”

“Happy for me?”

“Yes, last night was an awakening for you, wasn’t it?”

“An awakening?” Zarima responded, just repeating what her daughter said, as her guilt about last night and again this morning had returned in full force.

“Didn’t you feel it last night?”

“Feel what?”

“Alive,” Afaf said, then added, already noticing her mother’s flustered reactions, “Likely for the very first time ever.”

“I…. felt…” Zarima struggled to respond. Alive likely was the most accurate word.

“A complete sexual awakening?” Afaf suggested.

“Yes, that’s it,” Zarima nodded, her replaying of those events sending both shame and excitement through her. “But I shouldn’t have done any of that.”

“Why not?”

“Because my daughter was there to see. You must have been so ashamed for our family!”

“I knew you’d think that,” Afaf pointed out. “Been there, done that.”

“But that’s the other thing; I can’t imagine your doing any of what I did,” Zarima said, gazing at her sweet daughter.

“But I did do all of it! And that night three years ago was my own sexual awakening,” Afaf said, “it was the night when I learned women in our culture have been unjustly manipulated and controlled by arrogant men for centuries!”

“It’s not that simple,” Zarima said, defending her religion, even though she wasn’t sure why she should.

“It really is that simple, Mom,” Afaf said, knowing she had to keep her Mom in this sorority… it was by far what was best for her. “Sigma Epsilon Chi has opened my eyes to so much, and not just to my sexuality, but about how the world works, and how it needs to be changed. Black Lives Matter can only initiate change if people begin living it instead of just saying it, otherwise the cycles of racism and sexism will continue like they always have, and the same thing is true for our religion. If we continue allowing men to control us, for men to use religion to force us into remaining their possessions, we’ll continue being subservient to them forever.”

“But am I not subservient as a pledge?” Zarima asked, seeing her daughter’s point, but still not seeing her daughter’s point.

“Yes, ironically,” she agreed, “but as you climb the hierarchy, you’ll eventually become top dog around here like I am this year, something you certainly can’t claim about our religion.”

“I guess,” Zarima said.

“Look, it’s probably obvious from last night, and trust me, your crazy week is just getting started,” Afaf said, “but our sorority is all about trust… loyalty… sisterhood. Sharing sex is just one way we can progress towards all three of those ideals, but our sorority is also about feminism, it’s also about overcoming barriers, and it’s also about inclusion. I mean seriously, what other sorority offers scholarships to women your age?”

“None of them,” Zarima said, assuming that was the case.

“Exactly,” Afaf said, feeling like a preacher.

“So, what exactly did you mean by the week is just getting started?”

“You weren’t supposed to notice my slip,” Afaf smiled.

“I definitely noticed it,” Zarima said.

“Well, mostly I’m not allowed to tell you. But what I can say, is this week is all about building trust and loyalty, as I mentioned,” the daughter continued, “which often means going blindly into those situations I can’t warn you about, and to take risks you would never have considered taking before, and in our case never even knew existed.”

“Like impaling myself on a high-powered sex toy,” the Mom joked.

“Exactly. Or eating your first pussy,” the daughter added.

“Or being sodomized,” Mom added, mentioning these kinky acts out loud with her daughter somehow bringing her comfort… and also inexplicably, wetness to her pussy.

“Or having your pussy eaten by your best friend while your daughter watches approvingly,” Afaf smiled.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen,” Zarima said.

“But it did, and I thought it was great!” Afaf said. “I mean I wish I could have had someone I was close to back when I pledged. My first days were as wild as yours will be, and I didn’t have a support person.”

“You scare me when you mention my upcoming wild days,” Zarima said.

“Wild, kinky, outrageous, life changing, orgasmic,” Afaf listed each quality with a wicked smile on her face, really enjoying this opportunity to talk to her Mom in such an intimate and frank way… it was liberating in ways even she didn’t quite understand.

“You’re not helping,” Zarima said, shaking her head at how obviously her daughter was enjoying making her mother squirm.

“I’m not supposed to help,” Afaf said. “I just want to make sure you’ll keep going no matter how scary it feels, or how guilty you make yourself feel, because I totally understand. I had your exact same feelings after Day One, and I’m so glad I stayed the course!”

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