Sparking Ch. 08

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Cowgirl Position

I awoke with a start. Heart hammering, I turned over to see what presumptuous man had crawled into my bed. Seeing the dark-hair and strong face, I understood last night hadn’t been wishful thinking or erotic dreams. James reallyhadcome to my bed last night in an attempt to comfort my inconsolable heart. I dreamily traced his thin upper lip with a curious fingertip until a tongue suddenly came out and captured it. I watched as his long lashes parted and his brilliant green eyes stared at me.

“Morning” I whispered. He smiled, a devastating thing to behold so early in the morning, as he captured my questing hand. He slowly took my hand and skimmed it over his hair-roughened nipple before lowering it even further. When I encountered his ridged stomach (surely this man had fat on himsomewhere), he withdrew his own touch, content to let me explore.

A moment later I hesitantly brushed the tip of his penis. James winked at me as he slyly thrust his hips upward. My hand instinctively grabbed his entire length and he groaned with appreciation. Smiling slightly, I ran my fingers down his penis so I could gently cup his balls. Feeling the heavy sacs, I massaged them as I brought my other hand into play. He shoved the covers away from his body and allowed me to look at him fully in the morning light streaming through the window to the right of the bed.

Tall and lean, James was covered with patches of dense springy black hair from the middle of his chest to his “happy trail” and further down. He obviously took care to trim around his genitals, as his balls were hairless and soft. I couldn’t stop an inquisitive finger from tracing the perineum to the seam of his ass and discovered some hair there as well. He squirmed slightly, but towards my finger instead of away. He was subtly instructing me on his pleasures; I liked that in a man.

Deciding I wanted to taste him, I bent my head, allowing my hair to feather across his stomach. I gently swallowed half of his penis into my willing mouth and savored him. Though I’d had a few lovers, I’d discovered each man had his own flavor. James tasted of salt and musk; it wasn’t unpleasant, indeed a taste I could become addicted to.

His hands, acquiescent until now, lightly pushed at my body until I was aligned with him. His thighs opened, making a cradle so I could suck his cock from a better angle. He caressed my hair as I swirled my tongue around the head and then continued back down his length. I passed the half way mark and then engulfed him entirely. I found my nose pressed into his abdomen as I tried to adjust my throat. It required patience and learning in order to deep-throat comfortably enough for both parties.

He waited, though I could sense the tightly reined impatience of the male animal’s instinctive need to plunge. When I felt I could breathe as much as possible in this position, I lifted my head and allowed him to slip slowly from my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head then sucked him back into the moist depths.

After a few minutes of such ministrations, James’ hands ceased being gentle and began forcing my head down as his hips lifted up. I wasn’t alarmed, as I knew this instant would come. It never failed for a man to do so; instead, I courted it as I enjoyed when I lost control of the situation and his need took over. It had happened countless times before and I knew what to expect; he would fuck my mouth ruthlessly, perhaps even coming. If not, he would withdraw then fuck whatever hole he could fit in to. Some women were unable to accommodate this, but I gloried in my ability to become whatever the man using me needed.

Abruptly, James forced my head upwards and savaged my mouth with a brutal kiss. He then pushed me back onto the bed and spread my thighs with an impatient hand. To my shock, he bent his own head and thrust his tongue deep into my pussy. With a few strokes up and down my sopping slit, a well-placed bite on my clit, I shattered, screaming his name.

A pirate’s grin curved his lips as he leaned over me. Even as his mouth clamped down on my breast, he plunged his cock deep into me until I couldn’t tell where I began and he ended. He ruthlessly rode me, his hips pounding into me, his heavy balls slapping my ass. I started to close my eyes, but he pulled sharply on my hair. I looked up at him and he shook his head fiercely. Though we didn’t speak, I understood he didn’t wish for me to look away from him.

It really wasn’t hard to look at his hard visage. No, indeed, I could imagine him a rampaging lord of medieval times trying to take a citadel. Despite my two orgasms, he continued to plunder my flesh as if to strip me completely. I knew, though I don’t understand how, he wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less then total capitulation of my will to his.

He reached down to insinuate a finger between us. He pushed the digit into my stretched sheath even as he changed the angle of his thrust. In that moment I stared at him as we web tasarım both splintered.


James flopped onto his back his chest heaving and mouth open as he tried to draw in as much air as possible. He turned his head to look at Penelope and felt a glow of satisfaction at her stupefied expression. He knew he’d pushed her further and faster then he’d ever done to a sub, but she’d preformed beautifully. God, his cock still throbbed despite his orgasm at how responsive she was.

He changed his gaze to the ceiling as realization sunk in. For the first time in his life, he’d not been careful with protection. In fact, he’d come twice in her pussy without any thought to disease or pregnancy. Panic churned in his stomach at his carelessness. He’d whipped Liam once when he was a teen upon the discovery of a youthful indiscretion without aid of a condom. Now he’d repeated his brother’s foolishness, though at a much more advanced age and wisdom. He knew better, but something about her messed with his usual clear-sightedness.


He realized then in his dazed state, he’d been clenching the bedspread. Silently cursing himself, he looked back at his erstwhile lover.

Perhaps more harshly then he intended, he gritted out, “Yes?”

Rose color washed across her pale cheeks and she sat up. Gloriously naked, the golden light faithfully limed her generous figure and turned brown hair into a riot of auburn and gold. Entranced by the sight, James forgot his irritation and reverently touched a curl on her shoulder.

His ancestors had been Celts, a fanciful people who believed in deities that walked the earth sometimes. Despite the thousands of years between them and James, for a moment his twenty-first century mind was submerged beneath a pagan sense of awe. He bent his head and gently kissed her shoulder, cheek, and finally her mouth. A bubble of serenity surrounded them and both rejoiced in the feeling as their mouths fused into passionate one.

An eternity later, he lifted his head and stared into wistful brown eyes. He smiled then kissed the tip of her nose. Any anger he felt swirled away as he realized the passion of the moment had stolen both their wits. He wasn’t sure what the future held, but it definitely wasn’t necessary to bemoan unalterable facts.

“Come on. The day awaits no man.”


If someone had told me a week ago I would be seated in the kitchen of an insanely hot boxer-clad man watching him make me breakfast, I would’ve thought long and hard about their committal to an insane asylum.

After the betrayal of Barry, I’d been more circumspect in my choice of lovers. None of the men I’d taken to my bed afterwards had been as exciting, but neither did they have the will to hurt me as he did. None, however, could withstand comparison to James. There was something about him that called to me; his complete yet gentle domination of me last night and this morning was intriguing.

I’d known for a long time I had sub tendencies, but despaired of ever finding a Dom who could suit me. Of course, I was jumping ahead of myself and throwing a bridle on a colt not even mine.

“How you like your eggs?”

Fortunately, his well-timed question drew me from pointless speculation and poor metaphors.

“Scrambled.” Like my brain right now. It was strange to have this conversation; it was safe, homily even.

He turned back to his well-ordered kitchen and drew out the necessary ingredients. I was tempted to ask him if he needed help, but I could tell by his graceful movements he was comfortable and more then able.

“So what do you have planned for your day?” I wasn’t sure how long this interlude would last and was interested to know if I needed to clear out soon.

James shrugged and spoke over his shoulder, “I hadn’t thought that far ahead. Of course with yesterday,” no need to go into details there, “things have been a little strange.”


After we finished his delicious eggs and French toast breakfast, I decided I needed to use the shower to wash off the night’s excesses. I enjoyed the large stall and looked askance at the supple showerhead, but felt it wasn’t my place to ask. We were chance met lovers and probably wouldn’t been seeing much of each other on a personal level again.

Of course, there was the matter of my father’s will and we definitely strayed beyond the bounds of decency and morality, but I figured we could deal with one another professionally. As long as I kept the image of him standing over me while I knelt at his feet sucking his cock.

I shook my head at the persistent perversions of my own mind as I stepped out of the shower and wrapped the large bath sheet around me twice. I really didn’t want to leave, but I also didn’t want to be the psycho bitch from the bar guys always fear. I had no idea where I’d go since I definitely couldn’t go back home until after the will was read nor to my false mother’s, but I web tasarım ankara wanted out before I made a complete fool out of myself.

Sighing, I walked back into the room I temporarily stayed in and stopped as I saw James sitting on the edge of the bed. He looked at me and asked, “Do you have any diseases? Can you possibly get pregnant?”


He watched a pale brown eyebrow raise in question.

“I er…didn’t use a condom last night.” She gasped, face turning pink. He decided to forbore telling her he hadn’t used one this morning either.

“So, can you get pregnant?”

She slowly unwound the towel around her. James instinctively tried to stop her, but just stared at her loveliness. He’d never been attracted to stick thin women, but healthy athletic types. Her body was lush and round in all the right places.

“James.” He could tell by the impatience in her voice he’d spaced out again. Smiling sheepishly, he glanced upwards.

“I cannot have children. This is why.” He gazed at the faint pale lines on her lower abdomen for a few minutes before the import sank in. They were surgery scars.

“When I was about 12 or so, I was riding and my horse got spooked. I wasn’t a bad rider, but I hadn’t really been paying attention so I flew off. Unfortunately I landed right under the horse’s feet. There was so much internal bleeding they had to do a complete hysterectomy.”

James looked deeply into her eyes and wondered at the acceptance he saw there. Most women he knew were baby-hungry, hence his bachelor status. Well, that and he’d rarely met anyone, sub or not, who could capture his attention beyond the tip of his penis.

“So, no babies are possible for me. As for diseases, I get checked every 6 months and I have the paperwork if you need to see it.”

A please (and relieved) chuckle lightened the grave mood he’d slipped into. Though she was an exciting partner, it was prudent to be safe when it came to sex in these more perilous times.

“Good. You can never be too careful. In case you’re wondering, I too have papers and normally I don’t have these conversations because I always take precautions.”

She nodded then wrapped the towel around herself again. The questioning look she slipped him nettled him for some reason. They just fucked ten ways to Sunday and she wanted him to leave while she dressed?

James settled back onto the stacked pillows with his arms crossed beneath his head.

“Dress for me.”


How can a man make those three words sound so intoxicating and thrilling? For God’s sake, he was telling me to put my clothesonnot take themoff!

This was a strange situation for me. I’ve had one night stands before, but generally awoke with the feeling I needed to escape. I’d never been treated to wake up sex or breakfast. Nor did I have a discussion about pregnancy and disease. I carried condoms in my purse normally just in case, but it never entered my mind when he came to my bedroom.

He cocked a dark brow and nodded meaningfully at my towel.

“I’m waiting.” God, so am I.

Deciding to ignore the flabby part of my inner thighs I can never exercise off or the extra bit I carry around my waist, I dropped the towel. Inside I quaked at him seeing all my flaws so clearly, but outwardly I projected the same serene façade that pulled me through the Barry fiasco.

Allowing my damp hair to fall forward, I bent over in front of him to retrieve the garments I neatly folded and placed on the chest at the foot of the bed before retiring to bed last night. I normally slept in a large shirt, but I’d been too muddled to open my suitcase near the door. I nearly started in surprise when I heard a slight moan. Peeking through the curtain of my hair, I saw the front of his boxers were tented. I pretended ignorance and straightened slowly with the clothes clutched at my stomach.

“Now put your bra on.”

I eyed him, but didn’t protest. I’d never had a man direct my dressing habits before and it was arousing. I placed the folded clothes on the edge and picked up the green demi-cup bra I’d bought on a whim one Saturday afternoon. My skin tingled and my nipples puckered as I drew the delicate lace straps up my arms and onto my shoulders. I leaned forward again so my full breasts were properly contained and clasped the back.

“Mmmmm.” I looked at him again and noted his hand had drifted down and was palming his cock through the silk. I’m silly, but I was extremely flattered by his reaction.

“Penelope, you aren’t done yet.”

His sharp reprimand brought me back from my mental wandering and I immediately grasped the matching panties. I’m a full-bottomed girl, so they weren’t the tiny g-strings you always see in those smutty stores. I was a little embarrassed at how large they looked, but gamely went forward. If my completely nude form didn’t disgust the man, somehow I doubt he’d be turned off by the size of my clothes.

I briefly debated how I would slip into them, but honestly there really isn’t a sexy way to put underwear on. I lifted my right leg then my left and shimmied them up my thighs. The lace in the back caught between my butt cheeks and I skimmed a finger under the material on each side to stretch it out. Smoothing my hands over the back and the front, I ensured there were no more snags.

I glanced at James again and noted at some point he’d taken his boxers off. He spread his legs a bit and confidently stroked his cock while gently rolling his ball sack.

“I want you bent over the bed with your pretty nipples popping out of that bra.”

I immediately obeyed his command and watched as he rose to a kneeling position so his cock wasn’t far from my mouth. He smiled tightly as he gripped himself again and started a strong rhythm.

“You are so fuckable. Your mouth…breasts…oh that nice round juicy ass. Oh I bet you love it in every hole? Even if you don’t now, I know you will soon.”

He suddenly stopped his motion and merely squeezed the underside of the head. He threw his head back and the tendons of his throat were in sharp relief.

“Fuck. I want to come. Again!” He glared at me as if it was my fault.

“I’m not some callow youth who shoots off like a five second rocket, yet I just watch you put on some lingerie and want spray all over your chest.”

I drew in a small breath as I imagined the feeling of his hot cum streaming down my face, on my lips, pooling on my stomach.

His green eyes gleamed at the betraying sound.

“You’re a cum-slut, aren’t you.” It definitely wasn’t a question.

I nodded mutely. I’d never been so desired, especially by a man who I’d met barely 48 hours ago.

“I’m a cum-slut. I get off on feeling men spurt their semen in my hair, on my face, in my ass.” Just saying those words made me moan.

James grabbed the back of my head and kissed me fiercely, his teeth biting at my tender lips. It was uncomfortable given the position I was still in, but I rejoiced in the harshness. A moment later he gentled and licked the small wound.

“I’m never one to deny a lady.”

I listened to his impassioned grunts as he masturbated harder and harder to jack all over my breasts. I was so wet I knew my inner thighs were glistening. I slipped a hand beneath me and down to my pussy. I desperately wanted to orgasm with him, but before I could do more then a few strokes of my clit, he erupted over my lips and chin. He moaned as a second spurt hit my chest and slid down into the deep cleavage created by my bra.

He moved forward a bit and the head tapped against my cum-covered mouth. I opened and he thrust inside so I could suck off any remaining semen.


James felt the familiar lassitude after release flow through his body and he sprawled back onto the bed gratefully. He’d watched a number of women undress, but none had been as arousing as watching Penelopedress. He glanced at her and saw she hadn’t moved from her bent position nor wiped off any of his jizz.

Fuck he wanted to keep her. She’d responded beautifully since the beginning and he just knew he could train her to his hand exclusively. Penelope was one of those rare subs who were made for only one Dom. Yet, he knew it wouldn’t be fair to her as she was clearly a novice in this sphere and James knew himself well enough that within a year or so he would become bored with her. He always did.

“You will put on your dress.”

“My face? Chest?”

“Let it dry. I want you to wear my cum.”

He wasn’t sure what spurred him to command her thusly. If he wasn’t going to train her, what right did he have to direct her actions? At the same time, marking her and ensuring it remained on her satisfied the primitive being who inhabited the deepest recesses of his soul.

James felt a small spark in his groin when she smiled and licked her lips appreciatively. He glared at his dick and mentally growled. He’d cum three times already, impressive enough, so there was no way he could go again any time soon.

“James? I’m…horny still. May I get off before I finish dressing?”

He broke off the fierce argument with his insensible smaller head and looked back at Penelope. Lust sparkled in the dark brown depths of her eyes, lips open as she faintly panted. He flared his nostrils and could swear he smelled the faint sweetness of wet pussy.

Ignoring the screaming voice intent on self-preservation, James debated his choices. If he allowed her to masturbate, she wouldn’t stay in that heightened state of sexual arousal and they could get back to more neutral footing. On the other hand, he enjoyed driving his pets further and further past what they thought their limits were. James suspected Penelope had never even been tested like that before.

“No. Your pleasure comes when I say it does.”

He watched with amusement as frustration and sulkiness invaded her pretty face. Her lips tightened and her brow furrowed. A few seconds later her skin smoothed out and she even managed a smile, through gritted teeth.

“If you say so.”

Yes, I do, but only for the time being.

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