Spring Break Ch. 01

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Sunshine’s Point of View

Miles, Sunshine, Avery, Gabbie and McKenna, Miss Audrey

My friends and I were on spring break. Instead of going to the beach for a typical drunk fest followed up by a potential date rape, we decided to hang out at my house. My Daddy lives pretty close to campus, so it was an inexpensive stay-cation. After packing and finalizing certain details, we arrived around 2:00 PM, a couple hours after our last class. We needed to blow off steam so we decided on a pool party with a couple of drinks, some music, sunshine and other nefarious activities. Plus, my friends had some special plans for my dad. We were all in on putting their plan in motion but that’s coming a little later.

My dad was washing his car when we drove up with the music blaring. He just shook his head and smiled.

“Hey Mr. B!!!” My three closest friends hollered sing-song in unison rolling out of my car.

I caught my dad’s look and rolled my eyes. “Hi Daddy!” I exclaimed. All the gals kissed his cheek on the way in. “I hope we’re not ruining any plans.”

“Of course not Sunny” he said with a hug. “You and your friends are always welcome. It will be nice to have company. Plus, it gives me an excuse to take some vacation time. I’ve got a ton banked.” He smiled easily and hollered back to my friends, “and please ladies, call me Miles.”

“Never gonna happen Mr. B.” Gabbie teased looking over her shoulder. She had a sly grin on her face. Daddy noticed and wrinkled his nose a bit, in concern, but in the end blew it off.

Daddy lived alone. He has been alone since mom died in a car crash eight years ago. I was 13 and it was very hard for both of us. I lashed out as he tried to reel me in. He gave me love and support. He never judged me, he just loved me and gave me the space I needed.

Seeing the house I flashed back to an experience from a long time ago. It was a night, five years after mom’s death, I had just turned 18 and we had a my party a few days prior. I woke up instinctively and wasn’t sure why. I crept out of my room to see what was going on. From the balcony, I could see Daddy with his back to me. All he was wearing was some tight boxer briefs and he poured himself a couple ounces of single malt Scotch. He had a set of headphones on and a candle lit. Turning he grabbed a picture of mom and moved aimlessly around the living room. He moved his lips to lyrics I couldn’t hear, obviously. That’s when I noticed his eyes were red and tears were streaming down his cheeks. He must’ve wept quite a bit as his broad chest was stained and shiny with tears.

I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I mourned for his misery, but it felt funny. I wanted to hug him and kiss him; feel his strong hug hold me close; hard; press his body to mine; feel his warm skin and gentle touch. Feel him kiss me deeply and passionately. I pressed those feelings down. They felt wrong.

He looked at his watch and downed his drink in one gulp and blew out the candle. He put mom’s picture back. He walked over and turned the stereo off and returned the headphones to their charging cradle. He wiped his tears and waited.

Then I heard a different noise. It was a low knock on the door. Daddy strolled over and opened it. He smiled but it wasn’t one of his normal ‘ray of sunshine’ smiles. It was melancholy tinged with regret. “Hello Audrey.” I heard him say; charming nonetheless.

“Hello Miles.” She purred as she pulled her arms around his muscled back and said, “Are you ready to play with me?” She kissed him and gently bit his lower lip. She was in her late 20s or early 30s. She was a lusty vision with pale white skin and jet black hair that was pixie short. She was short but shapely wearing a black vinyl trench coat belted at the waist. I could see her generous white cleavage through the V of the coat. Her legs were short but fit; glorious meaty calves leading olgun gaziantep escort to strong thighs. Her heels were the seductive black spike with the red souls. From what I could tell at 18, she was ready to fuck in a rather cliché way.

Then it happened and I could hardly contain my shock. She turned away from him in a slow seductive manner and started undoing the belt of her coat. She dropped it to the floor and was wearing almost nothing. Her heels led to black sheer thigh highs with the seam up the back, black garter belts with little red bows at the clasp. The garters were attached to a black and red lace Merry Widow corset. Even from the back, I could tell that the corset could barely contain her tits. She went into a slow spin and to top it off she was wearing what must’ve been the world’s smallest g-string. It was black and red lace and the front triangle barely covered 1/2 her generous distended pussy lips. Jesus she was so worked up I could see the fluid from her sex running down the inside of her legs.

In mock surprise she gasped and quickly turned around. “Oh Daddy,” she cooed, “I didn’t mean to make a mess.” She turned her ass to Daddy noticeably widened her stance and slowly bent over to pick up her coat. With one hand she grabbed her coat, with the other she spread her generous and round ass cheek. I saw a glint of light shining from something where her asshole should’ve been. Then I realized it was a butt plug. ‘Holy shit! Daddy has a real slut on his hands.” I thought to myself. I could hear skin slap as she shook her ass cheeks and Daddy had a visible bulge in his underwear. She bent over halfway and arched her back, “Someone naughty shoved this awful thing into my little butthole,” she mocked a pout with her luscious red lips, “Can you help me pull it out of my tight little ass Daddy?” She moaned thickly with fake distress.

Daddy’s room and a guest room were on the first floor where mine was on the second along with Daddy’s office and three other bedrooms. She walked towards the master suite, “No.” I heard Daddy say firmly, “The guest bedroom please.” I could see Audrey dropped her head in disappointment but she relented and changed course. Daddy grabbed his cock through his underwear and followed Miss Audrey into the guest bedroom.

They were out of sight and I snuck down to the stereo I powered on the CD player and grabbed the last disc he played. I grabbed the case, replaced the disc and looked at it. I recognized the cover but had never listened to it. I was curious to see what could pull those emotions from my Daddy. Then I heard them. Sultry wet sex sounds emanating from the guest bedroom. Not knowing where to put it or why I wanted to hide it, I slipped the CD into the back of my white cotton panties and slinked over to the guest bedroom.

The door opened a generous crack and I peered into the dimly lit room. From my view I could see Daddy’s feet and legs. She was on all fours between his legs. I could see her cunt pointed towards me. Her G-string was on the floor with her shoes but the butt plug remained. Her head was bobbing up and down with long slow consistent motion listening to her gag when it hit the back of her throat. I could see her natural tits gently grazing his balls. Then a scent hit me; her scent, I could smell her wet twat from here. She was getting aroused even more by sucking him. I saw a long glistening line of drool slide out of her bald sopping wet pussy lips.

She pulled her mouth from his cock with a sudden pop and she said “Can I ride your beautiful cock Daddy. ” He must’ve given her permission because she quickly stood tall over him despite her size. Remaining on her feet, she slowly bent over, grabbed his cock and lowered herself onto his manhood squat riding him. She bounced on him with a sloping wet slapping sound. gaziantep olgun escort I could see his face right before she impaled herself on him; his desire, but a little sadness too. He was so focused on her riding abilities that he didn’t notice me staring intently at him. I could feel my panties wet and my young budding nipples hard through my thin nightgown. I felt ashamed. I was no better than the tawdry slut fucking my Daddy. But I couldn’t look away. I had seen porn before but I had never had sex let alone watched the act itself. It was intoxicating.

She was moaning loud now, quickening her pace. She arched her back and threw her head back so violently I thought her neck would snap. She tightened her thighs and shook uncontrollably. She collapsed forward on Daddy’s chest. “Oh thank you, thank you thank you Daddy.” she slowly started to pull herself off of him. I moved myself so I could only see with one eye to minimize my chance of being caught. I didn’t want to miss a thing but I didn’t want to embarrass my Daddy.

Her swollen labia was drenched in her own juices and more dripped out onto his throbbing cock as he popped out of her cunt. She stuck her tongue out like a sick little kitten and cleaned him before getting on all four arching her back and presenting her full wet swollen pussy. “Fuck me like a dog,” she urged in a smoky voice. “Fill me with your cum Daddy.”

He got off the bed and walked around to where she was perched on all fours like a feral beast. His erection was thick and must’ve been close to 8 inches. He shook his head and slapped her ass quick and hard. She gasped and smiled. A red hand print appeared quickly on her alabaster skin. She bit her lip and cooed, “Where do you want me Daddy?”

Quickly a slap rang out as he spanked her other cheek, “You know your place.” he said with little emotion but with an incredibly sexy level of command. Audrey bit her lip lustily and slipped to the corner of the bed, one leg straddled each side of the corner and her puffy pink pussy lips just off the bed. The scent from her musky sex was incredibly strong now and aroused me in a weird way.

She laid flat on her tummy but arched her back putting both arms behind her. Each hand grabbing the opposite elbow. Her firm but swaying breasts brushed the duvet cover teasing her rock hard nipples. He grabbed a tie from a nearby rack and tied her forearms together. He pulled back on the tie slightly lifting her. She moaned at the loss of control. He placed his cock at the entrance of her wet pussy. “Ready for more slut. ” he whispered as he pounded his entire cock into her.

She gasped hard and arched her back further. Daddy seemed to know this would happen. With his free hand he grabbed a fistful of her pixie hair and pulled back along with the tie. He rapidly pumped into her and moments later he pulled his cock from her quickly as she gasped again as her body was wracked with uncontrollable spasms. Her wet twat gushed and gushed streams of liquid squirted all over the floor, some of it landed just a few feet away from the door where I crouched.

Still pulling her hair he now held her arms and pushed her back down into the bed. He jabbed his dick into her over and over, “You want my cum you little slut.” he hissed ramming her with all his strength.

“YES!” she cried out, tears streaking her mascara, “GIVE ME YOUR CUM DADDY! SPRAY MY WALLS WITH YOUR SEED! BREED ME!!” she grunted, bucking back like a mule. clearly having another orgasm. With that Daddy released her arms and popped the butt plug from her ass. She shook violently and I could see her cum dripping down Daddy’s ball and both their legs. Daddy dropped the plug and I saw it roll under the dresser.

He quickened his paced and moments later I could see his balls tighten shooting load after load into gaziantep olgun escort bayan her swollen cunt. “Oh Fuck!” Daddy whispered hoarsely as he pushed his cock deep inside her, emptying his balls. He pulled his cock from her and a torrent of cum mixed with her juice gushed from her open pussy lips. He pulled her onto the bed and they kissed quickly exhausted. They collapsed in each others’ arms and they looked as if they would drift off to sleep. Or so I thought.

I took this as my cue to leave and started to creep away from the door. Right before I got to the stairs, I heard a low voice from behind me. “Did you enjoy the show ‘Sunshine’? Audrey smiled wickedly and spat with disdain. “I saw you out of the corner of my eye. If I had alerted your ‘Daddy’,” she accentuated, “He would’ve stopped to protect his precious girl.” She stepped within a foot of me and looked at my chest and lifted up the front of my nightgown. “Your nipples are rock hard,” she sneered, “and your panties are soaked. I can tell you started shaving already and I can smell your sex” she got within an inch of my face and hissed.

“That’s your smelly cunt slut.” I hissed back at her.

“Oh no. I know what I smell like. You smell like a fresh lady flower. I bet you’re pretty down there. Do the boys like you? Do they fight over you?”

“Shut your whore mouth cunt.”

“You’re a slut just like me. I can smell it on you. How long before you leave the boys behind and you fuck your ‘Daddy’.”

I went red and I don’t know what came over me. I darted forward and clenched one of her hard sensitive nipples like a vice with my hand. I yanked it so hard she screamed and sank down to her knees. With the other I grabbed her throat, stuck out my lower jaw, and stared menacingly into her eyes, “What cunt?” I hissed, she looked surprised and a little scared, “Did you think I was some little girl you could fuck with?” I spit in her face, she was in shock now, “I lost my sweet wonderful mother and you think a whore like you is going to replace her. There’s a reason he won’t let you into his marital bed.”

“Sunshine, that’s enough.” A quiet command from Daddy, leaning against the door frame in his boxer briefs.

I released her and started to turn away from her to go upstairs as Daddy had asked, and then Audrey said, “A whore like me isn’t going to replace her,” she spat, “but a whore like you will for sure.”

“Audrey!” Daddy shouted angry and surprised. “That’s enough!”

I went red with rage and just reacted. I quickly turned and backhanded her hard across the face. “I’m not a whore like you!” I sneered. I saw a thin line of blood running down her cheek. I remembered the princess cut, emerald ring on my index finger. Daddy gave it to me for my 18th birthday.

Audrey’s reaction was very strange though. Her hands were between her legs like she was praying but she just rocked back and forth and moaned and then shivered suddenly. In a couple of seconds, she looked up at me, in a daze and whispered, “Maybe not yet,” then blinked slowly and purred, “Thanks kid.” her hands were still rubbing between her legs.

I went red again and Daddy must’ve seen it in my eyes. He moved quickly. He scooped me up, ran me upstairs and gently laid me in my bed and pulled the covers over me. “Please stay here Sunshine,” he said, kissing my forehead, “Miss Audrey and I have some things to work out. We’ll talk in the morning.”

“Yes Daddy.” I squeaked, drifting off to sleep. The night’s events had been way too much for me.

I woke up just before dawn and remembered something. I hurried downstairs and heard Daddy in the shower. I wanted to see if it was still there and to my luck it was. I dropped to my knees and grabbed it. In one swift motion I leapt to my feet and hurried up to my room and shut my door quickly and quietly.

I heard the water shut off and a few minutes later I smelled fresh brewed coffee. Mission accomplished. I sniffed it and I stuck it in my underwear drawer and smiled devilishly.

Only then did I remember that I had a CD stuffed down the back of my panties. I fell asleep with it stuck to my butt all night. I read the cover again, Disintegration by The Cure. ‘I’ll rip it down to my computer later,’ I thought to myself.

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