Spying on my Aunt , Mother Ch. 01

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Something James thought he’d never see, he videoed his MILF of an aunt, Kathy, stripping herself naked while he secretly recorded her on his smartphone.

Always out and about since graduating college in May, at least until he started his new job in September, the inclement weather forced twenty-one-year-old James to remain indoors. Cancelling his plans to attend a barbeque, a surprised rainstorm with torrential downpours and monsoon like rains prevented him from going anywhere. Yet, not all bad. Needing a break from partying, he was content to spend the day inside with his sexually, needy mother while watching porn and masturbating alone in his room.

Maybe, after she had a couple glasses of wine, she’d feel horny and daring enough to flash him again. Ever since he returned home from school, no longer a child but a 21-year-old, college educated man, his mother looked at him and treated him differently. Never had he seen as much of his MILF of a mother’s sexy and shapely body as he was seeing now. Always in her short, sheer, low-cut nightgown without having the modesty to wear a robe over it, his mother gave him plenty to masturbate over while he imagined her naked and having sex with her.

‘Show me your tits, Mom. Show me your tits,’ he thought as if hypnotizing her while trying to give his mother subliminal thoughts. ‘I want to see your naked tits again. I love seeing your big, naked tits.’

Only, he didn’t have to hypnotize her for her to show him her tits. With her proud of her big tits, she was always flashing him her naked breasts. Fortunately for him, with them both on the same, sexual page, she seemed to enjoy sexually teasing him by flashing him, and he loved seeing something of his MILF of a mother that he shouldn’t see.

Obviously, for her to flash him her sexy underwear, and all that he could see of her naked body through her sheer, low-cut nightgown, she was just as sexually frustrated and horny as he was. Routinely and deliberately flashing him, while making her flashes appear unintentional and accidental, exhibitionism and voyeurism were their secret, incestuous game that mother and son innocently, enjoyed playing. Only, never crossing the incestuous line, flashing him her naked tits, ass, and pussy was as far as she’d go.

Without a man in her life after divorcing his father years ago, obviously, she missed her son when he left her for college. James wondered if his mother masturbated over him in the way that he continually masturbated over her. Whenever he returned home on school vacation, on holidays, and for the summer, while making her not so subtle flashes appear accidental, as if glad that he was home, she constantly flashed him. Not having a steady girlfriend in his life, it was no secret that he was as sexually attracted to his mother as much as she was sexually attracted to him.

Whenever she sat across from him in the living room, while crossing and uncrossing her legs, she flashed him her bright, white, bikini panties in up-skirt peeks and her naked, red, trimmed pussy in up-nightgown peeks. When she served him lunch or dinner, leaning over him longer and lower than she needed, she flashed him down-blouse views of her low-cut bra and her long, sexy line of cleavage. Every morning, when serving him coffee at the breakfast table, and with her never wearing a robe over her sheer and sexy nightgown, she flashed him her big, naked breasts down her low-cut, nightgown top.

No secret there, even though it was morally wrong, he’d love to have sex with his mother. With them both lonely enough, horny enough, and sexually attracted to one another enough to have an incestuous, sexual relationship, he wondered, if he made the first pass, if she’d be receptive to his incestuous, sexual advances. His sexual fantasy, he’d love to sexually take his mother. While touching her and feeling her everywhere through her clothes that a son should never touch and feel his mother, he’d love to strip her naked, push her back on her bed, and fuck her.

Yet, with him having more respect for her than that, she’s his mother and not some whore. How can he have sex with his mother? He can’t have sex with his mother. That’s wrong. That’s nasty. He’d be embarrassed to face her the next morning after having sex with her that night. Yet, with her always walking around the house nearly naked and her constantly flashing him, making it impossible not to want to reach out and touch her, feel her, and grope her, he was always walking around the house with an erection.

Nevertheless, forget about his mother, if given the chance, without shame, embarrassment, or remorse, definitely, he could have sex with his MILF of an Aunt Kathy, or with her daughter, his sexy cousin, Irene. Even though they were blood related, he’d be proud to sexually seduce his aunt and/or his cousin. They were both as sexy as they were shapely. With big tits running in the family, they all have big tits. Unfortunately, he’d have less of a chance escort gaziantep ucuz bayan bedding his aunt than he would bedding his mother.

# # #

Yet, something that she’d, no doubt, would never forget for the rest of her life, what happened to his Aunt Kathy was something that James would never forget for the rest of his life either, albeit for different reasons. Caught in a sudden downpour while walking from the bus stop to her sister’s house, it all started when his mother’s, younger sister unexpectedly showed up at his house with her clothes soaking wet and virtually see-through. Normally, meticulously and professionally dressed, she wore her hair up, but today her long, lush, red hair was soaking wet, disheveled, and collected down around her shoulders.

As if she had been crying, her makeup was smeared all over her face. Never mind her disheveled appearance, her drenched hair, and her see-through clothes, judging by the look on her face, he didn’t have to be a detective to know that something was seriously wrong. While reaching down behind her to feel her shapely ass before reaching around in front of her to cup her big breast, he wished that he could hold her, hug her, and ask her what happened. Wanting to be her lover, he wished that he could assure his aunt that everything would be okay.

Except for her makeup and her ruined clothes, to be honest, his 43-year-old, MILF of an aunt looked better with her hair down than up. Even with her hair soaking wet, as if she had just emerged from the shower, she looked sexier with her long, lush, red hair down around her shoulders instead of tied up on her head. If she looked this good with wet hair, he couldn’t imagine how good she’d look with her hair blown dried, coifed, puffy, and down instead of up.

Normally, his aunt is so well put together but, today, looking fucked over, as if she had slept late and had just fallen out of bed after having a night of wild, drunken sex, she was a mess. For her to be at their door at this early hour of the morning when she’s supposed to be working, obviously, something happened. Yet, instead of running downstairs to find out what happened, fortunately for him, he stayed where he was out of sight while spying down at his mother and her sister from the second-floor landing across from his bedroom.

What happen next, with all that he saw of his aunt and of his mother, and all that he overheard his Aunt Kathy tell her sister, he was glad that he stealthily hid within the dark shadows of the second-floor landing. Something that he couldn’t have sexually fantasized in his wildest sexual fantasies, James was surprised, shocked, and sexually excited by what happened next. Another victim of workplace sexual pressure and abuse, with them the only ones in the office, her boss was always hitting on her, touching her, groping her, feeling her, and exposing himself to her.

With him leaning over her, he was always staring at what he could see down her open top. Pretending that he dropped his pen, he was always trying to see her panties up her short skirt. Instead of making room to allow her to walk past him, he squeezed by her while rubbing himself against her. Tired of his sexually, inappropriate comments and him staring at her as if she was naked, she finally quit her job. Then, being caught in a sudden rainstorm on her way her sister’s house from work was the cap to her sad and miserably upsetting day.

# # #

Divorced from her husband years ago in the same way that his mother was divorced from his father years ago, too, she threatened to call his wife and/or to report him to the police if he didn’t stop. Other than her daughter away at college, she had no one to tell all that her boss was doing to her and had already done to her. Other than her nephew, her sister’s son, she had no man in her life to protect her. Other than her big sister, she had no one there to help guide her through the trials and tribulations of life.

Most times, she was alone, lonely, and sadly depressed. Instead of going out partying and enjoying being single, tired of dating liars, cheaters, and losers, she stopped dating. Rather than going out, hiding herself in a good book or watching a classic movie, she stayed home alone. Other than her boss continually and constantly touching her, groping her, feeling her, talking dirty to her, and hitting on her, she hasn’t had any offers for sex. As if she was a virgin or a woman giving herself to God and joining a nunnery, she couldn’t remember the last time she had sex.

Other than masturbating herself, suffice to write that it had been a while since she stroked a cock, sucked a cock, and/or fucked a cock. Something she thought would never happen, with her such a sexually, willing slut, suffice to write, it had been a long while since she had sex. The same as James’ mother, Maureen, to say that they were both sexually frustrated escort gaziantep ukraynalı bayan and horny was an understatement. Yet, with her boss looking too much like Danny DeVito, a nasty, little man, Kathy wasn’t desperate enough to have sex with her short, fat, bald, and perverted boss.

He repulsed her. The thought of him seeing her naked and her having sex with him sickened her. Every time he inappropriately touched her, felt her, and/or groped her; she cringed. Withdrawing into herself, instead of making her feel sexy, beautiful, and desirable, he made her feel dirty. Every time he leered at her, he made her feel like the whore that he obviously, wanted her to be.

With good jobs few and far between, in a different economy, she never would have taken this job but she was desperate. One of the few jobs around that paid well and had health insurance and other benefits, too good to be true, she should have known better. Unbeknownst to her at the time, he went through a dozen assistants before he hired her. Unable to put up with his sexual abuse was why he couldn’t keep an assistant.

# # #

Normally, she would have went straight home after quitting her job but with her daughter out of state, she was alone. There was no one there for her to tell what happened. Instead, of hiding herself away in her house, she went to her sister’s house. The one who knew her the best, having grown up together, they were best friends.

Truth be told, something that she was guilty to admit, they were more than best friends. Before they were married when living together, after attending a couple of drunken parties and returning home horny and sexually frustrated, with one drunken thing leading to another drunken thing, they experimented with lesbian sex. Even though they preferred men to women and weren’t lesbians but, because they were lonely, drunk, and horny, they had sex more than once.

Fortunately for James, today was his lucky day. By all that happened, truly, he was at the right place and at the right time. He knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see something of his aunt and of his mother that he had never seen before and had always wanted to see but shouldn’t see now. He couldn’t have planned a better, sexual scenario than this if he tried.

As if he was a Paparazzi, waiting while biding his time, he hid in the shadows of the second-floor landing while stalking his prey. He stealthily recorded the events unfolding before his eyes on his Smartphone. He felt like such a cad to sexually take advantage of his aunt and of his mother by secretly recording them without their knowledge and/or without their permission, but this was too rare of an opportunity to miss. Filled with incestuous anticipation, never had he ever been as sexually excited as he was now.

Yet, unable to help himself, he had always been sexually attracted to his aunt in the way that he had always been sexually attracted to his mother. They were both MILFs that he wished he could fuck. Unfortunately, something that would never happen, yet, as a rite of passage for any horny, young man, he constantly and continually masturbated over imagining them both naked and having sex with them.

Glad that she was there, having not seen her in a while, he was surprised to see his aunt at his house during the week when she’s was supposed to be working. With her caught in a sudden rainstorm, recognizing her even from a distance, James watched her walking down the sidewalk towards their house in the pouring rain. Tempted to run out and cover her with an umbrella but, for some reason, he decided not to do that. Obviously, not wanting anyone to see her, and wanting to get out of the rain, she walked quickly to his house with her head down.

As if cold, with her arms folded across her chest, she clutched her wet and nearly transparent clothes. Stuck to her skin, her clothes were so drenched that she was nearly, nakedly exposed. As she neared closer, her blouse and bra were so transparently wet that he not only could clearly see her bra but also, he could clearly see the shape and the size of her big tits, as well as her pink nipples. Immediately giving him an erection, her white, pants were so wet that he could visibly see her panties as if she wasn’t wearing pants.

‘I can’t believe I’m seeing my aunt’s bra and panties through her clothes,’ he thought while watching her through his binoculars walk closer.

Staring at her harder, he could plainly see her sheer, white bikini panties through her thin, white, cotton, summer pants. Staring at her longer, as she walked closer, such a sexually exciting sight to see, he could clearly see her patch of red, trimmed, pubic hair through her pants and panties. As if he was sexually fantasizing seeing his aunt naked, never had he seen as much of her naked body as he was seeing now.

‘I can’t believe I’m seeing my escort gaziantep üniversiteli bayan aunt’s big tits through her wet blouse and bra. I can’t believe I’m seeing her naked pussy through her wet pants and panties,’ he thought while becoming even more sexually excited when seeing even more of her sexy and shapely body.

Something he had never seen before, as if she was topless, James saw his aunt’s naked tits, her erect nipples, and her round and symmetrical areolas through her wet blouse and bra. Again, something he never saw before, as if she was naked below the waist, he saw his aunt’s red, trimmed pubic hair through her wet pants and panties. He saw more of his aunt than he had ever seen of her before.

He wondered if his aunt knew that she was totally, nakedly exposed. As if her pussy was beckoning him to finger her, lick her, make love to her, and fuck her, insane with sexual lust, James continued recording his aunt. Yet, more than just seeing her nearly, naked breasts and her nearly, naked pussy, he recorded her nearly, naked breasts and nearly, naked pussy.

‘I can’t wait to load this video to my computer and masturbate over it,’ he thought.

# # #

He was glad that he didn’t charge down the stairs to find out what happened. He was glad that he silently and stealthily hid in the dark shadows of the second-floor landing while watching, staring, listening, and recording his aunt hurrying down his sidewalk in the pouring rain before entering his house. Glad that he had his cellphone handy, James couldn’t believe that he was seeing so much of his aunt’s nearly, naked body. With her having a spectacular body in the way that his mother did, too, it was such a waste for neither one not to be having sex.

‘They were both so sexy. I’d have sex with the both of them, if I could,’ he thought while sexually staring at his aunt and while incestuously thinking about his mother. ‘They’re both so shapely. I’d fuck them both, if I could.’

Once inside his house, with her only a dozen feet away, he saw more of his aunt than he had ever imagined seeing of her before. He saw her nearly, breasts, her erect nipples, and her pussy through her wet clothes. He couldn’t wait to masturbate later over all that he was seeing and recording of his aunt now. After seeing his aunt’s nearly, naked breasts and her nearly transparent, bikini panties, he’d love to eat her red pussy while fondling her big breasts and pulling, turning, and twisting her erect nipples.

Yet, something that would never happen, except in his wildest, sexual fantasies, he’d love for his aunt to stroke his cock while sucking his cock. He’d love to cum in his aunt’s mouth. He’d love to make love to her before fucking her hard enough and fast enough to give her a sexual orgasm with his stiff prick. He’d not only love to cum in his aunt’s mouth but also, he’d love to cum in his aunt’s pussy, too. He’d love to cum in his mother’s mouth and pussy, too.

No doubt, after loading this video to his computer, he’d be masturbating over this recorded video that he was still taking now for the rest of his life. Seeing his nearly, naked aunt was an image that he’d never forget. Whenever he masturbated over watching this video over and again, he’d imagine that he was one of her lovers. He’d imagine that she sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her. Alas, nothing more than a sexual fantasy, something so sexually forbidden, his aunt would never sexually want him in the way that he sexually wanted her.

‘My sexual fantasy come true; I only wish I could see her naked, totally naked. I only wish I could have sex with my aunt. I’d love to slowly strip her naked while making out with her and touching her and feeling her everywhere,’ he thought. ‘I’d love her to suck my cock. I’d love to make slow and sweet love to her and make her my woman. I’d love to fuck her hard and fast. I’d love to love to make my aunt my whore.’

With an overload of incestuous nudity, it was hard for him to wrap his head around all that he was seeing of his aunt. He couldn’t believe that he seeing so very much of his aunt’s nearly, naked body. He was glad that he had the presence of mind to record her while remaining hidden upstairs. While staring at her with disbelief and unadulterated, sexual excitement, he couldn’t believe that he was seeing his Aunt Kathy’s big, nearly, naked breasts and her nearly naked, red pussy through her wet clothes.

Now, if that wasn’t enough, he couldn’t believe that he was overhearing all that she was telling her sister in what she thought was a private conversation. Making him wish that he was her boss, she told her sister all that her boss did to her while sexually, abusing her. No doubt, if he was her boss, unable to help himself while understanding the sexual attraction that his boss had to her, he’d do the same sexually, inappropriate things to her that her boss did to her.

As if this was his sexual fantasy come true, he couldn’t wait to masturbate over watching this video. While pretending that it was him stripping her naked and having sex with her, he’d love to make out with his aunt while touching her and feeling her everywhere. He’d love to have incestuous sex not only with his MILF of an aunt but also with his MILF of a mother, too. Taking turns while going from one to the other, he’d love them to stroke him, suck him, and fuck him.

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