Staying At My Nan’s House

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My sister and I were staying at my Nan’s house in Oxford for the first time in many years. Just like when we were young we were staying in the room at the back of the house in single camp beds. My sister, Kelly is two school years younger than me and which made her 18 and me 20 at the time. She is tall, slim with blonde hair, 34b tits and a nice firm arse. We went to bed that night at around eleven O’clock and we lay in our beds chatting. I asked her if she remembered when we used to stay here when we were young and when we used to dare each other to walk to the bathroom naked when we were 10 and 8. She laughed and said, “Of course I remember.” We both agreed that it had been fun. For some reason I suddenly felt brave and asked my sis if she thought it could still be fun now. I don’t know why I felt that I could say that to me sister. I mean I’d played with her underwear before and had a few wank fantasies about her but this was way beyond that. I didn’t expect her to be very keen and was surprised when she answered me with “Only one way to find out, I’ll go first.” She stripped out of her nightwear under the covers and got up into the space between our beds and walked to the door. My cock hardened as I watched Kelly walk to the door and admired the way her bare arse moved. She was gone a few minutes, I heard the chain flush and she returned. As she walked towards the bed I checked out her firm tits, which had erect nipples I noticed!, and her hairy muff. She was smiling as she got closer and got back into bed and covered herself up.

“Your turn” she said. I slipped my shorts off under the covers and decided to leave the bed from the opposite side to my sister and walked quickly to the bathroom. Once in there my heart was racing. I had a huge erection because of my sister and now I had to walk back into the room with her watching and my canlı bahis cock fully visible to her! I was suddenly not feeling so confident. But her nipples had been erect hadn’t they. She had clearly enjoyed it. I decided the best way to do it was to show no embarrassment and put on a good show. I composed myself and returned to the bedroom. I walked slowly towards the bed and watched my sister’s eyes home in on my rock hard cock and stayed there. This time I walked up the middle of the beds. Kelly had sat up in her bed and swung her feet round into the gap as I approached her and her tits became visible again. When I reached the head of the bed I turned so as to be positioned on sit down on the bed. This meant that my hard cock was only a foot away from my sister’s face. I had to make sure she got a good look at it didn’t I! I sat down and moved to cover my dick up with the covers but Kelly stopped me.

“There is no need to cover it up.”

“Well you have your pussy covered up” I pointed out. This got the response I wanted as I Kelly pulled back the covers to show me her pussy again.

“That was fun,” she said.

“Yeah it was” I agreed.

“Hmmm” Kelly said, “I have always loved making cocks hard but I never thought I’d enjoy making your cock hard. Her eyes were still fixed on my cock and she seemed very please with herself for having such an effect on it and me.

“Naughty” I said with a voice that made it clear I didn’t actually consider her bad.

“Yep, I’m a naughty girl. No one would think it from a straight A girl like me

“Naught girls need spanking you know.” Where was this bravery coming from? Kelly looked up at me and made eye contact for the first time since I had been naked. She smiled and I returned it. She stood up and placed herself across my lap. I started spanking her and she loved it. Kelly bahis siteleri started talking dirty to me.

“I’m sooooo naughty” she coo-ed “big hard cocks make me horny, I really like your big hard cock. I know its naughty ‘cos your my bro but just looking at it makes my pussy wet. I’m such a naughty little cock hungry slut; your little sister loves hard cocks. Your little sister loves her big brother’s hard cock.” I stopped my spanking. I felt encouraged by her talk and bravely asked her

“What you like at hand jobs?” Kelly jumped up off my lap. Shit, I’d taken it too far. She sat on the edge of her bed. Kelly placed a hand on my thigh and looked me in the eye. Very slowly she spoke.

” Hand jobs are my specialty.” Her hand slid up my thigh and she gently took my hard cock in her small soft hand and wrapped her fingers around it. My little sister slowly started stroking my cock as she continued to look me in the eyes and talk to me.

“I gave my first hand job at 12 you know. I love giving them. You know I’ve wanked off most of your male friends in Norwich. Don’t look shocked bro.” She had seen the surprise on my face.

“It just means I can give you the perfect hand job tonight. I wanked off several of Phil’s male family. Including Mr Simons (her boyfriends stepped and our old biology teacher!). Once I went up Liquid and wanked off twenty blokes in one night in the toilet! That was fun” she giggled. Kelly was certainly giving my cock good treatment. My cock soon felt fit to burst in her expert hand. I was close to cumming but she realised this and was skilled and experienced enough at wanking cocks to not allow me to reach the point of no return until she was ready.

“What do you think? Is your little sister good at wanking her brother’s hard cock?

“Yes. She is very good at it.” This made her happy and bahis şirketleri she returned to working on my cock. This girl was impressive. She put so much effort in it was unbelievable. I glanced at the clock and saw it was nearly 1 O’clock. She must have been wanking me for over and hour! She had me on the verge of cumming at least 8 times but had never actually let me loss control.

“Do you want me to make you cum now bro?” she asked.

“Yes! Yes please. I want to cum badly. This is the best hand job I have ever had.” Kelly smiled and her eyes and efforts returned to my cock. I soon felt my orgasm building up and true to her word this time she didn’t stop it. She moved her head nearer my cock and opened her mouth a little. That was too much for me. My cum literally exploded out of my cock and my Kelly continued to pump it hard. I covered my little sister’s face with jizm, forcing her eyes shut. She didn’t stop working on me or react to the warm sticky cum on her face and carried on until she had milked me dry and my cock started to go limp. I looked at my sister. she didn’t look like the innocent girl I believed her to be up until just over a couple of hours ago. Her face was covered, my cum was everywhere, all down her neck and even on her tits. Still smiling Kelly released my cock and moved her down to wipe up some cum before it reached her hairy pussy. I sat and watched her bring it to her mouth and lick my cum off her fingers before she proceeded to lick the rest of the cum of her them as she cleaned her body. She seemed to really enjoy the taste of my cum too. I though to myself that she probably hated everyone else’s cum and that she only liked mine because I was her brother. When she finished she laid back down in her bed and covered herself up

“Turn the light off bro.” I got up and flicked the light off and got back into bed.

“Thanks. You might be a cock loving little slut but me and my cock love you for it and I’m glad your my sister.” I said.

“Thanks bro. I love you too.” She paused to yawn. ” I love your big cock too!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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