Steam Supreme

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(also known as horny_dad or lexxjld on some sites)

Dave hitched his rather small towel more tightly round his waist and made his way carefully across the large steamy room. The floor was slippery, and his bare feet on the wet concrete gave him little grip. He had found breathing in the hot damp atmosphere quite difficult at first, but after resting for a while had begun to enjoy the feeling of great beads of sweat rolling off his body. The salty drops made his eyes sting, so he wiped across his forehead with an equally sweaty forearm. Strong musky odours from his armpit assailed his nostrils. He sniffed himself appreciatively, the sexy man-smell making his towel rise a little.

Because it was mid-afternoon, he wasn’t surprised to find himself the only man in the steam-room. The receptionist, an insolent and knowing boy who looked about twelve, leered suggestively as he handed Dave his towel and ticket and told him that “the action” didn’t usually start until men from the local offices finished work at 5.30 or 6 o’clock. Then he proceeded to make a series of suggestions as to what he and Dave could do to while away the time. Clearly he was *much* older than twelve, or he had had a very good teacher. Dave had no interest at all in this unpleasant youth, though the thought of some of the things he might be able to indulge in later caused a sudden spasm of lust.

This was his first visit to a Turkish bath. His lover Sean (his *ex*-lover, Dave corrected himself carefully) had not approved of such places, so Dave’s education was incomplete. Friends had recounted lurid tales of the goings-on in various Turkish baths and saunas around the world, and even if he discounted half of what they *said* they did there, the rest sounded like just the sort of fun he needed at the moment.

Sean might have disapproved of the casual anonymous sex which went on in Turkish baths, but when he brought home a young man whose name he didn’t know (and wouldn’t say where they had met), demanded that they all join in a threesome, and then got bored with Dave and told him to go and sleep in the spare room, it seemed the last straw.

Dave was usually a very mild man, but something snapped, and he stormed around the room turning Sean’s clothes out of drawers and cupboards, then told Sean and his “friend” to leave his house. Sean’s nameless new lover just lay there on the bed, grinning like a Cheshire cat, waving his erection in the breeze, until Dave slapped his face hard with one hand and his cock with the other, after which he realised that Dave meant business. When they had left, Dave felt a strange mixture of emptiness and freedom, and quite enjoyed the sensation of sleeping in a large double bed all on his own for once.

The steam-room was built in an L-shape, with some open-fronted showers at the angle of the L. At the far end of the room was a series of wooden slatted benches which formed a sort of high staircase for customers to relax on. Dave spread out his towel on the highest bench and tried to find a comfortable position to sit or lie down. He discovered that the slats were so far apart that most positions were very uncomfortable; finally he settled for lying on his front, with his head resting on his arms on the towel. As he wriggled around to position himself, his cock and balls slipped between two of the slats and hung down in the gap below the bench. Beads of sweat from his crotch dripped steadily from the end of his foreskin as he drifted off to sleep.

He awoke to a very strange sensation: someone was licking just the very end of his tool, catching each salty droplet of sweat in his mouth as it formed there. Dave’s body had obviously begun to react to this stimulation before he woke, because he had the beginnings of a very satisfactory erection. He tried to look between the slats to see who was there, but it was too dark down below, so he decided just to lie there and enjoy these feelings. As he became more erect, the mouth became more insistent, sucking in his tip until his foreskin rolled back, and then tonguing his frenum vigorously until he was gasping with the sensation.

After a while, the mouth was replaced by two hands, one of which gripped round the base of his cock and balls while the other wanked his tool gently. By this time, Dave was overwhelmed in a sea of lusty thoughts and feelings, and began to moan quietly. He was getting close to coming when the stimulation stopped. Disappointed, he lay there with his eyes closed, wondering what was going to happen next, his cock throbbing to the pulse of his heartbeat.

Suddenly, grasping fingers reached through the slats and gripped his sweaty nipples tightly. Dave let out a strangled cry of pain and lust, and his tool felt as if it would explode. The fingers pinched, rolled, and caressed his most sensitive features until they were miniature mountains pointing downwards from his chest. His left ümraniye escort tit was seized by what felt like a strong nipple clamp, followed immediately by another on his right side, and the pain sent a hot flush through his wracked body. He tried to raise his chest a little to see who was beneath him, but discovered that the two nipple clamps were joined by a tight chain which held him firmly down to the wooden slats.

Hands and mouth began to assault his rigid cock again, and fingers encircled his ballsack, stretching it downwards until it was almost painful. Then something firm and slippery was placed round the base of his balls, and he recognised the sensation of a leather ball-stretcher. He became even harder instantly, and tried to shift his weight on the uncomfortable bench, but found that the leather round his balls was also holding them clamped firmly underneath the wood. A slight feeling of panic arose in him as he realised that he was now helpless; at the same time he felt so sexy that he was ready to submit to the inevitable.

Heavy weights were attached to his nipple clamps and ball-stretcher, producing a strong burning sensation which made him gasp as they swung around beneath his restrained body. A slippery hand began to wank him rhythmically, sending shudders of delight coursing through his sweaty frame. But again as he reached the point of no return this stimulation stopped, and his unseen assailant just set the weights in motion so that fiery stabs of pain fuelled his lust.

When Dave heard a noise in the room behind him, he looked round as best he could from his somewhat fixed position and saw a handsome well-built bear of a man, his thick chest hair matted with beads of sweat. His wild mane of reddish hair continued round his face in a very full beard and on down to join his body fur. He was naked, and his half-hard cock rose from his bush at a tempting angle. In one hand he carried a short leather strap and in the other a butt-plug of such a size that Dave gasped involuntarily at the thought of it.

He gasped even more loudly when the strap whistled down and cracked across his buttocks, raising a long red weal. Again and again the leather fell, criss-crossing his sensitive behind until each stroke caused him to cry out. Caught between overwhelming sensations of lust and pain, Dave felt his cock swell into the uncontrollable spasms of a fantastic orgasm, just as a warm wet mouth engulfed the head of his tool to slurp down his salty outpourings. A bellow of satisfaction was forced from his throat as each spurt of spunk was eagerly received by the waiting mouth below.

The heat and the intensity of his orgasm made him almost pass out, but the pain in his tits and balls and from his red-hot ass remained. Dave gritted his teeth and hoped that he would now be released so that he could join in the fun more equally. But it was not to be. His whipping master began lightly to caress Dave’s tender buns with both hands, stroking sweat from the small of his back on to his buttocks to ease the throbbing pain. As he saw Dave relax and begin to enjoy this massage, the man gradually moved his thumbs inwards between his cheeks until with each movement his asshole was lubricated with sweat.

The other man below had not been idle during this. First he cleaned off the remains of Dave’s spunk from his now softened tool with his long warm tongue and continued down his shaft to lick and suck his nuts. Dave was so sensitive following his great coming that he writhed around to try to escape the violent tickling sensation which accompanied the tongue’s journey round his cockhead, but this caused the chain to pull sharply on his nipple clamps and reminded him that he was still effectively strapped in position by his chest and his balls.

Once again the slightly painful feelings, coupled with the massage and the licking, began to rouse Dave from his post-orgasmic state, and his cock rapidly swelled to full erection, finding a willing home in the skilled mouth and throat of the lower man. Dave’s tortured body began to shake with the continued stimulation, but there was to be no respite.

The massager had by now inserted one slippery thumb deep into Dave’s ass, and continued to slide his other hand over and between his cheeks. Gradually his other thumb came alongside the first one, and glided inside with only token resistance from the well-used sphincter. A groan — pain? — pleasure? — from Dave as he did his best to relax his tight hole.

Suddenly both thumbs were removed, leaving his asshole open to the air, but not for long. The head of the enormous butt-plug began to probe into his insides, and he pushed upwards trying to open up more to ease the pressure. He didn’t think he had *ever* taken such a large object before — certainly no cock fucking his willing ass had been so huge. Bit by bit the conical butt-plug stretched his pendik escort hole wider, until he was sure he couldn’t cope with any more and bit his towel hard to keep himself from screaming. Just when he was about to beg the man to stop, the widest part was reached, and his sphincter gratefully relaxed on to the neck of the butt-plug, forcing the whole length of it even further inside him, the widest part pressing hard against his prostate.

Suddenly, without warning, all the pain turned to pleasure. His ass contracted rhythmically round the warm rubber sides of the butt-plug, causing it to massage his prostate gently from inside. The man below him set the nipple weights swinging, reminding Dave of just how sensitive his tits were, and buried Dave’s cock deep in his mouth while pulling on his ball-weight. The scream of pain which had been building up earlier now emerged as a scream of outright pleasure and he gushed geysers of hot spunk into the waiting mouth, the contractions of his ass round the neck of the butt-plug only adding to the incredibly powerful spasms. Dave passed out — sated with sensory overload.

When he surfaced he found that the nipple clamps and ball-stretcher had been removed, leaving a legacy of pins and needles as the blood returned to long-compressed parts of his body. Gratefully he rolled over on to his back, and looked straight up at the crotch of the whip-man, who was now standing over him, wanking his beautiful cock slowly, making it drip pre-cum on to Dave’s chest.

“Are you ready for this, now?” a deep voice with an attractive Scottish accent enquired.

“Depends what you intend doing with it!” Dave retorted, smiling.

“Well, you can have it in your mouth or in your ass — it’s your choice.”

“I’m greedy — I want both. But I’ve still got this huge butt-plug in me. Let me take it out before we get started.”

The Scot replied, “Go ahead then — take it out, but stay open for me.”

Dave drew his knees up to his chin and tried to relax to let the butt-stretching device out. At last he managed it, and the plug came out all in a rush, followed noisily by compressed fart. It was like shitting tennis balls, he thought, surprised at his own flexibility. He felt his hole carefully, but there seemed to be no damage.

“Right, *now* I’m ready for you. Kneel down.”

The Scottish bear knelt down with his legs on the outside of Dave’s, wafting a strong heady odour of sweat from his beautiful furry chest. Dave sat up and in a single movement buried the outstandingly fine cock deep in his throat. Even the experienced whip-man gasped in amazement at this feat — most men needed to take their time over swallowing his huge member. He gasped even more as Dave managed to swallow, suck, and lick all at the same time, while squeezing his balls rhythmically. After only a couple of minutes of this, a strangled cry of delight and ecstasy signalled total surrender to his expert sucker, and ropes of thick sperm shot into Dave’s welcoming throat and mouth.

When the Scot’s legs began to shake with tension and he tried to pull out his shrinking cock, Dave grabbed his ass-cheeks firmly with both hands and held him in place while his skilled tongue roused his tool to full erection again. This time it was the Scot’s turn to feel pain and pleasure combined — the pleasure of arousal and the pain of being aroused while he was still too sensitive from coming.

The condom from Dave’s waterproof pouch was a tight fit on the great slick prick, as was his ass round the plunging latex-covered plaything. Having come just a few minutes earlier, the red-head was in a mood to take his time, and he ploughed into the hollow created by the butt-plug for what seemed like ecstatic hours. Although not as thick as the butt-plug had been, this magnificent cock was quite a lot longer, and massaged all the most sensitive areas of Dave’s insides until his own tool was throbbing violently and leaking pre-cum again. Dave usually had to use his hand to help himself to orgasm while being fucked, but this Scot was so skilful that he soon felt the tell-tale stirrings and pumpings which signalled the beginning of his orgasm, without his cock being touched at all.

Recognising the signs of Dave’s impending third orgasm, the Scot thrust as deep as possible inside him, and just held it there, only the pulsing of his cock reminding Dave that he was still firmly impaled. His nipples, still extremely sensitive from the earlier workout, were licked, sucked, and nibbled until his whole body seemed to consist just of sensation. He was so turned on by this tit-play that he almost felt he might come with this stimulation alone, but his partner was a very experienced lover and stopped well before the critical point.

A third man now joined them — evidently the one who had been sucking Dave’s cock down below, if the evidence of streaks bostancı escort of cum in his short fair beard were anything to go by. He was slim and wiry, shorter than the Scottish giant, but matted all over his chest and belly with curly ginger-tinged fair hair, which continued down to form a considerable bush around his beautiful circumcised cock and tight balls.

He knelt down facing the Scot over Dave’s face, with his legs holding down Dave’s arms and resting his balls on Dave’s lips. Without hesitation Dave eagerly sucked the whole taut sack into his mouth and tongued it vigorously. The two men above him kissed passionately, which made the Scotsman’s tool throb intensely inside Dave until he thought that one of them must surely explode soon.

The third man moved back slightly and tilted Dave’s chin upwards so that his throat was in a straight line and slid his rigid cock sensuously into Dave’s mouth all the way to the hilt. With his airway filled with cock, and heavy balls resting on his nose, Dave could scarcely breathe, and each time he did so a superb rich waft of sexy man-smell tickled his senses. The Scot withdrew his tool until only the very tip was resting in the crack of Dave’s ass, then gripped Dave’s hips firmly and slid the whole fantastic package slowly but surely right back into the pleasure cave. At the same time the man sitting on his face gripped both of his nipples firmly and pulled, while smothering Dave’s mouth and nose with his furry thighs and bum.

Somewhere in a distant part of him Dave felt a pulsing build up and it spread steadily but inexorably until his whole body was throbbing with lust and his cock, untouched, was leaking rivers of pre-cum. Unable to breathe at all because of the flesh pressed onto his face, Dave felt as if he were drowning, but it was such a sexy feeling that he didn’t want it to end. Convulsed by the fantastic feelings and his need to breathe, his back arched right off the bench, thrusting his immensely hard cock futilely into the air.

The two other men watched, fascinated, as the spasms and pulses fought their way up the shaft of Dave’s cock until its head was purple and straining. Despite his lack of breath Dave began to wail as best he could round the tool embedded in his throat and suddenly he was there. A spout of brilliant white cum exploded from his slit and flew high into the air, splashing all three men liberally on its way down. More and more outpourings coated his cock liberally with scented juice and ran down over his balls and onto his ass to lubricate the way even more for the Scot.

The pressure on his nose and throat eased as the cock in his mouth retreated gradually, allowing him to take in great gulps of air. The man started jacking off over Dave’s face, each drip of pre-cum feeling like a fiery needle on his skin. Dave reached up with both hands and pulled the hairy nipples above him hard, causing the man to groan and beat his meat faster.

The Scot, meanwhile, began to fuck Dave in earnest, driving his hot rod right in and right out of Dave’s tight and throbbing hole. Dave started to squirm with discomfort — after all he had just experienced his third outpouring of the evening — but the Scot was prepared for this and knew exactly what to do. Scooping up as much of Dave’s own cum as possible, the Scot smothered Dave’s hot tool with cum and began to wank him really hard while continuing his thrusting. Dave yelled in pain, but his body betrayed him and began a rapid build-up to another plateau of sensation.

Suddenly the man jacking off over his face paused, teetering on the brink of his own orgasm, his face wracked into a grimace by the intensity of his feelings. All it took was for Dave to roll each large nipple between his thumb and fingers. The man screamed, thrust forwards, and sprayed his seed over the chests of the two men and Dave’s face. Dave *knew* that he couldn’t possibly come for a fourth time so quickly, but nobody had told his body this fact, and with a groan he let loose a violently pulsating orgasm into the hand of the man wanking him, adding his considerable outpourings to the lubrication already round his cock and balls.

The contractions of Dave’s ass muscles as he came were too much for the Scot. With a muffled groan he leaned forward onto Dave’s chest, spreading rich sperm between their bodies, thrust deeply inside, and let out a tremendous bellow of satisfaction and lust as his spasms filled the condom with love-cream. At last the three men, deeply satisfied, totally sweaty and covered with spunk, and breathing hard, relaxed into a friendly heap, holding each other and kissing whatever body part was nearest.

“Same time, same place, next week?” the Scot asked with a smile.

“You bet!” replied Dave enthusiastically, yet as he said this he did wonder if he would have recovered from his four-orgasm marathon by the following week. Once again his body began to show him its true capabilities, and his handsome cock swelled into that delicious hard-soft state, holding the promise of things to come. It would be a *long* week!

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