Steamy Sauna Fun Gets Steamier

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Ideally the first part of this story, Steamy Sauna Fun, should be read first. If you don’t have the time, there follows a brief recap.


My wife and I were having a weekend break at the Christmas Market in Cologne. Whilst there we had plenty of naughty sauna fun, starting off with a bit of voyeurism with a blonde woman and then a well endowed man who later transpired to be our hotel waiter. Our naughty fun then ended up with us succumbing to a long term fantasy that we both shared which involved another person – yes you guessed it, our hotel waiter had come to join us after kindly telling us earlier in the day that late evening was the best time to be alone in the sauna. We had never expected him to be there to lead us astray!

During the intense session, which included my wife Kay willingly accept his huge cock inside her whilst sucking mine, we came to the point where both Kay and myself were ready to explode. Our waiter however was more controlled and to our dismay stopped playing with us.

“You are such a lovely couple.” He said. “Much fun. But we must stop now. My wife also is here in a moment. She must not catch us.”

We looked at him. Kay cuddled up next to me. The waiter grabbed his towel and lay it down on his usual spot. He then sat on it and looked away. The door opened. In walked the blonde from our first day. She looked at us surprised, but saw my still hard cock. She raised an eyebrow. Looking at the waiter, which we now presumed was her husband, she saw his large cock. She smiled. She looked at us again. Eyes back on my cock.

“Somebody been naughty?” She purred in accented English. Kay nor myself knew where to look so we immediately switched our gaze from her to the wall. Then back again as we did not expect what she did nextt. She walked over to the waiter, bent over and took his huge member into her mouth. She moved slowly down his length, then we saw her slowly drag the tip of her tongue back up his shaft and then around his bulbous head. “Not the usual taste,” she said.

She stood up straight sharply, causing her towel around her body to drop. Slowly she looked round at us. Caught us staring. I could feel myself blush. Why I blushed I don’t know. If anything, I was the innocent one in here. Kind of.

She climbed the bench towards us without averting her gaze from Kay’s eyes. I heard Kay groan quietly with anxiety as well as feel her blood rushing. The blonde stopped in front of Kay and glared down at her. Even her nipples on her perfect breasts appeared to stare accusingly at my wife. Again, I heard Kay who was now breathing deeply. I feared for her and what was about to happen. I was about to stand up to protect her when suddenly the blonde dropped quickly to her knees and took up position between Kay’s thighs. Placing her hands on my wife’s knees to keep them apart she led with the tip of her tongue and probed gently inside my wife, darting her tongue in and out slowly before rolling it around and finishing with a flourishing flick of Kay’s clit.

The blonde slowly lifted her head to glare once more at Kay, who moments ago breathed heavily out of fear but now breathed heavily out of despair for such a short, yet obviously pleasurable, licking.

“There can be no doubt. You messed with my man.” She said sternly. Kay became anxious once again. “That means…” the blonde continued, “…I can mess with yours!” And with that she grabbed for me, palm forward, putting pressure on my balls and reaching long fingers and her thumb around the base of my cock. Despite her sternness, she gently moved her fingers down further to my base, putting more, yet enjoyable pressure, onto my balls, before loosening her grip and starting again. Never had I been fondled like this before but I was in heaven and felt so hard.

“Your man, he likes, ja?” She teased Kay, and then still holding onto my cock, she started licking out my wife once again. I could hear my wife groan quietly with pleasure and when I looked I saw the blonde was pulling my wife’s left nipple the same way as she was pulling me. I turned my head further so I could kiss Kay’s other nipple. This sent her in a frenzy and she started bucking crazily before stopping abruptly. The blonde lifted her head, and for the first time I was not in awe of her. My wife’s juices were dripping down her chin.

“My, what a juicy fraulein you are” she smiled at my wife, then turned to her husband, the waiter, that had watched all this. “You!” She said sharply, “come here! You like this woman, lick her juices off me!” He came over and started cleaning up the mess on the blonde’s face with his tongue. Her way with him and the way he obeyed, I was once more in awe of her. At this point I realised she was still stroking my cock, which I swore was getting harder than ever before. She must have felt me twitch because she turned to look at me.

“These two have fun, ja? What about you?” She asked as she turned from her husband, and with ataşehir escort great suction slowly lowered her mouth over my length until she reached its base. I could feel her tongue work manically against me inside her mouth which was driving me crazy. But then she stopped. Slowly she worked her way up my shaft until she reached its head. Pulling my skin down slowly with her hand, she proceeded to trace under the rim of my cock before rolling the entire head in her mouth and giving me one final big suck as she moved off me. She looked accusingly at Kay.

“You fuck my man but not yours?” She asked.

“Actually, I was sucking my man and yours just helped himself to me!” Kay protested, seemingly not getting the blonde’s point.

“You fuck my man and you leave this dick untouched?” The blonde asked again. Kay went all sheepish, not understanding what the hell was happening. I looked at my cock, still in the blonde’s hand, so fired up and wishing something would happen!

The blonde sensed my discomfort and gently squeezed my cock whilst giving a thoughtful look. She took me once again into her mouth, slowly lowering herself before gently dragging her teeth until they hooked my head. Never had I experienced such teasing pleasure before. Once I was as hard as she thought she could get me she turned back to Kay.

“Sit on your man with your back facing him!” She ordered. “Now!” Kay quickly moved over and slowly sat on my cock. She was so wet and hot as she slid down my length but she still felt tight. I reached out to massage her shoulder with my hand to reassure her. I felt her relax and slowly she gyrated on me.

The blonde stood up so she was towering over Kay, and then slid her fingers through the back of Kay’s hair. I could see my wife had completely relaxed now and was reacting to the blonde’s every touch. Then they kissed, and as I reacted by pushing deeper into my wife, Kay purred with delight.

The blonde then traced her lips over Kay’s neck to her breasts before teasingly flicking them with her tongue. I couldn’t really see what the blonde was doing but by the sudden release of a long purring groan, I imagined that the blonde had by now taken Kay’s nipple completely into her mouth. This made Kay buck harder on me, forcing me deeper into her. Feeling left out, the waiter joined his wife, this time by taking Kay’s other nipple in his mouth. This had a huge effect on my wife, with me so large inside her and two strangers giving her nipples plenty of attention, I felt her juices pour out of her as she came to a frenzied climax. She was just starting to recover when I came myself. The force with which I came set my wife off again and we both came together.

Once Kay calmed down and got her breath back, the blonde leaned in next to her ear – I could see her breast was pushed into my wife’s shoulder. “Whenever you have a situation like this, the woman must take charge ja?” With a wink, she moved away from Kay, grabbed her waiter husband by his still huge cock, and walked him to the door. “Gonna sort my bad boy out, but if you need anything, I will be duty manager tomorrow evening. Tschuss”

Feeling awkward, flabbergasted and yet very much aroused but tired, we wearily made our way to our room where we spoke of what had happened as well as our excitement until we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Day 4

Having returned to normal blood pressure levels and with our heightened state of arousal now dissipated, we felt slightly embarrassed as we woke up the next morning. Definitely we had enjoyed ourselves, but the prospect of being served by our waiter this morning was perhaps a bit too much for us to deal with. So out we sneaked for breakfast and enjoyed bratvurst and gluwhein from the markets for breakfast.

We enjoyed a full morning just wandering around, mooching over the Christmas stalls and smooching over even more gluwhein. However, we both had our minds fixed elsewhere. We hadn’t spoken of the events last night since we went to bed, well, last night. But I sensed that Kay was perhaps harbouring the same craving as I was; return to the sauna that night. That said, I never mentioned anything and neither did Kay.

We went back to the hotel early afternoon, looking out for the waiter or the blonde, not wanting to be seen but secretly wanting to see them. Having walked through the foyer, past the bar and up the stairs without seeing them we arrived at our room. I decided to take a shower, and once I’d finished decided to lie on the bed for a while in just my towel.

I switched on the tv as Kay had her shower and when she came back out I was lying naked on my front watching a Christmas film with German dubbing.

Kay discarded her towel, and lay on my back, as she often did. Her breasts pushed into my shoulder blades, and as always, I felt her nipples harden and push into my skin. She lay astride me properly, her legs either side of mine. As we talked, she would rub herself kadıköy escort against my ass, sometimes running her nails down my sides, sometimes across my ass cheeks to my balls. All this would always make me shudder and that’s when she would really push herself against me. During these sessions I would feel her juices drip down over my cheeks and balls. This time, we spoke of the previous evening. We debated about going down to the sauna again. I could tell Kay fancied this idea as she really ground herself against me when I suggested this was a possibility.

“Is that something you’d like too hon?” she asked me.

“Maybe,” I teased, ” but I think you want it more!”

“I think you want your way with the blonde,” Kay said in a husky, whispered voice. “I think you want to be inside her while you watch someone else fucking me!” She purred.

I stiffened, and she felt me repositioning myself so I could get my hardness comfortable. She reached under me, and grabbed me. “Yes, that’s what you want, you want to watch me as you’re deep inside that blonde!” Kay really pushed herself against me now and I knew she herself was extremely turned on.

“But she told me to take charge of situations like that,” she continued. “And I want to take charge of you right now!” With that, she suddenly got off me.

“Turn around and face the headboard,” she ordered, “but remain face down!”

Shocked and excited at the same time, I did as she beckoned, and that’s when I saw that she had tied two of her stockings to the bed post, one on each. She must have tied them there whilst I was in the shower. She took one of my wrists and tied it with one of her stockings before doing the same with my other wrist on the other side of the bed. With both wrists tied I was flat on the bed. Kay resumed her position on my back and started grinding herself slowly against my ass, her fingers slowly digging in and dragging down my sides. Her breasts pushed firmly into my back. She picked up speed gradually and frequently I felt her juices squirt out onto me. Her trimmed pussy was really pushing into me, between my cheeks I could feel her and I was getting harder and harder wih each grind. I would try and lift myself up on occasion, using my legs as support, but I would be met with her positioning her legs against mine to prevent me from moving. I was there for her to use.

That’s when there was a knock on the door. We both froze. Another knock. “Room service.”

“Did you..?” Kay began to ask.

“No, did you?” I asked.


Kay got off me, quickly pulled the duvet from under me so she could throw it on top of me, then grabbed a dressing gown from the bathroom. Once fastened she opened the door.

Our waiter was there, with a tray of bubbly. He pushed the door further and let himself in. Both Kay and I were unsure of what was happening. The waiter, sensing our uneasiness explained as he closed the door.

“Compliments of the management.” He said.

“There are three glasses.” Kay observed.

“It would appear the wine is not the only thing complimentary madam. There is a card for you.”

Kay picked up the card from the waiter’s tray and opened it. She read it a couple of times before looking at me and then the waiter with a smile. She walked over to the desk beside the bed and positioned the card so I could read it.

‘Dear guest, I would like to apologise for last night’s misunderstanding. It would appear my husband was very assuming when he helped himself to you. As an apology, please accept the complimentary champagne and my husband for you to use as you feel fit.”

I couldn’t believe what the card said. Judging by Kay’s expression, neither could she. With a playful look at me, she walked to the waiter and tucked her fingers into his trousers and dragged him across to where I could see better. Then, whilst he was still holding the tray of bubbly, she dropped to her knees and undid his zip.

His cock fell out of the opening, Still as huge as last night. “Commando? You bad bad boy!” She held its base as she traced her tongue along its length and then back again. She looked over at me with a cheeky grin, then took him completely into her mouth. I heard the waiter gasp as Kay started moving up and down slowly with great suction. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My wife blatantly sucking away at another man as I lay tied to the bed. The waiter siill had the tray in his hand but my wife was oblivious and started sucking harder. The waiter was doing a terrific job on maintaining his posture, all things considering, but I could see that my wife’s ability with her mouth was soon affecting his balance.

Finally Kay stopped. She looked up and seemed to have noticed his predicament. She stood up herself and with a sternness I’ve not witnessed in my wife, ordered the waiter to put the tray down. She started to fill a glass of bubbly for herself. “Get undressed while I drink.”

The waiter obliged as bostancı escort bayan Kay undid the bathrobe and sat on the desk beside the bed. I could see she was perched with her knees up by her breasts and feet on the desk. She slowly drank from the glass as she appreciated the waiter’s muscular body as he stripped off.

“My dear waiter, would you care for some bubbly yourself?”

“If you’re offering madam, it would be rude to say no.”

With that, Kay tipped her glass of wine over her breasts. The waiter needed no other invitation and stepped over to her and, stooping, started kissing Kay’s breast, greedily licking the champagne off it, paying particular attention to her nipple. Kay groaned with delight. She loved nipple play, and was obviously in her element as she threw away her inhibitions and allowed this stranger to take one in his mouth.

Once satisfied that her breast was clean of bubbly, he traced his tongue across her chest to her other breast, thus repeating the same action there.

I was pulling hard at my ties, wanting to break loose to join in the action but I couldn’t. What was worse, however, both Kay and the waiter appeared oblivious to my presence. I could only watch as the waiter, having now finished cleaning Kay’s other breast, followed the bubbly drips down across her stomach, and then kneeling perfectly in front of her, started licking away the champagne residue from between Kay’s legs. She groaned with delight as the waiter’s tongue worked between her clit and her inside, lapping up all trace of spilt bubbly.

Without doubt the waiter knew what he was doing with his tongue, and I was so jealous of him at that moment because I knew what would soon happen. Kay loved attention between her legs and her body would spasm and, as was happening now, her juices would overflow. The waiter had a sudden mouthful, but he did well not to spill any as Kay let out a huge groan from the sheer ecstasy her orgasm had obviously caused.

The waiter slowed down, correctly sensing Kay needed a moment to collect herself together again. Then he stopped and stood. Poured Kay another glass of champagne. She took it, gratefully and slowly sipped as she regained her breath. Then it seemed she remembered where we were and that I was still tied to the bed.

Slowly she got off the desk, and stretched, shaking off any tired limbs. As she stretched she allowed her bath robe to drop to the floor. And then she smiled at me.

She walked over to me and asked “Now where were we before we were rudely interrupted? Ah yes, I remember now.” And with that she climbed onto my back again. She pushed her now sticky breasts into my back and grinded her wet crotch against my ass, pushing hard.

I lay there, taking in the moment, allowing Kay to use me again, though this time after somebody else had paid her attention. She kept pushing, wanting more pressure between her legs, and then I felt an additional pair of legs taking position between mine. Slightly startled, I tensed but then I felt Kay’s weight slightly shifting. More pushing down with her breasts, less so with her hips.

“Ooh, urrm, my god that is so good!” I heard her say then I could feel her being pushed and dragged, back and to on my back. It was only when I heard Kay’s stifled “yes, oh, yes” I noticed that the waiter between my legs was pushing against me. He was inside her, he was fucking my wife as she lay on my back. Now I could feel him inside of her as she ground against me. Her breasts really pushing in, her nipples so large.

With every thrust into her, the waiter was pushing me into the bed. Every time he was pulling out, I could feel Kay’s juices dripping between my legs. I couldn’t move, I was tied and I was being held down by the weight of two humans having sex. Yet I had to try and move as my cock was getting so huge it was nearly at bursting point.

Suddenly the weight on my back lifted, and Kay gasped in disappointment. The waiter had pulled out completely and stepped away from the bed. “Sorry,” he gasped, “need a breather. Nearly came.”

Without a second wasted, Kay untied my bonds and helped me turn over. My dick felt relieved. Back in the open, but Kay immediately jumped onto my face and started bucking away on my mouth. The taste was obviously different. I was being subjected to a fanny that recently had someone else in. But Kay was oblivious to that. She needed satisfying and she was making sure that I gave her what she wanted. She screamed out loud as she came and I had to swallow hard to ensure that I didn’t gag. She tasted amazing.

Again slowing to regain her breath, she reached for the bottle and took a swig.

“Sorry darling, you’ve not had a drink yet have you?” And with that she poured some bubbly over her breasts again, this time so it would flow over her slim belly and into my mouth.

Having fed me the champagne, Kay was wanting more. Never had I seen her so rampant, and she moved downwards and slipped easily over my bulging cock.

She pushed down hard, taking me in all the way and slowly she moved back up and then she would fall down fast again. Up and down she moved, alternating her speed, tensing her muscles at times and releasing at others.

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