Step-Brother’s Surprise

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Lanie was hot and tired from softball practice. It had been a long day. After losing last weekend to the Wilson Raiders, their coach had worked them to death this week. College soft-ball was way more brutal than high school had ever been, and this being her first year, it had been even worse. All she could think of was a long shower and a nap.

She bound through the door, yelling out that she was home, but no one answered. She figured her step-mother was out shopping again for the downstairs remodeling project she was involved in, and she knew Dad wouldn’t be home yet. She had no idea where Ken, her older step-brother would be, and really didn’t care. He was such an ass most of the time.

Figuring she was alone, she stripped from the moment she reached the second floor landing, and headed straight for the shower, leaving a trail of clothes everywhere. Twenty minutes later she emerged from the steamy bathroom, clean, refreshed and ready for that nap. With one of the huge towels wrapped around her, gathered her dirty clothes and started for her room. As she dumped her laundry in the basket, she remembered that Ken had borrowed her Ramones CD yesterday, and turned instead to his bedroom door to retrieve it.

Since she believed she was alone, she didn’t bother to knock, and bounded into the room without realizing that her brother was sitting on the edge of his bed. When she did notice him, however, she gasped in shock, her eyes wide open.

Ken was on the edge of the bed, naked, and his best friend Rob was with him, naked, and kneeling between Ken’s legs. Ken’s hand was on the back of Rob’s head and Rob’s mouth was full of Ken’s cock.

“What the fuck? Don’t you know how to knock?” Ken had an angry scowl on his face and Rob tensed, trying to stand and get away, but Ken held him captive, pressing Rob’s mouth back down on Ken’s cock.

“Oh my God,” was all Lanie could manage to say. She just kept standing there staring. Rob was groaning and she could see his shoulders turn red as embarrassment crept over him. Ken growled and looked down at the boy sprawled beneath him.

“Keep sucking, goddamnit!” His hips thrust upward, fucking into the boy’s mouth.

Lanie started backing out of the door, her eyes still glued to the two boys, but something clicked in Ken’s head and he jerked Rob’s head back, his cock making a “pop” sound as it was released from Rob’s mouth.

“Come here, Lanie.” He took a step toward her. His cock was standing straight out in front of him, canlı bahis red and glistening, bouncing as he walked.

Lanie froze at the door, staring at him. “Ken, don’t come near me.”

“I said come here, Lanie.” He was much taller than her, and at 210 pounds outweighed her greatly. And he was lightning quick. He didn’t make star quarterback at UA for nothing. She tried to get away, but he grabbed hold of her towel and snatched it from her, leaving her naked.

Rob was still on his knees in the floor, watching them. His cock was as hard as her brothers, and even thicker it seemed to her. He looked as if he didn’t know whether to run or what.

Ken grabbed Lanie’s wrist, pulled her into the room and shut the door behind her.

“Damn it Ken, let me go.”

“Oh no, no, little girl, I think you should join us.” He shoved her roughly onto the bed. She scooted to the other side, but he grabbed hold of her ankle and tugged her back to him.

“Rob, get on the other side of the bed and help me hold her down.”

“Ken, I’m not going to help you rape her.”

“I’m not going to hurt her you asshole. Just do what I tell you or I’ll hurt YOU.” Rob reluctantly did as he was told. Lanie was struggling to get away, but the two of them were too much for her. She found herself sandwiched between them in the middle of the bed, each one laying facing her, one leg thrown over each of hers, and her arms pinned beneath them.

“Lanie, be still. I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to have a little fun, OK? Please, be still. I promise I won’t do anything to hurt you.” Ken’s free hand cupped the breast closest to him and his fingers gently grazed over her nipple, teasing it until it was hard, despite Lanie’s protests.

“Ken, just let me go. I promise I won’t tell anyone about you and Rob.” Lanie pleaded with him, but her words were lost in a groan as his mouth lowered to her breast and he began to suckle her nipple. Rob hesitated for a moment, but then followed suit, his mouth on her other breasts.

Ken reached over and took Rob’s hand, guiding it down between Lanie’s thighs. Rob slid his fingers between her dry outer lips, but when he pressed down and into her, he withdrew fingers that were wet and hot. He groaned around her nipple. He could feel Ken’s hand next to his, Ken’s fingers grinding against Lanie’s clit. He had been worried Ken was going to do something awful to the girl, but it was only a moment when he felt the fight finally go out of her and her hips pressed bahis siteleri upward, thighs falling open farther to both their hands.

Soft whimpering sounds were escaping Lanie’s mouth. She had never been touched this way by a boy, much less two at one time. Her mind was reeling with the confusion of her body betraying her this way. She couldn’t make her hips be still. They were grinding against the bed, and against the two hands fondling her. Her nipples ached, her back was arched such that only her shoulders, head and ass were still touching the bed. She thought her brain was going to explode.

It only got worse when Ken moved, releasing her aching nipple, and repositioning himself on the bed. He slid between her legs. She watched as his head lowered to her sex and nearly died when he put his mouth around her clit and began sucking. She knew what an orgasm felt like. She masturbated often. But this was different. This was like nothing she had ever known.

Ken grabbed Rob by the arm, guiding him toward his cock once more, and Rob willingly moved off the bed, onto his knees again and started sucking Ken’s cock. Lanie watched as his cheeks sunk in and then out again while he fucked Ken with his mouth. The more Rob sucked, the harder Ken sucked her clit. He slid a finger inside her, thrusting in and out, and then another, wiggling them inside her as he ate her.

Rob, his mind kicking in gear, figured out he was missing out on something and again repositioned himself. This time, he moved about so that he could keep his mouth on Ken’s cock, and placed his own throbbing hardness near Lanie’s mouth.

At first she wrapped her hand around him and just stroked him. She wasn’t sure what to do, but then he became more insistent. She flicked her tongue out, licking the head of him, and tasted the precum there. Rob groaned. Ken groaned as Rob’s throat vibrated around him. Lanie squealed as Ken’s teeth grazed her clit, nearly sending her into orbit. She wrapped her mouth around Rob’s cock and swallowed all of him she could stand.

Across Ken’s king size bed the trio lay attached to one another, sucking furiously. Ken’s fingers pumped in and out of Lanie while he drew the alphabet around her clit and drove her into a frenzy. She hovered just on the edge of orgasm, groaning and whimpering around Rob’s cock fucking in and out of her mouth.

Ken slid one pussy-slick finger out and thrust it into Lanie’s tight asshole. That was all she needed to drive her over the edge. Her hips bahis şirketleri bucked off the bed as she squirted girlcum all over Ken’s face, screaming with the intensity of her orgasm.

The scream was muffled by the hard cock that was all but pistoning into her throat. Rob’s hips froze for a second and then he shoved himself as far in her mouth as he could go and nearly choked her to death with the load he shot into her.

Ken followed right behind them. Rob greedily swallowed every drop of his friend’s hot seed as it jetted into his mouth.

All three teens fell back, exhausted from the intensity of what had just happened. Lanie’s entire body was throbbing. She could feel every beat of her heart in the tip of her clit. She watched through hooded eyes as Rob continued to lick and suck her step-brother dry, and then did as he was told, and climbed between her legs and began to clean her with his mouth.

Ken watched with a smug smile on his face, leaning back against his dresser, smoking a cigarette. Rob’s head bobbed enthusiastically as he licked her from asshole to clit, lapping up every drop of wetness, and spearing her pussy as he searched for more. Lanie could do nothing more than lay there and moan as she felt her body humming, headed toward orgasm again.

Ken walked over to the bed, pulling Lanie to the edge and holding his cock out toward her. She happily flicked her tongue out, licking the whole length of his cock, and his ball sac, when he offered it to her, then sucked him in greedily, teasing him until he was hard again.

“That’s it, little sister, suck your brother’s cock. Such a hot little mouth. I’ve always wanted to fuck that hot little mouth.” His fingers tangled in her hair as he guided her the way he wanted her, treating her with less roughness than he had Rob. He toyed with her nipples as she sucked him, pulling her head back and teasing with his tongue before swallowing him again. She’d never done anything like this before, but she was quickly learning that she liked it.

It was only a couple minutes later that Rob brought her to orgasm again, this one more intense than the first, and he could barely hold her hips to the bed as he flicked his tongue over her clit over and over and over until she was screaming, Ken’s cock popping from her mouth just as he shot his load, and his seed painting her face and breasts instead.

Ken groaned, growled, and then laughed as he watched his baby sister writhing in orgasm on his bed, painted with his cum.

Minutes later, the trio drifted into napping laziness, Lanie sandwiched between the two boys, spooned against Ken, both boy’s still semi-hard cocks resting between her thighs and a silly grin on all three faces.

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