Step Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 03

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Rick carried April’s naked body back into the house and set her in a chair. “I want you to clean this house up that you and your friends messed up last night. My buddy from work is coming over in a couple hours.” April held her arms out so that Rick could unlock the hand cuffs.

“Those can stay on until you clean this house.”

“But I’m naked,” April whimpered.

“Then I suggest that you hurry before someone comes over. Are you expecting company?”

“No,” she said softly.

“If you are lying, I will lead you right outside to them, naked or not. You need to start acting like a lady. If you want to act like a little whore, I will treat you like one. Disappoint me again and I will take you over my knee, I don’t care where we are or who is there, understand?”


“Yes, what?”


“Now clean up this mess.”

April quickly began to pick up all the beer cans as she constantly looked out the window. She knew that her girlfriends may stop by at anytime. April thought back to last night trying to remember who she may have invited tonight. Her mind was a blank. The only thing that she knew for sure is how vulnerable she felt. She was scared, yet she couldn’t shake the feeling of being turned on.

Rick sat in the living room watching TV as April continued to clean up the kitchen. “Company!”

April watched the car drive by the kitchen window. It was this guy she just met last night.

“C’mon,” Rick said as he grabbed April by the cuffs and led her forcefully towards the door. “No! Please, no.” “Did you invite him?”

“I don’t know. I can’t remember.”

Rick opened the inside door as the man walked towards the house. April dropped to her knees and looked up at Rick. “Please?”

“Please? Please what?”

“Please, sir?”

Rick let go of the cuffs and walked out the screen door. “Don’t move.”

April watched as Rick talked to the guy that she had met last night. Was Rick going to bring him into the house? She wanted to hide, but found herself getting aroused at the thought of being caught, hand cuffed and naked. She watched cautiously as she reached between her legs to her wetness. They were only about fifteen feet away but she still couldn’t hear what they were saying. April found herself rubbing her clit as she watched the man walk away and get back into his car. Rick was coming towards the house, but she couldn’t stop masturbating.

Rick opened the door and looked at April kneeling with her hands between her legs. “Anyone else coming over?”

“I don’t know.”

“Finish up your work,” Rick said as he helped her to her feet.

April was aware of her wetness as she walked back into the kitchen to finish the dishes. Rick stood behind her and put his hands on her ass. He pulled her cheeks apart and ran a finger inside, barely touching her wetness.

April moaned and leaned forward pressing her tits firmly on the edge of the sink.

Rick parted her awaiting lips with his fingers, “If you come downstairs ,tonight, I want you to dress and act like a lady when my friend arrives. Understand?” Rick asked as he plunged his middle finger deep into her.

“Ohh….Yes, yes, Sir.”

He pulled his finger out slowly, “I want you to go clean yourself up, shave those legs and put on a dress…and no playing! Understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“I’ll finish up here. Let me see those cuffs.”

April held up the hand cuffs so that Rick could unlock them. She rubbed her tender wrists as he released the restraints that bound her for most of the day. “Thank you Sir,” She said as she turned to go up to the bathroom.

“Leave canlı bahis the door open.”

April ran upstairs and started to run her bath. She looked through her closet trying to figure out what she was going to wear before settling herself in the warm bath water.

As she shaved her legs, April just couldn’t figure out why she was still so horny. She had never had so many orgasms as she had felt today. Still, she had the urge to touch herself. As she touched up around her pussy, April kept on shaving removing all her hair. The warm water felt great against her soft skin as she laid back in the tub. Within seconds, her right hand found it’s way between her spread legs.

“Ah, Hmmm,” Rick said as he cleared his throat watching from the door.

“I’m sorry,” April said as she quickly sat up and covered herself.

“Get dressed, I’ll punish you later.”

April waited for Rick to go back downstairs before she got out of the tub.

After an hour, April returned downstairs wearing a tight short knit skirt and a tank top without a bra that showed off her belly.

Mike had already arrived and was sitting in the living room with Rick having a beer.

“Mike, this is April. She currently is grounded. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes Sir.”

“What did she do? Mike asked.

Rick just laughed. “Let’s see, her and her friends trashed the house last night when we were gone and would you believe that I caught her masturbating not once, but twice today?”

April just stood in front of the men looking down at the floor.

“Show Mike your wrists.”

April held out her arms to show Mike the red marks that still remained from the cuffs that she wore earlier. As she did, Rick grabbed her right wrist and pulled her towards him.

“The red marks are from these hand cuffs,” Rick said as he pulled them from his back pocket and clicked them around her right wrist. “Give me your other hand.”

“Noooo,” April cried out and fought to get away.

“Now!” Rick commanded.

April reluctantly held out her left arm so that Rick could attach the other cuff.

“Didn’t I tell you to dress like a lady tonight? Still, you dress like a little whore.”

Rick stood up and walked behind April. “When you dress like this, you must want everyone to see your tits, don’t you?”

Before April could answer, Rick pulled the little tank top up and over her head exposing her 34A breasts. “There, now Mark can see them better, huh?”

April tried to get away, but Rick still had a hold of her tank top that now wrapped around her cuffs. “Rick?”

“I told you before that if you act like a little slut, I will treat you as one. I also said that I would take you over my knee, didn’t I?

April stood there mute as Rick sat back down in his chair. He pulled her close to him. “We can do this easy or hard, your choice.”

“Please Rick, no, not in front of him.”

“I want you to lay across my knee, now!”

April started to cry, “I’m sorry, please, no/”

Rick firmly pulled April across his knee and wrapped his right leg over her left holding her in place. She tried to struggle, but with her hands cuffed, all she could do is hold herself in place. “Nooooo…”

“Hold still, the more that you fight me, the longer and harder that you will get spanked, understand?”


“Yes Sir,” She whispered, still crying.

Rick pulled up on her short knit skirt exposing her ass to Mike. “No panties? You’re just a little whore aren’t you?”

She laid there quietly across Rick’s knee until she felt his hand strike her bare ass hard. “Ow!” “Aren’t bahis siteleri you?” Rick asked again as he slapped her ass three more times hard.

“Yes, yes, oh Rick, please, nooooo…” April cried out as she struggled to escape.

“Settle down. You just added ten more. Do you want another ten?”

“No.” April gave up the fight and realized the inevitable. She was exposed totally to Mike and humiliated like never before. As Rick’s hand found it’s mark over and over on her tender ass, April cried out again and again, “Ow, Ow…Owww!”

April lost count as Rick continued to redden her bare bottom. There was something about all of this that aroused her. Was it the humiliation, the power this man had over her, or the fact of being forced to expose herself to a complete stranger. What ever it was, she was getting wetter with every slap.

Rick’s last slap ended with him pushing April off his knee to the floor. She curled up and laid perfectly still.

“Oh no you don’t, you little whore. You wanted to show off your little pussy, show it off!? Rick said as he rolled April to her back. “Spread your legs. Show him!”

April put her hands between her legs covering her pussy as she opened her legs.

“No, show him.”

She slowly took her hands away and exposed her clean shaven pussy to Mark.

“Hey Mark, is she wet?” Rick asked as he walked from the room.

Mark reached down and parted Aprils little lips. “She’s soaked.”

Rick returned with his briefcase and opened it on the floor next to April. “Roll over, and get on you knees.” April looked up at Rick and seen how serious he looked. She rolled over and got on her hands and knees with her ass facing Mark.

“Put your head down.” Rick said as he guided her. Rick grabbed her tank top from around her cuffs placed it over the top of her head and knelt on both sides holding April firmly in place. “Hold still, and spread those legs, now.”

“Mark, grab those Ben Wa balls.”

April felt the cold steel balls being pushed into her, one at a time, until both were pushed deep into her soaked pussy. She felt Marks fingers moving the balls around making them vibrate inside, “Ooooh, ah…”

Mark pulled his fingers out slowly making her ache for more. She waited and waited until finally she felt a cold liquid run down the crack of her ass. She felt Mark’s finger circling around her forbidden hole until her forced it in slowly. “Nooo…”

Rick still had her pinned down as she felt Mark’s finger work in and out slowly until he removed it completely. It was quickly replaced by a larger cold object that he eased in until it seated in place. The full feeling was completed by Mark turning on the vibe. “Oh, my God..”

Rick unpinned April and raised her head. She watched as he unbuckled and lowered his pants. She had never seen a cock so big, and it wasn’t fully hard. It just throbbed inches from her face. He guided it to her mouth and grabbed her hair. She couldn’t raise her hands or she would lose her balance. April could only open her mouth and take this huge cock.

As April began to suck on the head of Rick’s cock, she felt her pussy being forced open and taken fully from behind. Mark took full long slow strokes making the Ben Wa balls click against one another. Each deep stroke, he pressed his body against her plug vibe and her reddened ass.

She tried to cry out, but Rick would only force his cock deeper down her throat. Her body built up inside until she shook violently with pleasure. Mark was relentless, pounding harder and harder until he suddenly stopped, then slowly slipped out. Rick pulled his cock out bahis şirketleri of April’s mouth. He slapped the side of her face with it, then got up and walked around behind her. He was replaced with Mark removing his condom in front of her face. “Can you suck me hard, little whore?”

April opened her mouth and took Marks flaccid cock. She loved the taste of Mark’s cum and how his soft cock felt in her mouth.

She was interrupted by Rick removing the vibrating plug from her tight hole. “Ohh…”

As she concentrated again on Mark, she felt her ass hole being forced open. “Noooo!” All she could think of the size of his cock. She had never had anal sex before, and being taken by Rick… Owww!”

Slowly, Rick slid in, a little at a time. She tried to move forward to get away, but Mark held her in place. “Suck this, slut.”

She tried to suck Mark, but it hurt too bad. Rick worked it in and out slowly taking it a little deeper on every stroke. April tried to cry out, but Mark forced is ever growing cock deeper down her throat.

April found her pain soon turned to pleasure as Rick worked his way in and out. She didn’t want it in there, and now, she just wanted it deeper. She met Rick, slowly at first until she took him fully.

“Suck me!” Mark ordered as she continued to meet Rick’s thrusts. April’s mind was a blur. She had always fantasized about having two men, and now, being taken by two controlling men as she submitted fully to them was just too much. She felt herself building deep in her stomach, a feeling she had never felt before. Each full stroke that Rick made, brought her closer to the edge. Mark’s soft cock was now fully hard as he pulled out and began to stroke it just inches from her face.

“Yes, yes, fuck, ooooh…” April moaned watching Mark masturbate.

“Fuck!” Mark cried out as he shot his load over April’s face. He stuffed it back in her mouth as he shook as April sucked him dry.

As Mark pulled away, April’s head dropped to the floor as she reached back to touch herself. Rick pounded furiously grabbing her knit skirt that still wrapped around her waist.

April shook with the build up that she felt as she rubbed her clit. “Oooh, oh my God… I’m gonna cum. Yes, yes, yeees…”

With the intense gush, April found herself face first, flat on the floor with her hands still between her legs. Her body quivered uncontrollably as she felt Rick’s hot cum splatter on the back of her thighs and calves.

After a couple of minutes, April felt a light tap on her ass, “Roll over.”

Exhausted, she rolled over and laid there limp, not caring about anything. “Mark, grab that leg,” Rick said as he grabbed the other one. “We need to get those Ben Wa balls.”

April felt Rick’s fingers digging in her pussy deep. The balls moved loosely in her wetness as he forced another finger in spreading her wide.

“Hold that leg tight.”

Her legs tightened as he dug deep. Without notice, April felt the flickering of Rick’s hot tongue on her clit. She held her head up for a second to watch, but the intensity of the balls clicking inside and his licking was too much. “Oooh.”

Not again, she thought as she raised her hips to Rick’s fingers and tongue. Her body twitched at every lick that Rick made. “Yees, yes, ahhh…ahhhh”

April arched her back and clamped her legs hard on Rick’s head as she felt her body release. Mark and Rick were no match to the strength of her legs as she came. Rick continued to lick as long as she held him in a headlock, her body shaking until she finally just collapsed, releasing Rick.

Mark dressed and sat back down in his chair. Rick laid next to April and brushed the hair from the carpet burn on her forehead. “Now, are you ready to start acting like a young lady?”

April put her hands between her open legs, looked at Rick and giggled, “No?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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