Steve’s Ride

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It was sunny when I pulled up to the stables, and Jenny had already tacked up the horses and got everything ready for our afternoon hack. It was the first time I’d ridden with her alone, as our other riding partner was working an extra shift at her workplace.

God, it was hot, and I was beginning to sweat underneath my body protector. I loosened it a bit, just as Jenny was coming out from the tack room. God, she looked beautiful – slender, and elegantly proportioned.

Her shape was aided by the tight polo shirt she wore, just containing her C cup breasts. Her Jodhpurs clung tightly to her waist, showing her frame perfectly, and revealing a slight camel-toe. I tried not to look, as my arousal would be all too obvious in my own jodhpurs. She smiled at me, and I guessed it was for my benefit. We’d flirted before, on many occasions, but never took it any further – we were both in relationships at the time, but they had both ended now.

“Ready, then?” She smiled, as tied back her brown hair and put on her helmet, mounting her horse with a spring in her step. I only wished I was the one she was straddling.

“Sure, let’s go” I replied, as I mounted my own horse, and followed her out of the yard, out into the fields beyond. We rode for about an hour, in almost complete silence, before she slowed and turned to me.

“You see those trees ahead? Last one there has to muck out when we get back” She didn’t even wait for my reply, kicking into a canter – I did the same, but she was still out in front, racing towards the trees.

I didn’t stand a chance – she was too fast, and lighter, so I plodded up to the trees, and the by the time I got there she had already dismounted and was readying lunch.

“What ataşehir escort bayan took you so long? You could have beat me, you know” She bent over as she reached into her bag, giving me a view of her perfectly rounded behind.

“I figured there was no harm in letting you win” I smiled, as I dismounted to give her a hand. We set everything up, and sat down for lunch. We made small talk, and discussed an assortment of different things. Jenny was looking at me differently, in a way I’d never seen before.

She got up, and made to move over to her bag, but she lost her footing, spilling her water all over my shirt.

“Shit, Steve, I’m sorry. Here, you’ll need to take that off – we’ll let it dry for a bit before we move on” She seemed eager for me to remove my shirt, pulling at my sleeve to help me. The wetness was bothering me, so I removed my protector and took off my shirt. As I did, Jenny sat back, staring at my chest.

“Wow” she said, moving closer. “You look pretty good” I wasn’t the strongest of guys, but I did keep in shape. She leant closer still, placing a hand on my chest, then tracing around my nipple with her index finger, then moving it down my abs towards my waist, sending pulses of pleasure along my body. Just her touch was enough to arouse me, causing my cock to twitch.

“Looks like someone’s a little excited. I’ve always wondered what you look like underneath those clothes, Steve” she said, as she began to unzip my jodhpurs, pulling them down as she did, before running a finger along my boxers. The feeling of her finger on my cock, even through the cloth made me harder. This delighted Jenny, who smiled up at me, a devilish look in her eye.

“You escort kadıköy really are excited! Mind if I take a look?” I muttered something that she must have taken for ascent, as she nearly ripped the boxers off, unleashing the almost hard 8 inches contained within.

Her eyes lit up as she stared down at my crotch. “Fuck, Steve! Why didn’t tell me you had such a nice cock? I know you’ve wanted me, Steve, but now, I want you in my mouth”. Her words sent me into frenzy, and without hesitation, she wrapped her lips around my cock, tickling the head with her tongue, before she began to move her head up and down my shaft.

I couldn’t believe it as my body ached with pleasure, pulsing with each stroke of her tongue. It felt like she was sucking for hours, before my balls began to twitch, and my cock started pulsing. She could feel it too, as she groaned with pleasure – and before long, what felt like an explosion of pleasure, all across my body, released a barrage of cum into her mouth.

She pulled her head away, and I opened my eyes, to see her licking her lips, and then swallowing the mouthful I’d given her. She went back to my cock, licking up every last drop of cum, before looking up at me.

“Mmmm, Steve. That was delicious. Now it’s your turn” She sat back, unzipping her jodhpurs, revealing a skimpy red thong. She pulled it aside, to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy, and then ran a finger along it, inviting me to taste.

Nervously, I moved my lips closer, pushing my tongue out. I ran my tongue along her pussy, causing her to giggle with delight, before pushing it between her lips, reaching for her clit. I swirled my tongue about, each movement making her groan, bostancı escort as I pulled down her jodhpurs further, teasing her tight anus with my fingers.

My tongue and my fingers went to work, causing her to flail her legs about with pleasure, groaning with each stroke of my tongue. I quickened the pace, teasing her clit, and before long she let out a long groan, and then she relaxed. I wanted more, and from the look in her eyes, she did too. I moved over her, pulling off her shirt, and releasing her beautiful boobs. I gave them a quick grope, before I moved up to kiss her neck, working my way to her mouth, where there was still a taste of my cum.

I reached down to my cock, and placed it over her pussy, easing in gently as she let out a little moan. I started slow, easing in and out, groping her breasts, when I felt a sharp pain on my butt-cheeks.

She’d grabbed her crop, and was using it to direct me. Each time she slapped me I thrusted, deep inside her, over and over. Pain was mixed with pleasure as I kept thrusting, listening to her screams of delight.

I could feel the time was coming again, getting closer and closer with each thrust. The whip slowed, and Jenny began to moan, as she had started to finger herself, despite the cock inside her. She moaned louder, her body arching with pleasure as her orgasm rippled across her body. I pulled out, and showered her breasts with cum, my body shuddering with delight.

Feeling dirty, I moved forward, and began to clean the cum from her breasts with my tongue, still tormenting her clit with my fingers.

After that, I lay beside her, exhausted.

It was a quiet ride back to the stable after we’d cleaned ourselves up, and we were an hour later than we were supposed to be. We both mucked out and cleaned up the horses, and as I was leaving I asked her if we could ride next week.

“Oh, you can count on it” She replied, as she licked her lips and groped my cock before she strutted away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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