Stories of Josh Ch. 04

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Big Tits

*Though this chapter begins with an incestuous threesome, the main chunk of it is about an erotic one-on-one encounter, which constitutes my choice of section. If that’s what you’re looking for and happen to be turned off by incest or threesomes, skip ahead a bit. I hope you enjoy the story otherwise though.

These stories are based on real people, who have been renamed for privacy reasons. The situations, however, are mostly fictional, written for your enjoyment. So, please enjoy. And please, leave feedback. Tell me what you’d like to see, what I’m doing wrong, and what you saw already and really liked. Feedback is the only way for me to progress as a writer, and while I have other chapters in mind, the amount of feedback I receive may determine whether or not I decide to write/post them. Thank you.

This chapter is dedicated to Anna.*

Josh, Cara and her mother have a rendezvous before school.

Josh had pulled up to Cara’s house that morning to pick her up from school. When he had honked the horn three times and she still hadn’t come, he’d gone to the front door and knocked. There was still no answer, so he actually became a bit worried and attempted to open the door. The ornately carved front door swung open as he twisted the knob and Josh headed inside.

What he heard was not cries of pain or distress, they were faint moans of extreme pleasure, and with an arched brow he made his way toward the sounds. They led him into Cara’s pink laden room, and awaiting him there on the bed was a sight that he likely will never forget.

Sprawled on the bed were two deeply tanned and fully naked figures. They were positioned in the sixty-nine formation, and the woman facing him was his girlfriend Cara, her petite chest shuddering and heaving as she wiggled her hips lustily and moaned into the sheets with her eyes closed. Beneath her was an obviously older woman, but she was much the same size as her daughter. Mrs. Patil’s pussy was unattended, but dripping wet, her thick, curly dark hair laden with juicy dew.

As Cara finally noticed Josh standing in the doorway she immediately cried out, “I’m coming mommy! Ma-ta-jee I’m coming!” And then she collapsed onto her mother with her legs twitching and hips grinding and flexing. Her cries and moans lasted for about a full minute as she rode her mother’s face through the entirety of her climax. Josh had a horny grin plastered on his face the entire time, whilst his groin grew and twitched against the cloth of his boxers.

Rolling off of her mother, Cara began panting hard on her back, her perky tits heaving up and down with sweat glistening off of them and her face. Sitting up and wiping her face, Mrs. Patil blinked in surprise and grinned at the voyeur in the doorway. “Hello Joshua,” she purred as her eyes trailed down to the bulge he was caressing. “Do you plan to stand there all morning, or would you like to be satisfied?” Her sexy, matured face was glistening with her daughter’s sweet nectar, and her full, ripe breasts were leaking a bit of milk.

“Has Cara been helping her naughty self to her mother’s breast milk?” Josh asked in feign surprise as he unfastened his belt while walking over to the pink bed. Without breaking stride, he dropped his denim jeans and stepped out of them before yanking down his boxers and allowing his thick cock to bob free.

“Ooh,” Mrs. Patil moaned, her eyes gluing themselves to Josh’s thick, veiny cock as it bounced closer. “What are you going to do with that honey?” She grinned a wicked grin and then glanced at her panting daughter before glancing back at the rigid meat approaching her.

“Well… it looks like Cara is about to die over there, so I guess I’ll just shove it into your cunt for the time being.” He was in front of the bed now, and Mrs. Patil was scooting closer to the edge to assist him. With one strong hand wrapped firmly around the base of his dick, he reached forward to push apart her thick, furry lips with two fingers to reveal her dark, wrinkly inner lips, and velvety pink tunnel. “Such a beautiful cunt, just like your daughter’s Mrs. P,” he moaned as he pressed his fat head against the loose, slick opening.

It didn’t take much effort for Josh’s cock to slip inside of his girlfriend’s mother, she was older and therefore a bit looser than her young daughter. I mean she had two kids, and that kind of thing took its toll on a woman’s body. Josh hardly cared though, because her slick pink walls were strong and experienced and immediately began milking at his throbbing cock as he slowly bucked his hips. The steady in and out motions mixed with the hugging walls sent waves of pleasure throughout Josh’s body, filling his blood with endorphins. He soon picked up the pace and was beginning to pound Mrs. Patil in earnest.

The steadily quickening pace was accompanied and encouraged by Mrs. Patil’s lusty moans and groans. She was becoming increasingly wet, allowing for lewd sounds of her sloshing pussy to fill the escort ataşehir air. Josh relished it all; the feeling, the smells, the sounds, even the sight, his eyes glanced from the beautiful sight of his cock pulling out of that dark cunt and then diving back in, and then over to his girlfriend who had rolled onto her side to watch them and touch her young twat with one tiny hand.

His grunting began to deepen and come more and more often as he approached his climax. Josh wasn’t really one to talk much during sex, he’d rather just relish it unless he had something really good to say. And so, he kept his mouth shut, and his eyes concentrated on the gorgeous sights before him while his ass and balls began to clench and unclench tightly, warning him of his encroaching orgasm. Mrs. Patil beat him to it though, possibly because she’d been warmed up by her daughter previously, or maybe because she was still quite sex-starved.

“Oh, oh, oh I’m cumming Josh! I’m cumming Cara!” Her hips wriggled and twisted as her cunt began to clench around Josh’s thick shaft. Josh immediately pulled out of the older woman, not taking the risk of cumming inside of her, though he was sure she was on the pill. Taking this opportunity, Cara dove in between her mother’s thighs and began lapping at her convulsing cunt as it spewed thick, tangy nectar which Cara gobbled up quite hungrily, just as Josh imagined she’d gobbled up her mother’s sweet natural milk.

The sight before him now certainly wasn’t going to keep Josh from erupting as well, and so he moved onto the bed beside them, stroking his slick rod furiously and aiming it directly at Mrs. Patil until he erupted in a forceful spurt of thick white cum. The first three ropes landed soundly on the Indian woman’s face, and then he spun his hips expertly to explode a few small times on the woman’s belly before her managed to hit his girlfriend directly upon the forehead twice. She glanced up from devouring her mom’s cunt to smile at him as he leaned in closer, choking his dick for all it was worth as he dumped the rest of his load in her mouth; giving her quite a delicious cum sundae when mixed with her mother’s fluids.

They sat there quietly for a few moments, basking in the pleasurable numbness of their orgasms, both of the women moaning quietly as Josh stroked and milked his shrinking cock. After a minute or two Josh snapped out of his trance, “Oh, shit! We’re going to be late as shit for school Cara!” He jumped from the bed and yanked on his boxers and then his pants. Cara jumped up as well and began dressing quickly, but Josh already had his pants buckled before her shirt was completely on. “I’ll wait for you outside baby.” He called, heading outside to warm up the car.

After arriving at school, the two shared a passionate kiss and then split up to sneak into their individual classes. It wasn’t until the end of the day in Mrs. Rose’s English class that they were reunited. They both took seats at the back of the class and slid their desks together. Josh had little worries about the class, he’d read the books they were reading before, as had Cara, and he didn’t have to worry about his grade for the rest of the semester.

The class was small, and so they were pretty much the only ones in the back row, aside from Jessica, who had decided she didn’t feel like paying much attention to Mrs. Rose today. She seemed to be in a bad mood to Josh, so he didn’t bother her much.

After about forty minutes of class, Josh had teased Cara to the point of letting him rub at her cunt through the soft fabric of her black satin panties while they pressed their heads together in a meaningful staring contest. She bit her lip as his fingers trailed over her swollen bud and let a small pants escape her lips. At this Josh began to laugh but stifled it and looked about for a moment, noticing furtive glances from Mrs. Rose, and blushing a bit as he noticed Jessica struggle to re-administer her attention to the book she’d been pretending to read.

Looking back at Cara, he frowned and removed his hand from its discreet location under her skirt. “Later,” he promised and gave her a sweet peck on the nose. She groaned and flopped her head down into her arms in sexual frustration.

Just then, as if summoned by their conclusion, Mrs. Rose received a call from the office and it turned out to be Cara’s mother. “Cara, you’ve got an early dismissal, dentist’s appointment.”

Cara’s head rose from the desk and she glanced to her left at Josh with a clearly puzzled look. He shrugged back at her with a confused expression, though he was pretty sure what the real meaning behind the dismissal was.

Somewhat solemnly, Cara gathered her things and threw her backpack over her shoulders. Josh walked her to the door and gave her a rather passionate kiss and a firm squeeze on her ass with both hands before shutting the door behind her. He already missed her, and he had to readjust a stiffening boner as he shuffled kadıköy escort bayan back to his seat beside Jessica.

He leaned forward in his seat a bit, with his arms folded across his desk and pondered what to do. He could try to pay attention to Mrs. Rose’s reading, but his mind was quite distracted with the firm meat in his jeans. Trying to take his mind off of Cara, he decided to bother Jessica a bit and turned his head toward her, only to notice that her eyes were closed and her brow was a bit furrowed.

It took him a few moments to take in the entire picture. Jessica was leaning back a bit in her desk, and her left hand was hidden beneath the top of her desk while her right hand was pressed firmly to her temple. Her light jacket had been strewn over the desktop and was hanging off of the front. It was this technique and the light gasps that began to emerge from Jessica’s pouting lips that finally clued Josh in. He felt a tad slow really. Especially since he and Cara had used the jacket trick quite often to hide the activities beneath their desks.

It wasn’t until he’d realized what she was doing that he realized just how beautiful and cute he actually thought Jessica was. He loved Cara, there was no doubt about that, and he felt that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. However, in most people’s opinions, Jessica would be the more attractive of the two. She had a nice tan, not too dark but she was obviously not pale. Her skin was smooth and flawless, especially her long shaven legs, and she tall without being awkward, or too tall; about 5’6″. Her lips were full and pert, often covered in a sweet scented lip gloss. The dark curls of her lustrous hair fell casually from her loose ponytail about her face, with a number of shorter strands falling out around her bangs. Her facial features were a mix of Eastern European and French. Her nose was long and angular, giving her a gorgeous, unique profile. Her eyes were exotic, and her chin was slight, yet still strong. She always wore great clothes, without seeming too flashy, and her body was the lithe, perky body that models around the world displayed on magazines.

Josh found that he could not take his eyes off of this gorgeous young woman, and the cute flush that had been creeping up her lips made him grin boyishly as he watched her quiver and squirm under her own touch. When she bit cutely at her bottom lip in lustful concentration, much like Cara often did, Josh couldn’t help himself from scooting his desk silently closer and sliding his arm slowly and discreetly beneath the European girl’s desk, just above her thigh. As he did so, he could feel the intense heat of her drooling snatch in the air all around her lap. She was really turned on.

Cautiously, he slipped his hand beneath her white, cotton skirt and it came into contact with the drenched fingers currently working there. Jessica’s eyes shot open and she stared at him in an expression of utter confusion and horror. Josh quickly placed his right forefinger to his lips in a “Shh” gesture as his left hand moved her slick digits from her hot cunt. She had slipped her underwear to one side of her snatch, and her fuzzy outer lips were fully engorged and swollen. Josh didn’t want to waste any time slipping one thick finger into her slit, closing his eyes with pleasure as the tight pink walls pulled his hand inside and clenched tightly at the intruder. He surely couldn’t fit a second finger in here; she might have been even tighter than Cara was on their first time.

Josh probed into Jessica’s depths, wiggling his strong finger around, and he quickly surmised that she was no virgin, just extremely tight. His heart was beating a mile a minute now and his eyes had become glued to her gorgeous brown, almond, eyes. As she returned the stare, her eyes lost that look of shock and became half hooded by her eyelids as the pleasure overcame her, causing her to look even a bit high.

His finger began pumping faster, swirling around as he slid it in and out, finger-banging her tight pussy in the back of their English class. His glance left hers for a small moment and he glanced back at Mrs. Rose who was still reading but her eyes continuously glanced up from the book to study the two of them. He noticed also that her legs were clenched rather tightly together.

As his gaze returned to Jessica, he grinned at her and her cunt clenched his finger tightly, then began to unclench and then clench again in a spastic rhythm as she began coming on his squirming digit. She groaned into her fist as her hips pushed her mound into his palm and he pressed down firmly on her protruding clit. After about half of a minute her pussy was calming down and Josh slipped his finger from its depths, only to bring it to his mouth and lick it clean. She tasted sweet, and slightly fruity, though there was a tiny tang to her juice which made his cock twitch in his boxers.

She sat there as he smiled at her for quite escort bostancı a bit, looking wilted and exhausted as her cunt dripped into her plastic chair. Josh couldn’t help but admire her flushed face for a bit as she sat there squirming slightly, and then his eyes would glance at Mrs. Rose who was watching them discreetly with an enamored look. Luckily, the rest of the class was hardly paying attention to the teacher, so they weren’t paying any attention at all to the frisky couple in the back of the classroom.

Jessica turned her head after a few moments, and Josh could see a familiar gleam in her eyes, which had regained their fire as if a three minute rest was all the rest she needed. “Bathroom,” she mouthed soundlessly.

Mrs. Rose had finished her reading for the day and so the rest of the class had opened their computers to do work as Jessica stood up, adjusting herself a bit and walking upon long, smooth legs to the front of the class for a bathroom pass. As she walked back past Josh and to the door, she smiled at him, and Josh could distinctly see the back of her thighs glistening.

He waited half of a minute before he scrambled out of his seat and o the front of the class to ask for a bathroom pass. “I uh – I need to use the restroom Mrs. Rose,” he muttered, leaning in to whisper into her dark ear.

She smiled at him with her pearly whites and laughed a bit, “I bet you do,” she whispered and began writing the pass. Josh felt a bit bad about this since he’d shared a rather intimate moment with his teacher not too long ago, so as he took to the pass he gave her a discreet kiss on one cheek and then hurried out of the door.

He pushed the girl’s room door open eagerly and took a look around. It was pretty spiffy. The walls were actually painted, and there wasn’t all that much graffiti. They even had a small couch. He didn’t get much of a chance to look any further, because soon Jessica flew into his arms, wrapping her own about his neck as she planted her firm, fruity lips to his and kissed him longingly. One of her long legs was soon wrapped around his ass, fastening the two together, and Josh’s response to this was moving his hands down low to grip her firm butt and lift her up onto his pelvis so she could wrap the other leg around his waist.

He stumbled backward a bit, as she was quite a bit heavier than his tiny girlfriend, but he recovered just before plopping ungracefully onto the small couch which turned out to be quite comfy. Jessica had begun grinding into his groin as she straddled him and kissed him almost rabidly. Clumsily he fumbled with his belt and somehow managed to shimmy his jeans down around his knees. Simultaneously Jessica was now holding his face in her hands and sucking at his bottom lip seriously.

As he fumbled with his boxers, trying to pull his dick out of the flap, he became frustrated and let out a grunt before breaking the kiss and pushing Jessica back a bit. The look she gave him was at once sad and pissed and he quickly attempted to remedy the situation, “Just one minute, babe,” he muttered with sympathetic eyes and then focused his attention on his groin. Attempting to help, Jessica lifted her hips and Josh successfully pulled his rock hard cock out of the black boxer-briefs and then dipped two fingers into his back left pocket awkwardly to fish out a condom.

As he did his best to wrap the thin latex around his rod, Jessica stared at him and impatiently rapped her fingernails against his chest. He gave her a nervous smile just before he managed to pull the tight protection down onto his manhood properly. “Ah!” He exclaimed, and he saw her eyes light up.

“About damn time, sexy,” she moaned, “I was about to put my panties back on and go back to class.” With that she lowered her hips back down and he felt her hot crotch press down on his meat. He could feel her petals spreading along the length of his cock, but he had missed her tight entrance. She didn’t seem to mind though and simply began humping back and forth along his thick length.

He moaned quite loudly as she began to slide up and down all eight inches of his prick but he wasn’t fully satisfied and began attempting to slip his dick into her twat as she rode him like a railing. After several minutes, he scored and he felt his head push past her inner lips and into her abdomen. Within a moment he was hilted inside of her, and her tight pink walls were hugging him tightly as she cried out in a lusty, yet startled gasp.

“Jeez,” she groaned, “you’re pretty huge Josh,” and with a grin she bucked on his length, “Cara’s a very lucky little girl.” With that, she began riding him in earnest, lifting herself up and then pounding down to meet his quick thrusts into her. The combination was excellent and they worked well together.

Josh wasn’t positive at how lucky Cara was, but he knew that he was quite the lucky bastard right now. Even luckier since he knew that Cara would most likely not mind that he was plowing his classmate in the bathroom right now. “Hell,” he thought, “she’s probably riding her mom’s face right now.” That thought sent a shiver up his spine, and he pounded extra hard up into Jessica’s tight cunt making her call out his name in bliss.

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