Stranded on the Elevator Ch. 01

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I was stranded! And I couldn’t believe my luck. The entire morning had been rush rush rush…and here I stand beside a man who had already rubbed me the wrong way on several occasions, yet he was still practically a stranger. Yes, I had seen him at other meetings throughout the past few months, and with each encounter I came away feeling that I would dearly love to get him alone one day and tell him exactly what I thought of him. Well, needless to say that old proverb of “Be careful what you wish for” popped into my mind, for here I stood with the most arrogant…and the most good looking man I had ever had the misfortune to run across.

It had been raining as I parked my car and ran into the fifteen-story building. The meeting was to start promptly at nine-o’clock. I nearly dropped my briefcase and my whole week of preparations to present. I panicked as I grabbed it and dashed into the building literally running across the lobby to catch the elevator. I felt like a drowned rat as I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that I would make it in time.

The elevator was crowded and seemed to crawl through each floor slower than what I remembered from this building…one, two, three…and finally stopping at the sixth floor leaving just me and one other person. I looked over and couldn’t believe it was ‘him’! ‘Of all the luck’ I thought to myself. It would have to be the one person I could not stand. As usual he had an arrogant air and I could feel myself bristling as a cat arching it’s back. He acted as though I were not even there.

Suddenly, as the doors closed and the elevator started to move on its way up to the ninth floor….it jerked several times and finally stopped….no movement now at all. I know the sheer horror must have shown on my face. My eyes widened as I looked over at him. I could see the sudden alarm on his face as well

I hated elevators to begin with, actually I hated any type of confinement. I have always been this way and now I could feel myself shaking as I leaned against the metal wall and held onto the rail. He watched me and then spoke. His tone surprised me for he was not the egotistical and usual disgusting person as in the previous meetings. He showed genuine concern.

“I’m sure this is temporary. Things like this happen all the time.” He tried to smile but it didn’t quite reach through my fear.

“Ummmm do…do you think we should use the phone…you know…to call for help?”

He continued to smile and said, “Yes, that’s a good idea.”

I held my briefcase even closer to me as if it could somehow save me from this situation. Instinctively I backed away from his closeness, although there really was not far to go in the confines of an elevator. He smiled at my discomfort of his nearness. I couldn’t help but think…’If bayburt escort you only knew how I felt about you.’ He was once again the ‘take charge’ guy as he attempted several times to use the phone that hung securely on the wall in the box. But for some reason it was not working. He tried and tried and slammed it down with a few expletives about “damn equipment”.

He turned to look at me and calmed down a bit. “Guess we’ll have to wait to be rescued.”

I nodded at him and as he reached out to take my briefcase, I could feel myself physically shaking with tears threatening.

“My name is Lance,” he said pointing to the top of the elevator…”Just like the name of this broken down piece of shit. I know I’ve seen you at meetings before but we’ve not been properly introduced.” He smiled and suddenly he seemed like a totally different person than he did standing before an entire room of people expressing his opinions.

Although I couldn’t quite smile, I took his extended hand… which was so strong and warm.

“Hi back…I’m Elaine.”

He set my briefcase down beside of his and he could still see the fear and my discomfort.

“Afraid of elevators…or is it me?”

I was stunned at his question making me even more aware that he knew I had found him quite offensive in the past.

“I, ummm I….” What was wrong with me? I couldn’t even seem to talk to the man. His effect on me was different from the past…or was it? For I had always found him attractive but then, I had never been quite ‘this’ close to him either. He had the most gorgeous looking eyes that made me want to melt. Yes, the elevator situation definitely had unnerved me, but not nearly as much as being this close to a man that I abhorred only to realize that the ‘fine line’ between not liking and liking someone had been so thin. I was attracted to him and never would admit it to myself.

When I looked back up into his eyes, it was if he could tell all the emotions that were going on within my head. His smile said a lot. What I didn’t realize was that he too found me quite attractive…and he was looking at my trembling lips now. I would start to speak, and then stop. He took a step closer to me and reached out to hold me. I welcomed his arms for I was scared, but now, as he held me….everything felt ‘right’. And I realized that the only real thing to be afraid of ….was myself….my feelings and what he brought out in me. My heart was beating faster and faster. I was still shaking, but not from fear. Did he know ‘why’ I was so nervous?

His arms continued to hold me and then I felt his hand rubbing up and down my back making me relax and welcome his touch. I had my eyes closed as I leaned against him never realizing that bartın escort he was watching me in the reflective metal as he soothed and comforted me. He pulled me with him as he took several steps backward and leaned against the wall. I did not see his face …but his hands began to move up and down my back…moving to my hips. I moved slightly as one hand began to play with my hair. Did I moan? Or was it my imagination?

He began to caress and touch my face….my lips…as our eyes met and held. His smile disappeared as he looked at my lips and began tracing them with his index finger again. He still looked deep into my eyes. His voice, so soft that I barely heard him whisper…

“You have no idea how many times I’ve thought of holding you like this.”

I know the surprise showed on my face as I parted my lips to speak. He held his finger on them as if to say “shhhhhh”. I continued to look into his eyes, and unable to pull away from him my eyes shifted to his lips again. My eyes deepened then, realizing that he too had felt similar emotions.

He continued to talk…almost as if to himself ….”You always seemed so aloof, untouchable. As if, if I had done something to offend you. And I hoped for the day, to finally come…to show you that you were wrong about me.”

I didn’t need to say anything…for he was right and knew it. I lowered my head at this for I think it had hurt him for me being so judgmental of him.

He smiled as he lifted me by my chin to once again meet his eyes. I blushed and he chuckled and pulled me close again. His lips kissing my hair while his hands moved against me telling me he was okay with the past….all that mattered was the present.

His lips moved closer and closer to my own ….and the moment they touched my arms went around him invitingly…welcoming his touch even more. No longer was I afraid as he kissed me….exploring my warm mouth with his tongue…gently biting on my lower lip….causing me to moan for more. He slowly pulled his lips from mine and looked into my eyes….which were deep blue with desire.

“You know I want you…here…now,” he slowly whispered.

I did not hesitate as his hands began to roam over me once again while he held me firmly against him…his leg slowly separating my own as I balanced upon his leg….his hands began to unbutton my blouse. He looked into my eyes….and I could sense that if I had asked him to stop…he would have. But I needed him at this moment as much as he needed me…wanted him….for the passions that had lain dormant for this man had now been unleashed. As he pushed my blouse open…he moaned and whispered “:beautiful”. And then he bent his head to begin kissing my breasts while still firmly holding me close. ığdır escort My head arched backwards as I enjoyed the pure bliss his kisses brought… his tongue teased its way to my nipples…tasting them through my sheer lace bra….as they hardened against his warm mouth and tongue.

“Ahhhh baby, exquisite beauties…” he softly moaned as he slowly removed my blouse. He turned me around in his arms as he pulled my back against him and leaned close to my ear. “Look my luv,” he motioned and I was surprised to see how much of a reflection the walls allowed. I watched his hands begin again to caress my breasts …my body… and then sliding inside my bra. “ahhhhhh yessssss” I moaned as I watched him teasing me. “mmmmmmmm”. He smiled…as did I. He felt soooooo good….teasing me like this while I watched….seeing the way my body was reacting to him.

He unhooked my bra and pushed it off my breasts. His hands quickly began to tease my bare skin…causing goosebumps and making my nipples incredibly hard. His fingers teased for the longest time…pinching….gently pulling….causing me to moan louder. I could feel the effect all this teasing was having on my pussy for I was so wet now. And my legs were beginning to weaken.

He then moved from behind me…and pushed me back against the cold wall. I watched his tongue begin to circle my breasts….my nipples….”Ahhhhhhhhhh”…how could I help but moan for he was bringing me to such a point of release that I began to move my hips with need for more. I watched his reflection…the way he kissed…fondled…teased… building my fire to a raging inferno.

“Tell me what you want baby….what you need…” he hoarsely whispered.

I could not speak….for I was gasping….moaning….

And then I felt his hand began to caress my leg…moving higher and higher up my short black skirt. Finally his fingers found my silk thong panties….easily moving around to caress my bare ass. I heard him moan as his fingers moved lower and slid inside panties. I was so wet now….on fire and so close to cumming. He continued to suck on my nipples while his fingers teased my smooth nether lips….my engorged clit….and he was literally holding me up against the wall as he pushed my legs open further and his fingers found the warmth they sought.

‘Tell me….what….you…want…” he again whispered as he teased and teased.


“You need what baby…..this?” he asked as he inserted another finger inside my throbbing pussy.

“Yessssssssssssss,” I screamed “yessssssss ahhhhh pleaseeeeee…..”

He quickly moved down on his knees and lifted my skirt….as I moaned encouraging him more. His tongue quickly probing inside my hot wet pussy….caused me to begin cumming within minutes. He then moved up and begun sucking on my clit…while he moved his fingers back inside…teasing the very depths of my pussy….causing more sweet sensations to begin. I moaned and moved my hips against his fingers as I begged him …..for…..more….

(to be continued)

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