Stranger and a Shower

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As I opened my eyes I felt a bit groggy and soar. My muscles ached when I stretched myself and I heard some bones in my neck crack. A deep sigh escaped me as I glanced over to my PC. Nothing out of the ordinary there. My chair was still standing there and the clutter on my desk was as ominous as always. I’m a packrat and I know it, I might even be proud of all the little knick knacks I manage to stow away in my little apartment.

I got up and looked at myself in the full length mirror next to my ceiling high closet. I couldn’t place it but something was different about me. I traced a finger over my side, down to my full hips and back up again over my large soft belly and on to my nipples. When I gently rubbed my aureoles I noticed them still being sensitive… I made a twirl and looked at myself from behind. The soft rolls of flesh where comforting this morning and I hugged myself, seeing my hands embrace my entire body, sighing tiredly. Seeing myself standing there, naked as could be a shiver went through me as I thought about the night before.

For the first time in a while I didn’t go out on a Saturday night. Usually I go see a movie with some friends, have something to eat with my sister, find a club that I would honor with my attendance or I’d just hang out in my favorite bar… Yesterday though, I wasn’t feeling like any of these. I’d spent the day lazy, reading some books, watched some shows I taped and I decided to give Balthazer his annual rinse and bath (poor cat). End of the day I realized the shops wouldn’t be open tomorrow and I had nothing for myself or my fuzzy room mate to eat. I pulled my hair back in a ponytail, threw on a sweater and my sandals and left the apartment to get something to eat for the both of us at the little corner shop opposite my building. I got the necessities and took a can of sardines to make Bathazar happy, poor guy hated his annual wash.

Walking back to my apartment I wondered what to do that night. Like I said before, I usually leave the house on Saturdays. For the first time in weeks I felt like not doing anything at all, maybe call it an early night or finish the book that I’ve been struggling through for the past couple of weeks. I was still thinking over all the possibilities and kept on coming back at just doing nothing for an evening when I was home again. I surprised Balthazar with the sardines and made myself happy with some stir fried veggies, chicken and some rice. I hate cooking for one.

After dinner and washing the dishes I decided to browse the net a bit. I’d gotten some websites passed on to me by Angela and she suggested me trying some of them on for myself. Off course the first 3 sites where dating ones. Poor Angie, when is she going to realize that I’m single by choice?! I smiled at the idea of her intentions, those weren’t bad at all, love the girl. The fourth website was one with erotic pictures of rather large women on them. I know Angie told me about those and she thought it’d be fun for me to check them out since I am a amateur photographer myself. I liked what I saw on the site, classy nude pictures of beautiful large women. Ranging from pear shaped girls with prompt little tits to divas with large pillowy breasts. Every size, shape and form was presented to me and I loved looking at every single one of them.

I clicked to the forum of the site and browsed through some amateur photos. Most horridly over lit, under lit, bad angles or bad cameras. What held my attention was that even though the quality of these şişli escort pictures wasn’t ecstatic, the content however was! Pure, real women, no make up, no light filters, just pure naked goddesses with bodies to die for. Somehow the sight of all of those gorgeous voluptuous women made me want to be part of them. They looked so secure, so comfortable and so content with who they are and better yet, they obviously liked to share their sexy curves with others.

Now I am a closet exhibitionist. I love it when I’m watched, but I don’t want to be put in the center of attention. That’s been done enough in high school and not in the positive way. But at that point, looking at those bodies that made me happy to share their form with them I decided it was time for some attention for me. I signed up and made the obligatory “hey I’m new, this is who I am” post and placed a few moderately nude pictures of myself. Just my face and a few cleavage shots, nothing fancy and nothing to exposing, I wasn’t comfortable with that.

Just 5 minutes after I made my first post I got a message on my online messaging program. I was both shocked and amazed at the content. It was short, to the point and very arousing, “you are beautiful and made my cock very hard”. Uncertain how to handle such straightforwardness I hesitated for a second. I looked up the user profile and discovered a 20something guy on the other end of the line. What to do, what to do. For all I knew this was a sincere compliment in the blunt way men usually give them. And on the other hand it could be a “creep”. One part of me wanted to know which of the two the guy was, the other part wanted to shut down my messenger and pretend it all wasn’t there.

My curiosity won the fight and I decided to send a message back, asking where he got my details from. Took him a while to answer (which made me wonder what was being done on the other line?!) but eventually he told me that he found my pics on the forum and thought I deserved a compliment for those. And since I had my messaging details listed, he decided to use them. Cant say I blamed him and I started a conversation with this total stranger that was both exciting, mysterious, strange and arousing.

He kept emphasizing how beautiful he thought I was and I kept ignoring those compliments It’s a bad habit of mine, I cant handle it when someone is that way with me… I just don’t know if they actually mean what they say or if they’re just being polite. I opt for the safe spot and usually assume people are just being nice to me. Somewhere the conversation elaborated about his preference for large girls. It still intrigues me, I know that having a preference for some fat is just like a preference for men with dark hair or chicks with blue eyes, it’s coded into you, but still… In today’s day and age liking the large thing was viewed as a diversity and I was well aware of that. He couldn’t even answer, the feeling just always was there.

The conversation got a bit more relaxed and I realized that even if this guy was a creep, he was a nice creep and a funny creep. We talked about a range of things, from music to books and everything there was to talk about. At some point I even felt confident enough of sending him a picture of mine. One with more nudity then I had shown on the forum and he told me it made him speechless (which seems ironic, one has to type to tell the other that s/he is speechless). He sent one back of his own and it startled me that the funny and nice creep was escort bayan merter also a cute creep.

Already knowing where this was going I decided to just give in to it and enjoy the ride, I mean, why the hell not?! Flirting went back and forth and at some point one or the other started to make somewhat sexual comments. I don’t even remember if he started or I did, I just know that I was having a lot of fun and that I was feeling better then I had in weeks. Having someone (even though it’s someone at the other end of the world and someone you can’t see) desire me like that turned me on enormously. I might have to look up the history of that conversation to see if it wasn’t just me. I know I can be a huge flirt without even realizing it. Some of the things he typed made me blush, others made me sigh, most made me horny. I felt how my juices got running and as we chatted away further and deeper into the night I think we both got what we wanted from each other.

And now, the morning after, I felt that lightheadedness that comes with a lack of sleep. Still standing in front of the mirror I let the conversation of the night before run through my mind again. Absentmindedly I pulled a towel out of the closet and made my way to the shower. I turned open the hot water faucet and started to assemble everything I’d need for a long, hot, satisfying shower. The entire room had gotten steamy as I turned the cold water faucet on slightly, I like my showers hot, but I don’t want to be boiled either. As I stepped in the comfortable hot stream I felt my muscles relax and take in the massaging streams of water.

I dropped my head back to get my hair entirely wet and started to massage my favorite shampoo in. As always I used way to much and soon the floor was filled with residue foam which was dripping down from my head, leaving a trail down my entire body as I rinsed it out slow and carefully. I grabbed the conditioner bottle and squirted a bit of the transparent white substance in my hands, repeating the massaging action on my head to get my hair soft and shiny again. The conditioner had to sit there for a minute or two, so I picked up a sweetly scented shower gel and started to build a foam in my hands, rubbing them together. Soon as I was satisfied with the amount of bubbles I placed my hands on my neck and started to massage the foam in with hard slow circles. From my neck I worked my way to my front. Taking my breasts in my hands I made sure they got nice and foamy, paying perhaps a tad bit to much attention on my hard aureoles and stiff nipples. I loved to touch my own breasts, small as they might be for someone of my proportions, they where firm and the feeling of their smooth luscious skin in my hands turned me on time and time again.

Noticing the foam was diminishing I put a little more between my hands and foamed my belly up. I decided to pay more attention to it this time, usually I did my belly as fast as possible, not thinking of it as a “nice” body part. Something in the conversation I had with the total stranger last night made me look at my belly in a new and different view. Even though it might not be my favorite part, some people love it, they love the fullness, the roundness and the softness of my belly. I caressed my pillowy belly and stroked it gently, as telling myself that that part of me is okay too and I smiled.

Another refill of soap served to get the inside of my back a good massage, sometimes I wish I could get a shower buddy, you know, like istanbul escort bayan a fuckbuddy but just for in the shower, someone that can soap me up in all those nooks and crevasses I couldn’t reach. Of course I’d return the favor happily. Whilst massaging my butt I felt the round flesh there fill my hands, it was soft, though firm and round. I worked my way down my hips and legs, soaping them up royally as well. I gave the soles of my feet some extra attention. They are the ones polite enough to carry me around through life after all and need a good cuddling every once in a while.

I stepped back into the hot massaging stream of water and closed my eyes. l opened my mouth and let the water fill it. When full I let it over run and started to massage my head, getting rid of any conditioner still in my hair. Once I was convinced of all the conditioner being washed away I took the showerhead and started to rinse the soap off my body, slowly massaging every inch of flesh with the hard stream coming from the shower head.

The stream went down from my neck to the arch of my back after that I tilted back a bit and had the showerhead on my breasts, massaging my tits and nipples hard, washing away all the soap. My mind trailed off to last night again and to the heated conversation I had with the total stranger. All the things he typed went past my mind in a whirlwind of thought and I kept rinsing the soap off my body with one hand, massaging my nipples with the other.

He told me he’d fuck me, hard and long, with a beautiful thick cock that would fill me with every stroke. The thought alone sent a colony of butterflies screaming through my loins. I’d be covered in kisses and adored for every little bit of me there is, so he said. I leaned my back to the wall, startled by the coldness of the tiles against my back, holding my weight so I could do that which I wanted since I got up in the morning. If the total stranger only knew how much I needed to be told all those things he did last night he’d probably feel honored, right then for me it was more important to get that which I wanted.

I parted my swollen lips with one hand and regulated the shower head to a solid massaging stream with the other. As I moved the shower head in front of my needy pussy I felt a warmth wash over me. Keeping myself open wide I aimed for the sweet spot and started to move the stream of water around that spot. Teasing myself, forcing myself to hold on to reason until it would be almost painfully not to cum. Thinking about how I could ride the stranger for hours, straddling his hips whilst he’d massage my breasts, pinching my nipples

I felt the moment of truth creeping up on me. As I slid my hand between my red hot lips I forced two fingers in my tight pussy, fucking myself with them fast and furious. Aiming for my clit with the massaging stream of water I braced myself as I felt a first orgasm wash over me tenderly and sweet. Feeling the cum drip down my inner thighs mixing with the water racing down my body. I kept moving my fingers in and out, in my mind replacing them with his solid hard cock. I felt all my muscles cramp as I came again, hard this time. Feeling the muscles in my pussy tighten around my fingers I started moaning loud enough to wake up the neighbors.

It seemed to take minutes for me to stop the spasms from this wonderful feeling as I was panting of exhaustion. I moved away from the wall and turned the shower to a normal setting, putting it back in its high holder. I took my time, rinsing my body off one more time before I turned the faucets down and wrapped a towel around my still slightly shaking body. As I walked into my bedroom I looked at the computer, if anyone would have seen me then they would have wondered what the broad grin was for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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