Stressed Out Mom

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It was another long day at work. I am beat when I get home. Ever since your dad left us 3 years ago, I have had to really struggle to make ends meet. You really helped out when you turned 18 a few months ago and got a job but still I have LONG hours. As I come into the house I slump into the closest dining room chair for just a quick breather before I have to make dinner. I drop my head to the table and doze off before I know it. I awake to feel fingers rubbing my shoulders.

“Wow mom, you sure are tense,” I hear you say through my awakening fog.

“MMMM, thanks baby. That feels so good.” I can feel my muscles relax under your attention. I know I have a hundred things to do but this just feels too good.

“Why don’t you come lie down on the couch and I can do a really good job? You need it.”

“I can’t. I really have to much to do.”

“Come on, mom. It will make you feel so much better.” I was really melting under your fingers.

“Ok, just for a second.”

As we walked to the living room you suggested, “Take off your shirt and lay down. I’ll get some lotion from the bathroom.” It seemed like a perfectly innocent request so I took off my blouse and lay on my stomach on the couch.

When you returned, I heard you squirt lotion in your hands and rub them together. The warm lotion and your hands running up and down my back felt incredibly good. I didn’t even notice when you undid my bra and let it slide off my shoulders. Soon I was almost asleep again, I was so relaxed. I felt you unzip my skirt but didn’t pay any attention.

“Lift your stomach up a little, mom,” you suggested. As I did you reached under me and pulled down my pantyhose.

“What are you doing baby?” I asked groggily.

“Its ok mom. I am going to rub your legs.”

“Mmkay,” I murmured and relaxed back into the couch. Your fingers sliding up and down my legs felt so good. You did first one leg and then the other. Every muscle in my body was relaxed canlı bahis when I felt your hands slide under my skirt and rub my ass. You took the material of my skirt up over my ass cheeks as you rubbed them. In my state of bliss, I started to raise my ass back against your hands. It wasn’t registering what I was doing until I felt your fingers slide down between my legs and felt your warm breath on my ass. You felt me stiffen and kissed my cheek.

“It’s ok mom. Just relax. I am only giving you what you need.” It had been a very long time since anyone had touched me like you were. I suddenly realized how wet I was getting. As I thought about it, I realized the moisture had started as soon as you laid your hands on me.

I tried to turn over saying, ” baby, we can’t do this. It’s wrong.” You were sitting with your upper body over my middle back so I couldn’t get away.

“I know mom. It will be ok. Just let me make you feel good.” Your fingers slid down even lower and you felt my wetness. “Don’t tell me you aren’t excited. I can feel how wet your are.” Between your words of encouragement, your lips would brush against my ass here and there.

“Oh baby, of course I’m excited but that doesn’t make it right,” I was fighting every rational bone in my body. You were making me feel wonderful and I wanted to give in but how could I?

Suddenly I felt your lips on my neck. I could feel your breath against my skin causing me goose bumps. I stopped resisting as you nibbled your way alone my collarbone. Your fingers were tickling my most sensitive areas as I opened my legs wider for you. I was loosing the battle and wasn’t sure it mattered anymore.

“That’s it mom. Just relax,” you said as your fingers slid between the folds of my swollen pussy lips. A low moan escaped my lips as my resolve melted. I opened my legs even wider and felt your fingers slide inside my aching hole. “Now doesn’t that feel nice?” you whispered into my ear as you sucked the lobe bahis siteleri between your lips. My hips came off the couch to meet your fingers in response.

It wasn’t long before I was fucking against your fingers and enjoying every thrust you gave me. Any thoughts of right or wrong were soon gone as I enjoyed my baby fucking my neglected cunt. You felt me stiffen and leaned in even closer, “That’s it mom. Cum for me. Cum for your baby boy.” Your nasty words sent me right over the edge and I exploded in a convulsive fit.

When I returned to earth I missed your touch and turned to see where you were. You were standing next to the couch, naked, with your hard cock sliding slowly between your fingers. “Did you enjoy that mom?” you asked in your innocence.

“Of course I did baby. But it looks like you need some attention now.” I sat up on the couch with my skirt still bunched up over my ass. My bra slid to the floor allowing my breasts open to your admiring gaze. I didn’t even notice as I leaned forward, removing your cock from your grasp and handling it myself. “Momma’s little boy sure has grown up,” I purred just before sucking your cock all the way into my throat. It felt so good to have a nice hard cock in my mouth again. I let my tongue swirl all around as I bobbed my head up and down on your shaft. Your hands slid down across my chest to find my erect nipples. Tweaking each one in turn sent a moan rumbling against your cock.

“Damn mom that feels so good. I have wanted to do this for too long now,” you moaned as I administered an expert sucking to your meat.

I pulled off long enough to look into your eyes. “Really baby?” Maintaining eye contact, I devoured your cock once again.

“OH yeah! I have watched you for as long as I can remember. I know how lonely you have been. It seemed such a shame that I was right here, willing and able, and you were se neglected.”

My only answer was to double my efforts sucking your cock. I bahis şirketleri was massaging your balls when I felt your hand under my chin. I looked up into your eyes and knew what you wanted before the words came out of your mouth, “Mom, I want to fuck you.”

I let your cock slide from my mouth as you helped me to my feet. When we were standing face to face, you leaned in and kissed me. Your hand went to my tit and I wrapped my arms around your neck, pulling us closer together. I could feel your hard cock throbbing against my stomach and my need for you was intense.

“Take me baby,” I demanded. “Fuck me right here!” I pulled from our embrace and turned my back to you. I leaned over the back of the couch and looked over my shoulder at you. “Slide that big hard cock in Momma’s snatch baby. I NEED IT NOW!”

You needed no more encouragement. You stepped forward, your dick a homing beacon that found my wet spot naturally. With one thrust you were deep inside. My screams echoed through the house. I humped my hips back against you, my pussy walls trembling through another orgasm. I felt your hands on my hips, helping me to thrust harder and faster. Your balls slapped my clit with every in stroke. I was cumming in a constant blur of pleasure.

“Oh baby!! I needed this so bad!! Fuck Momma!!” The room smelled of sticky sex. Every nerve in my body was tuned into my gushing pussy. Your cock slid in and out of me with reckless abandon.

“I’m close mom. I’m gonna cum!” you announced.

“I want to taste it baby. I want to swallow your cum!” hearing those words you pulled out and flipped me around. I took your cock back into my mouth, savoring the taste of my pussy juice on your hard young meat. I could feel your need building and soon felt your seed raining into my mouth. I sucked you dry enjoying every drop. When you were done you pulled me to me feet and kissed me passionately, sharing the taste of your cum on my lips.

Breaking from the kiss you promised, “You won’t have to suffer this same stress again Mom. I’ll take care of you from now on.”

I melted in your arms, relishing in the fact that my baby had become a man to help relieve his mommy’s needs.

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