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I was dreaming of Liv Tyler when her mouth started ringing. I was bemused at first before I realized it wasn’t her mouth ringing, but my cell phone blaring. I reached around and grabbed my cell phone, still lying down. It was from Dad.

“Hey, son. How are you doing?”

“Doing well,” I yawned.

“Sorry to wake you up early on Saturday, but I wanted to tell you that your sister will be visiting you soon.”

“What do you mean, visiting?”

“She got through to Columbia in Sports scholarship.”

“Okay,” I was wide awake now.

“Come on, son. You live in Hamilton Heights and the college is barely a mile from your place. We thought she could live with you, you know.”

I was silent for a while.

“Do you want me to call your mother and ask her to talk to you?” He asked. I could visualize his lips curling into a grin.

“No, that’s okay. Of course, she can stay with me. I have a spare bedroom and an extra bath.”

“That’s what I figured”, he said jovially, “talk soon.”

An hour later as I was wolfing down my sandwich, I got to thinking. I loved Karin. She was five years younger, having turned eighteen a couple months back. I was twenty three and had a well paying job as Web Developer at a medium sized IT company. Karin on the other hand could care less about web development. She was a sports jock through and through. It had been a couple of years since I had last seen her. She was great in almost every sport – gymnastics, basketball and especially in track and field events.

I had rarely bullied her growing up, and I had stopped completely after high school. Over the next six years, I had met her thrice and we had been civil enough. We didn’t spend much time together as she was living with mother and I preferred staying with Dad during holidays.

I would break the news to my girlfriend Megan later that day. She stayed overnight couple of days a week, but I didn’t see that changing even with Karin living here.

Megan worked as an RN and sometimes had to work graveyard shifts. She was a couple inches shorter than me, with straight blonde hair, a stunningly pretty face and a fit, curvaceous body with full, teardrop shaped boobs. I knew I was lucky to have her. She could’ve had any guy she wanted. But she was with me and I wasn’t complaining.

Megan took the news well at our dinner date. She was due back at the hospital in an hour’s time and would come to my place directly.

I was having another sex dream when I woke up, groggy. It was then I realized that my engorged dick was enveloped in velvety wetness. Megan had been giving me a blow job while I was asleep. She had removed my tee-shirt and shorts while I was in La La Land.

She looked up and saw me staring at her. Slowly, she removed her lips from around my cock. “Slept well,” she cooed.

“Waking’s better,” I whispered as she crawled on me to give me a kiss. I squeezed her twin globes gently and pushed her on her back. I slid down, trailing her boobs, her washboard abdomen and her shaved mound with my tongue. Before I could return the favour, however, she whispered, “I am already so wet. Get inside me.”

I smiled and pulled my legs inside as she spread hers. I caressed her long, lean yet hard legs as I eased myself into her. I gasped as I felt my penis entering the tight, wet pussy of hers. She moaned as I slid it in completely.

She put her hands under her head. She knew I liked it when she flexed canlı bahis her arm muscles. Two small elliptical bicep muscles sprang out of her upper arms. Megan was muscular, not heavily, but she had muscles all the same.. and she knew I loved feeling her pumped biceps. And the fact that I did not have a defined bicep bulge out of my arm when I flexed, was not the reason for it.

I started humping her, slowly at first and then with more force. She moaned, flexing her biceps even harder. My hands found her bulging muscles, kneading them, feeling their bulbousness. Even though my arms were a thicker than hers, they didn’t have such definition. We had never arm-wrestled but I knew there was a chance that she would come on tops.

“Come inside me,” she whispered. I reckoned she was tired after her shift if she wanted a quick bang. So I started humping faster. Another great thing about Megan was that she could climax quicker than any other girl I had sex with. She didn’t need drawn out sessions, she preferred them, but longer duration wasn’t essential for her to orgasm.

I think, we came concurrently. I collapsed on her as the last vestiges of my semen coursed through her pussy. She could handle my weight, not that I weighed a lot. I was 5’9″ and weighed 155 pounds. She was 5’7″ and fifteen pounds lighter than me.

We kissed and then fell asleep in each other’s arms, naked. As sleep descended, the last thought on my mind was we probably won’t be able to do that once Karin started living here.


A few weeks later Karin called me before boarding her flight telling me not to meet her at the airport. She was coming over with a few of her friends and a boyfriend of one of the girls would pick them up and drop her to my place. It was on the way, she promised.

Few hours later, I heard the door bell.

As I opened the door, I was a bit surprised at how beautiful, Karin had become. She was also a cute kid but had blossomed into an even prettier girl. But the real shock was when she hugged me. She was taller than me, not by a lot may be inch or so and she looked strapping. She hugged me tight and kissed my cheek.

“Thanks for letting me crash here, Luke,” she said as she released me from her rib cracking hug.

“You got tall?” I murmured.

“Yeah, I really did. I am half an inch shy of six feet.”

I helped her wheel her suitcases in to the spare bedroom. “This is a great place, you’ve here Luke,” she said taking in the spacious living room.

“Yeah, my girlfriend helped me locate this place. The rent’s not very high and it’s a great neighbourhood.”

“Brilliant,” she sounded impressed, “listen, I am gonna hit the shower. We’ll catch up once I am done.”


The rest of the evening flew by as she gave me the low-down from our home town.

Megan dropped by in the evening. ‘Wow, she is taller than you, Luke,’ she squealed as they hugged.


It was a week later when Megan and I were curled up on the large sofa in front of the big screen watching the new Terminator movies and making out when the movie got slow.

“Doesn’t Mackenzie Davis remind you of Karin?” she asked.

“What?” I spluttered. Mackenzie Davis looked like someone I would love to have sex with, was what I had been thinking.

“Yeah, don’t you see it. They are both tall and athletic. And their faces look a lot similar too.”

“Yeah, may be.” I agreed to shut her up, “can bahis siteleri we concentrate on the movie?”

“Where is Karin, by the way?”

“She’s gone to the gym.”

Before Megan could ask further questions, the door bell buzzed. She got up to answer.

It was Karin. She was back from the gym.

Megan came back to the couch while Karin hit the shower.

Karin came out to the living room as the credits rolled.

“Come, sit with us Karin,” Megan said, making room for her in couch and pressing against me.

“You sure? I don’t wanna be the third wheel.”

“Of course not, come sit here.”

Karin plopped down on the sofa next to Megan.

“So what are you guys watching?”

“We just finished Dark Fate. And I feel like watching Judgement Day again.”

“Yeah, I love that movie.”

So I put on Judgement Day hoping, my erection is not going to spring out of my shorts when the camera cuts to Linda Hamilton’s bulging biceps.

Pizza arrived as John Connor was teaching Arnold that killing was bad.

It was about eleven when the movie ended and I was browsing for some other movie, Megan exclaimed, “Karin, your feet are really long.”

Karin had her feet on the table and she looked at Megan quizzically.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend, but I think they are bigger than Luke’s.”

“They’re not,” I insisted.

“Yes, they are. Here,” she said, getting up, “why don’t you put your feet on the table next to Karin’s.”

“What, no..”

“Come on, Luke. Do it,” she snapped.

What could I do? I complied knowing fully well that mine were indeed shorter. As I kept my foot next to Karin’s, Megan cried out, “My God! She has about an inch advantage over you, Luke.”

“She is taller, ergo..”

“Let’s compare hands,” Megan as not done embarrassing me. “Let’s go.”

Megan grabbed my wrist and held it against Karin’s. “See her hands are bigger, not broader but her fingers are longer than yours and your palms are the same size.” She said, “and her hands feel a lot harder than yours Luke.”

I tried to pull my hand from her grasp but she held my wrist tight, “And her wrist is bigger too, see?”

I saw the tip of her index finger touch the tip of her thumb around my wrist, and on Karin’s, there was a gap of about quarter of an inch.

Megan looked confused, “are you sure you’re siblings, cuz your sister looks like she can kick your ass.”

“Yeah, right,” I rolled my eyes.

“Karin, can you roll up your track pants? I want to see your legs. I bet they are bigger than Luke’s.

“Of course, they are. I have always been in sports, unlike Luke here,” and she pulled her pant legs up. Both Megan and I were shocked at the thickness of her calves. They were simply huge as they tapered down smoothly to slim ankles.

“They are simply unbelievable,” Megan exclaimed as Karin tightened her legs so a large bulbous calf muscle solidified. She felt it gingerly, feeling the hardness of the diamond shaped muscle. “They are certainly way bigger than either of ours,” she moaned, “I guess the only thing left is for you to show us your arms.”

Karin was happy to oblige, especially in front of such impressed audience. She pulled her half sleeves to her shoulders and flexed her arm. A big, elliptical shaped muscle bulged forth from her flawless skin. Megan ran her arm over her bulbous bicep with her mouth open. “It is almost as big, if not a tad bahis şirketleri bigger than Luke’s and Luke’s biceps don’t pop either.”

I was caught in cross hairs. My dick had hardened and I was half ashamed that my kid sister was having this effect on me.

“You’ve really filled out,” I said finally, trying to act nonchalant but my quivering voice was a dead giveaway.

“Thanks Luke! I’m surprised you never noticed them before,” she said patting her big flexed biceps, “I’ve had these puppies since I was twelve, not this big though.”

“Feel it Luke, it’s so hard and bulgy,” Megan insisted and I raised his trembling hand. My insides squirmed in delight as I felt the dense egg shaped muscle, I didn’t linger on it though, sharply aware of my erection and let go after one strong squeeze that did nothing to dampen the proud muscle.


Later that night as Megan and I snuggled in the bedroom, she whispered, “Karin is really muscular, isn’t she?”

I froze for a few seconds; “yeah, she is” I replied eventually.

“I saw your dick when you were feeling her muscles,” she said, “you were hard.”

“Um.. I don’t think so,” I murmured.

“Yes, you were Luke. I could see it clearly.. it was sticking out against the fabric.”

I didn’t want to answer. She was right. My dick was indeed hard, while I felt my sister’s bulbous biceps.

Megan lowered my underwear and grabbed my dick. She started stroking it lightly.

“Your sister is really something. She is tall and beautiful and so strong.. I think she is stronger than you, not just a little.. but way stronger than you.. I bet she can lift your soft body over her head.. would you like her to do that?” She purred.

The sensation of her hand on my erection and her words were indeed making me excited beyond belief.

“She can crush you in her big.. powerful arms. She can throw you around like a rag doll if she chooses.” By the looks of it, I wasn’t the only one getting excited by Karin’s muscles. Megan’s tone had a sort of longing.. a longing for my sister’s athletic body. “She can crush us both, I think. Do you think, I should worship her biceps as she lifts you overhead? Will she allow it?”

I moaned and Megan, letting go of my erection sat astride my dick, lowering herself on my shaft urgently. I was surprised to feel her pussy as she impaled herself on me. It was sopping wet. In all our time together, I had hardly seen her so fucking wet. She leaned forward and grabbed my wrists roughly. She pinned them over my head as she continued her grinding and thrusting.

“You like me pinning your arms like this. What if Karin did that? You wouldn’t even be able to move. She would crush your tiny wrists in her strong hands. Would you like that?” She moaned in ecstasy.

I just sat there as she thumped up and down my dick. “Would you like her to make us her bitch. Would you like to worship her big, sexy muscles with me? Tell me, tell me!” Her hoarse whisper had a sense of urgency all of a sudden.

“Yeah, I will Megan. I will do that with you.” I moaned back.

And then, she came like an avalanche. It was probably her most intense orgasm ever. I came about the same time, even my ejaculation was more powerful than ever. I could almost feel my huge gobs of semen meeting her love juices as they squirted out of her pussy on my dick.

She collapsed on me, panting and I ran my hands through her sweaty back.

“It was amazing, Luke.. best fuck ever.. Thank you.” She murmured. “Now all we need to do is to convince your sister to do it with us next time.”


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