Suburban Housewives Ch. 04

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Over the following weeks and months, Annie and Jen repeated their adventurous love making. Mostly meeting during week days while their families were off to work and school, the thirty something housewives found coffee or lunch amongst the most exciting things they ever participated in. As each week passed, they met for their special visits more often; sometimes three or four times a week; even going out on a weekend evening for an ostensible ‘girls’ night out’ that always resulted in a perverse demonstration of what they’d previously tried, while in one of their minivans, usually parked discreetly at some abandoned hideaway they discovered. All the while, keeping their activities on the down low, not wanting anyone they knew, especially their husbands, to know what they were up to.

In addition, they found their behavior only escalated into bolder, more brazen and experimental forms. More ass play (from rimming to fingering to fucking with small inanimate objects), more experimenting with fisting (Annie finding it much harder to take in Jen’s larger hand within her smaller love hole, only taking little more than half her fist but absolutely determined to receive more within it), spanking each other, again use of inanimate household or personal objects within their cunts (even the spike of a high shoe heel), smearing and eating of food off each others’ bodies, and foot play (Jen especially enjoyed riding Annie’s pretty little feet). Finally, on top of this, Annie was able to muster up enough courage to sneak into an adult sex shop to purchase some toys: a vibrator, dildo, strap on, and what became their favorite, a double headed dildo.

Jen was too shy to enter these stores at first, only after Annie had gone more than once did she join her there, where the two women giggled and fondled the various items, half-joking about what they’d do with them, all the while the young female store clerk was knowingly watching and grinning at them, “find everything you need?” she asked.

“Oh, I think we have,” Annie replied before she and Jen burst into laughter.

“Well, if you ladies ever need a little more, don’t hesitate to ask, alright?” the clerk’s eyes twinkled and a Cheshire style grin crossed her face, her hand softly landing on Jen’s hand as she did this.

Jen was taken aback at such a forward move by a stranger, but it also started a feeling of warmth down below. The clerk certainly was attractive, but she was so young; maybe twenty one or twenty two! “Why would she be interested in an old mother like her?,” she thought as she and Annie finished paying for their items, said their goodbyes to the pretty girl, and left the store.

As they drove back to Jen’s to look over and, perhaps, try out their new items; Jen continued to mull over what happened with the clerk, turning to her friend she said.

“Do you think I am pretty? I mean, not just to you but to other girls? It’s just that, well . . .did you see how that clerk looked at me and touched my hand?”

Annie roared with laughter, “Oh Jenny, yes, you are very pretty and sensual, I don’t doubt that little minx would have jumped into bed with you in a flash!” she assured her friend, “hey, maybe I could join you two?” she finished with a wink.

Jen pondered the possibility of being with this girl, both because of her age and, more so, just the idea of other women. Had she really become a lesbian? Of course not, she still loved her husband and enjoyed sex with him; then maybe she was fully bisexual? With desires to become a more promiscuous bisexual at that! She felt goose bumps all over then trembled a little before letting out a melancholy sigh.

“Whoa, what’s wrong sweetie?” Annie asked, now noticing her passenger’s unease. Her hand reached down from the steering wheel and ran up and down Jen’s upper leg.

“Oh, nothing really. I just think I might be a bisexual.”

Annie burst into uproarious laughter, almost driving off the road because of it, “dear, you’re only realizing that now?” Annie’s hand slipped up Jen’s skirt and rubbed Jen a little closer to her mound, Jen moan her appreciation. “I think that’s your answer, hun” Annie grinned.

When the girls finished going through and they then tried out their new items. Annie put on her new sheer black camisole with the perfectly cut out openings where her breasts poked through and matching crotch less panties, while Jen slipped on her new red leather micro miniskirt (and wearing nothing else) and then bent over to permit Annie access to her lovely large derriere so she may insert her brand new butt plug. At that point, Jen again broached the subject of other women, still bent over the table with her big, round ass in the air and the back end of the plug just barely visible out of her butthole; with Annie –breasts fully exposed through her camisole’s holes and her wet, clean shaven cunt through her panties’ exposed crotch- caressing, kissing, and licking Jen all over.

“Annie, you know what we talked about before in the car?” Jen spoke in a porno slightly hoarse, breathy manner as would be expected from someone in her position.

“You back onto that topic again!” Annie shook her head and gave Jen a little spank on her ass cheek.

“Ya, I was thinking . . .now don’t get angry, but . . .I was thinking it might be fun to try other people . . . er . . I mean, other women,” Jen hung her head down out of fear of what her lover might say. To her surprise, Annie just ran her hands up Jen’s chest and gave her breasts a warm squeeze, her exposed parts pressed up against Jen, before laying a sweet kiss on Jen’s neck.

“Why, that’s a wonderful idea, love, it’s almost like you were reading my mind!” Annie purred.

Jen jolted up and turned to her cohort, “Really, you really mean it?” she beamed.

“Mmmm, yes, I think we could have even better times, lover!” Annie crowed, while Jen’s nipples were toyed by her fingers.

“That sweet little thing at the sex shop would be a nice start, she sure liked you” Annie teased.

“No, I don’t think so, . . .I mean she was lovely but . . .she’s a total stranger and maybe a little too young. I might make a fool of myself with her.” Jen replied apprehensively, “if only there was someone older, someone I’d feel more comfortable with; at least at the start.”

“Hmmmm, I have an idea,” Annie mused, “it’s something I’ve noticed for some time now, but I didn’t want to say unless everyone was ok with it.”

“What do you mean?” Jen inquired with a groan as she then felt Annie’s tongue trace slowly down her bare back and Annie’s hand carefully twist the plug in her ass.

“She’s someone you know pretty well, someone I have noticed seems to be noticing you,” Annie paused and pulled at the plug before plunging it back inside its tight reciprocal.

Jen gasped and whimpered as she felt the twinge in her backside, “who, who do you mean?” she stammered as the plug was again retracted and plunged even deeper into her anus, its muscles tightening, almost helping draw in the hard object.

“It’s someone I know has a crush on you, she’s all but said it.” Annie repeated the process, digging deeper into her friend’s upward arched asshole.

“Who, damn it, who?!”

“Why, you remember Terri don’t you?”

Jen again jolted up and looked back at Annie, “Terri? Really? She likes me?”

Annie caressed Jen’s ass cheeks and lower back, “Oh yes, I think she does!” Annie smiled, again turning the plug inside Jen’s butthole. Jen was amazed but not disappointed. Terri, Annie, and Jen had become friends over the last couple of years; not as close as Annie and Jen, but a friend nonetheless.

“I will ‘feel her out’ to make sure, if you like?” Annie giggling at the double entendre she had made.

“Yes, please, I wouldn’t want to make a fool of myself,” Jen immediately bucked and arched her back as the plug was much more forcefully extricated and then ploughed deeply into her bunghole.

“I’ll set it up, then,” Annie grinned as she watched her minion writhe with pleasure and pain and saw small watery droplets usher from Jen’s little poop chute.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The next day, Annie called Terri to invite her over for coffee, as they were frequently prone to do. She indicated that Jen would also be there and wondered if that would be alright? Terri responded with muted enthusiasm, prompting Annie to wonder if this was due to Terri’s general interest in having a girly chat session or, instead, a more sexual interest in her younger friend.

“I’ll see you here around 9 tomorrow morning then, right after we deal with getting the kids to school?”

“It’s a date!” Terri chirped.

“Oh, and we’ll all be dressed more stylishly, maybe you can each help me with your opinions on some things I just purchased- you know, try on some new clothes?,” Annie spoke matter of factly, “just our own little fashion show, if you have anything you want to display- be our guest! I think Jen might have some things she wants our views on too.”

Terri affirmed the idea, thinking it would be wonderful to have a girls’ fashion show. Annie knew this was right up Terri’s alley, and hoped it would spur things onto something a little more provocative.

The next morning, Annie made sure everything was well set up. Nice scented candles, coffee on the go, and various articles of clothing were laid out on the dinning room table. The door bell rang, Annie answered to find Terri standing there, chicly attired in a form fitting silky red dress, with a V styled low cut collar, quite a high hem line (Terri was known to be a little flirty), bare legs, obviously no bra –as her very exposed cleavage demonstrated- but more likely a cup insert, a thong, and heels.

Like Jen and Annie, Terri was also a married mother, albeit of just one school aged child, also in her thirties (36, to be exact), who had met the other women at a school function anime porno (unlike Jen and Annie who had met at a playground they’d taken their children to). Terri was a woman of striking appearances. Tall, like Jen though 5’8″ not 5’9″, but lithe and limber with smaller breasts than Jen (but larger than Annie, at 34c). Also like Jen, she had very lovely, long legs; although more slender than the more voluptuous, statuesque Jen. Her hair was a much lighter, redder, almost strawberry blonde, color- though still brown enough not to be considered a blonde and was just a little shorter — almost a bob cut — than Jen’s hair. Her eyes were a sparkling green and she had an engaging smile with very pearly white teeth; not to mention a rather pretty face. More refined and sophisticated in appearance than either Annie or Jen (also, less ‘mousy’ housewife than Jen and generally less wild than Annie, though not by much!), Terri was notable for her sense of style and poise, as well as her flirtatious manner around men; not just her husband.

“Hey, Terri, how are you- you’re looking fabulous!” Terri and Annie hugged and the two women held each others’ waists for a minute as they looked each other over,

“Thanks, you’re looking pretty fetching yourself! Let me have a look at you” Terri held Annie by the hand and guided her into a twirl round to show herself off, “Very pretty outfit, sugar.”

Annie was wearing a short, pleated kilt, a very clingy form fitting open V sweater, thigh high nylons, with a very pretty, lacey black bra and matching panties.

“Oh thanks, but you’re always the one with real style!,” Annie half flirted as she complimented her guest.

“Nonsense, you have style, darling,” Terri reciprocated the flirty flattery before looking around the room with a somewhat disappointed look in her eyes.

“Looking for someone?” Annie asked knowingly, a mischievous grin on her face.

“Oh, um, I just thought Jen was coming too, I thought it would be that much more fun for our little fashion show,” Terri recovered gracefully, keeping Annie from badgering her anymore about her keen interest in Jen’s attendance.

Terri made her way inside, picking up a large bag she had brought with her before resting it on the same table that held Annie’s clothes. “These look like pretty clothes, Annie” Terri held some up, just then the door bell rang making Terri jump and quickly walk to the door, almost beating Annie to it. Sure enough it was Jen, all decked out in a lovely outfit: a chiffon blouse that was almost entirely see through, certainly more provocative than Jen was known for; a pink, bustier styled bra that was quite visible under her blouse and made her already sizeable bust seem all the bigger and pointer; a very attractive A-line styled skirt, whose hem was higher than Jen was commonly known for as well, and simple, delicate flat heeled shoes, so that she didn’t seem too tall beside Annie. Underneath her skirt, although not apparent at this time, Jen had worn no panties as she found all her underwear was either in the wash or simply showed too many lines through her skirt.

“Hi Annie, hi Terri,” Jen offered her pleasant, girl-next-door styled salutation to her friends, giving each a warm hug and slight rub of the back.

“We thought you’d never get here, isn’t that right Terri?” Annie looked teasingly at Terri who she caught staring at Jen’s breasts and quickly looked away, blushing.

“Oh, um, yes we were a little concerned, I guess,” Terri offered awkwardly. Jen smiled, she was beginning to see what Annie meant about Terri having a crush on her and was hopeful it would develop into more that morning.

“Alright, why don’t you go put your stuff with the rest of the clothes on that table then have a seat, while I get the coffee?” Annie directed, soon leaving the other two women to perform their tasks.

Jen laid her items on the table beside Terri’s before she joined Terri on the couch, making sure to cross her legs in a slow, sensual movement, her hand resting on her bare knee and her skirt’s hem purposely not pulled down straight as it should; exposing more leg than was normal for it. Terri threw a glance at Jen’s lovely, long legs before trying to compose herself and the two women engaged in their usual chit chat. Annie finally arrived with the coffee and the three women sat, gossiped, planned their ‘show,’ and drank their coffee. Finally, when they had finished, Annie got up, “ok girls, let the show begin!” and with that she lifted up her first article of clothing- a micro miniskirt and little tank top.

“Those are my first things, what do you have to start with?” Terri got up and pulled out a pretty button up top and a short denim skirt that matched. Jen shocked all three by pulling out a matching bra and panties set, though the panties were really just a little thong and the bra was a half cup that seemed a little too small.

Terri’s jaw dropped as she saw what Jen had, “Wow, those are some clothes to try on here. arap porno I didn’t know we were going to do that!”

“Annie did say it was a fashion show, right?” Jen snickered and combed back her hair with her fingers, “let the show begin!”

Annie began to disrobe, pulling off her sweater in one quick motion. “What, we’re changing here too?” Terri gasped.

Annie shrugged, “Sure, why not, it’s not like we haven’t seen these things before, besides it’s faster this way,” with that Annie’s skirt fell to the ground and she stepped out of them to begin putting her new clothes on, making sure to take her time and showing herself off. Jen wasn’t the only one giving her attention and feeling flushed; Terri was also growing in her admiration for the petite woman’s fine form as she strode around the room flaunting her new attire.

Annie giggled and winked at her friends before standing akimbo, legs parted and hands on her hips in a haughty, impudent pose, “I think I like this and the attention I’m getting!” she laughed, making the others laugh along with her.

Terri followed suit, her lovely gown was soon laid upon the table, exposing her still very firm breasts and cute little thong that demonstrated she was not fully shaved. “Oh my, very nice,” Jen grinned. Terri returned her grin and thanked her before putting on her other clothes.

“Yes, very nice indeed!” Jen stated again as she watched Terri slip on the top and skirt, then as she walked out and made a turn as if on a catwalk.

“You really like it?” Terri smiled.

“Oh yes, really fits you in all the right places!” Jen replied, while Annie nodded in agreement. Terri blushed but then turned again and wiggled her behind at the girls; making both of their mouths water and warm their nether regions.

“OK, it’s my turn now,” Jen gushed as she somewhat shyly removed each article of clothing, soon leaving her pink bra as the only thing still covering her body.

Terri gasped when Jen removed her skirt to show she had nothing underneath, “My god, Jenny, you haven’t put any panties on!”

“Ya, I know, I just didn’t have anything left that would go with this skirt . . .you know, that wouldn’t show lines?” Terri gulped and bit her lip a little, feeling a growing surge of warm, wetness between her legs as she saw her friend’s cleanly shaven vulva. Jen maintained a sweet grin, playing the part of the naïf as she took her time gathering her new clothes, even knocking over something ‘accidentally’ so that she’d have to bend over to get it and push her well rounded ass in the air toward Terri and Annie.

Finally, Jen slipped on the tiny thong that hardly covered her lips and, of course, left her butt cheeks fully visible. After this, Jen unclasped her bra and let it slide slowly down her chest and arms but teasingly turned away to get her other bra just as her ample bosom was to be revealed in all its splendor. When she turned back, her new bra was now on, though not clasped on, “Terri, would you mind clasping this thing, it seems to be a little fussy?” Terri felt strangely awkward for such a flirt, but finally mustered up some courage and agreed, helping Jen hitch her new bra in the back. When Jen stood out to show her new lingerie off, it made her two companions both feel a strong twinge of lust; as the bra was obviously a little too small and its half moon shape barely held her larger breasts in and still managed to expose the tops of her nipples’ areolas.

“You like?” Jen asked, running her hands lightly over her breasts, down her sides and rested them on her bottom, arching her back a little to accentuate her bosoms’ size.

Terri was realizing just how much she liked how Jen looked, as her nipples hardened noticeably poking out of her tight top. Annie’s were equally hardened, but this was expected since she and Jen had been lovers for a few months, while Terri had yet to really explore this avenue of her sexuality.

“Well girls, what else do you have to put on?”

Terri shook her head, sorry that was it for me.”

“Same here, honey, I guess we weren’t as prepared for our fashion show as you!” Annie feigned disappointment. Meanwhile, Annie could see Terri’s growing lust and knew that, although she and Terri may find each other attractive, it was Jen that Terri wanted now. As Annie pondered this reality, Jen grabbed her skirt and top and put them back on, leaving her new lingerie on underneath.

Annie realized that, at this stage, perhaps three was a crowd; she suddenly looked up and stammered excitedly, “well, I just realized that I left some of my new things at my in-laws when I was there with the kids yesterday!” Annie quickly grabbed her bag, put on her heels and pulled out her keys, “I’ll be back in half an hour, you girls carry on with your visit while I am gone, you hear?” Annie winked a little at Jen before stepping out the door, without any concern about what others may think if they saw a thirty something married mother wearing a micro mini skirt and very revealing tank top.

“Since we have to wait, we might as make ourselves comfortable, have a seat?” Jen offered the couch to Terri before joining her there. The two girls sat somewhat nervously together before awkward attempts at chit chat emerged.

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