Summer School

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When my wife was alive, we’d often read sex stories together and act out some of the tamer stories to help stimulate our love life. My wife died two years ago and we enjoyed nearly 20 years of happy marriage. However it was only thanks to another woman that I got off the starting blocks where my sex life was concerned and in hindsight it made all the difference when it came to those first few dates with my wife.

By the time I was 18 I’d had no sexual encounters Having grown up with a couple of younger brothers and no sisters and having attended Catholic boys schools, I’d never really had a chance to mix with girls. Other boys in my year at school had girlfriends and were having sex but not me. I’d always thought that the women written about in porn didn’t exist as we had been taught that women only perform sex as a duty to their husbands and those who like it were sluts.

After I left school I was planning to go onto university. I had nearly three months after my A-levels finished and before starting uni and because I wanted some cash I took a job cutting lawns. This was the summer of 1984 and it started with a heat wave. During the first week I met my clients who were friends of my parents or other people mum & dad knew through the golf club. On the third day I turned up at a large house and was greeted by the lady of the house who introduced herself as Suzie. She showed me the garden and where the lawnmower was kept. As she showed me round I was staring more at her than the garden. At the time Dempsey and Makepiece was being shown on television and this woman looked just like Glynis Barber. I guessed she was in her late thirties and in the heat she had a summer dress on that clung to her figure as she walked. Nowadays I probably have a rose tinted view of the day as I also remember that it was very hot and I was sweating in my shorts and T-shirt before I’d even started work.

I started cutting the grass and I had completed about a third of it when Suzie came down the garden with a drink. It was a welcome relief and I drank it all in one go. She was a little surprised and asked if I’d like another. I nodded and she beckoned me to follow her into the house. We sat in the kitchen which was lovely and cool as she’d drawn blinds over the windows. She made me another drink and I began to cool down. I drank Kolej Escort the second drink more slowly and then she started asking me about myself and if I had a girlfriend. The questions then got a bit more personal and I started to feel awkward. Suzie could see this and came and sat down next to me. “I take it you’re still a virgin, there’s no need to feel embarrassed about it,” she said, “all people start at some time, and women do actually enjoy sex.” I relaxed then and began to open up telling her about my lack of experience. “Have you ever kissed a girl,” she asked and then asked more questions getting more intimate. As I answered each one and told her about my background she started to smile. She then moved in and started to kiss me. She pressed her lips against mine and then pushed her tongue out to part my lips and feel inside my mouth. By this stage I was extremely passive and my eyes were wide open as I’d never been kissed like this before. She broke away and gave some advice before we continued. This time it was much more fun and I closed my eyes and explored her soft mouth with my tongue.

The next thing I felt was Suzie taking my hand and placing it on her breast. In the heat she wasn’t wearing a bra and I could feel the softness of her breast easily through the thin fabric of her dress. Unfortunately that was too much for me and I ejaculated in my pants. I pulled away embarrassed and was very flustered. I looked down to see a large wet patch spreading across my shorts and went bright red. Suzie started laughing which made things worse, but soon calmed down and apologised. She helped clean me up and let me get on with the work.

When I turned up a week later I was feeling apprehensive. I said Hello to Suzie and then got on with the grass. The heat wave had continued into another week and so it was still very hot. When I was nearly finished Suzie invited me into the house and asked if I wanted to take a shower. I said yes as I needed to freshen up. She left me alone while I showered and changed and when I came downstairs she was sitting in the kitchen. The scene was similar to the week before with Suzie sitting at the table in another thin dress. I sat down and started to drink from the glass she’d set down in front of me. She then started Sincan Escort chatting about the week before. I relaxed as she had a nice way of talking.

Again she moved in and started to kiss me, as before I responded and enjoyed the warm wet feeling of her mouth. I moved my hand up to her breast and stiffened as I worried that the same thing that happened last week would happen again. As I touched her I realised I’d gone straight for her nipple. As I brushed my hand against it briefly searching for a less erotic spot, she stiffened and I felt her breasts harden in my hand. I started to massage one breast through the thin fabric. She started to breathe more deeply and then moved my hand inside her dress. As before she had no bra and it was my first time feeling female flesh. I loved the warm soft feeling of her skin and massaging her breast was lovely. We continued this heavy petting for a while and then she broke away looking flushed and said we’d done enough for the day.

The following week passed very slowly as I was looking forward to my next lesson. When Wednesday morning arrived I woke up and knew something wasn’t going to be right. Overnight the weather had broken and when I drew back my curtains I was greeted by a wall of rain and grey skies. I knew I would have to cancel cutting Suzie’s grass and felt disappointed as there was no way I could conjure an excuse to visit her.

I had to wait another long week before it was time to visit again and on the morning I was greeted by bright sunshine. I immediately got up, cycled round and Suzie was waiting for me. She told me not to bother starting on the grass as she wanted to take me a step further and was now enjoying being my sex tutor. She led me upstairs and lay on the bed. I moved in and started to kiss her and then moved my hand up the skirt of her dress. Underneath she had no underwear and I soon felt the thatch over her vagina. I moved my hand closer and she whispered in my ear, “slow down.” I giggled and moved my hand higher up to her breasts and gently massaged them in turn. Soon she pulled away and pulled her dress over her head. Due to the heat, the curtains in the bedroom were drawn and I could see the outline of her body. She was even more attractive undressed than dressed and she Yenimahalle Escort lay there while I admired her naked form.

She pulled me back onto the bed and I continued fondling. Every so often she’d say something to help me and after an eternity my fingers circled close to her vagina. I wanted to push my fingers in, but knew that I needed to hold back a little. Suzie could sense my hesitance and took my hand, she placed one of my fingers on the button of her clit and showed me how to stimulate it. Again the feeling of touching her pussy and her wetness was too much and I erupted, spraying my load everywhere. When I calmed down, Suzie helped me clean myself up and we resumed. This time I was able to control myself as I gently stimulated her. I slowly worked her up to an orgasm and was a little shocked when she arched her back and was fighting for breath. When she’d got her breath back, she kissed me fully on the mouth and said thank you. I asked her what had happened and she told me that I’d given her an orgasm. I smiled not really knowing what was going on and she told me that we’d done enough for another day.

Over the coming weeks Suzie slowly introduced me to foreplay, oral sex and intercourse. It was a while before she allowed me to penetrate her as she was worried about my earlier premature ejaculations. When I finally did get the chance I enjoyed it immensely feeling the inside of her and pushing my tool right inside her and finally climaxing, filling her snatch with my hot seed.

Alas all good things come to an end and towards the end of September it was time for me to finish my work and start at university. Suzie and I had one last session as a going away present. I spent the whole day and night with her making love. As a young lad I was very virile and able to satisfy her again and again. The following morning we said goodbye and we both said thank you to each other.

At university I met a few girls in my first year, nothing lasted very long, but they were always impressed by my sexual ability. After a year at university the summer holidays came round again. I decided to continue doing the same work I’d done last summer. As I sat with my parents asking about potential clients, I mentioned Suzie’s name and dad told me that she’d moved to the Middle East with her husband. I felt quite sad that I wouldn’t be seeing her again for our weekly lessons or to properly say thank you for the help she gave.

Now, nearly 30 years later I look back fondly on that hot summer and wherever you are Suzie, the Glynis Barber lookalike, I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a badly needed helping hand on my road to sexual fulfilment.

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