Summer with C Ch. 12

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Dawn arrived and I awoke. C was lying on her front, face toward me. She looked properly disheveled and sexy as all hell. Before I headed for the bathroom I gently peeled the sheet back to reveal her lovely body. The position she was in provided a great view of the succulent fruit that I’d feasted on the night before. I looked down at my erection and thought that we should do something about that. In the bathroom I quietly washed up. The soapy warm water felt wonderful and I stroked my self for a while like that before rinsing and drying, then headed back to the bed.

Gently I crawled onto and across the bed so that the tip of my cock was positioned inches from her face, then lowered myself until it grazed her lips. Involuntarily she parted them lightly and then a little more, eventually enough that I was able to slip first the head in and then some of the shaft. Slowly I began a little in and out and slowly she too awoke. She became more actively involved, sucking and them using her hands to stroke my balls and play with my cock. I reached down and played with her pussyslit which was getting more and more juicy by the moment. My middle finger slipped inside her and I simultaneously gaziantep escort bayan fingerfucked and facefucked her.

But I wanted my cock inside her cunt. I lay down and pulled her over and atop me, then watched as she straddled and lowered herself onto my shaft. I watched as it disappeared inside her. It was that gooey sloppy morning after type sex. C bounced up and down slowly and sensuously with her eyes closed and a deeply satisfied look on her face. Her tongue would dart out between and across her lips from time to time and occasionally her eyes opened and stared at me as she impaled herself over and over and over. Her tits bounced ever so slightly as she did and each stroke took me closer to the edge. She ground her pelvis against mine and I thrust my hips high off the bed as she did.

Just as I thought I couldn’t hold out any more, she convulsed intensely, locking her legs around my sides, sending me into my own throbbing climax. It seemed to go on forever, but eventually she collapsed against me, still kneeling with her legs at my sides, like a fetal position straddling me with my cock still inside her. We lay there like that for at least a half hour. My cock eventually went limp and slipped out of her and she headed for the bathroom. There was a huge puddle of cum at my crotch and I was immensely pleased when C returned with a warm wet washcloth to mop it up. After she peed we climbed into the shower together and had a hot slippery session soapy of groping and fondling and bodies sliding over each other.

I dressed and went to the car to retrieve her purse which she’d left there the night before. I’ll never cease to be amazed at the amount of stuff a woman can get into a purse, but out came hairbrush and cosmetics, the hairdryer in the bathroom was revved up and before long she was ready to head out.

Except that she was still naked. All that she’d worn the night before was the chemise, and pulling that off in broad daylight on a Saturday morning was really stretching things. I went to a drawer in the dresser, pulled out some things that I’d left there the previous afternoon when I had first checked into the room and handed them to her. On went sassy little white cotton thong panties, a white T, and white Reeboks with pale grey striping. It was both cute and sexy as all hell at the same time, the white contrasting her tan nicely. The hem of the T came barely past her crotch, so it seemed like she was all legs and the fabric did little to disguise her nipples. She looked in the mirror, then pawed through her purse for a minute to locate a band to pull her hair back in a ponytail. Perfect.

We headed for the lobby and then the car. As we drove to her place she confessed “Last night was the first time I’ve ever been on the receiving end of oral sex”. I glanced over at her.

“It was incredible. I guess it was also the first time I’ve ever really had an orgasm. I thought I had in the past, but nothing ever like what I experienced last night and this morning.”

“Maybe its just the degree of one that’s the difference.” “No, it was entirely different. I’ve never been consumed like that, never lost control of my body like that. In the past I’ve experienced something that was pleasant in some cases, but I always wondered what the big deal was all about. I knew there had to be more to it than what I’d felt.”

“We’ll have to make certain that happens often.”

She sat there with a very sweet and contented look on her face before getting out. I sat in the car and watched longingly as she skipped up the walk to her building then disappeared into the vestibule.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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