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My friends thought it was funny to hire a stripper for my birthday. They thought it was even funnier to make sure that the stripper was a big girl, pushing 300 pounds. I know they thought I’d be turned off, just like they would be. I know they thought I’d pretend to be happy, and chase her off really quickly, like they would have. I know that’s what the stripper was thinking, as I could see it in her eyes when she walked into my apartment. She started her dance, and as she stripped down, I could feel my cock getting harder and harder.

She was a big woman, true. I like big women. She was the hottest thing I’d seen in a long time, and I was damned if I wasn’t going to try to get her in my bed. She wasn’t really into the dancing at first, but once she saw the eager look on my face, and more importantly, the swelling in my shorts, she got into it a lot more. So much so, that she actually went further than she normally did, and actually stripped down to a tiny g-string and pasties. She gyrated a little, and when the music faded, I asked her if she would consider removing the g-string, as well. She looked at me, then at my bulging crotch, then back at me.

“I’ll take off the g-string, if you strip down to your underwear. Otherwise, no deal.”

I shrugged, and I know she thought I wasn’t going to do it. I stood up and pulled my shirt over my head, and unzipped my jeans, letting them fall to the floor. I was wearing a pair of boxer briefs that were tented like a circus was in town, and playing in my pants. Her eyes widened as she took in the view, and she swallowed hard.

“Okay, I guess you’ve done what I asked, so I’ll do what you want. Before I do, why?”

“Why what? Why do I want to see you completely naked?”

“Yes. Why? Are there a dozen of your friends waiting to jump out and embarrass me? Cameras hidden in kartal escort the walls recording every move I make? Why would you want to see my fat ass naked?”

“Because I think you are one sexy woman, and I would honestly love to see you naked. No cameras, no friends in hiding, no hidden anything. It’s just you, me, and an opportunity for the both of us to have some fun. No pressure, if you don’t really want to take them off, don’t. I promise, I’m serious about this.”

She licked her lips, and I could see the desire warring with her own natural caution. Her nipples were erect, and she was slightly flushed. Her eyes dropped to my package, and she finally smiled.

“I’ll take mine off, but then you have to take yours off. If you do that, then…I’ll know you’re serious.”

I smiled, knowing I was going to be making love to this beautiful creature very soon.

“I’ll go you one better.” I stood up and pushed off my briefs, letting my hard cock spring out into the open. She gasped when she saw how large it is. I was blessed with a cock of more than average length, and it’s thick enough to be quite the lady pleaser. She watched it bob as I sat back down, and she smiled. She turned her back to me, and peeled her panties off slowly, giving me quite the show. I could see the moisture soaked into the crotch, and the smell of her sweet snatch drifted into the air immediately. As the panties hit the floor, I reached out and pulled her closer to me. She moved back willingly, and I buried my face in her tremendously fleshy ass. She groaned as my tongue made contact with her pussy, and wiggled her way closer still.

I teased and sucked her pussy from behind, and ran my tongue along the rim of her ass, causing her to jump, then relax into my efforts even more. She groaned her way through a noisy orgasm that coated maltepe escort bayan my face with her juices, and I lapped up as much as I could. She finally pulled away, and dropped to her knees in front of me. She wrapped one hand around my cock, and slowly stroked the shaft as she licked the head. It was my turn to moan, as she really knew how to treat a cock. All at once, she swallowed my cock, and took it deep into her hot mouth. I leaned back, and enjoyed the fun.

She sucked me hard and fast, really getting into the job. It was all I could do to keep from coming in her mouth right away she was so good. I finally had to pull her away, and had her move up on the couch next to me. I kissed her full lips, and our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. I could taste my own precum on her tongue, just as I’m sure she tasted herself on mine. I moved my way down to those monster tits, and gave each one lots of attention. She lifted each one for me to sample, and I sucked her nipples, and kissed every bit of skin I could. My hand slipped to her wet cunt, and I slid my fingers inside her. She was wet and messy, just the way I like it. Between my actions on her tits, and my fingers in her snatch, she was begging me to fuck her.

I moved between her thighs, and guided my cock into her. She immediately wrapped her legs around my back, and pulled me deep inside of her. I pulled my cock almost all the way out, and slammed it home, making her big tits jiggle and quiver with each stroke. I rode this girl for all she had to give me, and just as she exploded into yet another orgasm, I felt my own coming quickly. She must have sensed it, and she pushed me away, only to bring my cock to her mouth. She stroked my cock to release, and as the first wave shot free, she aimed it right on her face. Spurt after spurt of seed escort pendik landed on her face, and she loved every second of it. By the time I was done, her face was covered with my come.

“Holy shit, that was hot. I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time.”

I collapsed next to her, and we laid there for a short time. She got up and found the bathroom, and washed her face off. When she came out, she was surprised to see that my cock was more than halfway hard again.

“My god, that’s incredible. I’ve never seen a guy get hard again so quickly.”

“I’m just lucky, I guess. Can you think of anything to do with this, or do I have to waste it?”

She smiled, and came towards me.

“There’s no way I’m letting this thing go to waste. I know just where I want this thing to go.”

She dropped back to her knees, and presented her wide ass for me. I smiled, and bent down to lube her asshole. I got her good and ready, and guided my cock to her hot hole. She moaned as the head of my cock slipped in, and cried out once as she pushed back, forcing my cock into her ass to the hilt. I grabbed those big hips, and slowly built up a good head of steam. Pretty quickly, I was going full speed in her ass, and she was loving every second of it. I could see her tits bouncing with each thrust, and every time I slammed it home, her ass jiggled. This was one hot big girl!

She came more than once from my efforts, and I felt my own explosion building as well. She moaned, and told me she wanted to feel me come in her ass, and made sure she pushed back on me with each stroke. I groaned once, and let my second load fly. She arched her back, and I filled her ass with my seed. We collapsed to the carpet, and lay there, completely spent. She finally got up and slowly dressed, clearly satisfied. I got up and put my own clothes back on, and walked her to the door. Before I opened the door, I kissed her long and deep. I slipped my card in her hand, and told her she was welcome to strip for me anytime.

As she walked out the door, she turned and smiled.

“By the way, my name is Gina.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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