Surprise Adventure in My Mind

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A friend and I have discussed watching our wives having intercourse with other men. We both find this experience very exhilarating. Unfortunately, for both of us, our wives will no longer engage in that activity, so we have been reliving our past as we correspond over the Internet. We have never met nor has either of us seen the other’s wife. We discuss what we would do if either wife would offer herself, but we both know it will never happen. That day has passed, at least in the flesh, but not in the mind.

My wife and I are watching TV as usual. She had a hard day at school and wants me to rub her feet. She had already changed into her nightgown (a flannel, unfortunately). I rub her feet for a while, then her legs and knees (she has knee problems, as well). She is lying on the couch, with her feet in my lap. After her knees (the movie now complete and the news coming on) I change position a little to start working on her thighs. I guess you already know where I’m heading.

Soon I’m laid out on the couch between her legs and find her quite moist and ready. I work my tongue between those lips and slide it along the folds until I find her clitoris. I suck it in and she moans a little. I stiffen my tongue and start lashing it back and forth across the swelling little bundle of nerves. It isn’t long before she grabs the back of my head and pulls me into her tight. Thrusting up into my face she gasps a little every now and then.

I think of my friends wife, thinking that instead of a little gasp every now and then, she would be saying things like, “Ooh, yes! That feels good. Keep it up, baby. Ooh! Yes! Yes… that feels sooo good.”

Deb is beginning to thrust a little harder and quicker now, so I flatten my tongue against her clitoral area, swishing it back and forth as quickly as I can. She pulls my head in even tighter, stopping her thrusts for a moment, and then begins to shudder as she is over come by her orgasm. She tightens her thighs against my head and pushes me away, turning her whole body to the left, without saying a word.

His wife, on the other hand, pulls my head even tighter into her pussy as I eat her clit, wanting me, needing me to take her to an even higher plateau of orgasmic pleasure. I imagine her holding my head and thrusting ever harder into my mouth, crying, “Eat me, baby! Eat my pussy! I’m going to cum, honey! Ooh yes! I’m cumming… ooh yes! I’m cum… Yes! Yes! Keep licking it. Oooh… yes… yes.…” And all the while she is bucking into my face. It’s hard to hold on, but I continue to whisk my tongue across her clit as her orgasm builds and builds.

My wife just lays there in the fetal Bostancı Escort position, convulsing in her own orgasmic bliss, as I try to pull her over on her back and spread her legs; but she isn’t having any part of that. Instead, I mount her from the side. I work one knee between her pulled up legs and place my hands on either side of her shoulders. On her side below me, I slid my cock between her cheeks, trying to find her opening. After several failed attempts, Deb raises her upper leg, grabs my cock and directs its head to the proper position. I thrust and drive it in, to the hilt, hearing a slight gasp from my wife.

His wife is still holding my head between her legs and although she has already started coming down from her high, she is still wantonly thrusting into my face and begging me to continue. Now that her thrusts are not as violent, I take one hand and reach up to begin massaging her soft round breasts. The other hand I slide under me and up between her legs, palm up, until my chin rests in that hand. I insert my middle finger through the profusion of her juices. Reaching in as far as I can, I rub that finger back and forth across the top of her love tunnel; hoping that I’m reaching her G-spot. All the while my tongue continues to attack a very hard and considerably extended miniature cock. My finger must have found that spot, because almost immediately she is thrusting and convulsing as hard as ever. His wife is moaning and groaning and saying words that are unintelligible. I hear words like, “Yes! Yes! Oooh God! Yes! Eat me! I’m cumming, again.” in between other audibles I can’t understand.

I thrust into my wife, while thinking I am still eating his. I want to give more pleasure, however my wife just wants me to cum and have it over with, I guess. She is still convulsing a little as I thrust into her. However, when she allows me to enter her in the missionary position after I have eaten her to climax, her orgasms last a lot longer. She gasps a lot more and sometimes even cries. Her orgasm, although slightly diminished, seems to stay with her until I finally fill her loins with my seed. But, not tonight. Tonight I just get to thrust and meet my needs, almost alone.

I say almost alone, because I have this image of his wife that I’m still eating. She has come down from her second orgasm and is now climbing towards her third. I suck in her clit this time and while holding it between my lips I slash across its tender head with the tip of my tongue. I push my finger tighter into her box, rubbing the top of the tunnel faster and harder. Suddenly she bucks up into my face so hard I loose her clit. Coming Kadıköy Escort down I find it again, but must pull my hand from her breast so I can hang on. She thrusts and thrusts into my face. Her orgasm is just as hard as her previous two, except now instead of asking for more she asks, “Oooh god!…. Fuck me!…. Please… fuck me!”

My wife’s orgasm has passed and she lies there waiting for me to have mine. She’s thrusting to meet my lunges, but her thrusts are there to help me get off, not to meet her own needs, not thrusts of desire.

His wife, however, still begs me to fuck her. In fact she is pleading for anyone to fuck her. I imagine that I crawl up on her, quickly finding her drenched love canal, I plunge in to the hilt. She gasps a quick ‘thank you’ and begs to be fucked hard, to fill her up, to give her all I have, and I try to do just that.

I’m still thrusting into my wife, but with new vigor. She thrusts back in tempo with me, but I’m somewhere else right now. I’m being begged to fuck someone else’s wife. I’m enjoying the pleasure I’m giving. She apparently enjoys that pleasure as well, based on her responses and begging for more. And her husband is enjoying the sight of his wife giving pleasure to another man and is very proud of her capabilities.

I pull myself up tight against her pelvic bone, trying to provide as much pressure as I can against her clit. I grab hold of the arm on the couch, using it for leverage so I can thrust even harder. With each thrust I role across her body. I feel her breasts role underneath me. I feel her hard nipples burning into my chest. She begs for more, “Yes! Yes! That’s it! Fuck me. Fuck me good and hard. Oooh yes!… You know… what you’re doing…. Oooh, yes!… I’m close… again…. A little harder, baby…. I’m so clooose…. Yes! Yes!… Fuck me!… Fuck me!… I’m cumming…. Come with me…. Fill me with your cum…. Oooh! Yes!… I’m cum…. Ooh! Oooh!” She continues to moan, but now in terms that are no longer intelligible.

The thoughts of his wife begging like that now bring me to my own climax as I thrust as hard as I can into my wife. My cock jerks once… twice… and the ejaculate bursts forth against the entrance of two women’s wombs. I lean forward on my wife and squeeze his wife’s breasts. I pull on them, my fingers grasping and releasing in time with the pumping action of my cock. Now it is my turn to yell and scream, “Yes, baby!” I answer his wife. “I’m cumming too…. Fuck me… back, honey…. Augh! Augh!…” I moan with each pump of my cock, now too intense to say anything else. As I begin to wind down, but still pumping my load, I’m able to respond again with, “I’m filling Göztepe Escort you with my seed, baby. Giving you what you want. Tell me that’s what you want?”

My wife says nothing. His wife says, “Yes, baby. Fill me up with your cum. Cool me off with that love juice. I can feel it everywhere inside me. It feels good, baby. Sooo good.” Both my wife and his stroke the back of head lovingly as I lay on top of them exhausted and panting.

After some recuperation we slowly untangle and move to the bedroom. Deb is fast asleep in a second, but his wife gives me that come hither look. I quickly get down between her legs and once again find her clit with my lips. I softly suck it between my lips and very tenderly begin to massage it with my tongue. I feel my jism against my cheek as some has run out and flows down her thigh. I remove my mouth from her lips and begin cleaning her thighs with my tongue. “Uuuum, that’s nice.” his wife purrs. “I’ve never had anyone clean me like that before.”

Encouraged, I work my way up to her opening, ensuring I have cleaned everything on the outside. Then I start on her love lips, sucking each one into my mouth, until I can no longer taste myself. I imagine her still sitting on the couch, sideways at one end with the vee that joins her legs right on the edge. I am on my knees in front of her, paying homage to the love goddess before me.

Deb is snoring now, next to me in the bedroom.

I can feel his wife starting to respond to my ministrations. Her hand is running through my hair and every once in a while I look up at her and smile. I admire her. This is a real woman, in touch with her feelings and not afraid to let go and enjoy. I think of her husband sitting over in the chair playing with himself and I am envious at how lucky he is to have a wife that will share herself with others to give her husband everything he desires. And I think how proud he must feel that her performance can totally satisfy three people at once.

My fantasy goes on for quite awhile as my hand flails up and down my returned rigidity. His wife asks him to join us. She has him come to the end of the couch so she can take him into her mouth. I lick deep into her love nest once more, while she moans her appreciation around his cock. (I bet that humming feels good). After I’m sure she is completely cleaned out I return to her clit and work it until she is cumming again. I step aside and let her husband take her this time as she begs to be fucked by someone, anyone. When he finishes, I’m hard again and almost without missing a stroke, I’m inside her until I too, cum for the second time. This time all over my hand as my wife continues to snore next to me.

I send him a copy of this the next day on the Internet, thanking him for sharing his sexy wife with me. His reply is short, “No, thank you! It’s best sex I’ve had in a long time. When can I return the favor?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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