Surreptitious Love Ch. 13

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It was November now, and the weather had gotten slightly nippy. Nguyet had moved in with her friend and suggested that she take a day off from work so we could meet during the week. We settled for the following Tuesday, and she told me where the apartment was. Apparently, it was the same building where I had met Tuyet, the 18-year-old, once last summer. It was a different apartment, though.

As Nguyet’s roommate was away during the day, any time would work, as long as I was gone by half past four. Nguyet wanted me to meet her eventually but not at this point. Similar to Tuyet, Nguyet had instructed me to wait across the street if I saw someone going up or down the outside staircase. As I didn’t see anyone, I went straight up and slipped in the door when she opened it. We kissed but then she eloped to take a quick shower. She pointed at a book on the coffee table for me to look at while I was waiting.

I looked around the room first. It was pleasantly furnished and tidy. Apparently, her roommate had the bedroom, while Nguyet got the living room here. The book on the table was Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks, and I had just started browsing some of the sketches in the back of the book when a bunch of papers fell out. They were drawings of leg and arm muscles and a woman lying on her back; in many ways, they were similar to Leonardo’s. Those neat pencil drawings were excellent, I thought, and now I dimly remembered that Nguyet had mentioned that she liked drawing in pencil or charcoal.

When she came out of the shower, she was wearing soft white shorts, which were a little too big for her, and an older white sweater with stitched flowers on the front. It didn’t look like she was wearing a bra. She lied down on the bed couch in the corner of the room. She put a pillow under her head and said she was exhausted. She had shaved her legs recently and her small frame looked enticing. I always loved seeing that division between the large front thigh-muscle and the back. However, I decided to wait for the invitation to come over.

“Do you wanna sleep?” I asked, just to be polite.

“Not now that you’re here.”

“So, when did you move in?”

“About two weeks ago,” she told me.

“Is everything going well with your roommate?” I asked her.

“So far so good. We both work, so we only see each other in the evenings. And that’s good, so we’re not alone,” Nguyet summarized.

“Is she cute?” I had to ask.

“I wouldn’t say ‘cute’, but she’s fairly attractive. She wears glasses and is a little on the chunky side. I don’t think we’ll have sex with her,” Nguyet said, reading my mind. “That would be awkward,” she added.

“Do you sleep together?” I asked since I knew that many young, unmarried Asian women did that.

“No, not yet. I guess if it gets colder, maybe,” she surmised.

She was stretching now, and her belly showed, which brought me to the subject of anatomy.

“Hey, I found some drawings in the book here. Did you do them?” I asked.

“Yes, but a long time ago. Show them to me,” she requested.

I held a drawing of some leg muscles up so that she could see it.

“Yeah, I did those when I was a first-year student in college,” she confirmed.

“That’s more than ten years ago. You’re good. Do you have other things I could look at?” I wanted to know.

“Yes, but they are at my parents’ house. I’ll bring some over the next time,” she promised. “Just remind me, will you?”

Somehow, she kartal escort seemed to be getting over her exhaustion. She grinned mischievously and ruffled her hair. She rubbed her belly and opened the top button of her shorts. And then another one, and another one. Apparently, there was no zipper. I could now see the top of her white panties. She looked like a tennis pro from the 1970s. All white.

Nguyet pulled her sweater up almost up to her face now and showed me her breasts, still grinning. Her eyes were sparkling above her hands, which were still holding the lower seam of her sweater. Her breasts had never been anything spectacular, but I liked her newly found confidence. Even though she had the smallest set of breasts among everyone we knew, she was keen on showing them off. And it was true: They did turn me on.

Looking at her on the bed, with an erection coming, I opened my pants and took them off slowly. My dick wasn’t whipping in the air yet, only pointing upward at a 30-degree angle. I conceived an idea:

“Do you wanna draw my dick?”

She lowered her sweater and said: “Yes, but it’s gotta be really stiff.”

“Well, it’s on its way, and don’t we know a few things to get it stiff?!”

“Yeah,” she agreed, “but everything we do makes me horny, too, and then I can’t draw.”

I guessed she had a point there. I was at a loss for a moment, though, what we could do to get my dick nicely stiff without arousing her too much. That would rule out kissing, a blowjob, handjob, or fingering. Pretty much all the classics. Maybe I should stroke my dick myself? Just as I was about to admit that I didn’t have a good idea, she took off her shorts, rolled over on the belly, and pulled her panties down just below her buttcheeks. Now, her porcelain butt, with the little black fur in between, was sandwiched between her white panties and her white sweater. She lifted up her mid-section like an Easter bunny, looked back at me, and grinned. It was quite a sight to behold. My whole body instantly became nauseously full of desire.

I loved the sight so much that I was thankful that I had already removed my pants. My dick was relieved to be out in fresh air, and with every heartbeat, my glans pushed itself further and further through the foreskin. Nguyet got up, pulled up her panties, and looked for pencils. When she had found some, she sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at me.

“Your cock looks nice. Do you want me to draw you in full, or just your dick?”

“Whatever you prefer, but I’d say just my dick today and not much else. Just a little background, perhaps. That’ll be quicker. I’m disgustingly horny already. I’ll sit for a full drawing some other time,” I said, as I was keen on fucking her.

“Okay. Just lean back a little and turn towards the window,” she directed me. “I’ll draw your midsection in the background.”

“Just make sure your mom doesn’t find the drawing,” were the last words I said before I embarked on an unmitigated journey of swelling desire.

She sat down on the desk chair, close to the window, and put the pencil to the paper. I tried not to move too much. My dick was nicely swollen but not fully up yet. I thought that for the last ten percent I might need some visual support. I could sense her bush through her panties, but the view was partially blocked by her drawing pad. Her nipples protruding through her sweater were nice too, but what else could there be?

The room wasn’t very warm, so I didn’t want maltepe escort bayan her to take off her sweater. Once, she got up to get something, and I saw her bush through her panties really well, which was great. But then there wasn’t anything for a while. She just kept drawing quietly.

At some point, she asked me to turn even further and to sit closer to the window. She came over and I touched her pussy in passing through her panties. She giggled but sat back down immediately. I could admire her better now in the light. She got up again and switched on the little desk lamp up on the bookshelf. I admired her wobbling little buttcheeks as she was reaching up. That was cute. And hot. When she sat back down, this time actually on the desk, she lifted up her sweater briefly to feed my arousal. Her nipples seemed erect but, otherwise, she didn’t show any sign of being turned on herself. She seemed cool, calm, and collected, focusing on her work.

She kept licking her lips, though, once in a while. She cocked her head, too, and then made some corrections. Once she came over to touch my dick and tweak it so it would point straight up. She asked me to lean forward a little and not touch my dick myself. I asked how much longer it would take, but she only smiled and said, “I’m almost done.”

Even though there were no obvious signs that my dick would get limp, Nguyet felt she needed to bolster my arousal now and drive it up to a new level. She reached inside the seam of the panties near her pussy and pulled them over to the other side. With her pussy squeezed outside her panties, she got a footstool and put one leg up. She re-adjusted her panties so that I got a full view and stretched the leg on the footstool further away. When she did that, I could have sworn I heard her lips separate. As her vertical almond was now looking at me, I could barely contain my arousal.

“When are we done?” I begged to know, like a child in the back seat of a car during a road trip.

“Five more minutes,” was all she said with her tongue between her teeth.

Her pussy area was gleaming, and her dark purple inner lips were flushed with blood. They were protruding by half-an-inch. Her clit was right there like a bell button and below I could see the opening of her urethra. The pink flesh inside was twitching. It looked like her pussy was breathing or like the inside wanted to peek outside. As her pink inside pussy flesh was pulsating, and my dick started discharging some juice of its own. Looking at her in her white sweater, through which I could see her nipples, and white panties which didn’t even hide her pussy anymore, I realized how lucky—and how fucking horny—I was. I really couldn’t contain myself anymore and swore to myself that once she was done, I would just get up and unceremoniously shove my dick inside her.

When she had finished, she turned the paper and, sure enough, there was a rendition of my dick with my midsection as background. Both were depicted in a slightly flattering manner: she drew me a little leaner than I actually was and added half-an-inch to my dick’s length. The glans was nicely chiseled, and the blood vessels were rendered in much detail. I loved the picture and she, apparently, loved my cock.

As she was standing next to me, I finally pulled her panties down. Her bush looked massive on her white skin and her lean, small frame. Her pussy was open and wet, and it needed a serious pounding. I pushed her against the desk and then escort pendik up it, positioned myself between her legs, and pushed my glans in without further ado. That, obviously, wasn’t enough, but I didn’t wanna hurt her by ploughing all the way at once. With the tip of my dick inside her, I checked for approval. Nguyet nodded and the ride began.

Her upper lip had snapped above her gums a while back as she was drawing. It was still up there now, but the smile was gone. Nguyet was clenching her teeth as I was fucking her like I was angry that she had, first, made me horny but then wait for so long. I took off her sweater, and we were both panting heavily. She was looking away from me, towards the window, and had her legs around me now. I had never fucked her so hard. I was desperate to come, and the whole desk was shaking and creaking with every thrust. As she was screaming rhythmically, wincing and gasping, I loaded her with the largest amount of cum of all our sessions. It felt like the space between my dick and her cervix must have been filled with cum.

Even when I was done ejaculating, my dick was still fully stiff and inside her. Her screaming and squealing had subsided, and we were breathing somewhat normally again, but I couldn’t imagine pulling my dick out. I wanted to stay where I was forever. Alas, she needed to pee. I pulled back and a huge blotch of cum dropped on the floor. She laughed and said: “We need to clean that up.”

Of course, I knew that, but I wasn’t gonna do anything. I felt weak and lied down on the bed couch. When she came back, she found some tissue and cleaned the floor. As she was bending over, I saw that she must have cleaned herself after she was done peeing, but now there was more cum oozing from her pussy. Eventually, she put her panties back on to contain the mess.

She tossed the tissue in the bin under the desk and went over to her wardrobe. When she came back, she was holding a black garter belt in my face. “Look what I bought!” She was excited, while I could only say: “This is hot, honey, but we’ll save that for next time.”

After I had recovered for another minute or two, I said: “This fuck was insane. Sorry that I was so rash, but I had to come as quickly as possible.”

“No, that’s fine. I understand. Next time, we’ll have a longer foreplay and everything. Do you wanna keep the picture?” she asked.

“I’ll leave it here for now. Just put it in the book, together with the others,” I suggested. “How did you feel while you were drawing?”

“Hot. It was like my lower belly was expanding, about to explode,” Nguyet said.

“Yeah, I could see your pussy winking at me. It was trying to turn inside out,” I told her.

“Wow. Just imagine.”

“I also saw your pee hole, below your clitoris,” I said to give her the complete story.

“That’s funny. Just imagine two years ago, you would have told me that I would show you my most intimate body parts like that, for half an hour,” Nguyet said, shaking her head and laughing.

“You could draw your pussy next. Or your roommate’s,” I suggested half-jokingly.

“Maybe, I’ll show her the picture of your dick,” Nguyet said.

“Sure, if she’s comfortable with that. Or you draw Thuy’s pussy. I would wanna be there, though,” I insisted.

“That would be fun,” Nguyet agreed.

Looking at the clock, I realized that I’d better go now. We agreed to see each other again in about four weeks. I told her I wanted to see her wearing that garter belt with black stockings, perhaps in combination with the pink dress. As I was leaving the building, I thought of Tuyet, my other young friend, who was in college now. She would be back for the Lunar New year break, and I had a hunch that our reunion would be quite some rumpus too.

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