Sweet Daddy

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She thrashed as her stud of an assistant ass fucked her while she rested her elbows on her executive desk top and her skirt hiked up and her panties pulled down just so far that her legs felt constricted. She liked the idea of being bound and ass fucked by a man with rough hands and a thick cock. She bit her lip as she came while throwing her head backwards towards Tom’s thrusts and muttering, “Harder you fucker. Harder.”

For his part Tom did as she ordered. He enjoyed being her afternooner and doing her in her office, in her ass, under Her instructions had become an obsession for him. Never before had he truly thought of himself as a “stud” until she had taken him under her wing and told him she would help his career if he would follow all her advice as her protege. But once this high level lady executive took him for her “project” and he began to understand the nature of his “Training”, he start to think higher of his sexual prowess even to the point of investing in some probably unneeded Vigara as a back up measure to ensure his cock was as hard as his mistress wanted from a “stud”.

It was this thicker than normal cock which now pounded her and caused her to thrash like a $5,000 call girl. It was the sloppy amount of lube that now pumped like grease on a piston which melted down her inner thighs, which made her wiggle and buck like a wanton whore. “Harder. Harder…FUCK….me… HARDER….. Daddy….yes…daddy!!!”

Tom tried to let it go past. But DADDY hung in the air of his now closed eyes. It had never been there before and her pleas for more he had always felt meant for him. But this…Daddy…who was this daddy. Was it him? As she used his cock like it was more hers than his, Tom stopped stunned by this creature her thought he knew, but who clearly was more secretive than he had ever thought.

But she hardly noticed the silence in the room ataşehir escort bayan as she now slid on Tom’s shaft back and forth as it slammed her butt with a punctuation pop that drove her to her own lust, her own fantasy of her father’s cock ramming her, until her pussy shook with an orgasm that wobbled her legs. Even as she came she felt the cock cum cocktail of lube dripping out her asshole and running down her crack to her engorged pussy lips before pooling underneath her on the copy of The Financial News between her legs on the floor.

When Tom staggered back and his cock existed her asshole and his swollen cockhead popped out, it coated her entire ass with a jerking spasms of cum. He grabbed it and finished emptying his seed onto her, breathless and dizzy, his voice now raspy with a dryness that was not there just a moment before.

“Clean my ass.” she ordered, “Clean it all up you slut!”

As she felt Tom’s tongue doing as she ordered, she also felt the power returning to her core. Her legs stopped shaking and her heart slowed down again to the cool executive rhythm of a senior partner. “Now go clean yourself.” she ordered as she righted herself pushing down her skirt and pulling up her panties. She smiled to herself knowing that when her ‘Daddy” spanked her ass later as she rode his cock, he would have no idea why his sweet one tasted so sweet.

Tasha enter her apartment after work with a medium sack of groceries in her arms. She was surprised to find the apartment silent and without the sounds of her father about. Setting her groceries down on the kitchen counter, Tasha thought this would be an excellent time for a refreshing shower.

As the warm spray flooded down on her hair and trickled its way down her stiff body, Tasha heard the bathroom door open and through the shower door she watched a blurry figure enter.

“That escort kadıköy you?” she called.

“Yeah, hun, it’s me.” was the answer.

As she washed the soap out of her hair, feeling the lather sliding down her chest and over her hard nipples, she hear the sound of a male stream entering the toilette bowl as her father’s piss gurgled from him. She knew instantly her “daddy” had a semi-hard cock and he must be holding it down to hit the water only as the sound ended as abruptly as it began. Just the sound of a male pissing as she soaped her fine haired pussy almost made her cum.

“You hungry?” the male voice asked.

“MMMMM…”, she started thinking back to hours before, “I sort of ate at the office…Brought you home something though. It is in the bag on the counter.”

The shower door slid open and he poked his head in and looking at her rubbing her pussy with both hands, he laughed, “I thought so. You horny bitch. You masturbating in the spray again.”

“Get out …fuckhead….or I won’t suck your cock ever again.”, she laughed as the warm water against her back made her now alive and frisky, her fingers working her pussy as the suds ran down her legs hiding the juices which now flowed as she thought of the ass fucking which had made her think of this man whose head now watched her and smiled his pleasure.

“Don’t finish before me.”

“I will if I want to,” Tasha said, throwing her head back under the warm spray her tits pointing nipples up as her hands worked a imaginary magic on her pussy. Knowing that “her daddy” was watching her, Tasha shook almost violently when her orgasm finally came. She shook her head back and forth throwing water like a wanton whore in heat as she experienced another flooding orgasmic gush.

“Did you have a hard day a work?”

“MMMMMM…yes daddy…I did…but it is better now….”

“Come bostancı escort out and I will dry you off.”

On wobbly legs Tasha turned and shut off the shower. She almost fell into his arms as she stepped out of the tub shower. As he wrapped her in the light blue fuzzy warmth of the bath towel, she collapsed against his body her head resting against his neck as she sank and as he lifted her and carried her in his arms to their bed. She was in a dream world as he deposited her body onto the cool comforter and slid the towel from her frame and replaced it with the fleshy warmth of his nakedness.

Tasha pulled her feet up and along side of his body, wobbling her body comfortable under his weight as she felt his cock hot and thick sandwiched between them. She forced her hips down into the bed wanting to give him room to enter her as his tongue plunged almost savagely into her dreaming mouth. She answered his tongue with her own passions for the man she called “daddy”. Her head rose to meet his passion and her hips lowered in the soft mattress as she allowed his cock to enter her. Tasha felt his stuffing presence enter her , moving slowly deeper into her body which now almost cried for her “daddy”.

Her tongue thanked him for his size as his cock opened her lips; it thanked him for his slow steady descent or was it ascent into her. Her mouth demanded more of him as his cock pushed deeper or was it up. Their teeth meet at the same moment his cock hit her cervix and she flooded his shaft with her wet gratitude. She scratched his back as he pushed harder into her. Her muffled cry flooded his mouth with her pain as he came deep inside her over and over while she bucked under his thrusting cock.

Her “daddy” was the sweet one. She had named him that the first time she had sucked him off and tasted his cum. It was sweet. As strange as that sounded, it was. And she had lost her heart to this his man who now pounded so fully inside her as she felt his fat cock moving like he was part of her. Her tongue thanked him as his cock pushed and pulled her to the edge of her own greatest joy.

“Daddy, sweet daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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