Sweet Dreams

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After a long day – well, okay, night, since she worked at night – of work, the only thing Christy wanted to do was take her tired body to bed, especially since she had to go back that night, and start the fun rollercoaster called work all over again.

She got herself settled at home, changing into her usual shorts and tank top before bed. As Christy settled back in her king bed, she felt herself falling asleep fast, while one of her cats fell asleep on the pillow next to her.

She awoke to a slight building heat between her legs. Without opening her eyes, she sighed softly and settled in, her legs crossed just so. Christy let the sensation course through her. As usual, she was at the beginning of one of her wandering fantasies. She didn’t have to touch herself to know how turned on she was – her regular fantasies involved her roommate, a man she had had some very intense sex with a few times before things got, well, a bit weird.

But his technique! – not to mention the size… just the very idea sent Christy’s dirty mind into overdrive. Slim physique, soft skin – Christy regularly imagined running her hands through his close-cropped brown hair – Clint’s intense gaze through his hazel eyes at her as he carried her into sheer ecstasy…

She disappeared into the lustful heat of imagining Clint’s fingers picking up her wetness and sliding two of his fingers into her, slowly and deeply, leaving her clit exposed with every stroke. She imagined his light breathing coaxing her to open further, warming her clit.

Christy arched back ever so slightly as his fingers probed her gently and made his way deeper into her wet pussy. His rhythm matched the urgency she felt – she could feel the breeze of his breath over her distended clit, and she imagined his face hovering over her a bit, watching the motion of his fingers, carefully adding his thumb to gently kartal escort bayan circle her clit, using a little of the slickness she was emanating.

She imagined Clint’s strong naked form standing alongside her, watching his fingers give her so much pleasure. Her head fell to the side – she kept her eyes closed and took all the sensations in, and was pleasantly surprised to feel the soft head of his hard cock beckoning, bouncing slightly against her lips.

Clint gave a soft moan as he felt Christy’s tongue on the head of his cock, but never stopped the motion from his fingers. She took a little at a time, rolling her tongue around his thick shaft, attempting to close her lips around his hardness. When she did close her mouth around his cock, she tightened her mouth and flicked her tongue here and there with every stroke she was able to manage.

Every moan of pleasure that came from Christy sent slight vibes around his cock, amping up Clint’s sensitivity. He had no idea how long he was going to hold out, but he was determined to hang on just a little longer. He turned his head a little to see Christy’s brown hair sliding across her skin as she tried to suck him off. Christy’s body shifted a little to give her a little bit more control, and he took in the lustful sight of her, moving up and down on his dick.

His roommate had a body built for long, lustful sex – she was overweight, but not so that she wasn’t easy on the eyes. Christy’s long brown-black hair and honeyed-brown skin came with wide brown eyes that were capable of going from 0 to “fuck me now” in 4 seconds. Clint would never tell her, but her curves and soft spots left him rock-hard at some inopportune moments… especially when he peeked in on her, and found her tangled in her sheets. He often wondered what she was dreaming about.

Christy finally gained some escort maltepe control as she managed to get her hand around his dick. This time she guided Clint into her mouth further, and tried damn hard to slide his cock into her throat without that damn gag reflex kicking in. She tasted pre-cum – – damn, Clint tasted so fucking sweet!, she thought – and rolled her tongue over the head of his cock so she could get it all.

His fingers were still moving in and out of her wet pussy in long, deep strokes. There were a few times when he felt her pussy tighten up against his fingers, and then shudder in its own sweet release, but he never broke his pace. He watched with satisfaction as her slickness rolled languidly from his fingers, leaving a wet trail right down to her ass. Christy’s oral machinations, though, kept him from being caught up in that for too long.

Christy was caught up in the moment herself. The only thing she thought about was making him fuck her face, and hard. The two of them moved in tune to each other – a long, lazy but urgent rhythm, matching each other stroke for stroke.

Finally, Clint could not take it any more. He stopped finger-fucking her, grabbed her hair, making sure to keep stray strands out of her face, and slowly started to move his hardness deeper into her mouth. He soon bottomed out at her throat – slipping into a few lazy strokes before she stopped him, giving a teasing lick to his head while looking up at him.

“Make me take you.” Her gaze was deep, lustful. “Hard.”

Holding on to her hair, he did as she asked. Clint fucked her hard, his cock hitting the back of her throat, with Christy emitting very deep, guttural groans in approval.

The pressure was building up fast and hard, when Christy slowed down and stopped him. She beckoned him into her bed, where he spooned her. He soon realized pendik escort what she wanted.

“So,” she cooed, “why don’t you ease that cock in there…”

Clnit didn’t have to be asked twice. Not wanting to rip her open, he slipped the head of his cock into her ass. She hesitated, then eased herself on to his waiting (and eager) cock. They went back and forth, him pushing a little bit, her tensing, then relaxing. He asked her, “Are you sure about this, baby?”

“Yes,” she responded with an urgency he never heard from her. “I want you deep in my ass.”

He continued to move slowly, letting her get adjusted to his girth. Clint reached around and started rolling one of her nipples through his fingers. She leaned back into him as he took his time with his strokes. Soon, he had her right leg up as he went deeper into her.

Christy had Clint right where she wanted him, and she rolled with the waves of pleasure he was giving her. His fucking was giving her a new urgency – he was turning her on so much that she wanted to give in, give up her control and cum hard – but not yet…

“Oh my god, you’re so fucking hot, Christy…” he heard himself saying.

“Go hard,” she urged him breathlessly. “Go deep, baby.”

There was no turning back. “Fuck! – I’m coming….” Clint came close to screaming.

“Don’t stop,” she egged him on. “I want it deep… cum deep, baby….”

The guttural groans as both of them came together filled the room. When they finally came down from their shared orgasm, they settled back down into her bed, where Christy fell asleep as Clint stroked her hair, kissing her ear and telling her how much he loved that.

Christy’s alarm woke her with the radio blaring some kind of nonsense. She bolted upright, finding herself not only alone in her bed, but with her pussy soaking wet. She licked her lips, swearing that she could taste Clint on them, and wondered… damn, it was all so real…!!!

Meanwhile, the radio station began the next song, a move that really left Christy wondering just what the hell happened…

“sweet dreams are made of these/who am I to disagree…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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