Sweet Sarah_(1)

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I was eighteen years old, up north in Canada at my cottage. Being young, I was relatively active. Thin, 5’10 and a little reckless. I was, and I guess i am known by women to be a guy with a really cute face, with a really nice smile, and a nice figure; but anyway.

For all my life, practically, I’ve known this girl named Catie. Catie lived a few cottages down from me. She’s at least two years younger than me, and I see her practically every year. I’m not going to lie, I’ve always had a little bit of an attraction to her. Nothing too deep or sensual, I never really took the time to step back and see her sexually, until this summer.

Catie, like I said is sixteen years old. She’s a beautiful girl. Dirty blonde hair, big blues eyes, thin, but not too thin, and she had the most beautiful swing to her when she walked, her ass was beautiful the way it moved with her waist, especially when she wore mini skirts and bikinis. She had a perfect size pair or breasts, nice and firm that you could easily grab and hold.

I remember arriving at the cottage that hot day in July, excited to see my friend Catie. I had no intentions of anything really occurring, maybe a few flirts here and there, nothing special. So I got off the boat, and Catie’s father was there to greet us, we entered the cottage together, and there she was. In all of her beauty she was there.

Catie was sitting on the couch, her legs crossed with a really short jean mini skirt on. She wore this striped top which hung low, revealing a good look at her cleavage, and a fine outline of her breasts. She was gorgeous, even better. This was the first time I started thinking of her sexually. I was extremely happy to see her, and I have to say my good friend downstairs agreed. (My penis) 🙂

“Hey you” Catie looked up at me and smiled the most beautiful smile. She got up and gave me a big hug. I felt her breasts rub against me, it was a great feeling.

“Long time no see Catie.” I smiled. “You’re looking great” I wanted to tell her right away, exactly what I thought.

Catie agreed with me, still smiling. She had this new look to her, her smile wasn’t so friendly anymore, it was more mature, and daring almost. She gave me a lot of eye contact. I liked it. I hoped now she was feeling the same way I did. I watched her walk past me to talk to my parents real quick, as soon as she turned her back to me, I had to give her another look, and I wasn’t disappointed. That sexy ass of her was amazing. I wanted to grab her by the waist and fuck her brains out. These sexual feelings were all so new for her. I wasn’t a virgin, but I was sure having that same nervous, excited feeling like one. I even felt like this thirteen year old kid, who just wants to stick his dick in something, this was getting intense; and I had only spent two minutes with her.

I was a little dazed by her, when she called my name. She said that my parents and hers were going to her cottage for a few drinks, and they asked if we were going to be okay alone here. I was going to be okay, trust me. We watched them go, and we immediately went to the cottage deck, and sat talking, catching up.

The escort izmit way she talked and looked at me was different. I almost felt this new way to talking coming on, like I was trying to impress her, rather than just be her friend. She laughed a lot more, and she touched my leg to tease me about something a bit. Things were moving, and I had to move it further.

“Hey,” she said suddenly. “My dad brought over a bottle vodka. Wanna get into it?”

“Are we going to drink it straight?” I asked, playfully.

“You are, I’m going to mix it.” She said. “Why don’t you be a man.”

I laughed a bit. “Don’t worry, I’m plenty of a man.” And once I said that she gave me the sexiest look, and she smiled slightly, biting her bottom lip subtlety. “I’ll bet.” With that, she left back into the house, and came out with the bottle, two glasses and a bottle of coke. So we started drinking, more flirting and talking going on, and I was starting to get excited. I could tell she was a bit tipsy, but with my Irish blood, I was able to hold my liquor.

“So, Sam.” She said, smiling. “I wanted to ask you something.”

“Sure.” I got excited, when she asked.

“Are you, a virgin?” She asked playfully.

I was immediately surprised by the question. I didn’t expect it at first, but I answered. “No, why?”

She blushed a bit. “I dunno, it’s just I think, I lost mine. And I didn’t like it. I wanted it to matter, you know?”

“When did it happened?” I asked.

“About six months ago. It was with some guy, I hated it thought.”

“It’s always bad the first time, but it gets so much better after.” I replied, coolly

“Do you think I’m pretty? I mean, I know we’re such good friends bu-“

I interrupted her right away. “I think you’re amazing.” At that instant, she blushed even more. And I knew I was game for this. It was going to happen if I played my cards right.

“What if I we, you know.” She became really shy. “I mean, what if we had…. sex?”

Now it was all ready, I was so happy to think she was feeling the same way. I don’t know if she wanted me as bad as I wanted her, but god I wanted it now. I slowly put my hand on her thigh, she immediately tensed a bit, nervous I could tell. I could see she had gotten goosebumps, but she smiled at me. “What would you do, if I kissed you?” I asked, shyly. Putting on a cute little routine.

“I would kiss you first.” She playfully moved closer, and I grabbed her lightly by the back of her hair and pulled her in. Our kiss was passionate, yet so sensual. It was time. I slowly moved my hand to her waist, and started to rub her. She started to move her hand down my chest, to my penis. I was surprised at how quickly she was starting this. But I wasn’t complaining.

She started rubbing me gently, but then faster. I could hear her breathing faster, as we were still kissing. I moved my hand up to her breast and clenched it. It felt exactly as I thought it would. I rubbed her slowly, and she then got off her chair and sat on my lap. She was still kissing me intensely, then stopped, and took off her shit slowly. She was wearing this red and black bra, which I quickly izmit escort disposed of myself. Her tits were amazing. Puffy, but nice and round. I took off my shirt and pressed her topless body against mind. She started moving around my crotch area with her sexy ass. I kissed her again as she did, still rubbing her tits. She pushed away for a second, and moved her body down to my pants, on her knees. She looked up at me.

“I wanna be your best.” She gave a sexy look to me. And I knew, she would be. She unzipped my jeans slowly, and pulled my dick out of my boxers, stroking it gently. Without hesitation she placed it in her mouth, and as she did she made a big sucking sound and put her tongue right in there.

It felt amazing right away, It was like her lips were massaging my cock, and her tongue was moving all along the tip of penis. She was really good.

“Fuck Catie, that feels really good.” I said, breathing. Once I said that, she started going faster and harder. I held her hair and watched her move her head up and down my shaft, fuck she was good. She put her hand on the bottom of my dick and stroked while she still sucked. Her tongue was all over my dick, and once in awhile she’d french kiss the top of my dick, it’s hard to explain, but god damn she was good at it.

After more sucking, she started gently moaning as I did. She was getting me so hard, I thought my dick was going to explode with cum on her. It starting pulsing and throbbing inside her mouth, so I stopped her. I wanted her pussy on my dick so badly now. I quickly pulled down my jeans and shorts over my shoes and took them off, I then pulled down her short jean skirt, and panties. I immediately grasped her body to mine, and fingered her while she stood. She was almost biting my shoulder in pleasure as a put my fingers all up in her. I could feel her tremble a bit, and her moaning in pleasure sounded so sexy.

I didn’t even care if we were outside, there were trees covering us anyway. After playing with her pussy, I sat down the chair and brought her to me, to sit on my cock. She slowly sat on me, and stuck her pussy in my dick slowly, her back to me. She was so tight, and I could tell the last guy probably didn’t even fully get in there. She felt pure and unused, just the way I wanted it. She gasped when my dick was fully in her. I didn’t waste any time. I grabbed her by her sexy tanned waist, and started moving her up and down, while I pumped my throbbing dick into her.

“Sam..” She said, gasping. “Oh, fuck Sam.”

“Your so sexy Catie.” I said, moaning as I pumped her. And she was so sexy. Her pussy felt amazing as my dick moved around in her. She was moaning and gasping in pleasure, and so was I. I loved it when she said my name when my dick was inside her. I started pumping her more intensely, and held my wrists and moved herself faster. I could feel her shake, as I was shaking a bit with her. I could hear my balls slapping against her pussy as I pounded her harder and harder. She kept riding my dick on the chair, as she almost screamed.

“I want to see you fuck me.” She said, breathing heavily.

“I want you so badly izmit kendi evi olan escort Catie.” I said, intensely into it. I put her off my dick, and I laid her down on the outdoor foldout chair. She laid down on her back, looking up at me with a sexy smile, she looked a little exhausted, and I loved it. I immediately put my dick back into her sweet pussy, and held her thighs over my waist. I started fucking her hard, watching her puffy tits bounce as I did.

She was biting her lip hard, looking up at me. “Fuck me Sam, fuck me, fuck me yes. Don’t stop, oh yes.”

Her words were all the words I needed of encouragement. I began to fuck her harder than I ever had with the other girls. Sweat was beating down my chest and hers, as she was screaming out in pleasure. My dick was fully lubricating with her wet pussy, and we fucked like wild animals. I started to slow down, and she leaned up, wrapping her arms around my neck, still pulling me in with a hunger for my dick.

“Fuck Catie.” I said loudly. “Your so fucking sexy.” I realize now, suddenly recalling the moment of sex how many times I say fuck during sex. Oh well.

Catie stood up, and started kissing me, her hand jacking off my cock. I could tell she was loving every moment just as I was. She leaned her self against the cottage wall, and looked at me. I walked up right behind her and stuck my dick right up in her. I grabbed her by her breasts and pulled her against me as I fucked her. It was a difficult position to start, but I got a great rhythm going, and started going full force fuck again. I loved the feeling of her tits move as I fucked her, while her hands were pressed up against the wall It was perfect that we were both around the same height, me 5’10 and her 5’4 at least. She was started to scream now in pleasure, and I swear to god people across the lake could hear it, let alone our parents, but I didn’t care. I was intensely into this moment and I gasped with her. She was so fucking wet, and I could really feel her tremble now.

“God Sam, yes.” She screamed. “Fuck me!”

Our bodies were full of heat and sweat as we made love. I quickly switched our position, I was feeling so aggressive and heated I threw her back onto the sofa, and fucked her again. Her beautifully tanned thighs wrapped around me and were shaking, she started screaming as she came. I felt all her pussy juice soak my cock, and I was almost ready to finish.

“Thats it baby, fuck me.” She gasped. “Cum all inside my pussy baby.” She held my waist and pushed my dick in more.

“Are you on the pill?” I panted, barely able to keep going.

“Yeah baby, cum inside me Sam!” She said.

And right when I was cumming, my brought myself closer to her, and we kissed as I came. I couldn’t really kiss, but fuck it felt good. After like, eight jerks of cum I fell back beside her. She was panting just as hard as I was. She brought herself to me. Our sweat soaking the outdoor sofa.

“Thats how I wanted it to be.” She said, out of breath.

“Me too Catie.” I smiled wearily, kissing her passionately.

“Come on, let’s get changed, it’d be awkward if they came back seeing us like this. We can go into the water and fool around a bit though.” I watched her pull up her panties, and mini skirt. She was still so sexy. This was going to be a great summer.

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