Swimming Naked

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I had missed my sister’s 18th birthday party, but I made it home for her high school graduation. Along with that was a long summer break until it was time to go back to college. And go back to training.

I was on the college swim team. It was a small college, and I wasn’t a star. I had dreams of at least becoming one of the best on the team before I graduated, but I was pretty sure even that would never happen. But I really liked it, so no problem. I enjoyed it. And while I was home I wasn’t training, but I ate well and swam every day, even if it was just to stretch out some.

I always swam naked in my family’s pool. I just loved the freedom, I guess. My parents both went to work and until graduation my sister went to school. Now she slept in at least half the morning. The pool had a solid fence around it and no close neighbors, so I wasn’t worried about anyone seeing me. When I swam on weekends I wore my suit, though it was so small and tight it wasn’t that much better than being naked!

So one morning I was out doing my laps and enjoying myself when I saw my sister, Ashley, standing by the side of the pool. She was wearing her skimpy little bikini. I was completely surprised. I stopped swimming and looked at her, covering my privates with a hand.

“Ash, what… what the hell are you doing here? “I asked, then added, “I’m naked!”

“I know,” she answered, not shocked at all. “Come on out.”

I, however, was shocked. “I said I am naked here. I can’t get out.”

“I know you’re naked,” she answered. “Come on out. Let me see.”

Now I was totally shocked. There had never been anything sexual between us. Not any more than any other two teenagers. What was going on?

So I asked, “What is going on? I can’t get out with you there.”

Ashley reached around behind her and unfastened her top, letting it slide to the ground. She stood there with no other movement, topless, just staring at me.

“What the fuck?” I said.

She kept looking, and calmly began to slide the sides of her suit bottom lower.

“Ash, stop, what the fuck are you doing?”

She kept pulling them down, slowly, inch by inch, and said, “If I’m naked too maybe you’ll feel better about coming out.”

I didn’t have any idea what she was doing. And no idea what I should do. My sister was stripping in front of me, and I couldn’t stop her. At least not if I stayed in the pool. Yes, that’s it, maybe I should get out and make her stop. I headed for the side of the pool and jumped out. As I stood up I looked at her, standing there with her suit bottoms around her ankles, totally naked.

“Ashley, are you nuts?” I asked.

“There,” she said, “it wasn’t hard to get out of the pool, was it?”

“Ash, stop it. What the fuck are you up to?”

“I just wanted you to get out,” she said calmly with a sly smile on her face, “so I could see your dick.”

“What?” I was still confused, upset, maybe even angry. “Will you quit fucking around and get dressed?”

Ashley lifted her foot, pointed it straight down, sexily, and stepped out from the cloth and towards me. The same with the other foot, and within a very few steps she stood closely in front of me.

She said, “I mean, I have seen it before, but not a nice, long, up close look like this.”

I began wondering when she had seen it, but then realized it didn’t really matter at this point. Plus she reached out and touched my dick.

It was such a shock. My eyes bugged out, I am sure. I tried to speak but nothing happened. I stumbled backwards one small step but she came with me. Her hand just sort rested on the shaft. I was quiet long enough that she placed a thumb on my cock head and rubbed.

“Okay?” She asked.

“No!” I said, authoritatively.

But I didn’t move. At all. So she kept rubbing, and I realized that I was not going to stop her. Not yet. But I wouldn’t let her go any further!

“Ashley, you can’t,” I was finally able to say.

She ignored me. “I’ve always wanted to see one. You know, in real life,” referring I assumed to pictures and the internet.

My mind still reeled. “You’re a virgin?” Though I knew she wasn’t.

“No, silly. I’ve fucked three guys if you really want to know.”

I didn’t want her credentials, but said, “What about their cocks?”

She was pulling on it now, stroking it with her whole hand. And I guess I never even thought of stopping her at this point. I was waiting for her answer. Yeah, right – I was enjoying her soft touch.

“All three of those guys fucked me as soon as they got their hands in my pants. Before I was ready. I barely got a glimpse of any of them, at least when they were hard. And not much better after.”

I was thinking a little bit now, and got concerned. “Did you want … did they… rape you? Any of them?”

“Oh, hell no,” she said, gripping my cock tighter. “I wanted it. I just wish we could have, you know, played around first. But they just wanted to cum. The hell with me! That’s why they didn’t get another chance. But how do I find a guy that will think about me?”

Was canlı bahis that rhetorical or did she really want me to answer? Actually I didn’t even think of that at the time. I wasn’t about to try to give her advice. Not at the moment. Her hand got even tighter.

She asked, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Uh, sure,” I responded, not sure of anything.

“You’re circumcised, right?

This one I could answer. “Yes.”

“Is this ridge skin from when it happened?”

“Yes,” I said. Okay, my mind wasn’t total mush.

“Why did you get circumcised?”

“You’d have to ask Mom.” I never asked either.

“Not all guys are, are they?”


“Is yours bigger than other guys’?” She asked.

This was getting more difficult. “Well, I guess – I don’t know. I never saw many erections!”

She laughed. “But you know.”

“I guess mine is bigger than most from what I understand. Not all. But there’s not really that much difference.”

“Well, that’s not true, is it? Not from what I’ve heard. Bigger is better, right?”

“You’d have to ask girls about that.”

I moaned as she put her lips around my cock head. I know I should have put this to an end right now. Okay, before now. But I honestly had a hard time realizing that, let alone doing something about it. It felt so good.

“Have you done this before?” I asked.

“No,” she said, pulling off me for a moment. “Am I doing it right?”

“Oh, damn, yes you are!”

“Tell me how to do it,” then she put me back into her mouth.

I moaned as I said, “Honestly, most anything feels great. Just don’t bite. Watch your teeth.”

I think she smiled, but it was hard to tell with her mouth full of cock.

“Lick it. While it’s inside,” I told her, as I realized that she wanted suggestions. “Just move your tongue around.”

“And suck,” I added.

I started to realize that she would follow whatever directions I gave her. “Hold it at the base with your hand.”

As she did this, I moaned some more, glad to be able to. “Feel the ridge underneath? Pay special attention to that.”

“See how far you can get it in your mouth.”

“Further,” I said, as she did that. Then, “With practice you can get it deeper and deeper. But this feels sooo good.”

She pulled me out of her mouth, gasping for air.

“Thanks … for helping,” she said.

I was sad and disappointed when I thought she was done, but I had loved it. I could feel guilty later. But once again I was mistaken.

She took my cock in her hand and placed it back in her mouth. A far as she could. And sucked.

“Oh, fuck,.” I moaned as she smiled again. I think.

When I could speak again I said, “Don’t forget the balls. Cup them with your hand.”

When she did that for a minute, I said, “Squeeze them. But not too hard.”

She nodded her head in agreement, with my cock still in her mouth.

“Pull them down,” I continued. “But gently.”

I couldn’t stand how good it felt. She followed my directions as I was telling her all the things that I particularly liked. And I knew if we kept this up I would be cumming before much longer. When I told her that she immediately pulled off.

“No, don’t cum. I want you to fuck me,” she said, still gasping for air.

That was too much. Fucking my sister was just going too far.

“No,” I said. “We can’t.”

“Oh, yes,” she said, sounding like she would not tolerate any arguments. “I did what you you told me. And I will keep doing it. But you have to fuck me.”

“My sister,” I said. Or was it a question? I wasn’t sure. All I knew was that I couldn’t fuck my own sister. Or could I? It would sure feel good. My cock certainly wanted to.

“Come on,” she said, taking my hand and pulling me toward a lounge chair. “Right here. Right now. I need it.”

She sat on the edge of the chair and pulled her legs up, spreading them. “Come on. Your cock sure wants to.”

She was right about that. I was rock hard, waving in the air, practically drooling.

“Come on, big bro. I really need it. Do you know how wet I am? I’m really ready to fuck – for once. Help me out.”

So I felt like I was helping her out. Really? Maybe not, but maybe I could talk myself into it. Anyway, before I realized it, I moved toward her and placed my cock at her hole. It was as wet as she said. Wetter. Soaked. I didn’t slide right in. She wasn’t that experienced. But I leaned forward and I pushed her vagina open as I went deeper and deeper. We both moaned. It felt great to me, and probably to her.

“Oh, shit!” She groaned. “You’re fucking huge!”

It was tight, but not painfully tight. I pulled out a little and lifted her legs higher into the air, then sunk deeper into her. I began fucking in and out of her.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned out. “Yes. Thank you.”

Thank me? Shit, it felt great. Don’t thank me. It was – amazing.

I grabbed hold of her tit, realizing they had been hanging there all of this time, and I had been ignoring them. They felt great, and I vowed to hang on to at least one bahis siteleri of them as I began fucking harder.

She was moaning louder, and I began to join her. I couldn’t hold back. I slammed into her, not worrying if she was okay. Over and over, in and out as I felt my cum begin to rise. I was nearly ready to cum when I realized that I had no condom. I certainly couldn’t cum in my sister!

I pulled out just barely in time. My cum shot out forcefully, right up her body. Some landed on her face, a lot on her breasts and stomach. I loved it. When it was over I found out that she did too. But she did not have an orgasm. I realized that it wasn’t fair to her, so before she calmed down much I pushed a finger into her hole.

She loved the new sensation. I moved it around a lot. She was so wet. I pushed it in and out, bending it to push the sides out. After a couple of minutes of this I found her clit with one finger. She went wild with this. I think she was close to cumming and playing with her clit was pretty much the last straw. Her body was pushing upwards, not in orgasm but seeking more of what was giving her pleasure. She moaned, her legs spread obscenely, while I worked her over with one hand. My other hand was playing with her perky breasts. She liked this, but it was mostly for my pleasure. I was having a ball.

Finally her moans turned to throaty growls. Her pussy clamped down on my fingers, her thrusting slowed, holding in the up position longer. Then her body burst open. She screamed out. I was a little concerned because our neighbors weren’t too close but we did have some. Her screams were accompanied by strong body spasms and awkward body movements. Her limbs flailed up, down, and to the sides. I could see ripples go up and down her stomach, her head tilting far back, then side to side. It was the strongest orgasm I had ever seen. I was so happy that I could help her with that. It sounded like she may not have had one that was caused by a guy.

She was almost in tears when she calmed down enough to get her body under control. Her breathing would take a while longer. Her legs squeezed tightly together to keep my hands out of that area. She was gasping for breath and still moaning – more like loud sighing. My hands kept feeling her breasts, and also her legs. She reached her hands up and wrapped them around me, pulling my head down to hers. No kissing, but tight, tight hugs.

“Thank you! Thank you!” She said, several times.

That’s all that was said until she regained all of her brain cells and said, “Damn, we have to go get ready. Mom will be home soon.”

I was confused. “Why?”

Ashley said, “She’s leaving work early to get ready for Aunt Natty.”

I had completely forgotten that she was coming today. Aunt Natty – actual name Natalie – was Mom’s youngest sister. She had two kids. Young ones. In fact this would be the first time the baby came for a visit. They lived too far away for a day trip, so they would have to spend the night.

When Mom got home she hit us with a surprise. “I think I forgot to tell you that you kids will have to share Ashley’s room tonight.”

We must have looked in total shock. Having to share a room, sure, that was a surprise. But that also meant we would have to share Ashley’s bed. And this was less than two hours after we had been fucking! I was in such shock because I suddenly couldn’t wait for bedtime! I hoped that neither could Ashley. But Mom didn’t know this. She thought we didn’t want to share.

I tried to look unhappy, saying, “Mom, I have to give up my room?”

Mom explained, “Now with the baby, their 3 year old can’t sleep in their room. So he has to take yours.”

“He’s a boy. At least I can leave all my porn out,” I joked.

Mom knew I was joking, of course. “And Ashley has that huge king-sized bed. There’s room for two more people in it.”

Ashley joined in. “Maybe I can roll blankets all down the middle.”

Mom said, “You guys will be fine. And it’s only for the one night. Thanks.”

As soon as Ash and I could get out of the room away from Mom, we checked to make sure we both felt the same way.

“Are you sure?” We both said at once, then laughed.

“No second thoughts?” I asked.

Ashley said, “My only thought is when can we go to bed.”

And somehow I had no second thoughts either. I had fucked my own sister and I didn’t seem to be concerned about it. It was as if there was nothing wrong with it. All I wanted was another chance.

After dinner, the whole family sat and talked. The little kids went to bed, then as soon as others began to go Ashley and I did as well. I had gotten some condoms from my room ahead of time. I grabbed a few, knowing I would need only one or two. At least I sure hoped that I needed them.

I stripped and got into bed while Ashley was still in the bathroom. She came in wearing a very slinky nightgown. Walking over to the bed beside me, she moved the straps off her shoulders and let the gown drop to the floor. I stared at her breasts long enough that she began sliding the panties down her legs. bahis şirketleri That gave me something else to stare at.

She reached over and pulled the sheet off my naked body, revealing my erection reaching for the ceiling. And then she reached for my erection. Grabbing it in her hands, she began pumping slowly, twisting, and running her fingers over the head. She bent over to lick it while I began to stroke her body.

This was going to be a great night. I had turned on the TV in her room, a little too loudly just in case we made noise. I had also locked the door. No-one should try to open the door, but that would be easier to explain than being caught fucking my sister.

I pulled her over the top of my body and filled my mouth with one of her perky tits. I sucked hard, making her groan. My hand slid between her legs. She was already wet but I did not want to rush it too quickly. My fingers roamed around her pussy, penetrating her hole and moving over her clit, even traveling down to her asshole and back. She was soon shivering with pleasure and anticipation.

I rolled her over so she was laying on the bed. I reached for the condom and pulled it on then rolled on top of her. My erection was stabbing into her stomach. She moved her hands down to grab it and pointed it down towards her crotch. I felt it as it found her wetness and began to slide the shaft along her slit. That didn’t last long. We were both very anxious to begin fucking.

I positioned myself over her and aimed for her hole. My cockhead nestled into her entrance for a second before I began pushing in. There was little need to be gentle, but I was nevertheless. My cock sunk all the way in with about three firm pushes. I held it there for a moment, enjoying having my full length buried inside her. Then the serious fucking began.

I pulled nearly out and the plunged back in. Not rough, but not nearly as gently as at first. I quickly built up speed as she responded well, moaning softly and thrusting her hips up to meet my thrusts. After continuing for a few minutes I felt surprisingly close to an orgasm, but I was not ready for it to end.

Stopping the thrusting and pulling completely out made Ashley very unhappy, but it turned to confusion when I pulled her over onto her stomach. I lifted up her hips and her knees moved up to support that position. She now knew what I was up to. I spent a moment teasing her pussy with my cock before pushing in slowly form behind, having backed off a little from an orgasm. I have always liked the doggy position, and thought that she should experience it with me.

Twice I slowly pushed my cock all the way inside of her, testing the new position. All went well, so I began thrusting harder. I held onto her hips as leverage and to keep her body from being driven forward. I managed to reach a hand around her hips and into her crotch, finding her clit with my fingers. Rubbing it around produced a good additional reaction from her. Fortunately she sounded like she was getting close, because I sure was. Her face was buried in a pillow to quiet her moans, her hands grabbed at the sheets.

Soon my orgasm was rising. I massaged her clit to try and bring her along at about the same time, if possible. I was pounding into her now, but she was pushing her hips right back at me. We temporarily nearly forgot about our situation and concentrated on our rising orgasms. Quite soon I felt that out of control feeling, and I held tightly onto her hips as my cum burst out inside of her, filling the condom. As I finished with several spurts I remembered that she had to cum as well. I fingered her clit and teased her asshole again. But it probably wasn’t necessary. Her own orgasm seemed to be exploding with or without my help. Her pussy gripped my cock, still inside of her, and held me there so tightly I got concerned that my condom might leak.

I pulled out of her as soon as I could, but she collapsed onto the bed still shuddering. I put two fingers into her vagina while she spasmed until she pulled my hand away. She lay there still – mostly – for a minute trying to compose herself. I threw out the condom and held her, comforting her.

She looked at me. “Damn! Sex was never like this with those other clowns. You’re great!”

I answered, “It’s not me. They were only interested in themselves. Sex should be about both people having pleasure.”

“Well, I sure did!” she said.

After letting her lay there recovering for a few minutes, I proceeded to make sex just about her for a change. I began kissing her breasts, then kissing on down her body. I got to her stomach, her thighs, her inner thighs, then her pussy. She was breathing real hard again by now, and either wondering or hoping what was coming next. She knew when I began licking her slit from one end to another, kissing all around it, and licking her clit as well. She was again nearly writhing on the bed, pulling a pillow over top of her face. Her mouth in particular.

I pushed two fingers hard into her cunt, causing moans, and more moans as I chewed on her clit. I was sucking, my tongue rapidly lapping across her clit. Hooking my fingers in her soaking wet cunt, they kept pushing her walls, twisting around inside her. New things were happening to her, giving her feelings that she had never felt before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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