Swipe Right Pt. 02

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The walk through the café proved to be more of a kid glove than a gauntlet, there were some disapproving looks but then there were as many searching, curious even envious looks, so, all in all, I felt ok about myself by the time I emerged, relatively unscathed, from, what I’d expected to be, the tunnel of shame.

‘Hi David, it’s Addy.’ It’s three days later.

‘Oh hi Addy, how have you been?’

‘I’ve been really good thank you. You?’

‘The same thanks. I was only thinking about you just before lunch,’ I replied.

‘That long ago?’

‘I know right, how could you be so far from someone’s thoughts.’ I laughed.

And how could such a boring and conventional conversation come from such unconventional meetings as I’d so recently had with this girl.

‘So Addy, does this mean you swiped right again?’ Thinking about it, I reckon that that particular analogy has run its course.

She chuckled, probably thinking the same. ‘Yes I did. I was hoping for that adventure.’

‘Were you now. I’m pleased. And how do you feel about having that adventure at my place?’

‘I’d like that very much. If the invitation is still open that is.’

‘Absolutely it is. When did you have in mind? Are you thinking sooner or later?’

‘Sooner hopefully.’

No reason not to strike while the iron is hot, as the saying goes. ‘Well I’m free tomorrow afternoon?’

She didn’t hesitate. ‘Tomorrow afternoon is great. What time?’

‘2 o’clock?’

‘I can easily be there for two, don’t suppose you’re too far away.’

‘I don’t suppose I am, I’ll send you my address. Just follow your GPS, don’t worry when you start disappearing into the woods, you’re still on the right track.’

‘Ooh, sounds a bit spooky.’

‘Hmm, some people find it so, after dark anyway, especially if they haven’t been here before,’ I replied.

‘Good job I’m coming in the afternoon then, 2 is perfect. Errrm. This might seem a bit weird, but can I wear whatever I want?’ She asked the question in a nervous rush.

Oh I like the sound of this. ‘Of course you can Addy. Whatever you want.’ Considering how little she’d been wearing on our previous two meetings, this could prove interesting.

‘Great. See you tomorrow then. Bye.’ She seemed relieved, probably expecting questions or a silly comment. I do occasionally make silly comments, usually inadvertently, sometimes not. But, thankfully, not on this occasion.

‘Looking forward to it, see you at two. Bye Addy.’ And I cut the call.

I’d hoped she’d call, I’d even expected her to call, but, obviously, you can never be sure. There were a few reasons why she would call. Probably more reasons why she wouldn’t. But it was three days since my gauntlet run and I hadn’t seen or heard from her since, not that that meant anything, but it does sow the seed. But she had rung and now it was just a case of waiting to see what tomorrow brought. And what it was wearing.

The next morning I made a few preparations. I might not use them, it would depend on how it felt when she got here, but at least I’ll have made them.

And she arrives, just as she said she would, at 2pm on the dot. My kind of girl.

I’m sitting in front of the house when she pulls up, but she half turns her car as she stops, leaving her to get out of it on the opposite side to me.

Then, having stopped the car, she just sat there with her head down. It looks as though she’s having second thoughts about coming here and I remember her constant indecision when we’d met that first time.

After two full minutes her door opened and she twisted away from me. I stood and took a pace towards her as she climbed out.

She walked around to the front of the car and stopped.

Even when she’d still been on the far side of the bonnet I’d realised that she was wearing, what appeared to be, a black latex coat: so I’d had the intervening seconds to compose my thoughts.

And now that she’s in full view I can see that it is indeed a latex coat. It’s short, just below her bum, and cut in a loose trench coat style; with epaulettes, a fold over collar, a waist belt and buckles on the sleeves. The collar flap is fastened to her neck and the belt is cinched in and tied off at her waist.

I can now see that her legs are also fully encased in black latex; the figure hugging material really emphasises her thickly muscled thighs, her shoes are leather stilettos that are thickly soled with extremely high heels. Goodness knows how she drove.

She looks extremely nervous.

This is a very different Addy to the one I’d met and experienced at the gym, so, despite her comments regarding what she wanted from a relationship, the question about what she could wear today and my thoughts around her likes, this girl standing on my doorstep dressed head to toe in black leather and latex was way down at the bottom of my list of what I’d expected.

She had definitely come to play.

The obvious, and intriguing, question, to me anyway, is, what is she wearing under the coat?

I pause for escort gaziantep bayan a moment, looking at her. Then. ‘Come here Adrienne.’

She takes the few steps and stops within arms reach. Her face is composed but I can see a faint flush to her cheeks and there’s a real nervousness in her eyes.

I circle her.

Those shoes bring her to within six inches of my height. Her long blonde hair is drawn tightly back and braided and she is wearing shiny, jet black lipstick and eyeliner.

I hadn’t known what to expect today, but I now understood that nothing was going to be a surprise with this girl.

But I also now understood her hesitancy in getting out of her car. She would have been extremely unsure of my reaction.

I put my lips to her ear. ‘Well Adrienne, you look fantastic.’

Her eyes change; they relax, her body seems to soften, she smiles and the tension I hadn’t realised was there visibly dissipates.

But this is a game changer; you don’t sit and have tea with a girl who comes to your house for sex wearing leather and latex: she doesn’t expect, or want, chitchat. She wants adventure.

I kiss that soft spot right beside her eye, keep my lips there.

After unfastening the button at her collar I unravel the knot on her belt and let the two ends drop. Her coat gapes open and, without stepping back, I slide it off her shoulders and down her arms, drop it on the table behind me.

Now I step back and take her in. Wow!

The first thing I see is a black leather collar; it’s wide and thick with a V shaped dip below her chin, a steel D-ring dead centre and a buckle on one side. Her bra is thick latex with shaped half cups covering each of her small breasts, narrow shoulder straps, and a wide band that connects the two cups and circles her back. Her latex stockings are in fact a suspender and stockings one-piece; there’s a simple wide band around her waist and the suspender straps are, again, wide bands, that merge seamlessly into the belt and the stockings. The sides of her hips are bare as would be her crotch if it were not for a pair of latex knickers that she has on over her suspenders; they just cover her pussy in a narrow triangle, the trimmed pubic hair has clearly gone.

I circle her again, her tightly braided hair covers her spine but I can see that there’s a D-ring on the back of the collar to match the one on the front. And that her bra doesn’t have the usual hooks and eyes but a small steel buckle.

But for the bra, her back is bare down to her suspenders.

The cheeks of that especially firm bum of hers are partially covered by two more latex bands that stretch between the belt and the stockings, the stockings cover every inch of her legs; coming right up to her buttocks.

I half expected her underwear, if you can call it that, to be a thong but they are knickers that just cover the crack of her arse in a narrow triangle that mirrors the front.

Everything is a mix of shiny, jet black latex and leather. All very simple, but somehow sophisticated. No detailing or adornments other than the steel D-rings and buckles.

Very erotic and very, very stimulating; both for Addy and for me.

I grab her coat and take her hand. ‘I think you had better come inside Adrienne.’

I lead her those last few steps to my door, then into the lounge.

It’s the oldest part of the house: in fact the original house had been a one roomed, this room, cottage rented out to broom makers in the 1700s. It had some interesting features.

I let go of her hand and turn to face her: there’s still that faint flush to her cheeks, but the nervousness in her eyes has been replaced with a glint of excitement; they flick around the room, her lips part and I catch a glimpse of that tongue.

I’ve made a few changes to the room. Nothing cosmetic or structural, more in the way of arrangement.

‘I don’t know what to say Adrienne, or where to start, so many……possibilities spring to mind. You do look extremely……alluring, very tempting. Think I’ll…….’

I go over to a chest of drawers and take out a black satin scarf; I’d planned for quite a few eventualities but I have to admit that Addy clad in leather and latex hadn’t been one of them. Still, I’ve always been adaptable.

Moving behind her I reach over her head, cover her eyes and ears with the scarf and tie it at the back of her head.

I’ve also always been a texture man, always been a touchy feely guy. I just love that sense of touch.

And I employ it now.

I brush my fingers over the bare flesh at her hip, trace small circles that widen until I’m constantly crossing between her skin and the latex; I find the complete contrast in textures, that shift between warm, living skin and hard, inanimate rubber stimulating, even exciting.

My fingers drift up onto her stomach, I feel the hard muscles flutter at my touch, then onto her back and up onto her bra.

I take her braid in one hand, curl it around escort gaziantep bayan ilanları my fist, pull down on it tilting her head back, kiss her neck where it flares into her shoulder. I have an urge to bite her, to sink my teeth in. I hear her gasp and find that I have: I’ve left a faint impression of teeth, nothing deep but it will last a few hours, a small reminder.

I reach for the buckle on her bra, pull it apart, feel it hang loose on her shoulders, hook a finger through the band between her breasts and pull it down, drop it on a chair.

Letting go of her hair I put a hand to her throat over the collar, pull her back against me, push her head back onto my shoulder, the side of my face against hers.

Stroking from one small breast to the other I pinch her nipples, she gasps as they pucker and stiffen. Backwards and forwards, I move from one nipple to the other, three, four, five times, they get hot to the touch and she squirms against me, her bum rubbing across my groin.

I slide my hand down her body, over her suspender belt onto the soft skin between her knickers and suspender strap, down between her thighs, my palm covers her pussy, squeeze her through her knickers, pressing up against her perineum, kneading her in my hand. Feel her breathing deepen, the heat building, her bum pushing back and her thighs squeezing together.

And, just as I thought might happen, just as in that first time, she cums quickly; just a fluttering in her stomach against my arm, a very faint breathy moan in her throat and a shiver through her bum and groin, then I feel her go a bit loose; a bit of extra weight in my hand as it passes.

I step away from her and, putting my hand on her hip, I bump her forward until she comes up against the chest of drawers: which I’d moved away from the wall during my earlier preparations. Her hips press against the top edge; I’d figured that it would be about the right height and, even with her stilettos, it isn’t far off.

Pulling open the top drawer I take out a pair of leather wrist cuffs; they’re thick and heavy, with a buckle and a steel D ring on each and a double ended spring clip connecting the two together. They’re, by chance, a good match for her collar.

It’s not in me to be too rough with her and I still don’t know how far she wants to go but, hopefully, time, and she, will tell.

I slip one of the cuffs around her wrist and fasten the buckle, luckily it copes with her particularly slender wrist. Then, pulling her arms behind her back, I do the same on her opposite wrist.

Taking hold of her chin I tilt her face towards me and kiss her. She responds immediately; her lips as soft and fleshy as I remember. Her tongue flicks out, I capture it with my lips, suck it in, it writhes around in my mouth; it still feels a little strange but those feelings are now tinged with the erotic: but I must speak to her about calming it down a little; I can just imagine how its mad cavorting could freak some guys out.

I press hard against her mouth then pull back, slowly releasing her tongue, watch as it disappears back between her lips.

I push between Addy’s shoulder blades, bend her forward over the drawer unit until she’s face down.

Looking at her, bent over the unit like this, in her long heeled leather stilettos and latex covered legs, makes my cock throb. Looking at the way her arse is presented towards me makes me want to fuck her right now: to rip those knickers down her thighs and slide into her tight depths.

But, not yet.

I undress, toss my clothes over the nearby chair. Running a hand along my cock I take the drop of pre-cum and smear it down the back of her knickers. Push my hand between her thighs, press against the length of her pussy. Rub up and down. Her juices, leaking out of either side of her knickers, coat my fingers.

Smack her arse; hard.

She gasps and her head lifts.

Smack her again, on the other cheek.

She gasps again and her bum clenches.

I reach into the open drawer and take out a paddle; it’s oblong, about eight inches long and three wide, smooth on one side, ridged on the other.

I choose the smooth side; start her off light.

I smack a buttock and she jumps at the new feeling. Strike the other cheek and she jumps again.

I move from cheek to cheek and they quickly start to redden. Touch her bum; the flesh hot, the straps of her suspenders still cool.

Keep smacking her, not too hard but it makes her squirm. I grasp hold of the clip between her cuffs, pull her arms tight and keep spanking her, one cheek then the other, they’re now a deep, angry red, I decide that that’s enough, I lighten the strokes then stop. Gently rub each cheek with the paddle.

Dropping the paddle back in the drawer I leave her where she is and walk into the kitchen, return with a large glass of iced water.

Touch it to her arse, she gasps and moans. I roll the glass across her bum, from one cheek to the gaziantep bayan escort reklamları other, cooling her burning skin, trickles of cold water from the sweating glass run down her thighs.

I can’t stop looking at her, she looks so damn sexy, so erotic; her stilettos and the latex make her legs look incredibly long, her cuffed wrists make her extremely vulnerable, her posture tightens her bum and lifts it into a real ‘fuck me’ place.

Putting the glass to the side I push my fingers into the top of her knickers, ease them off her bum, down her legs and off her feet. I drop them on the chair with my clothes.

I stay on my knees. The tight cheeks of her arse are spread wide, the delightful ring of her anus on full display, her now hairless pussy directly below, gorgeous dimples just above her stockings, it all glistens with her smeared secretions.

Her puckered arse looks tiny; it’s exactly the same colour as the rest of her skin with short ridges radiating from the centre. Looking at her pussy I remember just how tight it is. The faint bumps of her outer lips frame her narrow inner lips: it looks extremely neat, almost symmetrical, a very pretty hood covers her clit.

I knead her buttocks, they’re still hot, I squeeze them then bury my face between them. She groans and her bum lifts and pushes back.

I kiss her anus then move down and run my tongue along the length of her pussy, then, pushing my nose into her arse, I spear my tongue in between her lips.

I lick up, running my tongue the length of her pussy, up across her anus, circle around those ridges of skin, spiral in and push against the hot centre; it’s a tight, ungiving, ring of muscle. I push my lips and teeth against it, chew her, suck against her.

‘Oooh fuuuck!’ I hear her mutter as she once again pushes back against me.

I grab the tops of her thighs and push hard against her, in as far as I can, push against the resistance of her tight sphincter. Keep my lips circled around her, keep pressing my teeth against her, run my tongue around those ridges then push back into her, but she is so tight it’s difficult and my tongue tires quickly: I squirt saliva into her, try to ease the way, but it makes little difference.

Back to licking up across the full length of her pussy and arse, then again and again, reach under and suck against her clit, flick across it then go back to licking her, then back to chewing on her arse before returning to her pussy.

She’s constantly squirming against me, the occasional ripples through her thighs getting more frequent. I continue running my tongue up across her pussy and arse then diving down and flicking my tongue across her clit, my nose pushed in between her sopping lips.

A long groan and she cums; her legs and bum stiffen then she starts to shake from head to foot. I keep flicking her clit, trying to keep her up there. And she stays, for quite a while, her juices running down my chin, tensed buttocks squeezing against my face, the ripples running through her body.

Then it begins to ebb; her muscles lose their tension, the ripples diminish to nothing.

One last swipe and I stand.

Stroking her still red bum I can feel the lingering heat, I drag a fingernail down across her anus and pussy, press my palm against her, sink a finger into the wet stickiness.

A second finger follows and I slowly massage in and out. She’s still coming off the high of her previous orgasm and already, as I feel a faint tremor in her bum, I’m taking her towards another.

Covering my thumb in her juices I rub around the edges of her sphincter then press against the very centre, the tight ring of muscle pushes back but the gentle pressure of my much more solid thumb wins and it slowly gives, allowing the tip to enter. She groans, rests her forehead on the top of the unit and clenches her fists.

I push against the remaining resistance and the knuckle passes through, she groans again and her sphincter clenches as the full length sinks in.

I pick up the rhythm, only now my thumb is adding to the stimulation. I pump my hand in and out of her body, my thumb and fingers working together, the soft, fleshy feel surrounds my digits as I slowly increase the pace.

I take hold of the clip between her wrists, press down into the small of her back, her body jiggling as I keep pumping.

‘Mmmmmggggg.’ Addy continually moans. My hand is soaked in her sticky fluid, it seeps into her arse and dribbles down her thighs.

I feel a change come over her; feel her legs stiffen as the ripples in her thighs start again, one foot skids out as she pushes up. The ripples spread through her bum and up her back. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck,’ she groans, as her shoulders shake and her whole body tightens.

I press her wrists into her back and squeeze my fingers and thumb together inside her, still sliding them in and out as she vibrates from head to toe.

The tremors subside until she’s lying breathless, her back rising and falling, her head now sideways, eyes closed.

Easing my fingers out of her body I reach back into the drawer and remove a dildo. It’s made out of solid glass, the shaft maybe eight or nine inches long, has a slight S shaped curve and is about three quarters of an inch thick with a bulbous tip on both ends; one much bigger than the other. One half of the shaft, the half with the larger tip, is completely smooth, the other has three ridges evenly spaced along it.

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