Switch It Up, Baby

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I will admit I was really excited for Danny to get home today. Not that I wasn’t always excited. But today was different. He had spent the entire day talking about how naught I had been lately and how much I had been teasing him. So in response to my behavior he was coming home with show me I was still under him. The idea of Danny dominating me the way only he knew was absolutely intoxicating. But it definitely wasn’t going to happen today. I had to add fluid to the fire. My behavior was NOT enough to really push him over the edge. But this would.

I could feel the excitement on my skin like sweat when Danny told me he was in the car and on his way. I moved some things around and placed a chair a few yards away from the door. He would sit right here. And once he did everything would fall into place. I got out my outfit for our playing and managed to plop down on the couch just as Danny was coming through the door. I looked up from my phone with a huge grin as my sexy man swaggered into the living room.

He stopped for a second to see what I had moved around. I leapt off the couch and wrapped my arms around Danny’s waist. God, he was sooooo tall. I fucking loved it. He rubbed my hair in that way that made me feel like a kitten. That soft was that absolutely loved.

“So were you cleaning, pet?”

He was already in his dominant head space. His smooth voice wrapped around my brain and turned it into jelly. But I had to focus. I couldn’t bend to him today. I looked up at him and gave a tiny smile.

“I couldn’t finish because I was distracted terribly by someone.”

I giggled softly and Danny chuckled at me. I knew I was amusing him. Just enough to disarm him. He started to push back toward the bed room. Getting right to the point I guess. I planted my feet and gave him a coy smile.

“Master I have something to show you. An outfit I picked out specifically for you. Can I show it off to you?”

Danny chuckled again and bit his lip at me.

“Sure pet. And what am I supposed to do while you get pretty for me?”

I smiled a bit and took his right hand. This was going perfect!

“Well I put a chair right here so you can be my audience.”

Danny let me pull him toward the chair. He sat down and I stood in front of him and toed the floor nervously.

“Master, I have to make sure you don’t peek. Can I cover your eyes? Pretty please?”

I could see that naughty little light flash in Danny’s eyes. He liked to play top sometimes but submitting to me was his true joy. And being blindfolded just played into his naughty fantasy. He wouldn’t say no. Not to me. He nodded slowly just like I thought he would. I smiled and leaned forward to put the blindfold over his eyes. Being so close to those gorgeously thick lips is be too much and not kissing him is impossible. So I plant one of those lips and make sure to slip my tongue against his.

I flit off to the bed room and change into my new outfit. I wasn’t lying. I had gotten a new outfit just for Danny. But it wasn’t the kind he has no doubt imagining. It was a black leather bustier with black lace panties that cut upward in the back to show off my ass. The whole outfit was put together by black fishnets and a pair of heels that Danny loved on me. I tried to be quiet on my feet and made my way back to him.

I stood in front of him for a couple of minutes and just grinned like an idiot. Pushed into my stocking was a pair of long chained cuffs that I HAD to get onto him if this was going to work. I’d fuck up and end up against the wall with Danny’s hands around my throat. Although that would pretty hot, this was not the time for that. I walked behind him and put my hands on his shoulders.

“Master? Can you tell me all those things you said earlier? About me being very naughty and needing correction?”

Danny’s hands went to the blindfold but I stopped his hands.

“Not yet Master. I want it to be a surprise.”

I heard him chuckle and put his hands on his legs.

“Well pet, it’s been too long since either of us have dominated the other. And I think that’s caused you to forget how to behave. You’ve been very wild and very naughty. And I don’t like it one bit. So I’m gonna take special care of reminding you.”

I put my hands on Danny’s and slowly rub up toward his shoulders. His skin was so soft and lovely. My hands go to under his arms and raise them up slightly.

“Master you are so good to me. I’d probably be running wild if it wasn’t for you. Don’t you think?”

As I say this I’m still raising his hands up. I stop when they are above his head and right in front of my lips. I kiss the back of Danny’s hands softly. This time as I bring them down and kiss along his arm I move them backwards toward the chair instead of toward his lap. I dropped his left arm against my shoulder. It gave me a free hand to grab the cuffs from my stocking.

“Master, I love what you have planned for me. I don’t know what it is yet. But I know we’ll both Kurtköy Escort enjoy it. Don’t you?”

“Yes, pet.”

As he finished answering me I snapped on the cuffs on his right wrist. Before he could get up I pulled his left wrist into the empty cuff. As he rushed up his hands fell behind his back. He had bound himself without even realizing it. The chain clinked against the chair as he turned to me quickly.

“Pet! What do you think you’re doing? Did you forget already who is in charge today?!”

I giggled softly and walked up behind him. My hands went up the front of his shirt and rubbed his smooth stomach. I kept going upward until my fingers brushed against Danny’s nipples. I trapped them between my fingers and rolled the brown nubs softly. I felt him lean back against me and shiver softly. I giggled again.

“But Danny, I don’t want to be pet yet. Not if it isn’t going to get me in trouble the way I want it to. So I’m going to have to say no. Today I’m going to be in charge. And you can punish me for it later. Now forward. I’ll guide you into the bedroom.”

Danny couldn’t say no in this situation. He was cuffed and there was no way to get his blind fold off. I could have been leading him into a piranha tank. But follow me he must. As he fell back onto the bed I check to make sure the chair hadn’t bunched up uncomfortably under his back. But it laid flat under him so I was pleased.

“I don’t want to cut your shirt so it’ll have to stay on but I can pull it over your head, can’t I?”

Grabbing the hem of Danny’s shirt I tugged it up until it got caught behind his neck. Finally his chest was open to me. I stroked my hand down it appreciatively and gave one of his cute nipples a twist for good measure.

“Lay on your back. I’ll be calling you pet for right now. And I am?”

Danny looked so sweet right now. Face flushed, chest bare, and blinded. I just wanted to eat him up!

“My Master.”

His voice was so soft. Almost a whisper. Oh hell yeah! I was gonna make this boy squeal. My hands went for his pants and got them off of his legs. Next went his tight briefs. Danny’s gorgeous cock stood at attention. Not only was it obscenely big but the middle was big enough that I can’t wrap my hand around it.

I hooked the tip with my finger and let it fling back causing the cutest little moan from my pet. I pulled off my panties and stood for a second looking at my creation.

“Danny put your head on the pillows and your body straight down the bed.”

I found my place on the bed. Right between Danny’s legs. This was one of my favorite parts of topping my sweet boy. The anticipation before I get him ready. I could practically feel the need pouring off of Danny’s skin. This is proved even more when I stroke his thighs softly and he meets my touch like a spoiled kitten.

It was so difficult not to laugh at the role change. He went from talking tough to puddy in my hands. I couldn’t wait for him to take out all his frustration on me. When the time came of course. For right now he was mine. Under my power and at my mercy. Time see my boy wriggle.

“Danny, pull your legs up to your chest and hold onto your thighs. Have you been keeping yourself shaved back here?”

As Danny’s soft ring was exposed I saw that it had to have been shaved at least two days ago. There was no hair there. I let my nails rake down his thighs causing him to gasp softly.

“Goodness Danny, I can see that you were wanting me to top you. Why else would you keep your little boy hole neat and clean for me?”

He didn’t answer me so I gave a sharp smack to his left ass cheek.

“No reply pet?”

The swat caused Danny to gasp again and his body clenched.

“Yes Master, I am sorry. You told me to always keep it smooth. I shave it every two days.”

I chuckled and rubbed my thumb back and forth across the silky soft rose bud. He was such a good slut. And what was even better was that he only behaved this way for me. I slowly leaned down until my eyes were level with Danny’s balls. After deciding to tease my boy, I blew cool air across his ridged flesh. His reaction was absolutely adorable! His torso shot up toward and he let out his third strangled gasp of the day.

“Keep those hands on your thighs pet. I’ll stripe that ass red if you slip.”

“Yes Master.”

His voice sounded so small from where I was. Enjoying the effect I was having over him, I leaned forward and pulled Danny’s ass apart even more. His cute little bud winked at me, basically begging me to taste it! I obliged my needy boy by swiping my tongue back and forth on him. This certainly got a reaction and I giggled out loud at my boyfriend. He never ceased to be adorable.

I threw all my fucks to the wind and dove into his boy hole with gusto. Every gasps and moan that came out of Danny’s mouth made me lick faster and probe deeper. Slowly I felt his ring relaxed against my lips. I let my tongue travel back and forth Pendik Escort between his balls and his taint as I sunk my index finger into him.

“Master, please I want more. I need more than just a finger.”

I lifted my head up to see my shaking mess of a boyfriend. His plush bottom lip was stuck between his teeth and the look of pleasure he wore was priceless.

“So needy, pet. Why should I reward you for half begging me? Can’t you do it any better than that?”

Danny nodded fast and his legs spread open more.

“Master, you own this body. Every inch belongs to you. Please tease me in that amazing way that you. Please spoil your pet.”

I smirked and lifted my head up. As I was staring down my quivering pet I started to curve my finger forward. As it moved inside of him my digit struck gold. Danny shook even harder and the sweetest cry erupted from his mouth as I pressed into his prostate. I let my finger stroke the nerves gently, knowing this was driving him absolutely crazy.

“You beg so pretty pet. I think it’s earned you a reward. When you’re going to cum I want you to tell me. Understand?”

Before could Danny could answer I slipped a second finger into him. I gave his jerking prostate a direct hit and the ‘yes’ that was coming out of his mouth turned into a full fledged scream. This wouldn’t be his only torture. The non-stop pleasure wracked his body as I slipped my mouth down his swollen cock. I started gagging by the sixth inch. The feeling of my throat spasming around his aching prick must have been too much because Danny bucked his hips, sending his length further into my mouth.

This time I gagged harder, hard enough to pull back and huff at my squirmy little slut. I spit on my fingers and added a third one to the group. As pay back for Danny trying to assassinate my tonsil, I pushed all three fingers as deep as they would go. I was stabbing his prostate by now. The effect had turned Danny into a gibbering mess. I could tell his just needed a little push more to orgasm. With more caution than the first time, I swallowed as much of his rock hard cock as I could.

It only took two or three bobs before Danny rose up off of the bed and shouted that he was at his limited.

“Stay up baby. Don’t lay back. You can cum when you please.”

My fingers hadn’t stopped jackhammering at Danny’s prostate and my hand now stroking his still thickening cock was enough to send him off the edge. My baby’s body got incredibly stiff as his hard on jerked in my hand. Each rope of thick cum fell on Danny’s chest. The first shot went as far as his chin and bottom lip. I leaned forward to kiss and lick it away as I pulled the last drops out of him. His cum was bitter but I still loved the taste. It was all his.

Danny was shaking. His cock jerked slightly even still. The streams of his cum slowly started to drip down. And my hand was covered with the stuff. I raised my hand to his mouth.

“Danny, lick my hand clean. I know you like your taste as much as I do.”

His long tongue snaked out and found my hand as well as the mess he had made. When the remnants were gone I went back to my knees between his legs and I let Danny lean back. I got up to get a warm rag for him. By the time I got back it looked like he was about to fall asleep. Well that just won’t fucking do. After I cleaned the jizz off him I straddled his chest and rubbed the sensitive tip of his cock to get his attention.

“Pet, you have a treat waiting just above you. Lift up and have a taste.”

I bit my lip and tried to be quiet as his warm tongue met with my pussy. It grazed over my hooded clit and I almost collapsed face first into the bed. I lowered myself until my pussy was less than an inch from Danny’s mouth. I tried not to push my entire weight onto him. His arms must have been aching from supporting his own weight behind his back. I would let him rest him. After I came that is.

Although I was grinding my mound against Danny’s mouth I was rocking my hips back and forth, making sure his skilled tongue played with every inch of me. I was shaking but made sure that I didn’t moan. He hadn’t earned that yet. However, when Danny pushed his head forward and trapped my clit into his sucking mouth I gifted him with a very loud gasp. The moment after I did that, his efforts seemed renewed and he attacked my battered little clit like it was dripping the elixir of life.

All this pleasure made me lean forward and grind my clit against his waiting lips. I did my best not to press into him too hard. Just enough to give me that sweet feeling. I could feel my end racing through. I grabbed onto Danny’s thighs and grind harder. Just a few more seconds. Just a few more! I exclaimed that I was going to cum and Danny doubled his intensity. I taught this sweet boy so well. My pussy jerked as a small stream of my cum dripped onto my boy’s face. I rolled off of him, gasping and satisfied.

After a minute of rest I sat up Maltepe Escort and looked at my baby. His chest rose and fell slowly. His body was covered in a thin layer of sweat and the sunlight from the window fell onto his body perfectly. I was happy but not fully sated. There was one move left to make.

“Danny, slip your hands from under you. I’m going to unlock them. Give you some time to stretch your muscles.”

I watched my boy tuck his legs against his check and slip his arms forward. The chain to the cuffs slid across his and came out underneath his legs. He pulled his arms free and laid them on his stomach. As Danny stretched his arms came above his head and his legs stuck out further. He made a cute little groaning noise as the pops and cracks followed. I kept watching him for a few minutes more. He was so precious. So sweet and lovable. And he belonged to me.

“Danny, I know we’ve both cum but I’m not down yet. Pull your legs back up to your chest.”

“Yes Master.”

Danny did as he was told. As he got into position I moved over to the dresser and looked inside my bag. I pulled out a medium sized vibrator and the lube. I got back to my favorite place and the toy and lube on the bed beside me. The bottle had been used before so it was easy to pop the top and pour some on two of my fingers. The pointer and middle finger went into Danny easily. His gasps echo shortly before coming back out as my ring finger slips in with the others.

I spread my fingers apart trying to stretch him out more. When it seems like he is ready for something bigger I grab the vibrator and slip it into him. Danny moan appreciatively and his hungry little ass accepts the toy. I switch it onto its lower setting and slowly fuck him with it.

“We need you stretched my pretty little pet. I’ve bought a new toy to go with my new outfit. It’s one of those fantasies you told me about.”

Since we had started dating Danny told me that he wanted me to use a strap-on on him. And as it so happens I found a vibrating one with an attachment for yours truly. I let go of the vibrator in Danny’s ass and kicked it up to the next level. While he was squirming on the bed I got up and went back to my bag. I had the straps specially made to go over my annoyingly wide hips.

My wet pussy accepted the side made for me happily. The toy fit on me snugly and I gave it a little shake for good measure. It stayed in place so now it was time to show my sweet pet what he had earned. I got back to the bed and looked down at Danny for a few seconds. He’ll never known just how warm he makes me.

“Take off the blindfold Danny. Look what your Master has for you.”

I swung my hips side to side making the toy shake with me. As Danny uncovered his eyes and looked at what was in front of him I grinned widely. I giggled softly at hearing him gasp.

“For me Master?”

I nodded slowly and bit my lip. His soft little cheeks blushed pink and he bit his lip too.

“Ready to ride it, pet?”

Danny nodded quickly and got up off his back. Taking his place, I sat up against the headboard slightly and motioned for him to straddle me. He was uneasy on his legs which I found terribly endearing. I held the toy up and watched as Danny got the first few inches inside him. He was panting softly and put his hands on my breasts for balance. I smirked at this and grabbed both of his wrists.

“Uh-uh, pet. You’re going to work your legs and hips on your Master’s strap. I wanna really see you fuck yourself on me.”

Danny squealed softly and nodded at me. His hands balled into fists as he rose up slightly on his feet. Once they were planted he slowly started to bounce. Just then I remembered something. My left hand left his wrists and flicked on the switch on the back of the toy. It start vibrating intensely and I gasped loudly at it. Danny threw his head and sunk all the way onto it. I marveled at my boy wonder as he worked his hips fast. Each time pushing my head into me. He was fucking both of us.

His dreads covered his sweet face in a sexy clouded way. I watched the sweat build up on his forehead and I heard how his moans got louder. Our eyes locked and I felt myself fall deeper in love with this amazing man. My hands shot to hips. Every time he would come down I’d pull hard making sure he slammed with each bounce. He must have been doing it very well because his body suddenly broke out into shakes. Danny’s hands gripped my tits hard and his bounces became faster. The new pace pushed me closer to my finish line and I fell into the same frantic rhythm.

His beautiful green eyes bore into mine. They shut suddenly as I wrapped my hand around his cock for the second time. I could feel my orgasm racing forward and I didn’t want to cum without him. I cried out his name as I came hard. My body froze and I heard the rush of liquid fall onto the bed. Danny was following right behind me and shots of his hot cum fell on my chest in jets.

My hand on Danny’s cock was too much for him and started to pull back. He pulled himself off of the toy and fell beside me. I switched the toy off before I got overstimulated with him. We laid beside each other gasping and staring at the spinning ceiling fan. Danny was the first to speak.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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