T-34’s Rule and Boys Drool! Pt. 04

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To the new readers, please go back and start at Chapter 1. To returning readers, thanks so much for coming on this journey with me! This one’s a little longer than the rest. And there’s a reason for it! Hint hint, there’s a reason I’ve put this chapter in the ‘Lesbian Sex’ section. Hit up the comments or via the contact page and tell me what you think!



Chapter Four

The sudden feeling of being lifted brought Akira back into wakefulness. She was being carried by Bellinda out of her car. Akira still felt unwell, but she smiled at the memory of the world’s softest lips. Those lips she could make out, as she glanced up at the woman that made her feel so safe. Looking around though, Akira was surprised to see her being carried back into Bellinda’s apartment, not Akira’s shed.

“I have to go home,” Akira said softly.

Bellinda slowled, before looking down at her. The expression on her face, made Akira curl into the large woman’s chest. “I’ll take you home when you’re better.”

“Okay,” Akira squeaked.

Bellinda sped up for a few steps, before crouching down. Resting Akira on her thighs, she fished out the key for the front door and got it open. Lifting Akira back up, she carried her inside and laid the small woman on the couch. With Akira down, Bellinda leaned down and pecked her on the lips. And with the memory of that feeling, Bellinda headed for the kitchen, leaving Akira to rest on the couch. Which was fine for Akira. The nurse told her to take it easy for a couple days and to eat something simple when she got home. She was completely unaware that Bellinda was steaming some chicken and green vegetables. It wouldn’t be the best tasting thing in the world, but it should go down easy.

What was an odd experience for Akira, was the lack of motor skills. She couldn’t walk properly, which she knew. But she was capable of crawling around and moving if she needed to. But holding a fork, was completely beyond her. So she spent her meal, staring into Bellinda’s big brown eyes as she was fed by hand. If not for the feelings she felt as she looked at the large woman, she’d have been embarrassed, but bad thoughts never crossed her mind. Instead she concentrated on what she could see. The slight pout of Bellinda’s lips. The lift of her nose at the tip. The perfect oval shape of her eyes and the depth of their colour.

“What are you thinking about?” Bellinda asked as she cut the last piece of chicken.

Akira opened her mouth without thinking, and before she could stop herself, “I’m admiring how perfectly beautiful you are.” Then, remembering who she was sitting with, Akira blushed and found an interesting spot on the floor to stare at.

Bellinda smiled and nodded. “We should have a proper discussion, when you’re feeling better.”

“I’m sorry,” Akira said softly.

“Don’t be,” Bellinda cupped her chin with her hand and lifted Akira’s face into another soft kiss. “Because I think you’re just about perfect yourself.”

This time when Akira blushed and stared at the floor, she did so with a smile.

“I’ll run you a bath,” Bellinda said, getting up and walking out of the room.

Akira heard the sound of taps starting to run, before Bellinda came back and gently picked her up.

“You don’t need to do this,” Akira said, leaning into Bellinda’s embrace.

Bellinda just smiled and carried her into the bathroom. As the bath filled, Bellinda gently helped undress the small woman she was finding herself unable to ignore. Akira blushed as she was undressed, but understood the reasoning for it. She was still too dizzy to stand and undress herself. But she blushed furiously the whole time. Once undressed, Bellinda lifted her gently into the bath, where Akira clung to the sides, so she wouldn’t slip under the water.

“That… That’s not going to work, is it?” Bellinda asked, seeing Akira clutching at the rim.

Akira shook her head slowly, hating how the room moved even as her head stopped. Especially as she watched Bellinda lifting her arms as she slipped off her own shirt. A moment later, a blushing and wide eyed Akira lay nestled between Bellinda’s breasts in the heat of the bath. Akira was literally between her legs, while Bellinda scrubbed her back and down her arms. The whole situation was surreal for her as the effects of the drugs in her system made her feel things she wasn’t sure were real. But she trusted Bellinda and felt safe as the larger woman washed her gently.


Akira slowly came awake. This was the second time she’d woken like this. In the warm embrace of this amazing woman. Akira smiled and opened her eyes, just to watch her breath for a few minutes. Bellinda was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. And today was all the better, because the room didn’t move around. Though she still felt a little ill. Tilting her head up, Akira pressed her lips to the underside of Bellinda’s chin, before slowly extracting herself from Bellina’s embrace. Crawling out of the bed, Akira took a look in Bellinda’s escort ataşehir wardrobe and found a large shirt. Pulling it on, Akira was covered down to her knees by the soft fabric. Akira hugged herself in it, smiling for a reason she couldn’t understand, but it may have been because of the scent on the fabric. And with a casual glance at the woman on the bed, Akira moved for the kitchen. Finding what she needed, Akira boiled some water, while preparing some mushrooms and toast.

Bellinda woke, feeling a strange emptiness beside her. Cracking her eyes open, she didn’t see Akira anywhere, but she could smell toast. Climbing out of the bed, Bellinda ignored her own nakedgess and followed her nose. Only, in the kitchen, was a sight that made her growl in the back of her throat. Swaying slightly as she hummed, was a small, delicious looking woman, in a too big shirt. It was also probably something to do with it being Bellindas favourite shirt. Which now would smell just like the small woman wearing it.

“Oh!” Akira said, turning and spotting her.

Setting aside the pot, Akira quickly moved towards Bellinda. But she was totally unprepared for Bellinda to scoop the small woman up into her arms. And like that, Akira’s entire world was narrowed to the moment her lips pressed against Bellinda’s. The kiss was soft, but insistent. Akira felt Bellinda’s tongue press against her upper lip. Opening her mouth, she accepted it’s intrusion and returned the favour. Trying to mimic Bellinda’s movements she was lost to the sensation of their moment. Bellinda held the small woman up against her with her hands on Akira’s ass. Akira wrapped her legs around Bellinda’s waist, holding on tightly as Bellinda poured everything she could into her. Akira just held on for the ride while returning it as best as she could. The firm pressure on her ass from Bellinda’s hands gave her a warm feeling between her legs. Her nipples hardened and she enjoyed the sensation of her chest pressing against Bellinda’s. And in a daze, Bellinda pulled away, only to smile at Akira’s dazed expression.

“Good morning,” She said softly.

Akira nodded, before coming back to herself with a blush and a squeak. “Good morning, I hope you like breakfast.”

With a small wriggle, Bellinda lowered Akira to the floor, where the small woman scurried back to the pot and kept stirring. She watched for a moment as Akira whizzed around the kitchen. It was nice to know she could cook, that meant they could take turns… That is… If she decided to stay. Bellinda smiled and crossed her fingers as she turned and went back to the room to dress. Checking her phone in the process, she saw she had a message from Ceejay, reminding her the first stage of the tournament was the following morning. Bellinda fired back a quick reply, before heading for the kitchen.

“How are you feeling today?” She asked, seeing Akira plating up what looked like an amazing eggs benedict, complete with mushrooms and hollandaise sauce.

Akira smiled as she finished the last touches and picked up a plate, bringing it straight to Bellinda with a smile. Bellinda took the plate and immediately placed it on the bench, before behind and kissing Akira who made a soft moan of appreciation.

“I’m feeling a lot better. I don’t think I got a lot of whatever Kevin gave me,” Akira said.

“Good,” Bellinda smiled, opening the drawer she was blocking and extracting cutlery for the two of them. “We’ve got the first stage of the tournament tomorrow morning.”

Akira paused as she took the cutlery she was offered. “How… How is any of this going to even work? I don’t even know where the tournament is being held. Not to mention how do we move a twenty-eight and a half ton vehicle?”

Bellinda paused as she cut a piece of toast with some egg on it. “We… Haven’t discussed ANYTHING with you, have we?” Akira shook her head. “Right, okay. Let’s eat, then I’ll call the girls.”

The two of them ate quickly. They didn’t talk, but Bellinda snuck a kiss on Akira’s cheek after her first mouth watering bite. Akira, on the other hand, found her stomach wasn’t quite up for a full meal. It did give her a measure of joy seeing Bellinda finish off her plate. She’d never had someone visibly enjoy her cooking before, with the exception of Thomas, but that was a rarity. So Bellinda moaning as she all but licked clean Akira’s plate had her giddy with joy. With the meal over, Akira washed up, while Bellinda made a phone call.

“Hey!” Mel said in a cheery tone.

“Hey! I swear I called Ceejay, but that’s cool, I wanted both of you.”

Mel giggled softly, “You did, don’t worry. Ceejay is a little tied up right now, but I can pass on a message?”

Bellinda smiled, “Great. I was hoping you and Ceejay could pop round for lunch. We need to discuss what’s happening tomorrow.”

“OH! Right, poor Akira wasn’t there for the planning, was she?” Mel summed it up immediately. “Alright, see you at lunch, we’ll bring something to share!”

“Thanks Mel, don’t kadıköy escort be too rough on her,” Bellinda giggled.

Mel hung up the phone and looked down at Ceejay. The exuberant red head was tied spread eagle on the bed. The ball gag in her mouth muffled her whimpers. Leaning over, Mel gave one of the nipple suckers a soft flick, making Ceejay squeal softly.

“You hear all that?” Mel asked, pushing the rubber cock she wore further into Ceejay’s ass. Ceejay moaned, before nodding her head. “Good, we need to finish up then,” she said, reaching down and taking the clit sucker in her hands. Giving the knob on the end another half twist, increasing the pull on Ceejay’s clit, Mel started rocking her hips.

“If you can hold off from cumming for two minutes, I’ll let you rim me while I masturbate.”

Ceejay moaned and nodded her head, while Mel twisted the clit sucker gently as she rocked the rubber cock in and out of Ceejay’s ass.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Akira was watching Bellinda take off the shirt and panties she’d put on at breakfast. Watching the large, dark skinned woman strip nude in front of her, gave Akira a warm feeling between her legs. It was a strange feeling, as she knew the dictionary definition of arousal, but she’d never experienced it like this before. But the situation left her mute and unable to form words, even as Bellinda smiled and stepped forward. Akira barely thought to lift her arms as Bellinda lifted the shirt off her, leaving Akira standing as nude as the goddess before her. The mild sick feeling in Akira’s stomach gave way to the fluttering of butterflies as Bellinda helped her into the shower. It wasn’t the largest shower, but with Akira’s small stature, there was room for them both.

The water cascaded over them both and Bellinda grabbed a loofa and squirted some soap onto it, she turned and started rubbing Akira down. Akira, barely remembering the touch from the bath the day before froze. The feeling of Bellinda’s strong hands on her skin had her shaking slightly. Enough, that Bellinda noticed and stopped.

“Are you okay?”

Akira snapped her eyes up to see Bellinda’s worried expression. “I-I’ve never…”

“Never been with a woman?” Bellinda nodded.

Akira shook her head, “No… I’ve never been with… Anyone. You’re my… First kiss.”

Bellinda blinked, not knowing what to say, but she immediately toned down her plans for the small woman. “Spose this is the conversation we should have then, huh?”

Akira froze, “I’m sorry! I don’t want this to stop!”

Bellinda pulled her into a quick hug, “Oh honey, no. I don’t want this to stop either,” Bellinda said firmly. “I just don’t want to push you into doing something you’ll regret later.”

Akira nodded and enjoyed the close feeling she was experiencing. “I’ve never felt like this with anyone?”

“What about that guy you were with, at the arcade?”

Akira giggled, “That’s Thomas, he’s gay.”

“So, nothing to worry about then?”

Akira shook her head and pulled away to collect a kiss. “We’ve been friends since we were kids. We’re real close. He actually came out to me before his parents. But no, I’ve… Never been attracted to someone before.”

Bellinda frowned, “Really? No crushes at school or anything?”

Akira shook her head. “I always just thought Mama would find a man for me to marry and that would be it.”

“Is that what happened with that guy?”

Akira nodded, “He’s the son of someone Mama works with. He took us to dinner and Mama took my phone after I checked the message you sent me.”

“Oh shit, she set you up with him, and still wanted you to go back to him after he drugged you?”

“She was just thinking of my fut-“

“NO!” Bellinda snapped, jolting Akira out of what she was going to say. “That selfish bitch was going to sell you to a man like that? Who drugs and probably rapes women? That’s horrible!”

Akira lowered her gaze, thinking about the situation. Never before had she been in a situation where someone had made her feel valid. Never before had someone told her straight to her face, that her mother’s behaviour was wrong. And as years of hidden emotions started to pour out, Akira couldn’t hide the sob that escaped.

“Oh honey,” Bellinda said, getting on her knees. She was now slightly shorter than Akira. “I’m sorry honey, I don’t want to hurt you-“

She didn’t get any further as Akira threw herself into the dark skinned woman who made her feel alive. In a flash, their mouths were entwined and Akira cried happy tears as she kissed the woman that made her feel so special.



Bellinda lifted Akira off her lap and placed her on the couch. But Akira refused to let go until she collected a peck on the lips. With Akira satisfied, Bellinda moved to the door and opened it to Ceejay and Mel. The two ladies were smiling brightly as they hugged Bellinda and entered the apartment. Akira was only slightly surprised as they both came to the maltepe escort bayan couch and hugged her as well.

“We brought some stuff from the deli!” Ceejay smiled unpacking various meats, cheeses and olives onto the coffee table.

“I’ll get some cutlery,” Bellinda smiled.

She was followed into the kitchen by Akira who grabbed the ready pot of tea and cups. They returned into the lounge and set up their shared lunch.

“So what’s going on?” Ceejay asked, popping a piece of pepperjack cheese in her mouth.

Mel swatted her shoulder for being crass, but nodded at Bellinda to let her know she was waiting.

“The tournament starts tomorrow,” Bellinda started. “How are we getting there?”

“SHIT!” Ceejay snapped. “We don’t have a truck!”

“How did your dad do it?” Mel asked Akira.

The small woman frowned and shook her head, “I don’t know. But Paul might have an idea.”


Akira kept her back to the house. She didn’t know if her mother was home, but she had no intention of finding out. As it turned out, Paul and Ceejay had exchanged numbers so she could ask for advice. So getting an answer was as easy as a phone call. An hour later, the old man met them at Akira’s shed.

“Just come straight out, don’t turn at all!” Paul called from his spot atop the tank.

The rest of them were watching from the side as Ceejay smiled through the open drivers hatch. Old Henry moved silently out of the shed, the only sound the clacking of the metal tracks. There wasn’t any need to hit the switch for the artificial engine noises until they actually got to the tournament.

“Hold there!” Paul called.

Ceejay pulled the tank to a gentle stop, being mindful of her new friend sitting on top. Paul for that matter climbed down and waved for the ladies to join him. He led them back inside the shed to the back of the room, where a large set of switches was located. Hitting the red switch, the ladies grinned as the promised trailer lowered slowly from the ceiling. It was large, heavy and reinforced, but looked in good condition. Still, as it got to chest height, Paul stopped it and went over to examine it. He brought the three specating ladies along and showed them what to check for with the bearings and tires. The tires would need replacing from age, but they weren’t going far in the morning, and they’d be able to do it after the first stage was complete.

With the note about the tyres, but otherwise a clean bill of health, Paul checked the pressures, before lowering it the rest of the way onto the ground. With the trailer on the ground, he locked the wheels and lowered the loading supports. Akira remembered from this part and moved to grab a mirror where she remembered it being stashed against the wall. Taking hold, it rolled on wheels and she moved it into position, so the tank driver could use it to reverse back up onto the trailer. Paul had done the same on the other side, and smiled his thanks at the help.

“Alright, take it easy and reverse Henry back onto the trailer!”

Ceejay gave a thumbs up and glanced from mirror to mirror before expertly reversing the old T-34 up onto the ramps. She paused, checking the alignment, before reversing half the tank up and checking again. Satisfied, she rolled slowly back the rest of the way, stopping as she felt the tracks bump into the stops at the back.

“Great work!” Paul called.

As the afternoon wore on, Paul showed them all how to secure Henry to the trailer and do the final checks. He then explained that the ammunition they’d be using, would be supplied by the tournament and looked over each of the young ladies.

“I’ll be here at six in the morning with my truck,” He said smiling at each of them.

“Wait, what?” Ceejay asked.

“We don’t have any way to tow a tank,” Mel said softly.

Paul nodded, “Exactly.”

Ceejay went and gave the old man a hug. In a flash, Mel, Bellinda and Akira joined her. All hugging the old man, who stood there grinning sheepishly.

“C’mon, enough of that. I need to get home and put dinner on!”

Ceejay looked at Mel for a moment. “We should go out and celebrate. You’re part of the team now, so you should come!”

As Paul looked over the four smiling ladies before him, he caved and nodded his approval. So as they locked up the shed and filed out to their cars. None of them spotted the figure standing in the windows of the house, staring down at their small troupe. Akira didn’t even turn to look at the house as she climbed into Bellinda’s car and took the larger woman’s hand.


Hours later, Bellinda and Akira stumbled back into Bellinda’s apartment. They were giggling from racing to the front door. Akira had a truly wonderful night and was feeling much herself. Unlike the evening with Kevin, this night had been filled with laughter, good food and great company. Even Paul was laughing along with the rest of them. After making a pit stop on the way home for ice cream, Akira had fed Bellinda as she drove. It was both hilarious and for whatever reason erotic, for the small woman. Seeing that tongue scoop the frozen treat into her mouth, Akira had felt that warm feeling between her legs. Only now, it was accompanied with tingling and a strange pulse sensation from her heartbeat.

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