Tabby Kat Ch. 04-05

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Chapter 4

Please read previous chapters before perusing this one. What happens in them affect events that occur here.

Wednesday morning.

“Any news?” asked Dave as he came into the living room having just woke up.

“Not really,” Emily answered. “Frank said that they have been looking through all the video footage of every store in the mall plus the malls own. They can trace Tabitha’s movements till around eleven-o-clock when she left the mall. But she didn’t make it back to her car. There is a black SUV that they think she might have been pulled into, but they can’t be sure, and there is no way of tracing it since they don’t have a picture of its plates. They seem to be…” she broke off trying to stem the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes.

“It’s okay, mom. They’ll find her.”

“I suppose,” she replied. “But what if when they do, she’s…” Again, she broke off the sentence trying to keep from crying.

“Don’t think like that. She’s going to be alright!”

“But there haven’t been any calls. No demands, no ransom, nothing. What if the person who took her just wants to fuck her, kill her and throw her out like yesterday’s trash? Or worse. What if they took her to sell her into slavery for sex?”

“Mom, just believe that she’s safe, okay. We’ll deal with all the other shit when they bring her back home alive and well. Where’s Dad?”

“He took some more flyers out to post around the city.”

“Okay. I guess I’ll get something to eat and then go out myself to put more up.”

Still morning.

“Good morning Miss Moore. Ready for your clean up?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Is Something wrong?”

“Do you think it would be alright if I could talk to my parents? They’ve got to be worried about me.”

“I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps it would be better to let them know you are unharmed. This afternoon I will see to it that you can talk to them briefly.”


The clean up went the same as the last one. Charles was careful, but thorough allowing her to cum. She felt the washcloth he used to clean her with drag gently across her still aroused cunt, then was surprised to feel his hand spreading something on the area. “This morning, we’re going to remove the hair from your cunt,” he said. “Please do your best not to move so that it will be easier for me to keep from nicking you. I promise that I will try to not do so, too.

“Okay,” she answered. She fought to keep from bucking her hips into his hand as he tenderly massaged the substance around her pussy, biting her bottom lip to stifle her moans. Then his hand was replaced with what she knew had to be a razor, and she held very still as it raised upward from just above her slit to the top of her mound. The action was repeated several times as he removed the hair from her mound, rinsing the razor after each swipe.

“Now comes the hard part,” he said.

“Would you like me to do it?” she asked. “I promise I won’t try to escape or anything. Just untie my right hand and leave the room and I will remove the blindfold long enough to take care of it then you can come back in afterwards and tie me back up.”

“I think it would be better if we left you completely tied,” he said. “I’ll be careful. Just don’t move.”

Slowly, he moved the razor between her legs and scraped the hair from the left side of her labia. As he did so, he again had to probe slightly inside her pussy. Once one side was done, he did the other, again being slow with his movements. Finally, he had the job complete, and he rinsed out the razor then rinsed her off, gently massaging her newly shaved pussy through the warm, wet washcloth.

“Make me cum again,” Tabitha begged. “That made me super horny.”

He removed the washcloth and used his fingers to once again bring her to climax. Even though she had already had one orgasm, it didn’t take her long before she felt another building. She arched her back as best as the ropes binding her would allow as it hit, crying out her pleasure. Finally, he removed his hands and started to walk away. “I’ll get you some breakfast, now,” he said.

“You know,” she said. “They say that if you want to keep a girl, you have to make her cum at least three times during a sex session.”

“Unfortunately, I won’t have the opportunity to try to keep you,” he answered. “When this is over, you will be returning home, and I will be left with only my memories of you.” She heard the door shut with a sad sounding click as he exited the room.

Wednesday afternoon.

Emily alternated between pacing and trying to occupy her time talking while seated in the living room with her sister Susan. Her hands couldn’t hold still, and the worry showed on her face.

“Once this is over,” said Sue, “are you going to tell your kids about, you know, everything?”

“We planned to tell both of them this weekend,” Emily answered. “Jim was out of town when Tabitha’s birthday came a few weeks ago. If this hadn’t happened, she would have found out this weekend, and Dave knows already.”

“Oh? pendik escort How did he find out?”

“I was using that strap-on on myself Monday when he came home. He hadn’t had any pussy himself for a few months because he broke up with his last girlfriend, and when he saw me, he latched on and started sucking my clit. After I let him fuck me, I had to tell him about everything, including about you and Bill. Then we spent a good hour and a half fucking some more. By the way, he would like to watch us some time. He asked to join in and fuck you, but I told him that you probably would say no to that, but I thought you might allow him to watch us.”

“We’ll worry about that another time. I’m not in the mood to think about sex, whether it’s pussy, or cock. I guess he made a decision pretty quickly.”

“Once Tabitha is back, that might change. He is in love with her.”

“Shit! Does she love him?”

“She has a boyfriend, and they may be fucking already. Her friend, Terry, sort of suggested that it was possible without trying to do so.”

“That could be a fucking problem,” said Sue. “Sorry. I didn’t mean for that to come out as a pun. If she stays with this boyfriend, Dave could be in a world of hurt.”

“I’m not sure that she will stay with him. There are signs that she might not be looking to stay with him.”

“Like what?”

“Well, she seems to be sort of distancing herself from him. They had a date last Saturday, but yesterday morning when we called, they hadn’t seen each other since then, and he didn’t think that anything was amiss in that. But there again, that’s something to worry about some other time. Right now, I just want to focus on getting my fucking daughter back home.”

The phone rang and the two women both jumped. Emily raced to answer. “Hello?”


“Tabitha! Where are you sweetie? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Mom,” Tabitha answered. I don’t know where I am because he has a blindfold on me so I won’t be able to identify him later. I don’t have much time, so let me speak. It is definitely a guy that has me, but he’s using a voice modulator so I won’t recognize his voice.”

“Thirty seconds,” said a female voice in the background.

“Who was that?” asked Emily.

“That’s the voice modulator he’s using. Listen. He’s going to release me some time. He’s gone to an awful lot of trouble to keep me from being able to know who he is, so I am sure that he will let me go after he’s done with me. Tell David I love him and to take the camera out of my room. I don’t want it involved with any investigation and no one else needs to see what pictures it took. And tell Dad thanks for remembering my birthday. It meant a lot that he did. And I know this is not something that you should be worried about now, but I think he’s fucking his secretary. I gotta go, now. Love you Mom.”

“Love you, too, baby. When will…” The phone was dead. “Shit!”

“Calm down, Em. At least we know she’s alive and not in danger of being killed. The damn shithead that has her is probably fucking her every chance he can, but we can deal with that.”

“If I find out who is doing this, I’m going to cut off his dick and shove it down his throat…after shoving it up his ass.”

Tabitha heard a loud bang after the phone call was ended.”Why the fuck did you do that?!”

“What?” she replied.

“Why did you tell your Mom that your Dad is fucking his secretary?”

“I hoped to get her mind off me for a while.”

“That was not a good idea. Now she will be wondering about her husband’s fidelity on top of worrying about you. You might have just caused a major problem in their marriage. Is it true?”

“I caught Dad kissing her last Christmas and I don’t mean a friendly little peck on the cheek. I think Mom might already know since they were at our house and she was there, too.”

“I hope this doesn’t come back to bite you on the ass. So, is Dave your boyfriend?”

“He’s my brother.”

“So, you want your mom to tell your brother that you love him but you don’t say anything about your boyfriend?”

“I doubt that Mom will be giving him any updates unless he calls.”

“What camera?”

“Dave wanted some pictures of me getting changed for bed and playing with myself, so he put a camera in my room. He’s very good with photography. In fact, that’s what he does for a living. Has been for a couple of years, but Mom and Dad don’t know about it. He actually makes a pretty good living with it. Anyway, I just don’t want the police to find that camera and start looking at the pictures he took of me. Hopefully, he’s already moved it, but a reminder couldn’t hurt.”

A little later.

Frank Wilson sat in the Moore’s home writing in his notebook as Emily related to him what had been said on the phone. He berated himself for not having thought about putting a tap on the family phone, but said he would correct that. He turned to Sarah and asked if she had anything to ask.

“Dear, I don’t know about all this stuff.”

“Yeah, but sometimes another mind can see escort pendik something that the first one missed.”

She turned to Emily. “You said she said something about a camera in her room. Do you know what that is about?”

“I have some suspicions, but no real proof.”

“What suspicions?” Frank asked.

“David is in love with Tabitha. I’ve known that for a couple of months, but he hasn’t tried anything. It’s possible that he may have hid a camera in her room, and she knows about it.”

“Would he have done this? The kidnapping?”

“No. He wouldn’t do that to his sister. It’s too hurtful and he wouldn’t hurt her.”

“Where is he now?”

“Out putting up more flyers.”

“You better call him and have him come home.”

Still later.

Dave sat in the kitchen as Frank questioned him. He began by being sure that he knew his rights as a citizen of the U.S. then pointedly asked about the camera.

“I gave her a small camera to place in her room,” he began. “What’s the big deal?” He wondered when she had found out about the camera, but kept the worry over it from his face.

“Why does she want you to get it out of her room?”

“She probably didn’t want it looked at too closely by you guys.”

“Do you know what it was used for? Where is this camera?”

“I got it out of her room after you searched it,” Dave said.

“I would like to see it.”

“I’ve already deleted the pictures.”

“What were the pictures used for?”

“Uh,” Dave felt his face flushed.

“I’m not sure we need to hear more of this, Frank,” Emily stepped in. “Quite obviously Tabitha knew about the camera, so I’m sure that there is nothing to worry about. She said herself that she didn’t want it to be part of the investigation.”

“I wouldn’t hurt my sister!” David said rather forcefully.

“Alright. I’ll let it go.” He paused. “For now.”

“Excuse me,” Dave interjected as he rose from the table and walked off.

Wednesday evening.

“Miss Moore?”

‘Why don’t you call me Tabitha?” she asked. “It seems strange to not be on a first name basis when we’re going to be so intimate.”

“Tabitha? Do you need anything before I leave?

“Have you decided when you are going to fuck me?”

“I haven’t decided what I am going to do.”

“Well, I’d like you to get it over with soon so that I can go home. I have some things I need to do.”

“I will make a decision soon.”

“I sure hope so.

“Is there anything you need?”

“I can’t think of anything else right now.”

“Then, I bid you good evening.” She felt him kiss her hand then heard him leave, his footsteps echoing in her mind long after he was gone.

Chapter 5

Thursday morning.

Dave could smell bacon cooking from the kitchen as he woke. After a quick trip to the bathroom for a piss, he walked through the living room and into the kitchen to see Emily at the stove mixing something in a bowl.

“Scrambled eggs?” she asked.

“Sure,” he answered dejectedly.

“Are you okay?”


She could hear it in his voice that something was not right. “Okay,” she said setting the bowl on the counter. “What’s wrong?”

“You let that fucking cop talk to me like I was the one who took my sister,” he finally said. “I felt like a fucking criminal having to go through with that and you stood there and acted like you thought he was right. That shithead still thinks I did it.”

“If I hadn’t let him, it would have been worse, Dave. At least it was done here instead of the station. I know it wasn’t you, but Frank is just doing his job. He has to consider all possibilities.”

“He doesn’t think Dad did it.”

“Only because he was away on business. He would have been interrogating him just as much if he hadn’t been.”

“You fucked him, didn’t you?”


“That’s why your defending him. He’s one of the guys that you are fucking.”

“If I was fucking him, he wouldn’t be on this case, Dave. He has had his dick in my cunt before, but only once. And with everything else going on with him and Sarah, I won’t be letting him back in any of my holes. And that includes after we get your sister back home. If we get her home.” Her tears began again.

Dave paused a minute letting the anger melt. “Sorry, mom. I’m just worried, I guess.”

“It’s okay, sweetie,” Emily replied tearfully. “We’re all a little on edge with all this. I don’t really feel like cooking, but it keeps the hands busy while we wait to hear anything. Let me make you some breakfast, then you can go out and put up more flyers.”


Tabitha lay on the bed waiting for the man she knew as Charles to come and clean her up. She no longer held back until he got there, but let her piss go anytime the urge came on. Her arms were beginning to hurt from being held in one position for so long and she wanted to get things done so she could have some relief.

“Good morning, Tabitha. Did you sleep well?”

“I slept like shit,” she answered testily. “It’s pendik escort bayan not very comfortable trying to sleep when you’re spread out on a bed unable to move. My arms feel like fucking jelly.”

“Sorry to hear that. It can’t be helped, though. It will all be over soon, anyway. Shall we begin with the clean up?”

“Sure. I’m feeling a bit horny already. I don’t know why, but I’ve felt like I’ve needed to cum since pissing the bed this morning. Think you’ll fuck me soon?”

“Let’s just get you cleaned up,” the voice said.

The snap of the sheet coming off the bed sounded and soon, Tabitha felt the plastic beneath her ass. The washcloth he used was warm and soothing. Charles’ hands moved tenderly to clean her and then she felt them probe just slightly inside her pussy. His thumb went to her clit, rubbing it slightly and she moaned. “Can you lube it?” she asked.

He brought his fingers out and moved them to lube her clit with the juices from her pussy then moved them back in, again using his thumb on her clit. Suddenly, she felt the thumb removed, though the fingers stayed in place. The bed dipped and she realized that the moment had come.

“Yes,” she moaned. “I am fucking ready.”

The fingers stayed, pushing in and out of her cunt, but never very deep. Then she felt another sensation. It was slightly wet and moved up her slit around the gently probing fingers before settling on her clit.

“Oh, fuck,” she cried.

She felt his tongue move down then lick up one side of her pussy and then back down the other. He moved further down, then, to the inner thigh of her right leg, kissing and licking it as she pushed upwards trying to get him to move his mouth to her hot fuck hole. He switched sides, kissing up the inner thigh of her left leg until he was inches from her love nest. With his fingers still gently fucking her just inside her pussy and staying away from her hymen, he started kissing above her wet slickened slit. Again, she pictured the dick she wanted so badly and moaned. His tongue flicked across her clit causing her to jump. Her breathing became heaving gasps for air as she felt her heart pounding in her chest. “Oh,” she moaned. “I want you so much, br…” She stopped before she completed the word she was going to say. “Shit,” she exclaimed. “Fuck me, Charles.” His mouth wrapped around her nub, and she moaned again. Slowly He sucked it in and out while flicking his tongue across it then in circles.

“Oh, shit!” she yelled. “Fuck, yes. Fuck, fuck. I’m cumming!”

Her release was massive, coating his face with copious juices that he lapped from her pulsating twat. Then his hands were gone from her body as was his mouth. She felt him raise off the bed then heard his breathing coming in raspy breaths.

“What are you doing?” she asked. “Aren’t you going to fuck me?”

He didn’t answer but kept breathing harder.

“If you’re just going to jack off, at least let me feel your cum on my tits or in my mouth.”

With in seconds he gave a grunt and she felt her body hit by something light. She almost missed the feel of it until it hit her face by her lips and she traced her tongue around her mouth to gather it in and taste her captors cum, the first she had ever tasted other than her own.

There was a pause where nothing was said then she heard him zipping up his pants.

“Rub it in to my skin,” she said. “It’s supposed to be a natural moisturizer.” She felt his hands rubbing it in, then heard the water being rung from the wash cloth. She was cleansed thoroughly then given a small kiss on the forehead.

“I’ll get you some food,” came the computerized voice she was now used to hearing.


Tabitha laid in the bed wondering about the morning. Charles had spent the morning after feeding her sitting by her bed discussing a number of issues, never revealing his thoughts but asking about her views. Most of what he asked had to do with the most forbidden topics in society. He asked about politics, and religion, as well as about her plans for the future. She was vague about her future, not wanting to reveal her true desires. Then he asked about her views on sex.

“Would you do it with another woman?” he asked.

“Would you want me to?”

“This is not about what I might or might not want.”

“I never considered it before.”

“What if this guy you say is unattainable asked you to do it with another woman and with him?”

“I guess I could understand why he might want me to. A straight guy getting to see two girls naked would be a real turn on for him, so maybe I think I would do it then. I’d do just about anything for him.”

“Would you want to see him with another guy?”

“No, I would prefer to have him to myself.”

“How do you feel about incest?”

“I think it probably happens more often than people realize.”

“Would you do it?”

She thought for a couple of seconds before answering. “I suppose that would depend on who it was and the circumstances of the event.”

“Would you do it with your brother if he asked?”

“Do you think he would ask?”

“The reality of whether he would or not doesn’t matter. We are only talking about what you would do.”

“I love him, so I guess I could let him fuck me.”

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