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Big Dicks

OUR story begins with Celeste, devoted wife and mother of one …. a son named Jeff. Celeste is a stay at home mom, and just turning forty. She’s married to a just as devoted husband… Terrence. Terrence seems to be more devoted to his job these days. She knew it might be this way when they were married. When they were both at college, he told her that he was out for a business degree and hoped he might receive one soon. Terrence was quite a determined man. She liked that in him. He always went after what he wanted. He also wanted a family, and that meant a wife. He liked that Celeste was young, open to ideas, and a very giving person. He hoped that she was open to all that he wanted to give her…. a life, a home, and a family. His family.

Celeste had been open to all these things, especially the sex! Terrence was a wild sexual beast. She had only been with one other man before him, and found that there was to be more to this new thing called sex. When he was free mostly on weekends after class, they would have mad, passionate sex, mostly with her on bottom. Celeste had been open to everything… everything.

One night like so many others, they’d talked for a long while… just sitting naked and talking. Then Terrence started in on her, He asked her to crawl over him and do what came natural to her. The first thing she did was suckle and kiss on his penis. Celeste was intrigued by his penis, and wanted to know everything she could about it. Playing with the head, gave Terrence small orgasms. He knew what she wanted to do. She’d told him about a fantasy she’d had the night before. As she moved all over him sucking his balls and his nipples, she went back down, licking and sucking on his penis. He loved it, stroking her hair as she did so. After sucking, squeezing his balls, and trying to finger his ass, Celeste figured there were no negative thoughts in his head to hinder his orgasm… so she mounted him. She rode him and it felt sooo good to do that in the wee hours of the night! As she did so, Celeste felt Terrence pumping back faster. She matched his rhythm…. kissing him now and then and stroking his face, nibbling his ear, all the things she knew that aroused him . When she could hear him about to come, there was a low moan and gurgle. Hot juices gushed deep inside of her, the rest running down the sides of their thighs. As Celeste lay faintly upon Terrence’s chest, he seemed so wasted and yet invigorated! It made her so happy to hear how much stress she had relieved from his busy day. Later, they cuddled, and enveloped each other in a full body hug. That night she first rode him was the night Celeste became with child.

Now twenty years later, it was going to be her birthday, and Terrence had promised to be home… soon. Now pushing midnight, now one… Celeste sensed he might not be home tonite. She had been saddened, but it was expected. Jeff, her son, was there tho, and he soothed her to the fact that dad was a busy man. Working for a higher position. Terrence always reminded them he was doing it for her. That didn’t make Celeste feel any better.

The day before, Celeste had gotten a call from Jeff. Jeff had been residing in his own apartment, had been away at college and was coming home to stay a few days for her birthday. He called saying he would be visiting for awhile. The first night, Jeff and his mom had dinner together. Terrence had a spur of the moment out of town business meeting. This was expected, so they ate dinner, and talked about the day.

Later, Jeff carried on as he did in his own place. As Celeste went to her room later that eve, she chanced to catch him in the bathroom… relieving himself. This was something Celeste had never seen a man do. With an inch to peep thru in the door, she watched as her son very carefully handled his tool, with a slow rhythmic stroke. Her lips went dry… she watched him lean into it just as he began coming. As the first spurts came, she realized what she was doing and quietly rushed away. Alone in her room, she watched tv, her mind going back to what she’d seen her son doing minutes before. She closed her eyes and thought about it. But she would come back to normal thinking… that was your son, okay? She ran this thru her mind a couple times. But she shirked it off thinking it was just a fluke incident.

After a little late night tv, she stripped down to her sleeping attire: a sleeveless cotton nightshirt pendik escort with nothing on underneath. She reclined back on a couple of pillows, closed her eyes and began to finger herself. Celeste had started doing this a couple years ago, after Terrence began promising they would have more time together. It felt sooo good. She began to softly moan. As she fantasized while fingering she was aware of the brief flashes of her son’s “relieving” but continued with her fingering. After coming, she lay there in the afterglow, recalling her last thoughts before she came. Then she dozed off.

The next day, during breakfast Terrence called. He would be home tomorrow. She was glad and hoped to make a special dinner for him. He smiled and told her he couldn’t wait to taste it– and her. This would be her birthday celebration. She giggled hanging up the phone. As she went about her daily chores, she cautiously walked past the bathroom door again, peeking to make sure she didn’t walk in on… anything. There Jeff was again, relieving. Her eyes widened as she watched his slow and steady jerk. Hypnotically, she watched licking her lips, then stepped away. Noticing how wet she was from watching her own son, again, she shirked it off and thought herself a “bad girl” for doing so. As she stood down the hall listening closely, she could’ve sworn she heard Jeff come. Standing aside the doorway, she watched him leave the bathroom. Frowning to herself for her lewd thoughts… she hurried to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

As she was finishing dinner the next eve, and had everything kept warm, Jeff arrived. She noticed his sluggish look, and reminded him to hurry off his the room and change. “Your father’s coming home tonight. Wanna be ready don’t you?”

Jeff smiled and shrugged his shoulders. He went to change. Minutes later he returned in a nice blue shirt and slacks. “Is this better?” he asked with a sarcastic grin. She gave him a quick nod and checked the food again. As the time went by, Celeste had a glass of wine, and glanced out the window, checking the food on the stove. It was around eight when Jeff came to her.

“Look, Dad will probably wanna have a little dinner with you … and I’m really hungry. Could I have a little something now?” he said holding his stomach. Looking out the window again, Celeste sighed.

“You’re probably right. Sure… fix yourself a plate.” He got a plate and smiled. After fixing it he came to her.

“Don’t worry… he’s been late before, right? He kissed her on the cheek. Then taking his plate, he disappeared into the living room. Eight o clock came and went…. 945. The phone rang. Terrence.

“Honey, the plane is gonna be a little late touching down. I won’t be in til a little later. Sorry.”

“Oh nooo. It’s okay. As long as you’re in one piece.” they said their goodbyes and Celeste put the phone down, almost slamming it. She didn’t realize Jeff was listening. Much, much later, the door opened and Terrence hurried in. It was almost eleven. “Whoo! The flight was awful. And the food. All I could think of was coming home to you.” He came to Celeste and embraced her . I dunno what I’d do if you weren’t here for me. He said kissing her on the cheek. Then he rushed upstairs. Jeff yelled “hi Dad” and Terrence yelled “Backatcha!” As Jeff stood watching his father hurry upstairs he turned to look at Celeste somberly.

“Well, he’s home.” he rubbed her shoulder.

“Yeah, Celeste replied. He’s already had dinner too.” she walked away. He watched her as she got another glass of wine.

After putting the food away, Celeste went up to bed. She noticed that Jeff had already retired to his room. After almost tearing up in the bathroom, she dressed for bed. Went she got into the bed, Terrence was into one of his books. He looked at her and smiled. Caressing her, he drew her near to him and smiled. “So nice to have you to come home to. Removing her nightshirt Celeste, tightly cuddled Terrence’s body. Terrence whispered how he had been thinking about her all night, but that he was really tired after the flight and all. “I hope you’ll forgive me”. He kissed her. Her embrace loosening on his body, she sighed and nodded. It was gonna be a long night.

When Celeste awoke the next day. Terrence’s side of the bed was empty. He’d left a note saying he was catching an early flight out…. that he’d forgotten to tell her last night due to his escort pendik fatigue. She found a rose next to the note. Celeste sniffed the rose and replaced it on the bed.

As she prepared breakfast, Jeff entered the kitchen yawning. Seating himself at the table. he chimed. ” So, how’d everything go last night. Did you guys get some?” Celeste glanced at him and back to her cooking.

“Umm, no your father had an early flight. But it was expected. These things happen.” she turned to back to him smiling. She put some eggs and bacon in front of him. Jeff stared back at her as if he knew what had happened.

“Oh well… maybe next time.” She nodded and sitting with her plate, they both ate in silence. As the rest of the day flew by, Celeste felt a little bit better. With her chores and all, she was allowed to forget about the mornings happenings, and think about other things. This time as she passed by the bathroom at that… special time, she purposely lurked outside watching her son relieve himself. She didn’t have to wait long, because now she was as horny as he was. Quietly, she disposed of the dirty laundry she was carrying and went to her room. It was not even six … and yet she found her pussy anxious and ready to be fingered. Closing her door… she hungrily dug into her loins. A little bit quicker than she usually did… wanting to orgasm sooo much… until finally she came, trying not to scream, she lay on the bed exhausted. As she opened her eyes minutes later she was fearful that she might have been found out, but nothing seemed out of sorts.

As the eve went by, she had her dinner alone and then retired to her room to watch a little tv before fingering herself again, and going to sleep. There was a quick knock at the door.

“Are you decent?” she heard Jeff say in a low voice. She glanced at the door.

“Jeff? Oh no, its okay . Come on in.” He sat on the bed beside her.

“Tonight Show, huh?”

She nodded. “Yeah, I like to keep up with the times…. she chuckled. So, what is there I can help you with?” she said stroking his face. Grasping her hand, he took it in his and kissed it.

“I’m sorry about Dad and last night.” he said looking down.

” Ohhh don’t worry, she smiled. I’m used to that. Stuff happens.”

” I know.”

“Well, she looked down… it’s been going on for, a long while. I just get used to things being that way.”

” No…. I mean I know what you’ve been doing. With the bathroom and all.” Suddenly Celeste’s eyes enlarged, and then she looked away embarrassed.

” I didn’t mean to, I mean… I know you have your privacy and all, I had just never seen… I mean… I’m sorry I…”

” No, no don’t apologize. After the last few days, you needed it. We both needed it. Besides, I’ve — never had a woman watch me jerk off before. It felt good. “

She gasped and looked down, sighing. “I didn’t mean for you to ….” she began to tremble abit. He lifted her chin with his left hand.

“Did you like it? I mean really like it. he whispered. Celeste’s mouth was open. Jeff placed her hand on his crotch. She felt the stiff mound there. As shocked as she was by his actions, she found it hard to remove her hand from there. With her hand still on his, he dug his right hand into his the slit of his boxers to reveal his stiff woody, barely peeking out. Celeste gulped and her lips went dry. Still barely trembling, her hand stroked his now completely hard cock. Jeff moaned with it.

“I know this is wrong… but–”

“It’s ok, he said I give it to you freely. You need it. We both need release. ” With that, he stood and removed his top. He’d been wearing an oversized basketball jersey, and a pair of boxers. Since Jeff almost always wore these around the house, Celeste had never taken notice of it… until now. She noticed how much her son had filled out in the last few years. Now he’s body was more… masculine looking. With a tuft of hair on his chest. As he removed the boxers, she could see how much more he had grown. His stiffened tool bouncing out as he slowly removed them, all the time staring at her. Completely naked, he motioned to her to come to him. “S’okay… really.”

Celeste knelt before him, glancing up, and then cautiously placing her hands on his balls. She put her nose into the hair breathing in deeply. Then as she touched his cock again, she felt how meaty it was. As she stroked pendik escort bayan it again, she heard Jeff moan a little bit louder than before. She looked away for a second. Mumbling to herself she said “No, I shouldn’t….”

She felt Jeff’s hand pressing her head deeply into his balls. “Yes, it’s okay, he murmured lazily, his eyes closed. I saw you once when I was thirteen, just for a moment when you were in the shower. It gave me a feeling I couldn’t… explain. I can now.” His eyes opened and looked down at her.

Celeste removed her nightgown, lifting it over her shoulders. As Jeff watched, he saw her breasts drop down, her nipples quite hard. His eyes immediately running from the nipples to her bush, thick and brown. She sat on the side of the bed and lay down. Jeff crawled from the foot of the bed and began running his fingers down her thighs kissing them within inches of her pussy. As Celeste shuddered, Jeff inched further up, kissing just below her navel teasing her. He licked areas around her slit, her juices running from it, then moved further up to her nipples. His arms around her waist, he sucked each one very hard, twirling his tongue around them . Celeste moaned and automatically wrapped her arms around his head . As he came to face to face with her, Jeff softly kissed Celeste on her left cheek, then her right. He paused looking into her eyes… then he whispered “S’okay.”

With that, he very softly brushed his lips against hers. As her eyes closed…. she began to kiss back. Her hands caressing his head playing with his hair. He then leaned over her, rubbing his thick cock over her slick twat. She had come several times as he’d fed on her nipples. As he did this she moaned with delight…. speeding up, he continued to rub his shaft up and down until he could hear Celeste screaming “FUCK MY PUSSY JEFF… NOW! PLEASSSSSSE, JUST …FUCK… ME! PLEASSSSSSE! Her thighs and body quivering. Pushing her legs back towards her head, Jeff slowly eased his shaft into Celeste’s hungry cunt. How slippery it felt as his tool slid in, mmmm, he thought to himself and pumped, good, hot pussy. Faster he went until he heard her screaming to slow it down. She then pulled him to him and kissed him as he slowfucked her. He’d never had a girl like this before!

“I’m… I’m gonna come. ” Celeste heard Jeff mutter.

“Put it right here….” she pointed to her waiting lips. Jeff smiled and pulled out barely able to get his cock to her moist, red, lips before his hot spray came shooting out…. he groaned and lay atop Celeste. She smiled and ran her fingers thru his moistened hair.. she knew it was wrong, but she hadn’t had it like this in days, weeks… she closed her eyes. Years. She caressed Jeff and they fell into a deep sleep. Before she nodded off she thought to herself. He wasn’t her baby boy anymore… for tonight he was her secret love.


Celeste felt Jeff’s hands cupping her breasts, pulling her against him in a spoon kinda way. He kissed and nuzzled her neck. As she felt his hardened penis rubbing against her ass, she spoke.

“This… this can’t happen again– you know that.” she said lying down.

“I know. Jeff said wrapping his arms around her. He lay on her shoulder staring blankly. He then sighed and said. I have to go back to school anyway.” They lay there for a couple of hours, just entwined in each others bodies. Til about noon when they got up.

Breakfast again was silent. But more was said between their glances if anything. A lengthy sigh was heard from both of them as he ate his breakfast, and she sipped her coffee and read. Then Jeff excused himself from the table. An hour later, he returned to find her still at the table. She looked up and there he was with his bags and coat. She really didn’t know what to say. Jeff put his things down and came to her.

” It’s okay. It’s not like I’m leaving the planet.”

” I know, you’re just going back to school.” I miss you anyway, she said looking down. Looking at her, he lifted her chin up to him.

“It’ll be sooner than you think. I promise.” He almost kissed her on the lips before she stopped him.

“Just give me a hug.” she smiled rolling her eyes as she hugged him. He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and picking up his bags, he left. She stood in the door watching him drive away. There was a lump in her throat as she briefly recalled the night before. The phone rang. It was Terrence.

“Hi, he said. Just called to tell you I’ll be arriving tomorrow evening. Can’t wait to see you.”

“I’ll be here… talk to you later.” She hung up the phone sighed.


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