Taking a Peek

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My name is Josh, and I had just finished fucking my wife Beth. We always tried to make love Sunday night, when all was quiet in the house, and there were no distractions. I had just made Beth orgasm multiple times and she had just drifted off to sleep. I had to take a leak so I tiptoed down the hallway to the bathroom.

After I took a piss, I headed back to bed. As I was passing our daughter Chloe’s room, I thought I heard some noises. The door was cracked open into my daughter’s room. I normally don’t like to intrude, but the noises were somewhat loud, and I was concerned something might be wrong.

I was still naked, so I peered through the crack. There was Chloe, my 19 year old daughter, legs spread, using a dildo to work on her pussy! She had ample breasts like her mother. I could see she now shaved her pussy down to a racing stripe.

Chloe was also wet from her leaking juices, She had the head of the dildo buried in between her legs, and she was moaning loudly. I knew I should walk away, right then and there, but I was glued to the floor.

Chloe was pushing and rubbing her wet opening with her long dildo cock. She finally pushed it in as far as possible. She then began fucking herself with a furious pace. The entire length was inside pendik escort her pussy, as she pulled it out and then slammed it in.

As I stood there, I realized my cock had gotten hard as a tree trunk. It was then I must have leaned against the door a bit. It made a squeaking noise, and Chloe pulled the dildo out of her.

“Who’s out there?” she asked.

“It’s just me Chloe, I thought I heard noises, and I came to check.”

“It’s ok, Dad, everything is fine.”

Now was the moment of truth, would I walk away or would I enter her room. I still wonder about my choice these months later. I pushed the door wide open.

Chloe’s eye got big, and she tried to choke back from gasping. I stood inside the doorway for what seemed like an age. Me, with my hard cock, and Chloe, with her legs spread wide. Someone had to make the first move.

I walked over to the bed and stood a foot away from my daughter.

“I couldn’t help myself Chloe, you were just lying there naked,” I told her.

“Dad, I never saw one that big before,” Chloe blurted out.

My cock is about eight inches when erect, and quite thick also. My cock was pointing straight at Chloe’s face, just inches away. The ice was broken when she reached out with her hand and escort pendik took my cock around the shaft.

I moved closer as she began to stroke me up and down. I didn’t think I could get much harder, but I did. Knowing my daughter had my cock in hand, made me rigid like I couldn’t remember.

She told me, “I want to taste it, Dad.”

I moved right up to her mouth and she inhaled the head of my rod. She never sucked anymore than my mushroom cap, but that was enough to make me thick as could be.

After some minutes, she pulled off of me and said, “I want it, Dad.”

“Are you sure, Chloe?” I asked her.

“Yes, I want to feel it in me,” she replied back.

I slowly made my way onto the bed with her. She spread her legs to make way for me. I took my cock in my hand and rubbed the head all over her drooling, wet pussy. I wanted to tease her a bit, but she wouldn’t let me.

“Dad, please. fuck me with your cock now!”

I slid my shaft into her hot tunnel and began to fuck her steadily. Chloe had her legs wrapped around my back, pulling and urging me to go deeper. I was going to give her every inch of my throbbing monster, that was my promise to her.

I started to slam my pecker into her, my balls were bouncing off her pendik escort bayan ass. The slapping noises got very loud. I knew we were not very quiet, and hoped my wife didn’t hear our love noises. Chloe wanted me to fill her pussy up. She wanted to feel a man’s seed in her for the very first time.

I kept stuffing my cock into her, by now she was so wet I was almost slipping out of that young pussy. She clamped onto me tightly when she said she was almost ready to cum.

As she urged me to go faster, I arched my back and let go with a shower of my man seed. Again and again, I blew hot loads of my sticky cum into her greedy hole. Her pussy spasms grew as we came together.

We didn’t slow down, we just kept fucking each other until we collapsed. We were both sweating, trying to catch our breaths. I was able to stay hard and I held my cock in place. Chloe later said she had lots of little orgasms from me inside her after all our fucking was complete.

I eventually pulled out and gave Chloe a deep kiss on the mouth. I went to the bathroom again to clean up and to take another pee.

When I climbed back in bed, my wife turned to me sleepily and said, “That was a long pee break.”

I told her to go back to sleep. However I couldn’t sleep knowing what we had just done. Sorry to say, I was still horny, and I wanted Chloe again. Unfortunately, that would have to wait for another time. I hope I can relate to you what happened at our next lovemaking session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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