Tales from a Strange Mind Pt. 01

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By 19Arose for only.


Jessica trotted passed the rancid state of her front garden, fidgeting with the keys she managed to open her door into the broken and barren hall way of her house. She lived with her dad, a dead beat alcoholic man in his forties, balding and with a large pot belly, he would sit all day watching television while his slutty daughter would whore and earn the bread money with her body.

Jessica wore a small leather jacket with a crop top and a mini skirt with purple laced panties. Inside the panties were cum stain egg vibrator, wirelessly controlled by Jessica. She flung her high platform heels unto the floor as she approached the living room, seductively walking.

There were only two couch chairs, although both of them were nothing more than manky olive coloured messes, Jessica’s father Alfie, had the best chair out of the two. Drinking beer, he watched the game as his daughter purred herself next to him, like a cat.

“Hey there, daddy. Look what I made,” Jessica flashed Alfie, with the cash that she earns from the night before.

Although she was eighteen for only ten months, Jessica learnt her place in the world of men. Responding the client calls, working in the glory holes and even on the corner; Jessica always made money.

“aww, sweet!” Alfie took the cash out of his daughters’ hands before kissing her on the forehead as quickly as he could and then he finally returned his attention back to the game. Jessica lay on the arm of the couch chair, as she watched the game with her father. He’s fingers began to wonder around her short skirt and dug when bursa escort into her panties, fingering her asshole as he sipped the beer. Jessica reached out for the can and took a few sips, herself. Not before long, Jessica had full possession of the beer can. “Hey where’d it go?” Her father’s trance was broken and Jessica giggled.

“Aww, fuck yes!” Alfie yelled up in celebrations as his team won. “We won the bet, sweetie, we won.” Alfie took the beer can back as he began to celebrate.

“Wow, daddy, how much did we get?”

Alfie was put into a deep trance as he began to run through the calculations. “I think… about like… four grand.”

Jessica’s face lit up. “Hey daddy, does that mean that I can go to watch that movie, with my friends?”

Alfie sat back down. “Will you be making money?”

Jessica lowered her head. “No, but I made quite a lot tonight and you won your bet.” Alfie was still in disapproval.

“mmm, if you’re not going to pay me tomorrow in money then I’m sure there is something else you can do,” Alfie placed his beer can down on the floor. Jessica looked seductively at her father; it was not the first time that she had to pleasure him to get want she wanted. Jessica knelt on the floor and began to unravel the cock that was under her father’s jeans.

“That’s my girl,” Alfie rubbed her head as he’s cock grew and harden.

Jessica placed the love meat, into her mouth, sucking and licking away. Her daddy grunted and tilted his head backwards. Jessica could easily taste another woman on his dick, perhaps a fellow prostitute? The large dick was moistened by saliva bursa escort bayan and massaged by Jessica, her father pressed her head unto the cock, even more, and Jessica began to gag. Alfie violently lifted Jessica’s head from his cock.

“Lay down sweetie, I’m going to fuck you like a whore!” Jessica did as her farther had instructed, on the floor she spread her leg.

“Take off your jacket and top!” He ordered her as he drove down on the young Pussy.

Lifting his daughter’s skirt, Alfie noticed the vibrating toy, and pulled the panties material to once side, taking out the toy he began to quick and a few for licks, before throwing it behind his back. Alfie, slowly took off her panties and noticed the cum stain riddle fabric. Inhaling deeply, he thought about all the men that had fuck her daughter, the night before.

“Does that make you happy, daddy?” Jessica teased.

“Oh it does,” Alfie left the pantie on the floor as he went to work on Jessica’s pussy.

The cum filled cunt was oozing from the night before, but neither of them as any shame. Alfie started to lap up the cum, as he lick his’s daughter’s pussy. Jessica placed both her hands on his head. Her pussy trembled at the actions of his tongue which had now set its goal on her clit.

“Oh, Fuck Dad!!!!” Jessica moaned as she was shamelessly pleasured by the man who she shared blood with. Jessica started to grind her pussy against her father’s tongue. The whole action made her stomach moved, uncontrollably in excitement.

Alfie finished performing oral sex and then gave a few tugs to his cock, before inserting escort bursa his fist into her pussy. Though she was young, Jessica’s holes has loosened up very quickly, Alfie was amused by the sound her genitals made when he repeated fuck her with his hard tight fists.

“You’re like a glove,” Alfie joked.

“Yes, daddy fucks me like a glove!” Jessica bite her lips as her body squirmed.

Alfie then inserted his cock deep in side of her, thrusting slowly as first but then increasing in intensity and force. Her grabbed her feet and placed it against his face; taking deep whiffs while he fucked her.

“Does daddy like my feet?” Jessica moaned.

“Yes, daddy does.” Alfie continued to fuck Jessica.

This time with Jess had her legs wrapped tightly against his body as the old cock pounded away at her, digging deeper into her body, making her moan and groan like the dirty slut she was.

Jessica grinded her body even more against her father’s cock as they exchanged a deep kiss, the smell of alcohol passed onto Jessica’s body. Alfie’s rhythm picked up and increased before he suddenly paused inside her.

“Ohhh, fuuck!” Beanie’s balls began to swell as he cock began to spew our hot cum, into her daughter’s pussy. “Fuck! Cunt!” They held on to each other, tight until Alfie had finished filling her up with cum. The hot semen oozed out of Jessica’s lady parts and formed a pool on the carpet.

“mmm, daddy, you stud,” Jessica scooped out the cum with her index finger and sucked it on, biting her finger seductively.

“That’s right baby, your mum fucked a legend.” Alfie gave his daughter some more kisses.

“In fact, I think I know how to get my job back, but you might need to help,” Alfie grinned at his whore daughter, who return the look with a smile.

“What are daughters for?” she said.

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