Tales of Lustville Scene 11

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Scene Eleven

Randy & Kyle

Randy Reynolds, a government affairs instructor at Big State University, was leaning against her desk as she lectured the class about the ongoing struggle for power between the three branches of government. It was a fluff lecture that she gave once or twice a year when she didn’t feel like putting any effort into working up a real lecture, or group activity. She sometimes thought she could give it in her sleep. This was her last class of the day, and she’d be relieved when it was over. She had something she wanted to take care of. She’d decided that she was going to seduce one of her students.

Randy was a pretty twenty-eight year old on the fast track to getting her tenure early. She was average height, slim, with a pair of firm, thirty-four C-cup tits that most of her male students drooled over, and her female student envied. Her long raven black tresses were up in a tight bun today, and she was wearing her glasses. She didn’t need the glasses, the lenses were clear glass, but she thought they made her look more intelligent. She was wearing a pleated black thigh length skirt and a cream colored sleeveless silk blouse today because she knew she looked demure, yet incredibly sexy in the outfit. Underneath, she was wearing a lacy white half cup bra that pushed her tits up, letting her thick nipples show through her blouse, and a matching white thong. Her legs were encased in sheer white thigh high stockings.

Her mind wasn’t on her work today. She’d been fantasizing about Kyle Harris, the handsome sophomore linebacker again last night. She’d diddled her juicy little pussy for over an hour as she’d imagined him fucking her. It had become a nightly routine since he’d signed up for her course. He was sitting in the second seat in the last row away from the door, looking out the window as she droned on about checks and balances. Randy tried not to look at him, knowing that it would make her horny pussy quiver and get wet again.

It bothered her that he was just staring out the window like that, and he’d been doing it all week. Usually, his eyes were on her, following her hungrily as she moved back and forth across the front of the room. She’d been dressing for him all semester, and had already figured out which outfits he liked her in most. It was easy to tell, she just waited till the end of class and watched to see if he held his books in front of his crotch when he left. She’d noticed his lack of attention earlier in the week, and had made a point to wear one of his favorite outfits every day, but it hadn’t done any good, he acted like he didn’t even see her.

The bell rang, cutting her off in mid-sentence. She been so wrapped up in thinking about Kyle, that she’d completely lost track of time.

“Read Michelson, chapters thirteen through fifteen for tomorrow, we’ll be reviewing them in class.” she said as her students started getting up and heading for the door. As Kyle stood up, she looked at him and said, “Mr. Harris. Would you mind waiting? I’d like to speak with you for a moment.” Kyle nodded, sitting back down and dropping his books on the desk.

When the last of her students had left, she walked over and closed the door. Her body was between Kyle and the door, so he didn’t see as she surreptitiously turned the lock as quietly as she could. He didn’t see her open the top two buttons on her blouse either, before she turned toward the back of the room

She walked casually down the aisle, away from the door. The back corner was out of sight from the door, and also the nearby buildings through the windows. She stopped and leaned back again the broad computer desk in the corner. It was empty at the moment, the computers had been taken out, and hadn’t been replaced yet. That suited her fine. She bounced on the desk, smiling as she judged that it could easily support several people’s weight.

“Could you come over here Kyle?” she said as she stood up, waiting for him to make his way to the back of the room. She eyed him hungrily as he walked down the aisle. He moved like a jungle cat, taking smooth, graceful strides, his muscles rippling as he moved. Randy’s pussy quivered, and she felt a flood of pussy juice coat her cunt channel as he came closer. She waved him toward the desk, and he perched his ass on it, his hands to either side of him, his legs stretched out in front of him, crossed at the ankles.

“Kyle,” she began, stepping in front of him. “I’ve noticed that you haven’t been paying attention in class this week. It’s obvious that your mind has been somewhere else, instead of on your schoolwork!” Or me, she thought to herself.

Kyle blushed, but his eyes wandered up and down over her stunning body, and he felt his cock hardening, starting to push down the leg of his pants. She was right, he knew. He’d been fantasizing about his mother and Lois all week in his classes, especially about Lois. Her hot little body, and her tight, shaved snatch drove him bostancı escort bayan fucking nuts. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on her again. He blushed an even deeper red when he felt his cock throb and stiffen even faster as he thought about her.

“I know, and I’m sorry about that Miss Reynolds,” he said. “But I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. I’m starting for the first time this week, and it’s really getting to me…”

Randy let her eyes drop to his crotch, pleased to see his cock hardening under his pants. She’d never gotten a good look at it, so she was delighted the see that it stretched more than halfway down his leg.

“Is there anything else wrong, Kyle?” she asked, stepping closer to him. “Maybe there’s something that’s weighing on you?” she paused, her fingers playing with a button on her blouse, then slipping the button out of its hole. “I know it’s hard…to talk about these things sometimes. But I want you to know that you can come i…to me if you ever need a little relief from the pressures that can build up in a young man like you. It helps to have someone you can dump that load on, someone that’s willing, even eager, to take it from you!”

Kyle stared at her, unable to believe that his teacher was talking to him like this. He’d been dreaming about her all semester, and until recently, she had the starring role in his nightly jack-off fantasies. His cock throbbed in his pants again, and swelled into a raging hard-on in seconds. He was pretty sure that she was coming on to him, but decided to let her have her way with him, and just play dumb, in case he was wrong.

“I could be…no, I’d like to be that someone for you, Kyle, if you’d let me. I want to be able to open myself up to you, Let you pour all that tension and stress out, taking it as deep inside me as I can. I’m willing, and really want to do that for you, Kyle! But you have to want it as much as I do.”

Randy glanced down, gasping softly, then smiling as she looked back up at his face. She opened another button on her blouse as she took another step closer to him, then reached back and took the pin out of her hair, shaking her head, letting her raven tresses fall around her shoulders.

“Besides falling behind in your classwork, the worst part of this week, at least from my point of view, is that you haven’t been paying attention to me either, Kyle.” she said as she took another step closer. She lifted her foot, kicking his feet apart, spreading them wider as she moved between them. “That hurt me, Kyle. I look forward to this class everyday, knowing that you’re going to be watching me, undressing me with your eyes, and I get so excited. I’m surprised you haven’t been able to tell.” She paused, “I’ve fantasized about being alone with you like this, and the fantasy just isn’t enough anymore.” She opened another button on her blouse so her lacy bra was showing, and now he could see the ripe swell of her breasts through the opening. “I know instructors aren’t supposed to get involved with students, but sometimes, people just can’t help themselves. Like I can’t, right now.”

Kyle just stared at her, his mouth hanging open. His eyes bounced rapidly between her tits and her face.

Randy reached down and ran her fingers over the bulge his cock made in his pants leg, looking into his eyes the whole time. “It feels like you have quite a big problem here, Kyle. Would you like me to help you with it? Give you a little…relief, if you know what I mean?”

Kyle exhaled loudly, and started tearing at the snap of his pants, ripped down his zipper, then stood up, pushing his pants down over his hips. “Jesus, Miss Reynolds! I’ve been dreaming about you too! Every time I jack-off, I think about you!”

“Mmmmm,” Randy purred, pushing her hand into the opening of his pants. “So you are interested after all.” Then her eyes widened in surprise as her finger closed around the enormous trunk of his elephantine cock. She looked at his face, seeing his shit eating grin, then down at her hand, as she felt his pants fall away.

Her tiny hand was wrapped around the biggest cock she’d ever seen in her life. His prodigious prick meat was rock hard, and throbbing powerfully in her hand. The heavy shaft was laced with thick veins down the length of it, and the huge purple glans was so swollen, the skin on it gleamed. Randy was amazed as her perspective of his cock seemed to change, her view of it shifting as she raised and lowered it with her hand, then ran her fingers over the length of it. She suddenly realized that she had fallen to her knees, completely unaware of what she was doing. She found herself staring at the head on his enormous cock now, and watched spellbound, as a pearly drop of pre-cum drooled from his winking piss slit.

Kyle cupped her cheeks in his hands, and tilted her head up, drawing her closer to his cockhead at the same time. “I’m glad you’re so eager to take me in hand like this, Miss Reynolds. Because ümraniye escort you’re right, you can see how tense I am. I mean, I feel like I could explode there’s so much pressure built up.” He drew her a little closer, and his prick tip brushed over her lips, leaving a trail of pre-cum as it scraped across them.

He had recovered from his initial surprise, and was on familiar ground now. There was a beautiful woman kneeling at his feet, staring in awe at his pulsing prick meat, and he knew that the tables had been turned on her. The predator was now the prey.

Randy’s eyes flicked up at his face, and she saw the cocky confidence in his eyes. The shy schoolboy was gone, and the self assured athlete had taken his place. She ran her tongue over her lips, wetting them, and shivered when she tasted his pre-cum on her lips. She looked back up at him, her eyes glazed with lust now.

“R…Randy.” she panted, her hot breath washing over his cockknob, making his thick fuck rod quiver in her fingers. “I think it’s time you called me Randy.”

“That’s appropriate…Randy.” he drawled, easing his hips forward, his hands moving up and wrapping themselves in her thick black hair, pulling her head down, making his cockhead press insistently against her lips. “I’m feeling pretty randy right now, but you can see that, can’t you…Randy.”

Randy felt the huge knob of his cock mash against her lips, and she let them open slowly, swirling her tongue around the tightly stretch skin of his cockhead as it slipped into her mouth. She brought her other hand up, wrapping it around his cockshaft, so now both of her hands were wrapped around the middle of his cock meat. She started stroking her hands up and down, and in seconds, her fists were flying over his pounding prickshaft. She groaned deep in her throat, and pushed her head down, slurping his cock into her mouth, sucking on it hungrily.

Kyle grinned, throwing his head back, letting his sexy teacher work out on his prick. She was right, he was under alot of pressure, and he could feel it building steadily in his balls. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to last very long the way she was sucking on his cock, but he didn’t think she’d care if he came quickly. He knew he didn’t.

“Oh shit, Randy,” he grunted, pumping her head up and down faster with his hands, showing her the rhythm he wanted. “You’re really good at this! Suck it harder! Make me cum in your hot little mouth!”

Randy looked up at him, her mouth stretched out of shape by his immense meat muscle. She was pounding her fists up and down on his cock harder and faster as she sucked on the jizz dripping knob. Swirling her tongue all around on it, she licked up his sticky pre-cum as it drooled from his piss slit. She popped her mouth off his cock, staring up at him, as she gasped and panted for air.

“Do you like the way I suck your big cock, Kyle? Oh god, it’s even bigger than I imagined, and tastes so fucking good!” She said as she kept jerking eagerly on his throbbing prickshaft. “I can’t wait till you shoot your hot cum in my mouth, and down my thro…ummmmllpppphhh!”

Kyle pulled her mouth back onto his cock, and started driving the full length of it in and out of her facial fuck hole, making her gag as the swollen glans bulled down her throat. His balls were already nestled snuggly under the base of his twitching cockstalk, and he could feel the delicious burning sensation as his tortured nuts prepared to unleash their creamy load.

He groaned as he felt the first hot load rumbling up his piss tube, and he looked down at her face, wanting to see her face when he shot off in her mouth. “Here it cums, teach!” he grunted, “Oh fuck, keep sucking! Don’t stop! I’m gonna cummmmmmmm!” He shuddered as he felt his hot jizz erupt into her hungrily sucking mouth.

Randy’s cheeks bulged as the first powerful spurt of spunk shot into her mouth, coating her tongue with a layer of steaming man chowder, spraying down her throat in a creamy torrent. She swallowed quickly, her throat muscles working frantically as she gulped down his cum. She was still trying to swallow it all when another gooey jet of jizz burst from his piss slit, followed almost immediately by another, then another. He was spilling more cum into her mouth than any of her previous lovers had with three of theirs, and she just couldn’t keep up with it.

Thick ribbons of jism gushed from her lips around his cockshaft as he stroked it in and out of her mouth. His hot, sticky cum ran down over her chin, dripping off onto the heaving upper swells of her tits. She pulled her head back, gasping and coughing, and his next spurt caught her square on the chin, splashing down over her neck, and leaving thick strings of cum clinging to her blouse. she popped his cock back into her mouth, but the flow was starting to taper off, easing to a slow trickle from his piss hole.

Kyle leaned back on the desk, his chest heaving as he took in great gulps escort kartal of air. He stared at her cum covered lips as she kept sucking on his cockhead, her hands still pumping roughly up and down on his cockstalk. He reached down, grabbing her upper arms, and pulled her upright.

Randy gasped as he pressed his lips to hers, his tongue slipping into her mouth, sweeping around, then tickling the tip of hers. He pulled back, licking the cum off her chin, and kissed her again, his cum coated tongue dancing against hers. She kissed him back, sucking the cum off his darting labia, moaning into his mouth. She’d never had anyone kiss her after she’d sucked his cock, much less after he’d cum in her mouth. Her pussy spasmed, and hot girl cum gushed from between her pussylips, soaking the crotch of her thong, and trickling down her thighs.

He pulled back again, holding her at arms length, as he stepped around her, then pushed her down over the desk as he dropped to his knees behind her. Pushing her skirt up over her creamy white ass, he hooked his thumb in the strap of her thong and pulled it aside as he spread her asscheeks with his fingers. Randy groaned when he licked up the length of her ass crack, then used his knees to open her legs wider. Randy dropped her upper body flat on the desk and spread her feet as far apart as they would go, opening herself up for whatever he wanted to do to her.

Kyle lifted her leg and forced it up onto the desk, spreading her wide open, and angling her cunt back at him at the same time. His fingers held the thin crotchband of her thong out of the way, and he spread the hairy lips of her pussy with his thumbs. Randy moaned as he plastered his mouth to her drooling pussy slit, his tongue stroking up and down eagerly as he sucked and slurped up the pearls of cream soaking her tender flesh.

Randy moaned as she felt his tongue stab up into her drooling cunt hole, and she shivered as a fresh flood of juice poured down, running over his tongue and into his mouth. Kyle started sucking her more eagerly, grinding his face around between her legs as he sucked her pussy hungrily from behind. She loved the way his tongue felt as it sluiced around in her crotch, but she longed to feel his huge cock filling her. She’d never had one anywhere near as big as his, and she couldn’t wait any longer to feel it pounding into her.

Reaching back, Randy grabbed a handful of his shirt and pulled him up, urging him to his feet.

“Get up, Kyle.” She panted. “Stick it in me! I want to feel your cock in me, Kyle! I want you to fuck me!” She laid out over the desk, keeping her leg up on it, purring as she felt him move up behind her. She shivered as she felt him scraping the fat knob up and down the length of her cunt slit, then center it on the tight hole.

“Oh god!” She groaned as she felt him start to press forward, the huge head of his cock stretching her tight little pussy hole almost to the bursting point. Her eyes clenched shut and she had to cover her mouth to smother a scream as he shoved half his enormous cock pole into her. She tried to wriggle away from him, but Kyle grabbed her hips, pulling her back as he began stroking in and out slowly.

Kyle grinned down at her as he started fucking her slowly. Her pussy was even tighter than Lois’s, and he knew that he had to give her time to get used to it. Randy was laying still on the desk, panting and whimpering as he stroked the top half of his cock in and out of her. When he felt her hips start to push back at him, he fed her another inch his stiff meat, then pulled back and buried his cock to the balls on the next stroke.

Randy gasped, and her head came up off the table, her eyes wide in their sockets. She’d never imagined, much less felt anything as huge as the swollen hunk of cock meat that was warping her poor little pussy out of shape. The throbbing knob of his cock slammed against the mouth of her womb, and her abused cunt hole quivered, milking and sucking the knarled length of his prick as he withdrew it slowly.

“Fuck, you’re tight!” Kyle grunted as he jerked her back, jamming his hips forward at the same time. His cock plowed into her again, and he fell into a steady rhythm, feeding her the full length of his cock with increasingly powerful strokes.

Randy’s pussy spasmed, clasping and clenching spastically on his plunging prick pole, and a flood of her fuck oils flowed from her wide stretched cuntlips. The creamy girl cum eased the passage of his mammoth meat muscle, and he started fucking her even faster. Randy writhed on the desk, sliding back toward him now, standing on her toes to angle her pussy up at him even more.

“So good, Kyle!” She grunted as she humped her ass back at him, eagerly meeting his strokes as he plunged into her roughly. “Oh shit! I’m gonna cum, Kyle! Oh god! Your fucking cock feels fantastic in my…Unhn! Oh shi…Nnngggghnnnnnn!”

Her cock stretched pussy sleeve spasmed wildly, the juice coated inner walls fluttering wildly along the shaft of his cock as it bulled in and out of her. Randy squeezed her eyes shut as her orgasm surged over her, and her body shuddered and twitched on the table, her fist pounding on it as she bit her lip to keep from crying out.

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