Tamed Pt. 08: The Invite

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Sorry if the delay was annoying, I’ve been working and haven’t had time to write any of this.


Alanah brought her cheek down to rest on my growing shaft. The heat that radiated off of it felt nice on her cold cheek, and she appreciated the now shaved base of my monster that drove her into the pits of her depraved lust every time she laid her sparkling aquamarine eyes upon it. Each pulse of blood was starting to give me the hardest morning wood I had ever received, helped mostly by the silky haired step sister whom now began to press her wet and plump lips upon my shaft with coos of pleasure. Her kisses continued up my shaft, all the way to the pink tip that pushed past my foreskin. She let out a moan when she tasted my precum on her lips. She couldn’t help but wiggle her thick ass left and right with glee whilst she tended to my fully erect cock.

She pressed those dick sucking lips on my bulbous head and slowly let it slide into her saliva filled mouth. Her throat relaxed quickly, allowing her to bob her head down lower and lower to its midway point with relative ease. Wrapping a small hand around the base of my cock she held my weight in place and started her erotic blowjob. She sucked loudly, jerking my shaft in a firm circular motion whilst her mouth tended to swallowing down the ever-leaking faucet that was my cock.

Her soft moans and passionate sucking continued for minutes, stopping every once in a while, to come up for air whilst lathering her spit up and down my vein covered shaft that throbbed and twitched with glee to once again feel the touch of my depraved step sister. She sucked hard on her bottom lip to taste the dregs of last night’s fun with Claire, and once she felt the salty taste lightly touch her taste buds her entire being twitched with jealousy. Why couldn’t I act like an animal with her? Why can’t I be rough and pull her booty length hair back so hard loose strands rip out? With a determined arrogance to her she tugged hard at my heavy ball sack, trapping one huge testicle between a whole she made with her index finger and thumb. Without a second to waste her plump lips began to widen to allow herself to take it into her mouth, moaning louder in hopes to awaken me.

I was stirring, shivering slightly from the chill in the air. My slimming chest rose and fell with every breath, and my mind was focused on the good feeling my body was experiencing. Alanah popped my testicle out of her loving mouth and frowned, I had still yet to be awakened in such a lewd way. With a sigh she figured plan B was necessary. Baring her teeth like a hungry animal on a carcass she wrapped her lips around the side of my shaft and bit down firmly; she needed me to feel it, yet not hard enough to hurt the monolith that she had started to worship more and more as the time went on.

A jolt of pain shocked up me that caused y eyes to shoot open and grunt loudly. As my eyes opened my vision was blurry, yet I could see the blazing orange hair bobbing up and down along with loud slurping and suckling. I could feel how hard I was, and the coldness of Alanah’s hand wrapped around me. It took a few blinks to adjust my eyesight to see her giving me a passionate blowjob the likes I had never seen her give me before. Groaning into a moan I reached one hand down on the back of her head to forcefully pushed her head down deeper into me. Her stretched out lips were spread apart cutely as she gave this immense pleasure to me. Her throat squealed an excited sound as her pretty eyes darted from me to my hand, all before letting out a loud GLUCK as her throat felt the force of a pole the size of her wrist pushes hard down her neck.

“You know it’s not nice to whip a man’s cock out while he sleeps…so I’ve heard…” it was true, I never actually experienced it even know my confidence would show otherwise. A glint comes into my eye as I curled a smile when a shot of pleasure shoots up my legs. “You know…Claire got it all the way…and didn’t choke or breathe” I say knowing it would piss her off; and I knew she wouldn’t leave; she was too addicted to me at this point.

She glared up at me, those piercing aquamarine eyes seeming even bigger and prettier thanks to her thick rimmed glasses that had started to slide down her nose that started to flare with anger. In a graceful move she pushed on my thighs to widen them, repositioning herself to give her back a deep arch; her hands pressed on my legs as she slowly bobbed her head up and down on me, lashing her tongue across the underside of my bulbous head. she dragged her plump lips up to the tip and stared into my eyes with a fiery passion; and a second later she threw her head down into my length.

There was a loud GLUCK that filled the air, and a heavy exhale through Alanah’s nose. She repeated the same routine, throwing her head down harder and harder without a care in the world if her throat would receive any sort of permanent damage. I could feel her throat güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri tense and squeeze down on my throbbing shaft, almost as if to massage my pulsing veins and tender shaft that was loving the feeling of getting yet another deepthroat.

Alanah’s face turned a deep red as she sucked air through her nose relentlessly, the sounds of wet choking and slobbering gaining in volume until I saw her nose prod my pelvis. As the tears trickled down her hot cheeks Alanah shot me a look before giving a sassy wink; deep in her thoughts all she could think about was curing Claire for how easily she could swallow a cock without gagging.

Seconds passed before she emerged for breath. She gasped cutely, and allowed herself to breathe hard as her stringy spit connected her lips to my godlike cock. She panted hard, looking into my eyes as she begun to lather her spit around my heavy balls and veiny length.

“God, I needed this so fucking bad…” She moaned whilst pumping my immense length with firm, long strokes that pulled my foreskin back and forth.

“I need to taste you again… So fucking bad.” I said, in words that made my step sisters pussy tingle like she felt when other men used to dominate her, yet this time she felt it was even more intense of a reaction. She sucked on her bottom lip as a devilish grin formed on the corners of her lips, releasing her grasp on me she reached for the bottom of her shirt and effortlessly pulled it up to expose her toned body, then over her huge tits that bounced out the second she tugged the fabric over them. Once released from her clothed prison she tossed her tight top aside, flicking her extraordinarily long hair back before readjusting her glasses by pushing them back up her nose.

Off came her tight and tiny gym shorts. The stretchy material easily retracted back to its original state as she peeled the red shorts down over her soft curves, revealing her swollen, glistening cunt that was begging for my attention. Alanah shifted her body around, quickly moving her knees over me until she was straddled above my face. The scent of her sex was filling my nose, her cute slit framed perfectly between her thick thighs. She teased me by giving her ass a soft wiggle, giggling as she dribbled spit down onto my cock that patiently stood at attention for more of her love. I could feel my heart hammer on my chest as she began to lower her lower body closer and closer to me. She yelped with surprise as I wrapped my arms around her lower back and forced her pussy onto my face.

I started to make sweet love to her cunt, wild, animalistic kissing and passionate licks that were long and hard like I was licking a gobstopper. Moans escaped my lips that vibrated on her sensitive bits, and just like the last time, her nectar was delicious and I just had to have more.

Alanah had to stop to experience it, already she felt the waves of shivers that shot up her body like she had injected a drug into her. Her lips parted and heavy, submissive whimpers escaped as she held herself up the best she could. “Fu-Fu-Fuuuuuuuu…” She coo’ed softly as I devoured her cunt like a starved cannibal. Instinctively, her thighs squeezed together, locking me in place and allowing me to hear the blood rushing though her thick legs. She was in awe, just over the fact that I had done this only once before and had her moaning like a whore…

Yet it didn’t stop her, she had to show me that she was as good as Claire…No. She needed to show me that she was superior to her; with a determined shake of the head, she dove back down onto my cock, bobbing her head at a pace I never thought possible. Gags and wet smacks of her lips emanated from her, pounding her throat as she pushed herself down balls deep once more.

Her nose pressed on my slick balls, deeply inhaling the sweaty musk that caused her to secrete more of her elixir which I gleefully lapped up with a ferocity only an addict would have. She gagged hard, trying desperately to swallow harder and harder. My need for you made me start to thrust my hips up, to push more of my fully swallowed member deeper into her.

Tears had started to well up in her eyes once more, pushing their way down her red cheeks as breathing became more laborious. My tongue was driving her crazy, the soft licks to full on French kissing caused her to moan and grunt around the meat that was making her neck bulge out. In retaliation to my thrusting, she wigged her hips and grinded her sex harder onto my face; which caused her juices to flow out even more.

Alanah’s eyes started to flicker, vision slowly blurring. She needed air, fast. She had difficulty pulling up, like her throat stubbornly refused to let go of my ever-leaking head. I felt a cool rush of air as she retracted my monster cock from her mouth. I could hear muffled, hoarse breaths from my position. She took in another deep breath before she spoke up in a dry, raspy voice, devoid of all moisture. “Eat güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me bro… My pussy is all yours…it’s all for this big, fat fucking dick.”

She fell back into the normal trace that my sexual energy put her in, eyes slightly dulled over as she opened her mouth with a cute “Ahhh” before forcing her mouth to slide down balls deep once more to be reacquainted with my musky balls. There was little resistance this time, her throat now perfectly stretched out to accommodate me.

Immediately she started to deepthroat me at a speed that I was not prepared for. Her moans quickened, as did the wet GLUCK’s that casually emitted from her throat. She was close. I could feel it in her pussy lips. I followed suit with her pace, tongue fucking my step sister fast as hard as we both came closer to our climaxes. Her squeals and gyrations of her hips reached breaking point; and a sudden rush of ejaculate shot out of her cunt and onto my face and mouth. She let out a relived cry of pleasure before grunting in a surprised tone. The cum filled my mouth, the sweet elixir was the final push to thrust my hips up so hard her body moved with it.

The first blow of jizz shot out of me like a cannon, and heavy throbs pushed more and more of my buckets of cum into her. I didn’t care if it leaked out of your nose, or if it choked you to the point of passing out, I just needed your belly to bulge with my cum all day, to show that I was he only once allowed to make her feel like a slutty princess. My whore. My loving cock slut.

Her violent quivering lasted several seconds after her intense squirt, I could feel her pussy softly rubbing against my lips as she desperately tried to take all my cum into her. Still, she felt my rush of cum pumping into her every few seconds a gargling moan sounded. To her, she never grew tired of my insane loads, being the cum loving slut that she was; she thought of it as a prize for her work. It showed that she had a use, and that she was damn good at it. Chugging more and more of my cum she felt her body start to grow soft and relax onto the man below her, her vision getting fuzzy and watery with each passing second.

The last shot of my thick cream expelled out of me weakly, signalling the end of my onslaught. Alanah kept her position for a few moments after, trying to comprehend that she had swallowed my entire orgasm, and that the taste was exquisite. She slowly pulled her lips back, dragging them up my veiny shaft to pick up the last chunks of cream that she wasn’t able to take into her stomach. I could feel her tongue lather around me, cleaning me off as best she could before sliding her lips off my tip. She gasped sweetly as my soft cock flopped down onto the sheets.

Her neck was sore, cheeks puffy from her tears. She lifted her hips up from my face, turning to lay beside me to reveal her naked perfection. With her eyes filled with lust she gave me a little wink. “We should wake up like this every morning…Doctors always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all.” She giggled before sliding her tongue out to lick her lips, letting me know that her already obvious obsession with my cum was out in the open.

Moving her hips up and over my body she sat on my lower stomach. Her ass cheeks plump and pale as she straightened her back up and stretched. Seductively she tossed her ass length hair back and forth before running her fingers through it. Her vibrant red hair caught the light of the sun, making her already silky locks look even more beautiful. I watched her with awe, how a woman could be so naturally elegant and sexy. Her hands found themselves to her stomach; her toned tummy was ever so slightly bloated; shivers went up her as she felt the giddy feelings of bliss linger in her body. Her hair swished once more as she turned her head over her shoulder and with a sultry look she spoke. “Good morning…”


Alanah pushed me onto the closest stool to us just beside the kitchen counter. Now clothed back in her casual red short shorts and plain white top she moved across the counter. There was a different kind of spring in her step, one which seemed more bubbly than sultry. She twirled around and pressed her palms spread out on the counter, leaning her upper body downward to give e a good look of her braless cleavage that her tight top squeezed together. “What do you want for breakfast?” Her smile wavered for just a moment; she was desperate to hide the fact that she couldn’t even make a good slice of toast let alone anything I wanted.

I chuckled in response, standing up from my seat to start to move beside her. “Don’t worry I’ll do it.”

Alanah pouted and crossed her arms under her huge chest. “No… I want to make you something…Can’t I at least whip up something for the man in the house?” She said, her thick rimmed glasses made it obvious that her bright coloured eyes gave my pyjama covered body the once over; it wasn’t too long ago güvenilir bahis şirketleri she thought me a loser, now she found herself thinking I was a real man. She felt her heart flitter like a school girl looking upon her crush, her cheeks burned bright, and a hand moved to tug at her longer than long hair.

“Well, I like to take care of the women in my life sis. It’s the least I could do for you seeing as you’ve given me such a good wakeup call.”

“But I’ve already had a big breakfast…” She cooed softly, leaning up on her tip toes to give me a soft kiss on the cheek. I could smell my cum on her breath, that musky, salty flavour that she seemed to love more than most. Once again, I felt her palms press on my chest as she gave me a firm shove.

“Come on. Let’s sit.” I followed her order, slipping back on the stool I took a relaxed breath before suddenly feeling the weight of Alanah crash onto me. She wrapped her legs around my waist, then rested her small arms over my shoulders, locking them in place by slithering her hands together to hold the back of my neck. She looked at me casually, one brow raised as she shifted her hips back and forth slowly to get comfortable. “Hold me, or ill slip off. Don’t want your fragile step sister to hurt herself, do you?” She smirked before sucking on her plump bottom lip.

I scoffed at her comment, reaching round to sink my fingers into her soft thighs to hold her in place. Her bust squished on me as we sat together, throwing her cleavage up even further than before. “You’re anything but fragile.” I said in retort.



“Shh…It’s cuddle time…” Her look in her eye was different than usual. It felt like the lust was tamed for now, but there was a glint in her that made her even more attractive than usual. I didn’t know it at the time, but my sister had started to feel things that were above just a physical attraction. The chemicals in her curvy body were going wild, her brain picturing things she never thought she would picture. Lazy nights on the sofa together watching a shitty rom-com. Furniture shopping. Going to the theatre after a romantic dinner. Her old ways would scream at her to ditch anyone who made her think these things, but now…Now she craved how those thoughts made her heart skip beats.

Slowly she inched her lips closer to mine, her eyes half closed and her head tilted at an angle. She wanted to feel my lips on hers, without the hunger for sex afterward; just to know what it would feel like for a second that we were an actual couple…

Before I could reciprocate her need for a kiss, I felt a firm vibration in my pocket. Alanah shot back, rolling her eyes in annoyance. “Ignore it…” She started, “Please…” She whispered under her breath afterward. With the moment ruined I apologised and slithered my hand from her thigh to my pocket. Pulling out my phone I looked at the message.

“Claire?” Alanah asked sadly; *Please don’t be her* She pleaded.

I shook my head, it in fact was a message from my professor, Mrs. Reid. The message was a formal one, professional like all college lecturers should be.

“Hi, just wanted to let you know that tonight I managed to secure the second floor of The Blooming Rose for the class. Please come if you are interested, think of this as a fun break for everyone, to let your hair down so to speak! Up to two guests only please, in case there’s any friends or girl/boyfriends you would like to bring. See you tonight.”

Alanah’s face lit up, and she started to talk at a million miles per hour. “The Blooming Rose? Holy Moley it’s impossible to get a reservation to that place let alone a whole floor! Oh my gosh what time is it? I gotta get all glammed up! Maybe I should get a workout in. I need to fit into a dress after all! Oh my god bro I’m so excited!!” Her hips grinded on my crotch as she giddily rambled. This was her element, social outings and clubs were her forte.

Yet I could only think of one thing. Chad. The asshole in class who felt that he needed to berate me at every turn…He was a epitome of jock. Tall, huge, rippling muscles, handsome to all hell…He was a dream for girls like Claire and Alanah. “I’m not going.” I said simply.

“What? Why the fuck not baby?” Disappointment washed over her as her body sank. A pout formed over her lips.

“There’s this guy in class. Chad. He’s defiantly going to be there. I won’t have a good time with him there chastising me, and he’ll most likely want to flirt with you and steal you from me.”

Alanah sighed and with a roll of her pretty eyes gave me a cum flavoured kiss. She moaned cutely in my mouth whilst tenderly massaging the back of my neck. Backing away, she licked the exchanged saliva and looked into my eyes. “Fuck Chad. You, me and Claire and going to show him who the real stud in class is.” She grinned before proudly nodding.

“That’s right. Your teacher said two guests, right? Well, I’m sure Mr. Fuckboy would be SO jealous of you having two hotties in your arms when you walk in.”

I blushed deeply, stuttering to try and think of what that would be like…Our raised heartbeats thumping in synch, Alanah knew I liked the idea, she felt my cock throb against her body at the mere mention of the three of us together in public.

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