Taming a Warrioress

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Note: Taming a Warrioress is book 2 of a series entitled The Warriors of Ar’mora. So if you’ve started to read this you need to first go to my story list and read book 1, A Lady’s Submission, before continuing to this story as the books build upon each other. The first chapter, Harsh Release, has been previously uploaded to Literotica so if you’ve already read that submission you can skip ahead to chapter 2 or reread chapter 1 to refresh your perspective of the story.


Chapter One

Harsh Release

Sweat dribbled off of me in a steady stream of perspiration. The forest understory was an oven and in general the atmosphere was oppressive and the incessant bugs only made everything worse.

I regretted to some degree on even coming on this mission, but it had been important and it was time that I did more on behalf of Ar’mora and my two older brothers. They’d done the lion’s share of the work and only until recently had I really stepped more into their responsibility laden footsteps.

It had been last year when the attack had come upon the city that things had really changed. From that moment onward I’d felt a difference about myself and indeed everyone had seemed to treat me different even my brothers.

I was no longer just their kid brother that had to be looked out for. I could hold my own.

I relished this newfound respect and it was only fitting that I take some responsibility to go along with it. That was chiefly why I was here on this mission.

Besides Mahlon couldn’t easily step away from the affairs of the city or his newborn child and wife for that matter. Sean, well… beating about in the jungle and suffering what to him would be unnecessary discomfort wasn’t exactly his style.

Not that Sean had much of a style other than for being dispassionately silent and moody. All that said he would probably have come if I hadn’t made it clear that I would take part in the expedition.

He had seemed almost relieved, then his usual serious self had returned to the forefront as he cautioned me, “You make sure to keep your wits about you kid. There may not be many headhunters about these days, but the deep jungle is full enough of other nasty surprises to see you dead in a heartbeat.”

At the time I’d rolled my eyes as I hadn’t liked him referring to me as the ‘kid’, but he was right about the jungle and I was cautious of my environment. The others along with me, however, were not so much.

They had one thing on their minds, treasure. The Kingdom of Ar’mora, as it had once been, had been a kingdom consisting of several cities that lay farther in-land from the river port city of Arn. There had also been numerous villages scattered out in between the cities within the old kingdom.

Over the years we had discovered remnants of three of the other cities and a few of the villages. There hadn’t been much left to pick through much less build upon.

Arn had weathered the millennia, much better than her sister cities had for sure. There weren’t even any outer perimeter walls still standing at the other ancient sites.

Both Mahlon and Sean had seen little point in trying to restore them so they hadn’t, although soon something would need to be done. Arn was filling up.

Every day more sojourners from all over the world, it seemed, were finally coming back to their original home that their ancestors had fled from so many years before. It was an exciting occurrence, but also one that created a few headaches. Namely, where to house all of them.

There was one city left yet to have been rediscovered and there was little surviving record of it at all, other than that it had been greater in size than Arn and that it had been in existence before even the Ar’morians had come to these lands long ago. It had been a vacant city that Ar’mora had taken over and made their own and what few records existed had said it was the fairest of all the cities on the face of the earth with abundant riches un-told.

A great wall had surrounded it. A wall that had reportedly held out monsters of ferocious and terrifying ability. The city had been named Lycana and it was to this city we had been traveling nonstop through some of the worst jungle that I had ever encountered for over two weeks now.

I seriously doubted that even headhunters would live in these parts and most interestingly, none of the native warriors who lived among us at Arn would come with us on this journey into the interior. When asked why they had simply shook their heads and said, “Too dark! Not good! Not good place at all! No go there!”

At their refusal to go along on the expedition Mahlon had almost called the expedition off, but the greed of the other colonists, and my own natural curiosity had eventually convinced Mahlon to do otherwise. In fact, I’d say it was my insistence to come that had swayed Mahlon the most, as he wasn’t overly interested in acquiring wealth as he had once been and so the desire of others for it was largely an annoyance ataşehir escort to him.

My brothers had discovered Arn and its surroundings, and now it had fallen to me to unveil even more of the past and make some discoveries of my own. That said I looked about in despair. How on earth would we ever be able to clear a road through this inhospitable jungle to reconnect Arn with a forgotten jungle city?

I’d stopped in my pondering of that very thing and the others all breathing quite heavily came to a stop around me and collapsed against tree trunks and mossy rocks. One man let out a scream at the sight of a snake about to strike at him, as he had foolishly sat down upon its tail.

The man’s impending death was arrested, though as the snake struggled in vain to move away from the underhanded thrown knife that held it transfixed to the ground just behind its head. Its coils writhed bloodily about the blade of the knife in its desperation to be free.

One of the others quickly whacked off its venomous head and kicked its twisting body away into the under-growth. The man’s life that I had saved was holding his hand over his heart and with a relief tinged voice he said, “Thank you Tyree! I was almost a goner there.”

I nodded, but said nothing. I didn’t really care for the man.

That went for the other seven that had accompanied me on this journey as well. Even being long-lost kin didn’t necessarily make somebody into a better person. I would much rather have made this journey with some of my native warrior friends, but they had heeded the council of their fathers and had not come with us.

For the most part I was alone in this group of treasure adventure seekers. One of the others handed me back my blade and I took it from him and wiped the snake’s blood off by pulling the blade back and forth across the mossy side of a tree that I stood nearby.

The whole incident with the snake had distracted my attention from my surroundings and all of a sudden I came to the conclusion that something wasn’t right as some internal instinct came alive with alarm over something I didn’t even see. The blade was back in its sheath at my belt and my hands were filled immediately with my bow, an arrow at the ready to be loosed into anything that dared to move, as I stared outward into the surrounding landscape of lush overgrown abundance that lay about us in cast off dappled shadows from the overhead canopy above.

The others of the group reacted with alarm to my actions and breathing heavy they were on their feet and pulling free their own weapons, mostly swords. I could handle the sword well, but I preferred arrows instead and when that wasn’t enough I resorted to my knives.

Though I was as tall as my brothers, my build was one based more on lean agile strength. I could outrun any man I knew including my native friends and I’d never been beaten yet in an archery contest.

Now, as I scanned the jungle for hidden danger I ruminated more and more on the fact that my instincts sensed something was off in the spirit realm as much as it was in the physical. My arrow centered on a huge clump of overgrown ferns even as I saw shadowy movement from beyond the clump.

A bead of sweat ran into my eye and I blinked against the burn of the salt, but my arrow held steady on target. There was more movement and then to my astonishment two women walked free of the concealing fronds of the fern.

The women were all but naked and entirely beautiful to behold. Feeling arousal threaten my good senses, I took notice of the fact that my companions had all gathered about me and were eyes only for the two smiling women before us.

It was hard to turn away from the vision of the two bare chested women before me, but the feeling of some-thing off about the situation drove me to do so anyway. With my back to the two women I advanced beyond the gawking group I was with to scan the jungle to the rear of us keeping my arrow at the ready to be released at a moment’s notice.

My instinctual need to be cautious was proven right as more women stood up out of some of the best concealment that I had ever witnessed any warrior accomplish. How had these women gotten so close? And what’s more, what were their intentions?

I certainly knew what my body’s intentions upon seeing these women was. My shaft was rock hard and it was all I could do to maintain objectivity as my eyes drifted over the women closing in on us from all sides. Breathing out I forced myself to unclench by teeth and whisper, “God help me!”

There was something wrong about the situation and yet so help me my eyes couldn’t discern a single thing to be found wrong with the mostly bare bodies of the smiling females that were now within twenty feet of us. One of the others pushed hard on my arm in a downward motion suddenly, as he exclaimed, “What are you doing Tyree? You trying to scare them off or something?”

I could’ve shot him through with an arrow right then and there, kadıköy escort bayan but I held my temper and lowered my bow, even as I relaxed on the pullback of the string. Right at the moment it did not appear that they had hostile intentions towards us, but I wasn’t sure and so my arrow remained in my hand.

One of the taller women moved forward to stand be-fore the group at my back and speaking in the language of the natives of Arn she asked, “How you come to the lands of Lycana? You trade?”

The men, dutifully attempted, but ultimately failed to tear their eyes off of the woman’s full breasts displayed completely bare before them that were capped off with turgidly erect brown nipples that hinted to the fact that she for some reason was already in an early state of arousal. Bumbling about for what to say to the brown toned beauty before them one man finally said in the native language, “Sure, we trade. We come from the river and we’re looking for a great city. A city we once ruled long ago, but if you live there now that’s fine. I mean we’re good with that, aren’t we boys?”

“Yeah!” Came a collective assertion as the men around me gazed with lust upon the toned flesh of the woman before us and those standing further back.

Thinking was hard to accomplish, but I forced myself to anyway. What were this many women doing out here like this with no male chaperones?

Indeed, what need was there for male chaperones as these women were very much warriors in their own right. In fact, I’d make a pretty good guess at the fact that they were better at fighting than any of the men with me on this expedition.

That sobering thought made its way into my brain almost reluctantly, but when it finally did some of the intense arousal I was feeling dissipated. Glancing at my companions who were now excitedly talking with the woman who’d come forward, while at the same time managing to fill their eyes with her exposed flesh, I came to the conclusion that I was in this moment closer to death than I had ever been before in my life.

These women, with honey kissed brown sugar skin, were not good my soul urged me. My spirit was ringing an alarm bell even as my flesh failed to cooperate and remained rock hard with the anticipation of what it would feel like to ram my cock into the sheaths of any if not all of the women around me.

It didn’t help at all that to a one all the women wore smiles of open invitation. Incredibly, I watched one reach down between her legs and begin openly stimulating herself.

I glanced away from the sight of her self arousal and for a moment I closed my eyes and overruled all the de-sires of my flesh by whispering a heartfelt prayer of, “Please get me out of here God!”

“Open your eyes.” Came a voice from within my spirit.

I did so, only to find myself staring into the eyes of the only girl, who wasn’t smiling.

“Claim her as your own for she yet has a spirit that I take pleasure in.”

I blinked, as the mandate that had just been passed down to me by God in concern to this warrioress took full hold of me. Two things happened instantly.

I became even harder in my pants to the point of feeling like I would bust out of them, with the other occur-ring reality being, a sense of shock that the day had finally come for when I could have a girl of my own to enjoy life with and explode my seed into just like my oldest brother did on a daily basis.

As relieved as I was for this moment to occur in life, it didn’t help to do anything against the fact that I felt with-in my spirit as if a herd of vipers more venomous than the snake I had killed were about to strike and suck the life out of all of us. That said, about the others, she however, struck me as different.

She wasn’t the tallest or the shortest of the women. Her breasts weren’t the biggest, but they weren’t the smallest by far and unlike many of the others, she actually wore a strip of concealing fabric wrapped about her chest, but her toned belly and sleek muscled thighs were as visible as all the rest were.

She was entirely beautiful with long black flowing hair that cascaded down over the back of her shoulders, but what struck me the most at the moment were her eyes. They were brown, but where the others showed forth a gleam of wicked interest, hers only showed what appeared to be a deep sadness.

The sight of that emotion was sobering and despite the beating throb that pounded within my loins to surge into her tight sheath I instead whispered out silently, “Help me!”

I’d said it silently, but she must’ve read my lips as her eyes blinked with surprise. She gazed at none of the other men, but had eyes only for me.

I thought I was really getting somewhere until I watched her lips move briefly and in shock I gazed at her. She’d said no!

She turned away and coming back to the sense of everything else that was going on I realized that everyone was moving forward. I became unglued and followed along as escort maltepe the women moved in on us and lead the way before us.

The men around me were groaning and yet smiling happily as they gazed upon the swaying hips of these jungle sirens. It was an alluring sight, but what was foremost upon my mind was what she’d said in answer to my plea for help.

Looking about at the women that now walked so close to us that I could’ve reached out and touched them I despaired. They outnumbered us 2:1 and I had a feeling that there were more of them wherever we were headed for.

I would be alone in any fight I sought to create at this point and so I had little else to do but to go along for now. Doom seemed to come in and settle over top of me, while some weak physical part of my character continued to resist against my spirit, and rejoice at the potential opportunities of having my way with any of the women around me.

Before long we were on a beaten trail and travel was much easier and the pace was quicker. In a way I felt like I was on a fast race to hell.

Visually stunning or not I wished I’d never laid eyes upon these women, nor come on this expedition. I didn’t see my girl any longer and that worried me as much as her response to me had.

Was God forsaking me to these women and whatever they had planned for us? I didn’t know.

All I did know though, was that it was actually quite painful to move as quickly as we were as my shaft was quite engorged with passion as it was seemingly impossible not to be aroused by so much beauty all around me. Somehow, however my painful engorgement seemed to be the least of my worries.

The jungle opened up and with a gasp, I took in a great valley that seemed to be carved out of the heart of the jungle. Not only was the valley, spectacular to behold, but we were coming out of the jungle almost on top of a city unlike any other.

The city lay in ruined splendor below us as it lay situated to one side of the deep valley. Looking down I found myself running on the stone surface of what must’ve been a wall top once that had been steadily encroached on by the jungle.

The jungle fell away to either side in a sheer drop from the stone wall that ran out into space in a circling arc about what had once been a great city, but now was no more. Buildings lay crumbled and smashed about within the confines of the wall we now ran across.

Whatever had happened here hadn’t been the work of man I felt. Looking forward I witnessed the fact that we would soon be passing over what had once been the city’s gateway.

A massive iron gate lay rusting completely unhinged from the gatehouse and discarded off to the side in a pile of mangled up steel. What on earth had done something like that to hardened metal?

We passed over the gate and I looked up to behold what our final destination would be. We had circumnavigated the whole city wall to come to the opposite side of the city, which was situated up higher than the lower city proper.

In fact, I saw a second inner wall that divided this higher corner of the city from the rest of it. It was of a citadel fort like construction and the gateway that led into the ruined city still stood solidly in place. These women apparently yet lived within this walled off portion of the city.

I could see more of the women standing about up ahead of us. All told there number seemed to be about fifty or so.

Something else that was obvious to me now was that there were no men. No men at all and yet about a dozen girls of varying ages were running about excitedly.

None of the oddity of this existence of women apart from men seemed to occur to the men with me. Instead, it seemed that their lust had only increased upon viewing even more nubile fleshed beauties.

They had found a city unlike any other to which they could rebuild to a glory that would out rival Arn and best of all no doubt each of them fancied himself having a bed full of five or so each of these women. They were mad!

Maddened by lust. A lust I no longer shared.

I didn’t care about what pleasure these women had to offer in the moment. It was only too clear to me that as men we didn’t have long to live in a society like this.

The only use for us here was that of the donation of seed by which to sire a future generation of girls to take the places of their mothers one day. With extreme reluctance I jogged down off the wall top that connected to this higher citadel partition of the city.

I held back as much as I could, even as the men I had come here with eagerly pressed ahead with a bevy of giggling females pressed about each of them. The men’s eyes drifted no further than where their hands squeezed or stroked upon the assets of the women closest to them.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t get over the look I saw in the eyes of these women. Soulless was the best way of describing it.

My companions and most of the women, including even the young girls disappeared into the cracked and weathered structures of the citadel that looked so time worn as to be at the point of collapse. About ten or so of the women held back and were even now gesturing to me beckoningly as they walked backwards towards where the others had disappeared off to.

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