Tammy Grinds the Dick

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Everyone at work likes Tammy. She is fun, sweet, and thoughtful. After work Tammy is the first one to suggest a few beers at the local brew house. She always has a bright smile, laughs at the worst jokes and willing to lend an ear. At the office she remembers other’s birthdays. There is so much going for her. Yet she is alone. I knew there was an ex somewhere in the past.

“He was a hobby husband,” as Tammy, describes him “someone you need to fix.”

Tammy never mentioned it but he had posted some sex videos of them. I stumbled upon them one night and I began to think of Tammy in a completely new way. I spent many evenings watching her fuck that “asshole.” When she fucked she really gave her entire self to the action. I noticed that she liked to get on top and really grind down. She would rotate her hips and pressed down hard. The pressure pushed her clit and she would often come hard, despite “asshole’s” weak efforts.

Tammy was a little over weight, with wide hips, ample breasts and a smile that lights up the room. She had that blonde hair that so many women favor. Too often, she needed the roots done, but I sort of liked that. In the videos, I could see her breasts sway as she ground down; her wide hips engulfing the man meat. Her ass was a work of nature’s art. Soft, smooth and plenty to grab on to.

As a rule I don’t do office romances. They are complicated and if it doesn’t work out you still have to work with the other. A couple of years back; I had a hot and heavy with a girl in sales. The girl couldn’t get enough. We fucked at home, in the office, “nooners” at the Downtown suites hotel. I thought I was in heaven. I didn’t know she was a nut case. Stalking was putting it mildly. After it went bad (police, courts, the whole thing) one of us had to find a new job. Little did I know she was blowing the boss; so it was I out on my ear. Two fucking hard years later I landed this job, I told myself no office romances. I had to settle for watching a video of Tammy grinding and make believe it was I.

That all changed thanks to a few too many beers and a friendly offer.

“It’s Thursday, time to drink!” Tammy announced. Within 15 minutes a large crowd had gather to head to the local tavern. Tammy, as always, led the parade. Kartal escort I maneuvered myself right beside Tammy as we grabbed a table and ordered drinks. I was downing my third beer when I noticed Tammy had barely drank her wine. As I thought about it, Tammy seldom drank more than a glass of wine. For her it was about the fun banter and friendships. For me, it was to be near her.

Several funny stories and much laughter later I was finishing my 8th beer and the crowd was thinning out. I stood to leave and noticed that my legs and I were debating how to move. My head wanted the door and my legs went in several directions at once. (I am an easy drunk) I decided to grab the table and really think about moving.

“Let me take you home,” Tammy offered.

“I’m fine,” I said

The remaining crowd immediately started laughing at me. Not stupid, I gave her my keys.

When Tammy settled in my car she asked me, “Where to?”

I gave her my address and off we went.

As we walked into my place, Tammy made excuses to leave.

“No stay,” I offered.

“Just a few minutes, to make sure you’re OK,” she said with that smile that lights up the room.

That video I so enjoyed came flooding into my mind with her standing in my apartment. She was talking about some funny boss event and I was seeing her bear down on my hard dick as I felt deep inside her. I looked up and was surprised to see her staring at my crouch. I looked down. I had grown the boner tent in my pants.

With a smile she said, “Penny for your thoughts.”

I mumbled something about, “It’s warm in here.”

Tammy stood up and crossed the room to where I sat. She pushed me back into the chair and gave me a deep, warm, wet kiss. Whatever rules I had before they were all gone. I wanted her and I wanted her now.

She slowly slid to her knees and said, “Let me see what we have here.”

With that, she unzipped my trousers. She put her hand inside my boxers and pulled out my boner.

“Damn stud, a girl could really use this,” she said with a leer.

I was speechless. How many nights had I thought of this girl? How many times had I stroked my cock dreaming I was the one she was fucking. Now it was going to happen.

She slowly Kurtköy Escort pumped by cock and watched the pre-cum leak out the top. She casually licked the clear fluid and made a “yum” sound.

She stood and with little wasted action, she was out of her dress and bra. Damn, everything I ever imagined was weak compared to her real body. “Fuckable” is the only word you can use. Full round hips, a soft tummy and rich, full breast. Her areoles were large and dark. Deep blue veins laced her skin around those large areoles. To top it off were her large and pronounced nipples.

She bent over to unbutton my shirt. I lifted my hands and gently massaged her now hanging breasts. She let out a sigh.

“I have wanted you so long,” she quietly said.

With a quick tug I was naked and we were walking toward the bedroom. Thank the heavens I have, a king bed and clean sheets.

“Lie on your back,” I told her.

I slid between her legs and pulled her panties to one side so I could look at her pussy. It was all I could hope. She had meaty lips and a gentle tangle of dark hair. I put my tongue out to take a few licks. Tammy grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her.

“Yes, Yes,” she urged me on.

“Lick that cunt, stud,” she growled out.

She tasted great, sweet, and musty.

After only a few minutes, “I’m cumming!” she yelled.

As she came down from the Big O, I kissed her thighs. I felt her reach down and pull me up to her. She gave me a deep kiss tasting herself and me all mingled together.

“I taste good,” she cooed.

“Now let me taste you,” she added.

She guided me so my cock was over her waiting mouth.

“Just fuck my mouth” I heard her request.

I did just that, not vigorously but I pumper her waiting mouth. I felt her tongue under my dick as I gently fucked her. Holding back was getting harder and Tammy sensed that. With a sharp push to my hip from Tammy I rolled onto my back. She rolled on her side and began to lick my nipples, letting me gain some control.

“It has been so long, I might be a little tight,” she whispered with a little anxiety.

“Tight is my favorite, ” I playfully responded.

“I like to be on top. Is that OK?” she asked.

Of all Maltepe Escort the moments that happen in a life, some remain forever. This was that moment.

“Sure,” I said with feigned indifference.

I lay on my back, my manhood pointing toward the ceiling. She threw her leg over my hip and reached down to guide me in.

Damn she was tight. She really had to work to make me fit in. After about half of me was in, she just thrust down and I was all the way in. The velvet tightness engulfed me and everything I had imagined compared little to the warmth and pressure that washed over me.

“Damn you’re big. Oh shit, that is good,” she squealed as she settled down.

With that, she began to grind. At first, it was little circles across my hips. I could feel my dick circle around her tight cunt. She was starting to loosen a bit. With a growing sense of urgency, she began to enlarge the circles. No in and out, just around and around. As the circles became bigger, her pace picked up. This girl was really working my dick inside her.

Suddenly, she pressed her hands hard against my chest and pushed her cunt hard against my cock. The orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. Her face flushed, those wonderful nipples stood tall and her belly began to shiver and shake.

She cried out, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

I felt her juices squirt out and begin to trickle down my manhood.

After the waves had subsided she growled, “I want your cum deep in me,” staring deep into my eyes.

“Lay back” I directed.

She rolled off my dick and onto her back. I pulled her legs unto my shoulders and entered her.

“Fuck, you are deep,” she said lustfully.

Four hard thrusts and I came hard.

“Give me your cum, fuck me!” Tammy urged. She rocked her hips and pulled at my hips. She wanted all that dick.

It had been a long time and I had an overflowing load to deliver. Between my load and her tight pussy I felt my cum oozing out.

That was the start. We fucked twice more that night. She blew me in the morning telling me she was a little sore. We both had some making up to do.

We live together and I continue to learn new things about her. For example, when she blows me she likes to put a finger in my ass and rub my prostrate. She says it makes my cum taste sweeter. Despite regular use, her stays pussy tight. She likes porn. Her favorites are the three ways with two women and a man. Who knows? The only thing I know is that I am never going without that awesome grinding fuck that Tammy loves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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