Tasted of Brother’s Cum

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I thought the whole coronavirus pandemic was going to be bad; I thought going back home from the freedoms of college was going to suck. I did not want to go back to my small city in Arizona from the New York University but unfortunately, I had no other choice.

My job had shut down and I didn’t want to force my parents to support me; plus I knew my brother would be home since he had just moved back home after completing his fourth year of accounting and his job had fallen through due to the new outbreak.

My brother, Luca, is an accountant major at the University of California, and I am an economics major at NYU. We hardly see each other but always make time for each other and facetime before bed or in between classes.

Luca is 6’0 180 pounds with light brown hair and green eyes. He has the most awful tan lines from wearing his swimming speedo everyday but loves showing off his extremely white Italian butt. He’s quite of a lady’s man and loves telling me about his wild sex adventures. He thinks I’m still a virgin and doesn’t know I love cock and am anything but a virgin.

I figured I might mention it to him while at home during this quarantine but was still not very sure as to how he would take it.

I took the cheapest flight I could find which landed me at PHX nearly at midnight. I was sure nobody would be there to pick me up and I would have to force an Uber driver to drive me an entire hour to my small city but to my surprise I was greeted by my brother and his new girlfriend. I missed seeing his face in person; it appeared he had been working out since his muscles were bulging out his shirt. I hugged him and took a subtle whiff while doing so which was a mistake; he had been working out and I could smell his sweet sweet sweat. I began getting hard and would surely be unable to hide it in my tight Adidas soccer sweats. I pulled away and covered my erection with my sweater. I acknowledged his girlfriend and mentioned how tired I was to rush us out of the airport.

We first drove to her house and dropped her bursa escort off. He got out of the car and walked her to the front door. They talked and talked for what seemed like hors. They finished it off with a long tongue filled kiss. He got back in the car and we drove in silence for a while until it was broken by him telling me it was probably just going to be the two of us at the house. (Our parents are first responders and could not stay home from work)

I shrugged it off and pretended not to care, secretly feeling relieved I would get alone time to work up the courage and tell him I’m gay. I changed the subject and asked him why he was breaking the quarantine guidelines and still seeing his girlfriend, he didn’t respond but just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

When we got home, the house was dark, and nobody appeared to be home. Mom sent the family group chat saying she was working a double and would be sleeping at the station. Dad had taken an overtime shift and was currently on patrol.

I made a rush for my room and dropped all my bags. Luca went to his bedroom which is across from my room and closed his room door but didn’t shut it all the way; he left his door cracked open a bit and laid in his bed. I began approaching his room but heard the launch of a facetime call and on the other end heard his girlfriend. I slowly retrieved into my room and got ready for bed.

I gather all my things to take a quick shower and wash the airplane off of my body when I walked out into the dark hallway and peeped into my brother’s room. He was still on facetime with his girlfriend, but things had gotten a little dirty. He had his hands down his pants and asked her if she wanted to see him jerk off. I heard a giggle and then a yes come from her end. I was immediately interested in what would happen next and completely forgot about the shower I was planning on taking.

He took his socks off, elevated his hips and slid his shorts and boxers off. His cock sprung out like it was being restricted by his clothes and I saw his bursa escort bayan glorious cock. It appeared to be as big mine, if not a little bigger. 8 inches, uncut with a large vein running to the right. It was perfect.

I began feeling my cock fill my Nike briefs with precum as I watched my brother jerk off on facetime with his girlfriend. He spit on his right hand on began rubbing his saliva all over the head of his cock and told his girlfriend how horny he was.

I had never wanted to be riding a cock more than at that time. I wanted to make it obvious I was going into his room and force him to hang up on his girlfriend and get on my knees and take care of his horniness. But instead I watched as he began thrusting his hips into his right hand speeding up his hips until I saw his body stiff and him moan “I’m going to cum!” He shot his load with such vicious force, I could hear it hit his abs. I thought he was done but he kept thrusting cum out of his cock, his face and backboard were covered. He laughed and ended the call telling her he was going to take a shower and that he would call her after.

He took his underwear all the way off and used it as his cum rag. He wiped his cock, then moving to his abs and chest. He got to his face and I was expecting him to wipe his semen from his face but instead he took a deep inhale of his cummed on sweaty underwear. I was in shocked, does he like the smell of cum? Does he like the smell of his sweat? I really didn’t care though; all I knew is that I had precum was dripping down my thigh from watching him. He finished wiping his cum from his face and the backboard.

He tossed his cum filled underwear on top of his laundry basket and slid his shorts back on. I knew he would soon be coming through the door and head to the bathroom to take a shower. I rushed a quietly as possible back into my room and pretended to be listening to music in case, he went in and asked if I was going to be showering anytime soon. Luca typically takes about thirty-minute showers which gave me a great escort bursa window for what I was planning on doing.

Sure enough, I hear a knock on my door, and he cracks the door open just enough to ask me. I didn’t want to give him enough time to throw a load in the wash and risk his cum to be washed away so I told him I was going to shower later. He threw a thumbs up and closed my door. Shortly after I hear his music blasting from the bathroom and the shower turn on.

I waited about five minutes just to make sure he was in the shower and bolted into his room. I located his underwear and gently grabbed then. They were red and white fruit of the loom boxers; the semen was still very wet and viscous. I put the inner crotch area to my nose and took a deep inhale. It was similar to what I had smelled in the airport but so much more pungent. As I held them to my nose, I felt my nose get wet with him cum.

I opened my mouth and took the biggest wad of cum into my mouth. It was so sweet but salty at the same time. I didn’t think I could hold my load any longer. I dropped my underwear and sweats down in the middle of his room. I was stroking my cock as I looked for more cum throughout his boxers. I finally finished cleaning his underwear from any traces of his cum and felt my cock begin to tingle. I was about to cum, I knew he would notice my huge load on his floor so quickly dropped his boxers down to my cock and attempted to catch as much of my cum into them just incase he noticed the absence of semen on his. I drenched his underwear with the product of my orgasm, so I spread it a to make it less obvious. It was still too much, I needed to remove some.

I had no choice, I had to eat some of my cum too in order to avoid detection. I was so turned on I had eaten Luca’s load and a part of mine. I was cum hungry. I pulled my sweats back up, put his underwear back how I found them and left his room. I locked my room door and loaded Grindr. I wanted more cum. I was unable to find anybody as my city is so small and the individuals on Grindr are even less.

I was forced to wait until either I jerked off and ate my load or until Luca jerked again and I was fast enough to get his underwear again.

I guess my coming out to him would have to wait until a later date…

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