Tawney and Her Massage

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My name is Tawney and I’m 18 years old. I’m setting the scene for what happened two months ago. My dad is 42 years old and he is a massage therapist. All my girlfriends swoon over him and tell me how hot my Dad is. I tried denying it; to make it seem gross for me to think my Dad is even remotely good looking, even though I know he is and I hope he never finds that out.

One night after cheerleading practice, I told him that I hurt my back after doing one of our famous flips. He whispered to me at dinner saying “After dinner, take a hot shower and slip into a nightshirt and I will give you a massage.” Wild thoughts went through my mind, wondering how it would feel to have his hands on my body. I seemed to eat my dinner faster than I normally would.

I hurried up stairs and started my shower. The bathroom started filling up with steam and that’s how I liked to take my showers. I slipped off my clothes and jumped in. I stood there for a few moments letting the hot water pour over my slender body, thinking about what my girlfriends talk about with their boyfriends; about how they touch them,

I slowly massaged my breasts, wondering how it would feel like to have a guys hands on me. My nipples hardened with excitement. I took one hand and ran it down my side and down to my inner thigh. My knees started to shake as my loins got hot. I suddenly snapped out of it because I know my Dad goes to bed early, as he gets up for work early.

I jumped out of the shower and slipped into a nightshirt. I walked past bursa escort my Mom and Dads room and told him that I would be in my room waiting for him when he was ready. He said “I will be in there in a few minutes.”

I slid the covers down on my bed and laid down. I was laying on my belly with my chin resting on my hands, the nightshirt I wore was kind of short, only going down maybe 2 inches below my ass cheeks. After 10 minutes, he walked into my room wearing only his boxers. I noticed the bulge in them that kind of bounced when he walked. I had over heard Mom telling one of her girlfriends on the phone a few days ago about how hung Dad was and now I believed her! Dad jumped up on my bed and asked me where my pain was. I told him my lower back and the back of my thighs. He told me to relax and free my mind.

My body tensed up as soon as he touched me. He slowly rubbed my lower back and it felt so good. He was straddling my thighs and I could feel his budge touching my ass cheeks; I couldn’t get my mind off of it. I felt dirty thinking about my dads balls touching me but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. His hands moved a little lower onto my ass and he rubbed gently.

As he rubbed, I could feel my nightshirt slowing moving upward, showing off a little of my cheeks. I started feeling myself getting wet from his touch on my ass. He moved down a little farther rubbing more of my ass. The feeling was overwhelming to me, considering I had never been touched by a man before.

His hands finally moved bursa escort bayan down to my thighs and my mind was going wild. I got very wet, wondering how close he would get to my pussy. I spread my legs slightly hoping that he wouldn’t notice. His hand slid to my inner thigh and my body tensed up again. He told me he was sorry, but I told him it was ok and that it felt kind of good.

His hands started rubbing both my inner thighs and it took my breath away. I felt his bulge against my leg, beginning to grow and it felt huge. I begin to move my hips as he rubbed, feeling his bulge getting bigger. I told him that I feel his bulge and I started to giggle. I told him that it was ok if he wanted to touch me.

He said that he thought about it but he didn’t think it was right. I told him that I wouldn’t tell Mom if he did. He then reached his hand under me gently rubbing my wet mound. My body was wanting him really bad. I moved my lower body so that my ass is in the air for him to touch me easier.

Turning my head, I noticed that he had taken his boxers off. My jaw dropped, seeing how huge his dick was. It looked to be at least 10-12 inches long, and very thick. He touched my pussy again and I felt short waves of electricity shoot through my body. I could feel my juices running down my inner thighs and soaking the sheets.

He got closer behind me and placed both hands on my hips. I could feel his massive cock pressing against my opening. He gripped me hips harder and I could feel his cock slowly pushing escort bursa its way between my lips and into my hungry opening. My knees started shaking after he worked his way in a few inches. I felt a lot of pressure and all of a sudden, a little pain but a lot of pleasure at the same time.

He pushed harder and before I knew it, he was buried all the way into my pussy. I felt myself stretch as he went in. He then started pumping in and out of me like a mad man. With each thrust, the waves of electricity flowing through my body was unreal. I had to bite my pillow so that I wouldn’t make a sound. I didn’t know when Mom was going to be home, so I didn’t want to make any noise at all.

Daddy started pumping me harder, making my nipples slide against my sheets. He was pumping faster and faster, and after a few minutes, my mind kind of blanked out. The only thing going through my mind was the fact that my dad was filling his daughters pussy with his massive cock. I could feel my pussy clenching around his cock tighter and tighter. All of a sudden a wave of pleasure came over me and I was cumming so hard. Harder than I ever did when I touched myself in the shower.

He stopped pumping into me and I could feel his cock throbbing; could feel his cum shooting into me. He must have cum for about 30 seconds. My pussy felt full and satisfied. He whispered into my ear “I love you baby girl.”

I told him “I love you too Daddy.” He pulled out of me and I collapsed onto my bed. I knew I should go to the bathroom and clean up but the feeling of my dads cum slowly leaking out of my pussy was so relaxing. Dad covered me up and kissed my cheek and told me good night. “I wonder what is going to happen tomorrow night.” he said as he left.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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